10 Best Washing Machines in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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As humans, we have always sought to take advantage of technology to make our lives easier and more comfortable. The washing machine serves this purpose. It has become a popular technology and it is becoming cheaper.

A washing machine cleans up clothes in the shortest possible time. It also allows for large quantities of clothes to be washed. Some washing machines can also dry your clothes after washing. This way you get to save time.

There are a few factors you should consider before making the final decision on which product to spend your money on. These factors will guide you in making an informed decision.


This plays a major role in determining the type of washing machine product you will buy. Different products come at varying prices. Semi-automatic washing machines cost less than fully automatic washing machines. Also, the top-loading washing machine costs way less than their front load counterpart.

Space Available

If you do not have enough space in your home you should buy a compact washing machine that will fit into the available space. Such space could be on your balcony, the bathroom, or the laundry room. But if you have space to contain a larger model, then you can make that purchase. 

Washing Features:

There are different washing features available in different products. These features will provide ease of washing experience. From in-built dryers to smart wash settings, you should endeavor to fully understand the features that come along with the washing machine product you intend to buy, certifying that it meets your needs. 

Customer Review

Reading reviews in the washing machine product before purchase is very important. This helps you get insight from previous buyers on the suitability of the machine to your needs and its durability. You can even get information not even stated in the product description.

Further, ahead we have listed and explained in detail factors that should be considered before deciding to purchase a washing machine and which type to purchase. You can find those in the buying guide section down below.

Looking for the best washing machine in India? Here is a list of our top washing machines. For readers who love to buy washing machines online, these products can be found on amazon.

Best Washing Machines in India 2020

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load

The 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Samsung Top Load Washing Machine is a highly rated model. It is a very powerful washing machine with a Maximum Rotational Speed (MRS) of 680RPM (Rotation per minute). It is compact and very suitable for washing clothes in a household with a maximum of 2 to 3 members. The Samsung 6.2kg fully-automatic model on Amazon comes with a 2 years warranty with an additional 2 years warranty on the motor. 

This model is also fitted with special features like the auto-restart feature, the magic filter feature, the easy iron feature, and eco tub clean feature. All these features have been fitted into this provide a seamless washing experience. The waterfall feature does the work of evenly distributing the detergent during a washing cycle. This ensures that none of your clothes misses out on a thorough wash

The eco tub clean feature in the Samsung 6.2kg model helps to keep the tub clean. The beauty of this feature is its ability to clean the machine without using any chemicals. This feature prompts the washing machine to notify you, through the control panel, when it’s time to activate it to initiate a cleaning process. The Samsung 6.2kg model which is also a fully automatic model is also fitted with a waterfall feature. This feature ensures a thorough washing of your laundry. This supports its fully automatic characteristic.

Another key feature that we loved about this Samsung washing machine top load is the Air turbo (Monsoon) feature. The air turbo feature extracts more water by rapidly rotating the drum during a washing cycle. This rapid rotation drastically reduces the time it would take to spin dry clothes. When it comes to design, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine has a creative and appealing design. It is round-edged and this contributes to upgrading the surrounding area.  

One thing that makes this Samsung model arguably one of the best models in the market is its intuitive LED. The Samsung intuitive LED feature plays the role of displaying and providing clear information. The User Interface technology fitted in the Samsung 6.2kg washing model is an innovative one. It is a slanted control panel that supports easy use and much offers simpler control. It also comes with a tempered glass door. Not only does the tempered glass door offer durability that is long-lasting, but it is also visible and you can see through it. 

A child lock feature has also been fitted into this model. This feature lets you save a particular sequence of settings on the machine. It then locks all buttons to prevent anyone from altering your selected cycle. When the child lock is activated, only the power button is active and an indicating icon will appear on the LED display.

The Samsung 6.2kg comes with a magic filter. This feature is fitted in a lower position below the drum. This position is different when compared to other washing machines. The magic filter collects dust and dirt to ensure cleaner clothes. It is extremely effective as its low position lets it trap dirt no matter the water level. 

It makes use of indicator light to show it has been activated. This indicator light not only notifies you when the filter is in action but also when it requires cleaning. When the indicator comes on, all you have to do is pull out the filter and throw the dried dirt away and fit the filter back into the machine. To avoid damaging the filter while removing it, consult the user manual for instructions.

This Samsung model is arguably regarded as one of the best washing machines around. This is because it comes fitted with a new set of technology like the pulsator and the innovative diamond drum technology. The diamond drum is made of stainless steel. It comes with six cycles of washing programs to choose from, offering you a wide variety. These six cycles are blanket, delicates, soak plus normal, Quick wash, eco tub clean, and additional cycle-normal. It powers these cycles with a 220volt power. 

  • It Can fit into any space
  • It has a self-clean technology
  • It has a magic filter
  • It comes with a diamond drum technology
  • Difficult installation
  • No in-built water heater
  • Clothes get tangled
  • Requires a lot of water

LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Load

LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Load

The LG top load washing machine, very suitable for bachelors, and couples operate with a 230 volts power. It comes fitted with smart inverter technology. This smart inverter technology ensures efficient energy use by eliminating unnecessary operations during a wash cycle. It does this by adjusting the amount of energy consumed at optimum levels to the required power levels. This powerful LG product comes along with an innovative multi water flow design 

This LG fully automatic washing machine is incredibly affordable, easy to use, and offers one of the best wash quality of any washing machine in the market. It comes attached with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and an additional 10 years warranty on the motor although terms and conditions apply. It comes fitted with a stainless steel tub, a cold water inlet, and an auto-balance system that provides stability during a wash. It is covered with a transparent glass door at the top. 

It is highly efficient working at a maximum rotation of 780 rotational per minute (RPM). Using a rotational speed this powerful, it offers faster drying through its high spin speeds. It’s a powerful machine. 

This LG washing machine comes with the option of a child lock that lets you lock all keys to prevent anyone from tampering with your settings. You have to program your settings into the machine and save it as a favorite to use at any time without having to set up the machine again. The child lock option then disables the control panel while your settings are still saved.

It has a variety of wash programs like the Normal wash, pre-wash plus normal, gentle wash for wool and saree, quick wash, strong wash for jeans, and finally a tub clean or aqua reserve program. Furthermore, this machine comes with an Auto pre-wash that removes tough stains with ease.

Also, the LG washing machine fully automatic is fitted with a water-proof motor that is protected by a BMC motor protection technology. This BMC technology covers the motor completely. This function of this protective technology in the machine is to keep out dust, humidity, insects, and any other external element that might damage the motor. The water-proof nature of the motor helps to ensure it stays durable and doesn’t corrode. This helps to prolong the motor’s life.

For better washing, this LG model comes equipped with a turbo drum system. The turbo drum system allows for a powerful wash that is capable of removing the toughest of dirt. It does this by applying a strong stream of water while turning the pulsator in the opposite direction. It also comes equipped with a 3-smart motions technology that combines with the Turbo drum and the smart inverter technology to control the way the machine operates in each cycle, producing better performance.

Designed to be one of the most hygienic washing machines in the market, the LG 6.5kg T65SKSF4Z model uses a tub clean feature to sterilize both the inner and outer tub. This constant cleaning ensures the tub never emits any unpleasant smells keeping it hygienic and neat. If you are worried about the possibility of power supply going off and disrupting your washing, there is also an auto-start system that ensures the machine starts exactly from where it stopped when the power is restored. It does this using a memory backup feature.

When it comes to maintenance, LG has designed this machine to be one of the best washing machine brands in India. If an error occurs, an app called SmartThinQ has been developed to help you know what the problem is with your machine. If the app does not provide any satisfactory solution, you can place a call to the LG service center. In the least possible time, a diagnosis will be made and a technician specialized in LG washing machine repair. 

  • It has a smart inverter technology
  • There is a 10-year warranty on motor
  • the tub is stainless steel
  • Waterproof motor
  • Turbo drum system
  • 3-smart motion technology
  • Can be controlled remotely with a mobile app – SmarThinQ
  • Doesn’t support hot wash
  • No gentle door closing

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load

The Samsung Semi Automatic Washing Machine is the most economical machine on the market. It uses low water quantity for washing while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. For a family of 3 to 4 members looking to purchase a washer, this is the perfect washing machine. The Samsung WT725QPNDMPXTL model comes with a manufactures warranty of 2 years while a further 5 years warranty is on the motor. This is of one the best top load washing machine. 

It is a powerful machine. Rotating at a maximum speed of 1000 rotations per minute (RPM), can power a fast spin speed and in the process shortens the drying time. It sustains this speed using 220-volt energy at a frequency of 50Hz.

A lot of awesome features have been designed and fitted into the Samsung 7.2 kg WT725QPNDMPXTL model. It has a separate dryer and washer that not only requires less amount of water than an automatic machine but also provides a good wash to your clothes without compromise on quality. It also comes with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe.  

At the bottom of the drum is a powerful pulsator that makes use of jets of water known as center jets. This is because it is generated from the middle of the drum in horizontal and vertical directions to improve washing effectively. The double storm pulsator lifts any clothes on the surface of the pulsator without tangling them, this helps to prevent any damage to the fabric.  

When it comes to drying, the WT725QPNDMPXTL model washing machine achieves speed dry by using an air turbo drying system. This system works by rotating the drum at high speed. At the same time, the dual air-intake system takes in more air, drying the clothes at a faster speed. The Indus2 system is an alternative drying feature that works by drawing the air form the clothes to dry them more efficiently and in a faster way. 

There is no need to worry about rust and corrosion as the body of this model has been designed to be rust free even in humid conditions. This makes it durable and as long as you clean it regularly,

There is a built-in scrub board in this Samsung semi-automatic washing machine. This scrub board plays the role of a hand wash. This helps to get rid of stubborn stains, grime, and even oils from clothes that have been tough to clean like shirt collars and cuffs. Alternatively, the wash tray technology helps rinse the laundry while keeping the water in the tub.

There is an easy soak feature that allows you to soak clothes in the washer for a specified time before washing. The length of time clothes can be soaked before washing starts can be set from the control panel.

Also, a special lint filter has been fitted into this machine. This lint filter helps to collect dirt, loose threads from clothes, lint, and even hair to prevent them from settling at the bottom of the machine drum and possibly blocking the pipes. This lint filter is also detachable to enable cleaning when it becomes filled up. Failure to clean the filter regularly could cause the machine to smell and even affect the quality of washing.

When your washing is done, a buzzer alerts you to know your clothes are ready to be taken out. This helps save your time

The WT725QPNDMPXTL model also comes fitted with a child lock feature. This feature allows you to lock in your setting on the machine at the same time deactivating the control panel. This ensures no one tampers with your settings or the washing process. Several washing options are offered by this machine. These washing options include Normal washing for moderate fabrics, intensive/heavy washing for tough fabric and delicate or soft washing for clothes with light fabric. The top is covered with a transparent plastic door. 

  • Air-turbo drying system
  • Indus2 system
  • There is an Anti-rust coating
  • It is water efficient
  • Pulsator uses a center jet system
  • It has a Special lint filter
  • Child lock feature
  • Plastic door
  • Manual control
  • No in-built heater

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Also known as the Superb atom 7.0, the 5 Star Semi-Automatic Whirlpool Top Loading Washing Machine is a highly efficient product. It is one of the latest washing machines released by whirlpool. It comes equipped with a large 66L wash drum that is supported by a deep wash system that allows the clothes more space to roll. 

This washing machine model spins at a powerful maximum rotational speed of 1400 Rotations per minute (RPM). This supports the superior drying feature that lets it dry clothes faster. It employs a 340 watts power in carrying out a thorough washing cycle. This helps it to roll drum in all directions, throwing the clothes around in the process

This Whirlpool washing machine is fitted with Turbo scrub technology that is effective for removing tough dirt. It also comes with an in-built collar scrubber feature responsible for scrubbing collars in every wash. This ensures your collars come out neater than ever. Another technology fitted into this model is the smart scrub station that allows for scrubbing even while standing. The smart scrub also incorporates a flow back design that lets water and detergent flow back into the wash drum. 

On top of the Whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine is a control panel that has been designed to be waterproof. This prevents it from becoming damaged by water in the process of transferring clothes to and from the drum. Another technology designed into this machine is the soak technology. This technology lets you soak your clothes for a specified amount of time before washing commences. 

There are three wash programs that you can choose from. You can choose delicate washing for light clothes like singlet and handkerchiefs, normal washing for shirts and gowns, or heavy washing for hard and tough materials like jeans. It also has an auto-restart feature that lets the machine pick up from where washing stopped should power be disrupted.

For easy mobility, this model comes equipped with 4 wheels that let you move the machine around by easily sliding. It also comes with an inlet pipe and a spin cap. This washing machine operates using 230 volts worth of power. There is a 5-year warranty on this product. 

  • wash drum has a capacity of 66 liters
  • Turbo scrub technology
  • There is a Soak technology
  • Offers Multiple wash programs
  • Its 4 wheels offer mobility
  • Requires Manual control
  • No in-built water heater
  • The body is made of plastic

IFB 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine     

IFB 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine also known as the diva Aqua SX offers one of the best wash cycles. It is designed with features that make use of water and energy efficiently thereby helping you save cost. It has a capacity of 6kg and is most suitable for bachelors and young couples preferably with at most a kid.

This product comes with a warranty from the manufacturer that lasts for 4 years. An additional 4 years warranty has also been offered on the motor. This Diva Aqua SX model is powered by 930 watts worth of power.

There are a lot of features added to the design of the Diva Aqua SX to improve its washing process. One such technology is the Ball valve technology. This technology works in a way that lets water out while blocking the detergent from escaping. It helps you avoid waste of detergent and enhance the washing cycle. 

Another technology that helps provide a good washing experience while using the IFB 6kg fully automatic machine, it is the Aqua Energie technology. Not only does this technology employ filter treatment in dissolving detergents, but it also gives your clothes better and softer washing experience. With the Aqua Energie technology, your detergent is used properly. It also employs the 2d wash feature for effective washing.

There is also the express wash feature. This feature has been purposely designed to cater for loads that are small in quantity and light in weight like gym clothes.  There are times you might have commenced washing and you remember you forgot to add clothes, the Diva Aqua SX offers you the Laundry add option. The laundry-add option in the IFB washing machine allows you to slip your clothes even when the cycle has started. You can pause the cycle, open the door, and throw in your extra laundry and then resume the cycle with no effect. 

There is another feature fitted into the IFB 6kg semi-automatic machine known as the crescent moon drum. This drum, smooth in nature, grooves on the surface of the drum to create a water cushion so gentle that it doesn’t cause any damage to your clothes. Also installed in this machine is the wash and rinse cycle. This cycle uses a shower-like system to make sure that your clothes are thoroughly soaked and cleanly washed. 

This model has no battery use option and works entirely on electricity. A high-low voltage protection feature has also been added. This feature monitors voltage fluctuations and protects its electrical parts from damage. 

For users with allergies, the Diva Aqua SX model has an anti-allergen feature. This feature acts to eliminate allergens, leaving your clothes fresh, clean, and free of allergies. You no longer have to worry about allergies. This is a very helpful feature for homes where there are kids present. This model has an in-built heater that heats water to the appropriate temperature for a hot wash.

The door is made of plastic but the body is made of stainless steel. This model probably has the largest amount of wash programs, offering your 15 options including Cotton Eco wash, rapid wash, gentle wash. It uses high spin speed to increase its drying time. It can do this with a rotational speed of 800 rotations per minute. 

  • It has a ball valve technology
  • It comes with an Aqua energie tech
  • There is a quick wash feature
  • It uses a 2d wash feature
  • Crescent moon drum technology
  • It has an anti-allergen feature
  • Comes with an In-built heater
  • Plastic door
  • Difficult installation process
  • No display LED screen

IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic also known as the Senator WXS model is a front loading machine. It comes with powerful features that use a 230 worth of volts. When it comes to water and energy efficiency, this model is next to none. It is fitted with a drum made with stainless steel having a capacity of 8kg. When it comes to machines with the best wash quality, the Senator WXS model is up there with the best. 

On purchase, you get to enjoy a 4-year warranty from the manufacturer and an additional 4 years on the motor. It has been designed with many technologies and features in place to ensure a smooth and effective washing of clothes. 

One of the technologies installed in this machine is the superior bubble wash system. This system makes sure a good cleaning job is done by creating agitated air bubbles and then releasing them into the water flow system. The released bubbles then activate detergent particles in the water flow system causing them to penetrate deep into clothes of all fabrics. Through this penetration, it can get rid of stubborn grease and dirt that are stuck on clothes.

Rotating at an incredible 1400 rotations per minute (RPM), this front loading washing machine has one of the highest rotational speeds in the industry. It uses this speed to achieve faster spin and efficient and effective drying.

In addition to the superior bubble wash technology, this model also employs an aqua energy system to treat hard water. Having an in-built heater is the new trend for most models now and Senator WXS is no different. It uses the heater to increase the temperature of the water when the hot wash is activated. There is also the ball valve technology. This feature acts as a block, trapping the detergent while releasing water. this saves cost as it reduces the amount of detergent you use in a wash while improving the quality of washing.

Keeping your washing machine clean is very important if you want to maintain a clean washing cycle. If you are always busy making out time to clean your machine then this model is for you. This IFB full load washing machine is capable of cleaning itself. It does this with the help of the Tub clean technology.  This technology helps to rid the machine of all impurities, bacteria, and any unpleasant smell coming from the machine. This keeps your machine smelling nice and neat, 

The Senator WXS model is a highly automated machine. It comes with a feature that lets you preselect your most preferred setting. This setting is saved and each time you need to wash, using the repeat wash feature will let you use the same setting without going through the set-up process again. This model does not use batteries to power itself, but it is dependent on the electrical supply.

There is also a smart led program encoder that indicates the program you have selected for washing. This encoder can also be positioned in various ways depending on your preference. There is also a white led touch panel. This panel has a high visibility touch panel displays both program selection and operation

When it comes to washing programs, Senator WXS comes equipped with not 1 or 2 but a whopping 14 wash programs. It has earned its place as one of the few models with this much variety. The wash programs are cotton heavily soiled, curtains, daily wash, silk special, cotton normally soiled, lingerie, program repeat, mixed fabric, and wool or hand wash additives.

Alongside this wash, programs are a wash system regarded as revolutionary in the industry, the 4D wash. It soaks clothes completely using dynamic water jets and showers from paddles. It also dissolves the detergent completely for clean and effective was.

  • It is water and energy-efficient
  • The drum is made with stainless steel
  • Uses a superior bubble wash system
  • Hard-water treatment technology
  • Comes with an In-built heater
  • 14 wash programs
  • Uses a 4d wash feature
  • Comes with a Self-clean tech
  • No delay start
  • No inverter technology
  • No quick wash

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

A Fully automatic top load washing machine, the Bosch WOE654W0IN model washing machine with a 6.5kg capacity is one of the most affordable machines in the market. It is easy to use and comes with a great wash quality too. Its capacity makes it the ideal washing machine of choice for families with 3-4 members. 

The WOE654W0IN model is one of the latest models designed by the German manufacturer that comes with a body made of steel. It also has a drum that is made of steel. Since its top-loaded, it has a see-through door made of toughened glass located at the top of the machine. The toughened nature of this glass gives its turgidity and durability as it can withstand heavyweight. It is probably the best top load washing machine in the industry.  

This bosch top load washing machine has worked with a voltage of 230 volts and 360 watts power. The Bosch 6.5kg washing machine comes with a 2-year warranty that covers the product and a 10-year warranty on the motor, one of the longest warranty offers in the industry. A testament to the amount of trust Bosch has in this product. 

Like other washing machine models, the Bosch WOE654W0IN model, operating on a frequency of 50Hz, uses rotational speed to determine the spin speed. The higher the spin speed, the faster the drying time. This model has a maximum rotational speed of 680 rotations per minute (RPM). The level of the noise this machine makes during wash is capped at a maximum of 65Db. Similarly, the level of noise during spinning is at a respectable 75dB 

Bosch not only created a washing machine, it equipped it with the most innovative technologies that have been designed to make washing easier and more efficient. One of these innovative technology is the intelligent wash system known as the power wave wash system. This system is fitted with a pulsator design, a dynamic water flow, and an innovative Vario Drum movement design. These designs combine to give the perfect quality of washing. 

One of the most impressive innovations fitted in this model is its ability to keep working even with a low water pressure of up to 0.3 bar. This makes it the ideal washing machine in places that battle with low water pressure.

When washing, this model offers two detergent options, allowing you to use either liquid or powder detergents, unlike other products. This flexibility ensures detergents are properly dissolved, providing better wash results in the process. During a washing cycle, the machine is capable of selecting the appropriate program by itself. All you have to do is press a button. It does this by detecting the weight of the load and nature of the fabric. 

There are 6 color options provided by the Bosch 6.5kg WOE654W0IN model when washing. This model has also been programmed with an automatic tub stop feature that activates when the lid is opened during the wash. This feature allows for mid-wash additions. This lets you add clothes mid-wash when you open the lid  

The top of the machine is fitted with a gentle closing lid. This helps to prevent noise from violent slamming or injury to the hand. Due to the possibility of dirt getting stuck at the bottom of the machine, a magic filter feature has also been added. This filter is effective in extracting flint and dirt while keeping the washer in a neat condition. In places with frequent power interruptions, this machine eliminates the worry of how to deal with washings that stop suddenly due to power outage. It has been designed to resume a wash process from the previous stop point. 

It also comes with a dual dispenser that releases both liquid and powder detergent. Attached to the top of the bosch 6.5kg fully automatic is a LED display with a smart touch that not only displays information but also lets you configure the machine to your preferred settings.

There is also a child lock option that lets you protect your settings with having to worry about anyone else tampering with it, most especially kids. This option locks all keys and prevents them from responding to touch until you unlock it. When it comes to washing programs, the Bosch WOE654W0IN model has 8 different wash programs. It also has 8 different water levels for washes while it is capable of taking in Hot and cold water. This product comes with a drain hose, one inlet hose, a snap connector, and a bottom plate.  

  • It is affordable
  • Has a steel body
  • Has a steel drum
  • Durable toughened glass cover
  • 10-year warranty on motor
  • Uses a power wave wash system
  • Fitted with a Variodrum movement design
  • It is suitable for low water pressure environment.
  • Offers a Dual detergent option
  • It cleans with a Magic filter option
  • Child lock feature
  • Has 8 washing programs
  • No in-built water heat
  • No inverter technology

Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The Godrej  WT EON 620 A Gp Gr model is a fully automatic top loading washing machine. It has a capacity of 6.2kg. Not big enough for large families but makes it just the perfect portable washing machine for bachelors and couples. This Godrej washing machine comes fitted on top with a toughened glass lid that is not only resistant to scratch but also resistant to shock. As a result, it is durable and fitting for wash patterns common in Indian communities. 

The Godrej WT EON comes along with a 2-year warranty after purchasing from the manufacturer. It also offers an additional 2 years warranty on the motor. Not only is the outer body of the machine made of steel, but its drum is also covered in stainless steel to ensure durability.

Unlike most washing machine model, the WT EON model is not fitted with a digital display. Similar to most other washing machine products, the Grodej WT EON 620 does not need batteries as it depends on electricity. It needs about 230 volts to function properly. It also uses rotational speed to power the spin speed which determines how fast the drying process will be. The EON 620 model has a maximum rotational speed of 700 Rotations per minute (RPM).

There is also the child lock function which lets you safeguard and preserve your settings from been disrupted by an intruder. Child lock keeps your settings safe by disabling the control panel.  There is also the memory backup feature. This feature lets the machine remember where it stopped and pick up from there when next it comes up. This feature saves time and water as you don’t have to restart the process all over because of an interruption to the washing cycle.

Another technology to take note of in the Godrej washing machine is the Auto restart technology. Installed in this machine are 5 wash programs that provide you with a variety of options that will meet your wash needs

The Godrej machine is a super-smart washing machine capable of calculating the level of water or detergent needed for a particular load. It does this by detecting the weight of the load placed in the drum. The EON 620 has an amazing pre-set wash program with an in-built soak technology. You don’t have to be bothered about activating the soak option.  Each soak is initiated automatically, lasting between 5-8 minutes. This is long enough to remove stains from clothes. 

It has a control panel situated at the top of the machine that lets you select when to wash, rinse, and dry. All that can be selected with the touch of a button. There is a pulsator located at the bottom of the drum. This pulsator is designed with 6 ridges that help to generate water turbulence that results in the powerful wash. The drum is designed with high and evenly spaced out contours that provide a gentle efficient scrubbing for your clothes.

  • Fitted with a Toughened glass lid
  • Compact for small spaces
  • The body is made of steel
  • Steel drum
  • Child lock feature
  • In-built soak tech
  • No digital display
  • No in-built water heater
  • No LED indicator


Haier 6.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Haier 6.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Not only is the Haier HTW62-187BO washing machine model equipped with a drum having a capacity of 6.2 kg, but it is also a top-loading machine with a Semi-Automatic control censor. This machine doesn’t function on batteries but electricity using 240 volts and 345 watts. Purchasing this product makes you eligible for a 2-year warranty on the product from the manufacturer and a 5-year warranty on the motor. 

When you purchase this model, you get to receive a tapping screw, components of the water inlet hose, a user manual, and a warranty card. The HTW62-187BO model has its outer body made of plastic. Rotating at 1300 rotations per minute (RPM), the fast rotation increases the spinning speed which not only dries clothes faster but makes sure dirty clothes get cleaned faster than conventional washers. 

Fitted with two different wash programs, the Haier Washing machine provides a safe and clean washing cycle that caters for all fabric types. This model is a twin tub machine that comes with a water level selector that allows you to alternate not just between hot and cold water, but also which of the tubs to direct the water.

Another technology that comes with this machine is the spray technology. This technology divides incoming water into various flows and varying levels of intensity that allow the washing machine to carry out a more effective and efficient washing cycle. 

There is also an anti-rat mesh designed to keep rats away from causing any damage to the washer. This design makes use of paint containing rat repellent chemicals in covering the outer body of the machine.

The cross pulsator is another innovative design found in the Haier HTW62-187BO washing machine. This cross pulsator creates strong spins that strengthen the flow of water.  This improves the quality of washing. The cross pulsator process is gentle on clothes that are delicate like your underwear, laces, and silk. 

It is very important to clean up the washing machine regularly to avoid dirt blocking and clogging the drains. The magic filter technology plays the role of removing lint and dirt from the machine to prevent clogging. This technology ensures that the machines stay running efficiently. The wind dry technology extracts as much water as possible from the clothes after a wash cycle.  This allows for easier drying of clothes. 

The Haier twin tub machine has an anti-rust feature that protects it from corrosion. It has been designed with anti-rust that makes it not just robust but also sturdy. The outer part is made with a plastic material that is easier to clean and maintain. This product does not require installations as it comes easy to use.

  • Employs a high rotation speed of 1300 rpm
  • Twin tub machine
  • Uses a water Spray tech
  • Use of Anti-rat coating
  • Traps dirt with Magic filter
  • Anti-rust coating
  • Plastic body
  • Requires Manual control

Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

A perfect washing machine for large families, the Bosch WAK24268IN model is just the one you need. This Bosch model is fully automatic with a front-loading factor. What makes it ideal for large families is its large 7kg capacity size. It also comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and an additional 10-year warranty on the motor. It comes with a 160cm electrical cord. This model is 85cm x 60cm x 60cm. 

Its high spin speed ensures a faster drying time. This high spin speed is powered by a maximum rotational speed of 1200 rotations per minute (RPM). Its power consumption rate is at 0.99kWh while its water consumption rate is at an average of 47 liters. This model is super fast when it comes to washing and is capable of efficiently washing lightly-soiled clothes in 15 minutes with a technology called super 15.

A lot of innovative technologies have been installed in this washing machine model. There is an active water system technology that automatically readjusts the water and amount of electricity used to give you better wash. The active water system uses a load sensing function to detect the weight of the load in the washing drum. 

The child lock is another technology that comes with this model.  The child lock feature is used when you need to protect the machine from being disturbed by a child who might wander and press random buttons. This feature locks the control panel making it inactive and unresponsive to touch. It also comes fitted with an in-built heater that helps to increase the temperature of the water to the required level whenever hot wash is activated. 

A large LED display screen with electronic buttons comes with the bosch WAK24268IN model. This screen not only displays information but also supports the easy operational mode of the machine. This bosch front loading washing machine comes with a Variodrum design that washes clothes completely in a gentle way. Varioperfect technology washes clothes using 20 percent less energy compared to normal wash. This function is good at saving energy. 

There is also an anti-vibration device that ensures the machine stays silent even when spins are at high speeds while also maintain stability. You can now do laundry at night without the fear of waking others. When it comes to washing programs, the following are the programs this model lets you choose from. The monsoon (Freshen-up), super-quick 15min/30min, Hygiene, kids wear (Extra clean), Wool (Gentle handwash), drum clean, synthetic, delicate/silk, daily wash, Cotton

There is also an allergy plus program on fitted on this model to cater for allergic customers. This technology works to churn out clothes that are free of allergies, so you don’t have to worry. This machine is also capable of working in places with low water pressure. Another feature is the mid-cycle pause that allows you to add extra laundry mid-way through the wash and continue the process from where it stopped. 

There are other technologies fitted in this machine such as safety balance control, foam control, a delay timer that can last for up to 24 hours, and a multi water protection system.

  • Suitable for large families
  • Comes with a 160cm electrical cord
  • The high rotational speed of 1200 rpm
  • Very Water efficient
  • Washes with Super 15 tech
  • Fitted with Action wash tech
  • Child lock
  • An innovative LED screen
  • Uses a Variodrum technology
  • Uses a Varioperfect feature
  • Has an anti-vibration tech
  • Designed with an anti-allergy.
  • No soaking feature
  • No water filter
  • Short water hose

Buying Guide for Sewing Machine in India 2020

Choosing a washing machine product that meets your needs can be hectic. Each product comes with different specifications that can be used if fully understood. Hence, the need to explain the factors that should be considered in buying the best washing machine product. Below are some of the factors


This is the most important factor. How efficient is the washing machine product when it comes to saving power and water? It is important to factor this in as you would not want to incur a heavy water and electricity bill because you chose to make life much easier for you.

Availability of Spare Parts

Washing machines, just like most technological inventions have parts that will require replacements. This could be due to wear and tear sudden unexpected damage, or poor use. You must inquire about and purchase a machine with spare parts that can easily be found. There is also a greater probability that the easier it to find, the less it will cost you.


You must get you a washing machine product that will cater perfectly to your needs. Having a large family might mean going for a large washing machine that will cater to a large number of clothes at a go as opposed to an individual or a small family who will be inclined to pick a compact product with a lower load capacity that caters perfectly to their needs.

Material and Size of Drum

Different washing machine products are made with drums of varying materials. There are drums made with plastic, stainless steel and some even get made with porcelain enamel. Each material has its durability. Drums made with stainless steel have been singled out to be the most durable but also the most expensive to purchase.

Drums made with porcelain enamel are the least durable and perhaps come at a cheaper price. The Size of drum contained in the washing machine is very important as large-sized drums save water and energy unlike small-sized drums

Type of Automation

There are two types of washing machines to consider when making a purchase. The semi-automatic washing machine is different from the fully automatic type of washing machine. Choosing either one of them will be strictly dependent on your needs and how much you are willing to pay. A more detailed explanation of the difference between a semi-automatic machine and a fully automatic washing machine can be found in the type of machines section.

Spin Cycle

Spin cycles are denoted by the revolution per minute (rpm). This is an important factor to consider in making a product purchase. They vary in different washing machine products. Customers who prefer delicate washing will find products with spin cycles of 300-500rpm more suitable. Customers who favor heavy washing will find a washing machine with 1000 rpm and above more suitable. Faster spinning cycles have quicker drying times.

In-built Dryer

For a customer looking to go through the washing process, purchasing a washing machine with an inbuilt dryer will be the perfect option.  This not only saves you the stress of drying the clothes after washing, but it will also help you at the same time. Not all washing machine products come with an in-built dryer. Try to ask and confirm before purchasing if this is the option you prefer.

After Sales Service

There are washing machine products that come with after-sale and warranty. After-sales services are so important, especially when the product to be purchased has a very technical installation process. In cases like this, having a certified specialist install it for you is a huge plus. Products that come with warranty are most preferred as it not only assures you of the manufactures confidence In the product but also saves you the money as the manufacturer will bear the cost of any repairs within that warranty period. 

Smart Wash Setting

Modern washing machine products come with a smart wash feature. This is a new feature that lets you select different options that are suitable for different types of clothes. The setting can range from, temperature control, water level control, child lock, and a lot of other. Some even come with sanitizer/ allergy cycle, delicate wash.

Front Load Or Top Load

Front load and top load machines function In different ways. Understanding how they work with your needs will help you decide which one you will settle for eventually. They both come at different prices too.  A detailed explanation of the differences between a front load and a top-load can be found in types of washing machine section below.

Delay Wash

This feature lets you load your washing machine to commence washing at a later time. This feature is also beneficial should you want to avoid the noise at certain times. It also lets you presoak, a feature that is discussed next.


This feature lets you soak your clothes for a specific period after which the wash cycle begins automatically. This is hugely beneficial in homes with kids who get messy often and might come home with tough stains

How a Washing Machine Works ?

A washing machine performs the function of cleaning up clothes placed in the tub. It does this by filling up the tub with water to mix with the detergent and then throwing the clothes around the tub for a specified time. After which it drains out the water and soap. It then refills the tub with water and spins even faster to rinse off the soap from the clothes. Then it drains again and rinses all over.  It looks like a simple process, but actually, how a washing machine works go way deeper than and is more complex than that.

A washing machine is made up of parts and pieces of equipment that are part of a complex process of operation required to clean up your clothes. Let’s see how these parts combine to work perfectly.

A washing machine comes with two tubs, the inner and outer tub. The inner tub is the most visible and you see it when you raise the lid of the washing machine.  This is the tub that holds the clothes. It is perforated with holes that let water drain out of the machine. Situated in the middle of the inner tub is a paddle-like object known as the agitator which helps to spin the clothes around. 

Depending on the type of machine, the inner tube can be mounted in different ways. In some washing machine models, it is mounted horizontally and vertically in others. The inner tube is mounted to allow free movement without the danger of banging on other parts of the machine due to vibrations and violent shakings when washing.

The outer tube of the washing machine which is also the bigger performs the function of holding the water while the inner tube rotates. It has no perforations to prevent leaking which could result in subsequent flooding of your house. It is firmly bolted to the body of the washing machine.

Filling up the tub with water is possible as a result of a network of plumbing devices that also help to drain the water out. The plumbing is responsible for recirculating wash water from the bottom of the tub to the top while also pumping water out through the drain. A device called a solenoid valve is used to attach two outlets to the washing machine.

There is also another device, the anti-siphon device. This device prevents the drained water from been sucked back into the general water supply meant for other household use at the same time the hose is sending water into the tub.

Part of the plumbing setup is a pump that not only moves water around the tub but also removes water from the tub after washing. The pump has vanes or fins that help push water around. When the pump spins in a clockwise manner, the water at the bottom of the washtub is sucked out by the bottom pump forcing it through the drain hose. At the same time, the top pump tries to suck air from the top of the tub to avoid recirculation by forcing it back through the bottom pump.

When the pump spins anti-clockwise, the top pump does the job of sucking the water at the bottom of the pump and then pumps it back to the top. At the same time, the bottom pump tries to pump water from the drain hose back in the tub. The drain hose is connected to the top of the washing machine and then straight down the drain.

At the bottom of the tub, one end of the drain hose is attached and the other end is directed to wherever you want the drained water to flow. For some washing machine models, the pumps are not required to spin as the machine will churn out the water without recirculation

The speed and temperature of the water been pumped into the tube are regulated by switches. A thermostat switch tests the temperature of the water and adjusts t to the required temperature, using a heating element. In some machines, the switch determines which of the hot or cold water outlet will open. These switches have a set of contacts that open or close the circuits that are connected to the contacts. At each given time, one contact is open while the other is closed.

The paddle-like agitator uses a drive mechanism that moves the clothes back and forth.  His mechanism is also responsible for spinning the washtub which forces the water out f the tub. It makes use of a gearbox. This gearbox has a pulley that turns the inner shaft back and forth in a slow manner. It reverses direction every half-revolution. The gearbox agitates if the pulley spins in one direction and goes into full speed spinning when it goes the other way.

How does the machine detect water levels? It uses a level sensor which in time employs a pressure switch. This pressure switch is connected to the small end of the hose. As the water level in the tub goes up, the water in the hose also goes up thereby compressing air trapped in the hose. The pressure switch contains a piston that is pushed up as a result of increasing pressure.  When it has been sufficiently raised, it closes an electrical contact.

This contact though is adjustable using a cam mechanism that is connected to the adjuster knob of the machine’s control panel. As you adjust the knob, a spring is pressed against the cylinder preventing it from popping up. This means if the water level increases pressure by rising, it will trigger the switch.

From washing to rinsing and spinning, the machine makes use of a mechanical or electronic control mechanism called a programmer. The programmer controls not just the valve that lets in water be it hot or cold, but also the valve that lets water out.The program is also responsible for the rotation of the inner drum that ensures clean water is available to rinse the clothes. The programmer then makes sure the process is repeated to remove soap from the clothes, the rotation of the inner drum at high speed to get rid of water and soap is modeled after the centrifuge. Apart from the location and mounting of the drum, both front load and top load type of machine operate the same way.

How Top-Loaders And Front Loaders Work ?

A washing machine principle could also differ. This could be depending on factors such as if it’s a top-load or front-load. The working principles of both are explained below:

A front-load washing machine comes with a fixed outer drum and an inner drum that rotates. The inner drum is mounted in the horizontal axis. The outer drum of a front loader is held in place by heavy-duty screws. This lets it absorb violent shaking and fast spinning without any damage. In front-loader, water enters through the detergent tray located at the top of the machine.

The water temperature is regulated by a heating element. An inner motor helps to turn the inner drum back and forth. The motor can do this by using a large rubber belt. After the washing and rinsing cycles are finished, the pump sucks the water away.

In a top loader washing machine, the drums are mounted in the vertical axis. The clothes are placed around the agitator and the machine lets in water through the detergent tray pushing in the detergent through the process. The inner drum is powered by an electric motor using a rubber belt. This agitator, which is a large plastic, turns around and in the process moves clothes through the water.

During the spin, the agitator produces enough power to turn the inner drum at high speed, throwing water through its holes to the outer drum and then down through its drains. In top load, the drum itself does not move. For this reason, there are water squirters strategically placed to ensure water does not just rest at the bottom of the drum.

Types of Washing Machine

When it comes to purchasing a washing machine, it is important to become armed with the knowledge of the various washing machine types in the market. These types are usually differentiated by features like the number of tubs, the position of the door opening, capacity, and even fittings. You are sure to be faced with a hectic decision to make. There are four types of washing machines

  • Front-load
  • Top load
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic

Front Load

Front loading machines are more favorable for large families. This is because they are capable of washing large quantities at a time. This type of washing consumes less energy and is regarded as more eco-friendly than the top load. When it comes to the task of cleaning clothes, the front load does a thorough job. 

This type of washing machine is deeply suited for busy people as it lets you make a lot of washing at once. In the front load washing machine, its inner drum which is responsible for swinging and spinning is mounted on the horizontal axis.

Top Load

Top load is widely regarded as a better value for money as they are more efficient. They have quicker wash than a front load washing machine. Top load does have a feature that allows you to pause your washing and continue later. They are cheaper and very compact. This compact nature makes it perfect for small spaces.

The top-load can be connected to water inlet tap from where it will control the water, when to start and when to stop taking in water. In the top load washing machine, the washing drum is mounted on the vertical axis.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The semi-automatic washing comes with manual control. It also comes with two tubs that are separate from each other. One is for washing and the other is for spin-drying. This feature means you will have to manually move your clothes to the drying tub to dry them. It is cheap to purchase.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The fully automatic washing machine comes with one tub. This means both the washing and drying are done in one tub and your manual intervention is not needed. They are more expensive than a semi-automatic washing machine but there are more effective. Fully automatic has a feature that allows you to add extra clothes to the machine even when the cycle has already begun. It uses less energy and has better efficiency.

New Washing Machine Technology

Washing machine manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products. The following are some of the most recent technologies over the last few years.

Inverter Technology

One of the latest inventions when it comes to the washing machine is inverter technology. This technology, now found in some washing machine models gives room for the motor to run and function at speeds that are optimal for the load inside the drum. What is the inverter washing machine and how does it work? It uses sensors to detect the amount of load in the machine drum. Once it detects the load it can then decide the optimum speed at which the machine should run. 

The inverter technology makes use of a Variable frequency drive (VFD) motor.  It is more commonly know, as the “brushless motor” due to the absence of brushes. Washing machine models that run on inverter technology work differently from other washing machine models. They allow for considerable power saving. They are incredibly cooler and unlike conventional washing machine models, they do not make noise.

The beauty of the inverter technology is that models that have it require less maintenance as they do not have movable parts like the gear, shaft, and belt.

Flex wash And Twin wash

The flex wash design was invented by Samsung and has been a constant addition in their most recent models. This design has been widely regarded as the most revolutionary washing machine invention. The flex wash offers flexibility allowing you to use both types of load in the same washing machine. Its main drum is massive, offering a capacity load of 21kg. It is accompanied by a smaller drum with a capacity of 3.5kg. 

The design of the flex wash allows the front loader to wash heavy laundry like blankets and curtains while the top loader is used for lighter clothing like socks, ties handkerchief e.t.c. 

The twin wash technology was invented and first introduced into the market by LG. This technology also adopts the dual load concept. The twin wash provides two separate drums for washing. There is the main drum that is complemented by a mini drum.

The mini drum is placed below the main drum. The main drum has a capacity of 20kg and is similarly used for heavily soiled clothes while the main drum, with lesser capacity, is used for lighter clothing like inner garments, scarf, and handkerchief.

Bubble wash

Another invention recently introduced in newer models of the washing machine is the bubble wash technology. This design pioneered by Samsung and IFB harnesses the power of the bubble to provide a good cleaning process without damaging the fabric. This tech became necessary after Samsung discovered that Indian households typically prefer washing with cold water. Samsung introduced eco-bubble technology.

This tech uses the power of a bubble to assist the washing process. It does this by converting detergent particles into bubbles which then get inflated around the clothes in the washing drum.  The inflated bubbles then penetrate inside the fabric to easily remove stains that are proving to be stubborn.

IFB invented the O2 wash bubble tech. This O2 wash tech works by generating millions of air bubbles. These air bubbles then penetrate deep into the fabric to remove stubborn stains.

The 6-Motion DD Tech

This technology was invented by LG and has been introduced in almost all its newer models. The 6 motion DD tech provides an optimized motion combination for every type of fabric. It is called 6-motion because it can replicate 6 different wash motions. These different wash motions are tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swing, rolling, and filtration.

Whirlpool introduced a motion technique known as soft-move technology. It senses load in the drum in a small manner. It then uses adaptive programs and drum movement to cater to individual needs and varying types of fabric. The type of motion wash catered for by soft-move includes energetic wash, soft cradle, power motion, and slow motion.

Innovative Drum Technology

For years, manufacturers have made several attempts at designing drums in washing machines that will serve the purpose of protecting tender laundry. It was to this end that Samsung came up with the diamond drum technology. The diamond drum has perforated holes that are 25% smaller than previous designs. These holes are located deep inside each diamond-shaped depression to prevent clothes under the drum from sticking out and risk becoming damaged.

The diamond-shaped drum tech also comes with an embrossed washboard. This embossed washboard has been designed to help reduce the textile area exposed to harmful effects. The small exit holes prevent clothes from been trapped while also protecting the longevity of the fabric. 

Bosch also invented its drum technology known as the VarioDrum. In the VarioDrum tech, when the drum spins in one direction, the flat sides of the attached paddle clean the loaded clothes. When it spins in the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle delivers massive cleaning with the help of an accompanying wave-droplet design.

Siemens was not left out as it introduced its wave drum tech to its newer model. The wave drum tech is designed to clean clothes using extreme care. They have a wave pattern design with flat steep sides. The design provides a complimenting wash which is very to VarioDrum

Soak wash Technology

A newer technology introduction is the soak wash technology that allows you to soak your clothes for some time before washing. Whirlpool and Samsung have been the leading brands in this technology. Samsung has a bubble soak technology in a lot of its recent line of the washing machine.  This technology removes dirt and grime by soaking the clothes in the bubbles.

This bubble technology method is soft on the fabric and presents no risk of damage. Whirlpool also has a bubble technology known as super-soak technology. This technology ensures that tough stains and flint are thoroughly removed by activating incessant soaking and soaking motion.

In-Built Heater And Temperature Controller

The in-built heater technology became necessary as the need to have a washing machine that heats water by itself became necessary. A temperature controller was necessary for addition to the heater to regulate the temperature of the water to ensure its acceptable levels. Samsung front loaders come equipped with a ceramic heater.  This ceramic heater prevents calcium compounds from accumulating.

Ceramic heaters are effective due to its ability to heat up quickly. This feature also helps to bring down the amount of energy consumed. Whirlpool products also have an in-built heater that is capable of heating water to 60 degrees Celsius to ensure the removal of adamant and heavy stains.

Vibration Reduction Technology

One annoying aspect of using a washing machine as observed by many users is the violent vibrations and noise it makes while the washing cycle is on. The last few years have seen the introduction of new technologies by manufacturers to ensure the noise levels are reduced to the lowest possible levels.  As an improved version of its vibration reduction technology (VRT), Samsung has introduced the Vibration Reduction technology plus (VRT +).

The Vibration reduction technology plus (VRT+) is useful in ensuring sleepers who are sensitive to noise do not get disturbed. This technology keeps the vibration and noise to the barest minimum while also ensuring the washing machine maintains its balance and stability. Bosch machine comes with its anti-vibration technology that mitigates vibrations that happens during spins.

The anti-vibration technology by Bosch makes use of high tech sensors to act against vibrations. These sensors maintain load balance by adjusting drum motion continually.

Anti-Hard Water Technology

Evidently, hard water is bad for any washing machine. It makes it difficult for the detergent to dissolve and supply pipes get choked up by white layers of residue that have built-up over time. Several manufacturers have developed new technology to cope with the problem. Manufactures like IFB, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

IFB washers now come with its tech named Aqua Energie technology. This technology converts hard water into soft water. It comes with an in-built aqua filter that breaks bicarbonate in hard water into fine crystals which are small in size. The small size of the crystals makes it easy to remove along with drained water. This reduces the build-up of scale on vital parts of the machine and also prevents choking.  

Whirlpool’s new line of semi-automatic washing machines come with a hard water option. This option ensures that a better cleaning process is maintained even when the supplied water is hard.

Maytag front loader comes with a technology that allows its machines to adjust to the hardness of the water. This goes a long way in improving the cleaning performance.

Inverter Tech And Direct Driver Tech

Siemens model come with an intelligent iQDrive motor. This iQDrive motor is frictionless and magnetic. It is also very quick and quiet. According to Siemens, it saves 33% more than ordinary motors. 

The direct driver technology attaches the motor to the drum in a direct way that doesn’t need the support of mechanical moving parts. This reduced number of mechanical parts ensures less energy is dissipated.

This technology was created as a way of handling the loss of energy that is experienced due to friction caused by moving parts in other washing machine models.

Detergent Auto Dispenser

Deciding the right amount of detergent to use while washing is very important. It is a difficult measure to gauge as there is the risk of adding too little or too much. Using too much detergent will make the machine take in more water than necessary to deal with the excess. This not only increases water consumption but will also reduce your detergent stock faster if this continues.

Using too little detergent will likely cause issues like discoloration on clothes and could even cause your clothes to develop a foul smell. In response to this problem, manufacturers like Bosch and Whirlpool now have auto dispenser technology in their line of the washing machine.

Whirlpool front loaders now come equipped with dispensing technology. This technology cleverly determines the right amount of detergent needed depending on the number of clothes and the degree of stains on clothes.

Bosch uses an iDOS technology in its washing machine especially it is series 6 and 8. The iDOS functions the same way as the auto dispenser in the whirlpool products.

Smart Control

In recent years, washing machine manufacturers have sought for innovations to make the product smarter, convenient, and easy to use. Some models now use mobile applications to meet the purpose. The LG smart wash washing machine for example makes use of NFC tags. This tags technology helps it to monitor the washing process and diagnose any issues. This tech allows users to control the washer from their mobile phones.

Users have to install the smart diagnosis application on their smartphones. This application listens carefully for tone transmission and subsequently alerts you to problems with the washing machine. After detecting issues, this application will analyze and record the time. It will then send you steps on how to troubleshoot the problem.

Samsung also has a Wi-FI enabled machine. This machine allows users to control the washing operation by using a smart control app installed on the user’s phone.  With the aid of the smart control application, you can control the machine remotely from your Smartphone. This app will notify you of the status of the washing process. It will also alert you to any problems and how to suggest a possible solution to the problem.

Pulsator Technology

The pulsator invention is a technology that can be used instead of an agitator. It is also known as the impeller. It is a diminished rotating hub. When the pulsator rotates, its vanes generate heavy and turbulent current in the washing machine. This turbulent current spins the clothes through the water. This results in an even wash.

Should I Rent or Buy a Washing Machine ?

Washing machines have become cheap to purchase. Although there are different models with different prices, it is also possible that the perfect machine that meets your needs in terms of drum size, type, and even efficiency might be way above your budget. In a situation like that, you can choose to rent a washing machine.

Renting a washing machine is not a strange practice. There are centers and even Laundromats that will let you rent the machine you want for a fee over a specified period. Renting a washing machine is greatly encouraged if your need for the washing is for a short time and urgent. Purchasing a new one will be a ridiculous decision because you may not need it later. But if you intend to rent a washing machine each time you want to clean up your clothes, then it is advisable to purchase a washing machine.

If you’re worried about how to get the money, starting a washing machine fund and saving towards it over time is a wonderful course of action. You can also choose to purchase a used washing machine. 

Used washing machines will come cheaper than brand new ones and some still come in new conditions. Washing machines for rent can be found on sites like craigslist, in thrift stores, and discount stores located in your city. Some stores have a rent-to-own option that lets you own the machine after some time. When buying a used washing machine, there are factors to consider. 

Why buy a Washing Machine ?

Having a washing machine is a sure way to making your life easier. Having a washing machine saves time. Not only that you also get to wash a lot of clothes at the same time without having to worry about potential damage to the fabrics as long you understand how to use it. There are general reasons why you should buy a washing machine.  as earlier explained, there are types of the washing machine and each offer reasons why you should purchase each one. 

The semi-automatic type of washing machine is the least expensive. One reason you should purchase this is its efficiency when it comes to saving water and energy. The good thing about the semi-automatic type of washing machine is its ability to spin one load in one drum while washing another load in the other tub at the same time. Remember a semi-automatic washing machine comes with two tubs.

This type does not require you to have a permanent or constant supply of water neither is low water pressure an issue. It also allows you to save water by reusing rinse water to do a new wash.The fully automatic washing machine will give you greater ease, letting you wash and spin in the same tub with no intervention from you. IF you are looking for a washing machine that won’t leave you scrambling to the laundry room to take care of your clothes out to dry, then a fully automatic machine is the right fit.

Factors to consider when buying a Used Washing Machine

Buying a used washing machine can be tricky. This Is due to the risk of purchasing one that might not be as efficient as a new one. Keep in mind that while used washing machines are cost-effective, there are not new and as such should not be expected to perform so efficiently as new ones. There are disadvantages and risks associated with buying a new washing machine, but this should not discourage you from buying one.

There are factors to look out for to ensure a pre-owned washing machine is still in good working condition. Some of these factors like the capacity of the machine, its drum size, brand, and type of load, and automation have been previously explained in this article, we will not talk about them again. Our focus will be on other factors like the year of manufacture, prompt servicing, and washing condition

Year Of Manufacture

The year of manufacture is an important factor to consider. The washing machine depreciates with time. Considering the estimated lifespan of a washing machine is 7 years, do not invest in a washer that is more than 5 years old. You might run the risk of incurring excessive maintenance cost that comes with keeping a fading appliance in manageable working condition. Used machines between 2-3 years and less are more ideal.


Before buying a used washing machine, you must find out if there is a specialized technician nearby that can fix your machine should it break down. Since they are not brand new, used washing machines don’t come with warranty and after-sales service.

You should opt for a model that is still in production. That will make it easier for you to get spare parts easily should there be any need for a replacement.

Working Condition

This is arguably the most important factor. It is unthinkable to purchase a washing machine that is not in good working condition. To ascertain that it’s in working condition, make sure there are no leakages or damage to the machine. 

Ensure the motor and dryer are in perfect working condition. Check for unusual or loud sound as it could be an indication of a technical problem. Do not forget to check the speed of the spin.

How to use a Washing Machine ?

Using a washing machine is relatively easy. It is not complex despite some models having control panels that might look confusing. When using a washing machine the first thing is to sort the clothes into groups to avoid mixing up clothes that fade with others that don’t. This could cause discoloration. Sorting also ensures the right amounts of clothes are in the drum at any given time to avoid overloading the drum.

Next, you add your detergent either directly or into the detergent tray. Regulating the temperature of the water comes next. Choose the temperature for both washing and rinsing. The options could be cold and cold, Warm and cold, warm and warm or hot and cold. It is advisable not to rinse with hot water. Deciding the type of wash or agitation comes next.

Depending on the number of washing programs offered by your machine you can pick any option of your choice. The most common options are delicate for light clothes, normal and heavy for tough fabrics. Some machines offer wool, knit amongst many others. Set the time you want the cycle to last which is usually dependent on the degree of stains on the clothes then press start. 

Do not open the lid while the machine is in use unless the model you are using allows it. Check product specification to ascertain if it allows for mid-wash add. If it does, don’t forget to pause it first before adding it. When the wash is complete, depending on the model you are using, it can either give a beeping sound to notify you or you just have to time it yourself and check on it when you think it has finished washing. You can then take clothes out to dry.

Common Issues with Washing Machine

Washing machines are electric appliances and are likely to give you issues as you use them now and then. There is never a good time for your washing machine to develop faults, but early action will keep the problem from getting worse.  At times there are little signs to indicate a fault might be developing. It could be the machine not been effective in washing as before, or there is a leak between cycles.

While some of these issues are pretty easy to resolve, some need the attention of a certified technician. Explained below are the common issues and how you can resolve them

Machine Won’t Spin

Your machine refusing to spin is mostly associated with the drum experiencing an overload. To rectify this, remove the excess clothes from the drum. A broken door latch can also cause your machine not to spin. 

The latch always plays the role of sending a signal to the machine to start washing once it is firmly locked. A broken latch will fail to send this signal and the drum won’t spin. Replacing the latch with a new one is the obvious solution here. 

THE driver belt below the drum could also be the problem. To check, open the door and spin the drum. If it does not offer any resistance, then the belt is broken and needs to be replaced.

Machine Won’t Come On

What could be wrong with your washing machine if it refuses to come on? It could be a result of a power outage or a faulty cord. There is a fix if the machine won’t come on. A lot of solutions can be applied to rectify this problem.

The first and most recommended is to check if the machine is connected to a power supply. If it is and the power supply is functioning, the next solution is to use a multi-meter to check the outlet voltage. 

If there is no electricity flowing into the machine, you might have to check the building’s electrical panel to see if the circuit breakers are intact. If the circuit breakers are in good working condition then the problem is coming from the outlet. You have to disconnect the machine from the power source. Then call an electrician to replace the power outlet in the machine and troubleshoot. 

Another possible reason could be that the motor is overheating. When the motor overheats, your machine might shut down to prevent damage. In a situation like this, leave the machine alone to cool sufficiently before attempting to turn it back on. If after cooling it still doesn’t come on, you have to call a technician to detect and fix the problem

The machine is overfilling

The washing machine will overflow with water if the water level pressure switch is broken. The job of the pressure switch is to sense the water level in the machine by using air pressure. It then tells your machine when to stop taking in water. A broken switch cannot signal the machine to stop; as a result, water will overfill the drum and could flood your home.

Another cause of overfilling could be the tube attached to the switch has been disconnected. TO fix this, switch off the machine first and screw out the top panel to inspect the pressure switch. You should read the user manual guide as each washing machine model comes with its directions and mode of the fix.

Another reason could be that the electric water inlet valve that controls the filling of water has developed a fault. A faulty valve will fail to close off the water supply in each cycle and will cause the machine to exceed its appropriate level.

Machine Not Heating Water

Most washing machines will display an error code in the control panel when the heating system fails to work. You should check your user manual guide on how to fix an error of this nature. Most machines are insulated therefore you might not feel the heat on the body of the machine. It doesn’t mean the heat is not working.

Machine Smells

If your washing machine smells, it could be as a result of a dirty door seal or a drum infested with mold. To fix a smelling washing machine, inspect the filter and the drain hose if there is any obstacle blocking it.

Soak out the excess water at the base of the drum using a towel and remove the filter from the bottom of the machine to take out all the dirt stuck in it. Always clean your machine as accumulated mold, grime, and even detergent could cause your machine to smell.

Machine Is Leaking

Your washing machine will leak if there are cracks on the hose. A broken or rusty hose is a major cause of leakages and will require replacement. But if the leak comes from the front, in the case of front-load machines, the washing machine door could be faulty. This can be as a result of a seal around the door becoming weak. It should be replaced immediately

How to maintain a Washing Machine ?

Washing machines are awesome devices when it comes to cleaning clothes, but ironically they are no good at cleaning themselves. There are several ways washing machines can be maintained to ensure durability, effectiveness, and efficiency. To ensure proper maintenance, make sure to read the safety manual that comes with the machine. It will guide you on how to properly maintain the machine according to the manufacturer’s preference.

Before you start washing make sure to remove all objects from the pockets of clothes to be added to the drum load. Do not make overloading the drum with clothes a habit. It might save you time but will gradually destroy your drum incurring cost in the process. Always leave enough space for clothes to move around. Using the right type of detergent as well as the right amount is very important.

Clean the outer body of the washing machine regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust on the body. It is important to follow the instruction contained in the user manual in cleaning the filter. This will get rid of flint that can clog the water tub, thereby preventing water from flowing in and out.

Other Important Information

Other than previously stated information, there are other pieces of information about a washing machine that you have to know about. they have been explained below.

Dealing with Hard Water

Washing your clothes with hard water put your clothes at risk. This is because hard water can damage your clothes with their calcium and mineral deposits. These deposits get stuck in fabric which causes them to wear and tear. Hard water will also cause dirt and soap to be trapped in clothes. This makes clothes dull and at times leaves them with a yellow color. This is not good for your clothes.

The easiest and most effective way to deal with hard water is to use detergent-based products for washing instead of soap-based products. Ensure to use heavy-duty liquid detergent or low-sudsing phosphate detergent. To reduce the amount of chemical buildup in pipes, adjust the temperature to 55 degrees Celsius. The washer will run more effectively with less amount of mineral deposits. You can also remove the mineral and calcium deposits by using a water softener.

For clothes that are already damaged by hard water, there is a remedy. Fill up the tub with water, agitate the clothes long enough to get them. Let them soak overnight. A 12-hour soak is advised after which you spin the clothes. You can then wash the affected clothes using a regular cycle.

Do not use detergent, but instead add a cup of water conditioner. You can choose to repeat the process until stains leave the clothes.

How To Choose The Right Drum Size

Different washing machine models come fitted with varying drum sizes. These drum sizes range between the 6kg drum to the 12kg drum. The capacity of a washing machine is determined by the drum size. By capacity, we are referring to the weight of dry clothes that can be washed in one cycle. The weight is typically a bit less than the amount that can fit into the drum.

There are factors to consider when choosing a drum. You must consider your washing habits, the number of times you wash a week, and the number of people in your household. This will help you pick the right drum size that will meet your needs. A 7kg to 8kg drum is very suitable for medium-sized families. A larger household will need a bigger drum size in the 12kg range.

Picking the right drum size will avoid overloading as it could cause damage to it. The right drum size will let you wash properly as there will be enough space to spin your clothes, thereby giving it an effective wash. Please do note that drum sizes are measured in weight of dry clothes.

Dryer Feature

The dryer feature can kill harmful micro-organisms. High heat drying for at least 28 minutes can help in killing microbes. The dryer feature extracts moisture from wet clothes by pushing warm dry air through the wet clothes. It then cools the humid air using heat exchange to condense moisture which is then collected in a tank and pumped away through the drain pipe. The air which is now dry is heated again and the cycle is repeated. To extract as much moisture as possible, make sure the machine is set to the highest spin possible. 

The heat exchange process mentioned earlier uses water to cool the drying process. The feature works the same in twin-tub or single-tub washing machine models. The dryer can either spin-dry or air-dry. Air drying or tumble blows heat through the drum as they get thrown around in the drum. This method can achieve dryness levels of up to -4% residual moisture. But please note the air-dry method will leave you with wrinkled clothes. 

Spin drying pulls out as much water as possible although this depends on the washer. This method uses centrifugal force to squeeze out the water by squashing clothes against the drum wall. Fast spinning can achieve dryness levels of 12% residual moisture. The spin speed can also be increased but this will require the machine to take in additional force.

Make sure that your clothes can tolerate high-speed spinning. This is because spin-drying can cause abrasion to your fabric. A disadvantage of drying is that the heat can cause your clothes to shrink over time. Drying helps to save time.

Temperature Setting

It is important to select the right temperature for your clothes. A lot of customers have developed the habit of using the same setting for all types of clothes, load size, and all types of cycles. This is bad practice as your clothes could be left with odor-causing bacteria and could even age your clothes.

In choosing the right temperature for your laundry, ensure to read the label on your clothes as they often indicate the right temperature for each fabric. In cases where you are not certain of the recommended temperature, Coldwater is advised as it causes the least damage.

Knowing when to use hot, warm, or cold water is very important. Hot water should be used on white cotton clothes like underwear, bed linens, bath towels, and clothes that are heavily stained. Hot water cleans heavy stains while also sanitizing linens infected with bacteria and fungus. The danger with hot water use is that fade clothes while also causing shrinking.

Warm water should be used on fabric like spandex, nylon polyester, and lightly stained clothes. Warm water easily dissolves detergent but can fade clothes. It does not sanitize clothes and is not effective in removing heavy stains.

Coldwater should be used on dark and brightly colored clothes that have delicate fabrics. It is more energy-efficient and cost-saving. Coldwater does not shrink fabric neither does it fade them but it’s not as efficient in removing stains and sanitizing cloths.

The following are the recommended degree for each water temperature. Hot water is at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and above (54.4 degrees Celsius and above). Warm water is between 110 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius to 32.3 degrees Celsius) while cold water is between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 degrees Fahrenheit(26.7 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius).


It is a thing of necessary convenience to own a washing machine but identifying your needs and subsequently identifying a machine that can meet at least a greater majority of these needs is very important.

If you intend to buy a used washing machine following all the factors to be considered listed in this article, you should also engage the seller to find out if there have been any previous repairs on the machine you intend to buy. 

If your machine spends more time been repaired than it spends washing, then you might just need a new machine. You deserve to have a machine that adds some comfort to your life. Pick one and enjoy.

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