10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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A clean environment is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cleaning our homes, offices and even cars can be tedious at times and there is no guaranty that all dust particles will be properly swept away. This can even be made difficult if there are pets that leave hairs all over the place. These hairs can be difficult to clean up with using traditional cleaning methods.

To make sure these hidden spots are also taken care of while cleaning the house thoroughly, a vacuum cleaner has to be used. Vacuum cleaners help to keep the home neat and tidy neat while getting rid of dust particles stored in hidden spots. 

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner can be technical and you might end up making a terrible decision if you are not properly guided. There are some factors to consider when deciding on which cleaner to purchase. We have listed some below:

Bag or bagless

Does the vacuum cleaner come with a bag or not? Both have their advantages depending on your preference. Vacuum cleaner cleaners with bags let you dispose of the bags and most of these bags are reusable. Don’t worry about spending on regular replacements. But the danger is you might re-disperse dust while trying to dispose of the bag, a bagless vacuum cleaner does not pose this threat.

How Much Noise Can I Stand?

Not a vacuum cleaner that generates noise, if you fall into that category it is best to look for a vacuum cleaner that generates lesser noise. Typically, bigger vacuum cleaners will generate more noise since they come with a bigger and more powerful motor. But there are also vacuum every person appreciates cleaners designed to generate low noise levels using insulated motors. Make sure to check the specification before making a purchase.

How Many Levels are in My Home?

Does the structure of your house allow for easy transport of vacuum cleaners or do you need a vacuum cleaner that can be transported over difficult spaces. Vacuum cleaners that can maneuver any space are ideal for homes with stairs

How Often Do I Vacuum?

The rate at which you vacuum plays a huge role in the type of vacuum cleaner you purchase. Of you vacuum regularly, you should avoid cleaners that are difficult to access and carry around.

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

American MICRONIC Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

American MICRONIC Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Generally designed to cater for several cleaning needs, the 21 liter American Micronic vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners you can find today. It is has a stainless steel covering that ensures its durability and compactness and at the same time gives it an awesome look. It is a wet and dry cleaner that comes with a blower function that removes dust even from hidden spots.

It comes attached to a dust bag that can be washed and reused. This saves you the cost of purchasing a new dust bag regularly. This dust bag has a 2-liter capacity and is made with a non-woven material that allows for easy cleaning from dirt and even the toughest of stains. This product has a comprehensive 1-year warranty. 

On purchase, this product comes with several components amongst which are a washable dust bag, a HEPA filter, Upholstery nozzle, Crevice nozzle, wet brush with two separate mouths, floor-cum-carpet brush, a 5 feet flexible Hose pipe, 2 x 1.5 feet extension pipes, an instructional manual, and a warranty card. 

When it comes to cleaning, this is one of the most powerful cleaners in the industry.  It uses a powerful 1600 watts motor working on a 220v power input to ensure the easy and effective removal of dirt. This high level of performance makes it very suitable for cleaning dust in both wet and dry spaces. It comes equipped with a HEPA filter to clean the tiniest of dirt particles that could cause allergens. This filter makes it the most suitable for carpet cleaning.

  • It has low noise levels
  • It is shock-free
  • The filter can be self-cleaned
  • It is light-weight
  • Automatic switch off when the bag is filled
  • Short extension pipe
  • No auto cord rewind function
  • Motor speed cannot be adjusted

BLACK+DECKER VH801 Bagless Dustbuster Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

BLACK+DECKER VH801 Bagless Dustbuster Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

Recognizing the need to develop a machine that meets customers need to have a vacuum cleaner that cleans and wipes off the toughest of stain, Black and Decker introduced the VH-801 vacuum cleaner. When it comes to performance and cleaners that are durable, this handheld vacuum cleaner is highly rated and is certain to provide value for your money.

There is no limit to the number and type of surfaces this device can clean. These surfaces include beds, carpets, mattresses, car floors, and even your electronic gadgets like a television set and your computer keyboard. If you are looking for a device that will give thoroughly carry out your cleaning duties in quick time, this is your solution. It is powered by an 800-watt motor that is responsible for the impressive and high performance 

Attached to this powerful machine is a transparent dust bowl/bag that is detachable and can be cleaned easily when necessary. This bag has a capacity of 0.9litres/900ml that collects and stores the dust until you are ready to detach and dispose of it. This machine weighs less than 2 kilograms. This makes it easy to carry.

It comes with a blower function that has special components that blow both dirt and dust out from tight and hidden spaces. When you purchase this product, it comes with a crevice nozzle, an extension hose that helps to clean hidden spaces, a blow nozzle, a multipurpose turbo brush, and a shoulder strap that lets you carry with ease.

  • It is lightweight
  • It has low noise levels
  • Pipe extender not long enough
  • There is no HEPA filter
  • No suction power control
  • It can’t clean wet surfaces
  • It can’t be used in cleaning carpets

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner with Power Suction

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner with Power Suction

The AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to weigh little while remaining compact. This black cleaner has an easy maneuver feature that allows for easy movement from one part of the house to another. This triple-A rated, highly efficient vacuum cleaner, comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.

Its triple-A rating means you get to worry less about high energy bills as it doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. While this cleaner provides 700wattsof power when cleaning, its energy consumption per year is an estimated 25kWh. This affords you efficient cleaning, at an affordable fee with no compromise on the level of performance.

This is the perfect machine for cleaning hard floors, stairs, and furniture. It has A-rating and a D-rating for hard floors and carpets respectively. It’s A-rating when it comes to dust re-emission is proof of cleaner exhaust air.

It comes fitted with HEPA 12 FILTER that is capable of trapping more than 99.5% of all minute air particles. This includes pollen, dust mites, and even airborne allergens. This allows for the return of only clean air into the room. It comes fitted with multiple bags with 1.5 liters each. There are a fabric dust bag and two paper dust bags

This machine comes with a footswitch that lets you transition from carpets or rug to floors. This user-friendly switch makes sure the machine works just fine and at an optimal level on the specific type of floor.

To offer versatility, it has been designed with a variable suction that can be switched to work on hard floors, plants, drapes using a suction power of 203 Watts. This lets you clean optimally while also protecting objects being cleaned.

It also comes with a detachable filter that can be washed regularly. The filter is easy to remove. It has an auto rewind cord feature that draws the cord in when you are done into a storage unit. Some accessories come along with this product like a 5m cable, a 1.5m adjustable hose

  • It is effective for general cleaning
  • It uses a Bagless technology
  • It has low noise levels
  • It uses HEPA filters
  • No wet cleaning
  • The dust bags are not washable
  • It has no blower feature

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The bagless Philips PowerPro Vacuum cleaner is a compact and lightweight machine designed with large tires that provides easy movement from one place to another. It is a strong cleaner that uses a 1900 watts motor to provide strong suction power for a good cleaning. Pioneering a bagless design, this product was awarded the 2018 Gold iF design award. 

It has been designed to hold dust in a dust bin designed to help minimize dust clouds. One technology that stands out is the PowerCyclone 5 feature that separates dust by accelerating air in the cyclonic chamber. This process uses airflow and performance to achieve awesome cleaning results. It comes with an H13 filter, fully sealed that captures more than 98% of air particles like an allergen. 

A turbo brush nozzle allows for deep and thorough cleaning of carpets. This rotating turbo brush makes sure that tiny dust particles are removed. This brush is capable of removing 25% more dirt. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • It has a reusable filter
  • It uses high suction power
  • It has a power cord auto rewind technology
  • It is Bagless
  • Its suction power is adjustable
  • Dry cleaning only
  • It has no blower option
  • No wet cleaning feature

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is a very portable model that has designed to accommodate twin parking positions be it vertically or horizontally. Its body is made with canister and weighs very low.  It is easy to control using a foot-operated power switch.

In addition to this, this is a year’s warranty on the product that covers issues arising from design defects, workmanship, and materials. This attractive, stylish cleaner is equally powerfully. The Eureka vacuum cleaner makes use of a 1000watt suction that is capable of removing hidden dust and dirt. This power can be controlled at will.

It comes with a dust bag that can be washed and reused saving you the cost of purchasing a new one often. When the dust bag is filled, a dust full indicator alerts you to it. This way you can get rid of the dust on time to prevent any drop in suction power. There is also a thermal overload cut out that ensure the cleaner does not get damaged from power fluctuations and overheating.

Components that come with this product on purchase include a flexible hose pipe for smooth operations, extension tubes used to clean hard places like ceiling and under the sofa, a multipurpose nozzle, a floor and carpet brush, and a crevice nozzle. These components have a storage unit attached to the cleaner for easy access.

  • It has a reusable dust bag
  • It has a powerful suction
  • The suction power can be adjusted
  • It has no blower

Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Some accessories come attached to this product when you buy it. They are floor brush, an absorbing brush, a crevice tool, and a corner brush. There is also an accessory storage unit fitted into the machine that stores these accessories for easy and quick access. It comes with a 1-year warranty 

It has been fitted with an advanced HEPA filter that is capable of removing dust particles. This ensures the motor is protected from clogging as a result of accumulated dust particles. It also has a dust case with a 10-liter capacity, one of the largest in the industry. The large size of the dust case lets you clean for a long time without having to worry about clearing out the case.

This cleaner uses 1200 watts motor to create suction strong enough to remove the toughest of dust particles from carpets, ceiling, and even upholstery. This motor combines with a blower function that cleans difficult areas making it convenient to use

To prevent damage to the motor as a result of excess water, an auto-cut float feature attached to the suction nozzle does the work of cutting the airflow when the dust barrel exceeds the volume of water it can hold. To ensure easy mobility, this vacuum cleaner model comes with a 360-degree swivel wheel move in all directions.

  • It has great suction power
  • It is great for car cleaning
  • It is fitted with a HEPA filter
  • It is a bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Dry cleaning only
  • It has no automatic cord rewind feature

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner 

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Forbes DX model vacuum cleaner has been designed to be compact and portable enough to meet your cleaning needs. Alongside this design is a 1-year warranty that covers everything from mechanical faults to the material. It operates with a 230 volts capability. This easy to operate vacuum cleaner can be turned on and off using a foot-operated switch. 

This machine has been designed to protect the power cable from damage by using an automatic cable rewind technology. This technology pulls the power cable into an in-built storage space for storage when a button is pressed. Pressing this button also extends the cord out  

The DX model is capable of removing tough dirt from any floor surface. It can do this by using a 1200W motor to create suction strong enough to draw out dirt and dust. This suction can be controlled using a suction control attached to the handle of the vacuum cleaner. This control measure lets you set a preferred air flow rate. This way, you are sure to have good cleaning experience. 

To ease mobility, it has been fitted with a 3 swivel wheel that allows for easy movement while also not compromising on stability. You can move it around the house without stress. It also comes with a dust bag indicator that alerts you when the bag is at capacity. This way you don’t have to keep checking if the bag is filled up. This way you can prevent a reduction in the suction power

There is a wide array of external components that come with this product like the flexible hose pipe, extension tubes, a floor and carpet brush, a crevice nozzle, 4 paper bags, and an upholstery nozzle. These components are efficiently used for thorough house clean and provide great value for money.

  • It has a dust bag indicator
  • Low electricity consumption
  • There is no blower
  • Dry clean only

INALSA Gusto Vacuum Cleaner

INALSA Gusto Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry and easy to store, then the INALSA Gusto cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner for you. Weighing a total of 1.9 kilograms, this vacuum cleaner is convenient to carry around aided by a carry handle that combines with a wheel that makes movement easy. It comes with a 1-year warranty starting from the date you purchase it.

This vacuum cleaner works with a fully coppered 1000watts motor that produces strong and powerful suction power of 16KPA. This fast suction not only ensures thorough cleaning but also ensures durability. It also comes with a highly efficient blower that makes, sure enough, airflow is generated to thoroughly clean areas that are difficult to access. 

It comes with a 1.5-liter dust case, large enough to let you clean large areas without worrying about the bag getting filled. This dust case is reusable and can be detached, cleaned up, and installed back for use. This also comes with a cloth filter capable of trapping the tiniest of dust particles. This filter has an excellent filtration process and is also washable. When this bag is full, there is an indicator that signals you to empty the bag. This way you avoid overload.

The Gusto vacuum cleaner comes with components and accessories that enhance and ensure an efficient cleaning experience. These include a floor cum carpet brush that is suitable for cleaning carpets and multiple types of floors, a sofa brush that that can be used on delicate surfaces such as mattresses, a long extension tube, a flexible hose pipe that lets you clean large areas

There is also a 2-in-1 crevice tool that has a narrow nozzle that is capable of fitting into tight spots. This tool cleans up tiny dirt that the vacuum cleaner could not pick up immediately. These accessories are very helpful in keeping your house clean and tidy.

  • It’s handy
  • It has a blower function
  • It is lightweight
  • It has no component storage unit
  • The sound level is not that low
  • It generates heat while working
  • The Suction power cannot be controlled

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

The Karcher WD multipurpose vacuum cleaner has been designed for easy carriage using an ergonomically shaped carrying handle. This allows for convenient and easy transport. This detachable handle allows you to directly attach accessories like nozzles to the suction hose for more efficient vacuuming.

For cleaning workshops, entrance area, and car interiors, this is the perfect vacuum cleaners. It is flexible and its versatility is second to none. Its suction tube and floor nozzle are also easy to store in between cleaning sessions without consuming much space. It comes with a 1.7-liter dust bag and paper filter bag that separates the smallest of dirt.

This WD model is one of the most powerful in the industry, fitted with a 1000watts motor that creates suction and also works with a blower function that can be used when it’s impossible to vacuum effectively. It is also suitable for wet and dry vacuuming that doesn’t require you to replace the cartridge filter. It comes with a container capable of resisting impact

There is a 2m suction hose and a new feature called the clips floor nozzle that aids optimal dirt cleaning to ensure awesome cleaning. It also comes with a storage unit that lets you store its component not only for easy access but also to protect it against damage. There is also a pull and push locking system that allows for safe and quick opening and closing of the container. 

  • It can clean both wet and dry surfaces
  • It has a blower function
  • It is fitted with a reusable filter
  • It has no HEPA filter
  • It generates noise
  • It has no auto bag full indicator

Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner

Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner

The INALSA Spruce vacuum cleaner is a compact and easy to use vacuum cleaner model that combines a variety of components to provide and ensure adequate cleaning of your house. These components include an extension tube, a crevice nozzle, a blower plate, a soft brush with a slider, a floor and carpet brush, and a 4.5m long cord. The soft brush is suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces like cushions and mattresses, the floor and carpet brush is suitable for multiple cleaning while the crevice tool can fit in tight spots that the vacuum cleaner cannot get to.

Weighing only 2.8kg, it is compact and light enough to carry around the house comfortably aided by a 360-degree swivel wheel that lets you move it around. It works using a 1200watts motor purely made of copper that generates an 18KPA suction that is capable of cleaning up small particles like hair, dirt, and dust but also food particles. 

In addition to this, it has a blower function that utilizes strong airflow to clean up narrow and inaccessible spots around your house. This blower function can also be used in outdoor areas it blows away dirt and dust. 

There is a 2.0-liter dust case that allows for cleaning in large areas while also saving you the stress of having to dispose of the dust and dirt in the bin regularly. This dust bag is reusable as it can be removed and attached back to the machine. The dust bag is also excellent in filtering through the dirt and dust to remove allergens.

This motor, while working generates noise levels of approximately 75Db but this safe and normal. You might experience the cleaner heating up as a result of prolonged use or an overload in the dust bag. It can be easily parked in dual positions be it horizontal or vertical.  

  • It has good suction power
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a reusable dust bag
  • It Has a temperature overheat protector
  • There is an auto cord rewind function
  • It is fitted with a blower function
  • The blower function is weak
  • It only cleans dry surfaces

Buying Guide for Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

When it comes to picking the right vacuum cleaner, there are a lot of factors to consider. Deciding on each of these factors and making the right decision will certainly see you leaving that electronic store with the right vacuum cleaner. Below are the factors:

What Flooring Types Do I Have?

The type of floor you intend cleaning plays a huge role in the type of vacuum cleaner you will purchase since some homes have a combination of different floor types. For low carpeted homes, the Upright vacuum type is the perfect carpet cleaner while the canister vacuum is more fitted for hardwood and tiled floors. The best vacuum will depend on the brush control, height and suction control

Do I Need to Control Allergens?

If you or any occupants of the house have any allergies or asthmatic health condition you will need to consider buying a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter that is very capable of extracting minute dust particles into the sealed system, ensuring the air remains clean and pure without any risk or an allergic or asthmatic attack.

What Additional Surfaces will I be cleaning?

If you intend cleaning surfaces like curtains and furniture, then you should go for vacuum cleaners that come with extra accessories like crevice tools, extension nozzle, and floor nozzles that aid specialized cleaning. And brushes that can clean delicate surfaces like mattresses.


One of, if not the most important factor to consider, pricing will greatly influence the type of vacuum you buy. Expensive products don’t always mean it is more efficient than a less expensive one. Often, these expensive products are made for other purposes that do not suit your needs. As such you should get a product with a good price that meets your needs.  

How Much Maintenance is Required

There are vacuum cleaners that come with components that are different from other cleaners. Vacuum cleaners that come with filters for example will need regular replacement as well as cleaners with brush rolls, dusting brushes, and bags that need to be washed and maintained. If you are not willing to do this much maintenance, then you should probably go for a bagless vacuum cleaner.


Purpose is very important. Why are you getting a vacuum cleaner? Is it to clean your car? Your office or room? Will you use it outdoors or indoors? Since vacuum cleaners are designed to serve specific purposes and as such are more effective when they are used for the right purpose. Therefore if the machine doesn’t fit the purpose, it’s best not to purchase it.


Another factor to consider is the shape of the vacuum cleaner. Knowing if to buy a canister or an upright vacuum cleaner. A canister vacuum is easy to move in tight spaces and easy to carry. An upright vacuum is suitable for floors with carpets. The decision to buy a particular shape is influenced by the use of the cleaner.

Wet and Dry vacuum

Knowing which of wet or dry vacuum to get is dependent on the type of cleaning you do more regularly. If you have to clean the wet surface most of the time, getting a wet vacuum cleaner is the best bet. They come with waterproof storage units. Dry vacuums don’t have this and won’t function well on wet surfaces. But there are vacuum cleaners with both functions

Noise Levels

Choosing a vacuum cleaner with low noise levels is as important as choosing one that works efficiently. As a result of how a vacuum cleaner works, it is almost unrealistic to expect no noise from the motor. 

Typically, the larger the vacuum cleaner is, the most likely it is to generate more noise. This is because it is fitted with a larger motor. Therefore you have to consider where you intend to use the vacuum cleaner. 

For homes and offices where a high noise level might be distracting, you should go for smaller models that are designed with motors housed in insulated casings. They generate lesser noise levels of about 47dB.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes and sizes that are modeled and designed to fit into several spaces. Knowing the type of vacuum cleaner you are using will help you know how to make the most effective use of it.  The following are the type of vacuum cleaners:


Handheld vacuum cleaners are made to be portable and easy to hold with the hand. They are suitable for cleaning up dirt and particles in hidden and inaccessible spots. Most vacuum cleaners used in cleaning cars are handheld but are not suitable for floors as they would take a long time to clean. Handheld vacuum cleaners come in different forms.


This type of vacuum cleaners is as powerful as the upright type of cleaners. They have been designed, just like the stick cleaner to have a slender shape. The difference is that they have a canister attached used in maintaining both floors and carpeted areas. As a result of its multi-purpose design and technological advantage over other types, it is usually more expensive. 


Upright vacuum cleaners are the most common type in the market. They are the most powerful and as a result, are In high demand. They are easy to use with simple controls. Some upright models come with settings that allow it to be used for both carpeted floors as well as bare floors.


The stick type is probably the least powerful type of all vacuum cleaners. However, they are perfect for cleaning up narrow spaces and are also good for hard and carpeted floors. The stick type of vacuum cleaner features a long handle that looks like a stick.  It is slender which makes it perfect for tiny storage units.

Autonomous / Robot

In recent times, robot vacuum cleaners have become the new trend as they can work with little or no effort from a human. They function by roaming around while cleaning any dirt along its way. They are time-saving as it lets you focus on other things but they are equally expensive.

New Vacuum Cleaner Technology in India 2020

As manufacturers like Samsung and Hoover strive to outdo each other in enticing new customers, new technologies come up every time. There has never been a shortage of inventions and the list would be long should we decide to talk about all. But we are going to talk about the most recent technologies in the vacuum cleaning industry.

Automatic cleaning modes and digital displays

One recent technology being gradually introduced is the automatic cleaning mode. This mode helps to regulate the power level to meet the type of floor or degree of dirtiness. This plays a great role in saving battery for jobs that require it.

Digital displays are also becoming a popular feature that shows the battery life and even the power mode you are currently using. This is important in monitoring the vacuum cleaner and knowing when to adjust any setting if necessary.

Anti-tangle brush bars

To get rid of hair and fibers that regularly tangle themselves with the machine brush, an anti-tangle brush bar has been developed. This new technology helps to regularly remove hair and any fiber that will tangle with the brush and possibly affect the suction and bristles on the cleaners. This helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the cleaner. The technology works by sucking up the hair along with every other dirt and particles. 

Smart vacuum cleaners

An amazing technology now is the smart vacuum cleaner that you can control with your phone. This technology can send you reminders to clean and alerts on when it’s time to carry out maintenance such as cleaning out the filters and bags to keep the suction strong.

It even lets you adjust settings with your phone. Furthermore, if you care, Smart vacuum cleaners also let you know the amount of dust it has cleaned. It can even track your steps.

Ultra-light and compact vacuum cleaners

New research and development have resulted in the invention of ultra-light light vacuum cleaners that weigh about 3kg. These new vacuum cleaners are also foldable and can be split into small units for storage purposes. Unlike normal vacuum cleaners, they have no cords. They also come with a detachable battery and a self-supporting design that can allow you to store in a cupboard.

Other notable inventions include the LED headlights technology that is gradually being adopted by most cordless vacuum cleaners. This lightens up dark spots while you are cleaning to ensure you don’t miss any dirt. There is also a gradual introduction of a continuous power mode technology. This technology lets you preserve battery life.

Should I rent or buy a Vacuum Cleaner ?

It is difficult to completely rule on which option is better. Buying or renting a vacuum cleaner is dependent on your situation or several factors. Generally, it is advised to buy and own a vacuum cleaner as this gives the peace that comes with having total control. 

Renting a vacuum cleaner is only advisable if you intend to stay in your current location for a very short time. In a situation like this, it is not advisable to purchase one especially if you have no intention of taking it with you. Even if you don’t have enough money to make a direct purchase, there are electronic stores that let you pay in installments. 

Why buy a Vacuum Cleaner ?

There are several reasons why you should buy a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning can be tasking and stressful. A vacuum cleaner brings a lot of ease when cleaning your apartment. It is faster to use and more thorough in cleaning your room.

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your home also reduces the need to lay your hand on dirt. Most vacuum cleaners come with a dust bag that stores the dirt and all you have to do is detach the bag and get rid of the dirt and then attach it right back.

Vacuum cleaners are also good for cleaning furniture and mattresses using its soft brush features. This way you don’t have to brush the dirt on the floor before you clean it. It keeps your floor clean and your bed clean at the same time. 

Vacuum cleaners have evolved and can now serve different purposes. You can now buy a vacuum cleaner to clean your car and get rid of any dirt particles that are hidden in spots your hands can’t get to in your car. This is yet another reason to buy it.

If you are looking for a machine to clean your drapes, then buying a vacuum cleaner would help you get off cobwebs and the dust that might fall on the floor and into hidden places should you attempt to get them off with your hand. Buying a vacuum cleaner will save you a lot of time and money.

Factors to consider when buying a Used Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a used vacuum cleaner is different from buying a brand new one. The probability of getting a used cleaner that will work as good as new is very low but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of locating one. If when you finally decide on purchasing a used vacuum cleaner you finally get the right offer,  there are things you have to consider and before making payment. They have been listed below.

Give it a sniff

This is regarded as the most important factor to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Apply the sniff test. If the cleaner fails to convince you through the test, you should put it back and keep shopping. 

Inspect the body

Inspecting the body of a previously owned vacuum cleaner is a very important step. What can the body of the cleaner indicate? Look for dents near the filter, ensure all nuts are in place and the body is in good condition. Dents on the body could mean there has been substantial damage to the machine. Most importantly, check the hose for cracks.

Set it on a shelf or table at eye level and give it a good look. Does it look banged up? Check for dents—especially near the filtration system. Check the clips to make sure everything fastens as it should and is tight-fitting. Most importantly, check the hose. Stretch it out and make sure there aren’t any cracks. 

Check the filters

Generally, it is advised that you change the filters after buying a pre-owned vacuum cleaner, but that doesn’t cancel out conducting checks on the filter to ascertain if they are still in good condition. If the filters are still in good condition that means their previous owner has done a good job maintaining it or maybe hardly used.

Check the roller bar

To check the roller bar, turn the vacuum cleaner upside down and inspect the rollers. A previous well maintained roller will be free of hair and debris and other particles but this isn’t a bad sign as you can remove them if any. You should check for ease of movement when you spin the rollers. If they don’t roll easily, then there might be a problem. 

Check the cord

Checking the cord for breaks and cuts is an important factor to consider. A break or a cut could mean the cord is in danger of damage and you might incur repair cost if you go ahead with the purchase. Damaged cords can also cause fire incidents.

Plug it in

This is a no-brainer. No one buys electronics without testing them, but some electronic stores fail to maintain products over time and as such might have a non-functional product sitting on their shelf. You should find an outlet and then plug it in to check if it is still in good condition.

Test it out

The next factor to consider when it comes to is if all the buttons and features are operational. Do a test run around the environment and see how efficient it is. Pay close attention to different sounds and ask for a detailed explanation to be sure they are not faulty sounds.

How to use a Vacuum Cleaner ?


Vacuum cleaners are one of the most convenient appliances of our modern times. Without them, cleaning basic wall-to-wall carpeting would be nearly impossible. Older vacuums were heavy and expensive but newer technologies have enabled the creation of much lighter and more compact versions. The smaller vacuums are also less expensive than their older predecessors, which makes it much easier for everyone to have a good one.

It is very important to know how to properly use a vacuum cleaner. Only this way will you be able to make effective and efficient use of it. The different types of vacuum cleaners might come with varying modes of operation and we will take you through the steps involved in using a vacuum cleaner.

The first thing to do is to check the vacuum bag if it still has any dirt stored in it. This step is not necessary for brand new vacuum cleaners. But in older vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to get rid of the dirt before starting a new cleaning process. If the bag is full, it will reduce the effectiveness of the cleaner. These dust bags are often removable.

The next thing you should do is check for the height of the vacuum cleaner. A lot of vacuum cleaner comes with adjustable indicators that let you set it to various heights. Set it to the appropriate height suitable for your carpet or floor. An extremely high vacuum might not have enough suction and a low vacuum might not work well since airflow will be reduced. 

When you are done with that process, the next step is to make sure there are no obstacles along the path you intend to clean. Smaller items should be moved out of the way as they can interfere with the cleaning process. These items don’t include chairs and tables unless you want to clean under them.

When you have done this, you can then turn on the vacuum and proceed to push it back and forth over the cleaning surface be it carpet or hard floor. This movement should be slow and even as quick strokes might miss some dirt

While cleaning, take note of edges and hidden spots that might not be easy to clean using the vacuum cleaner, this is where the vacuum attachments like the simple hose that is suitable for cleaning corners and furniture edges. Cleaning edges and hidden spots are totally necessary to avoid dirt resurfacing again after cleaning.

Common Issues with Vacuum Cleaners

There are common issues that come up when using a vacuum cleaner. We will look at these issues and possible ways these issues can be resolved.

The vacuum cleaner has stopped working

A vacuum cleaner that stops working while cleaning might be caused by a variety of reasons. It could be as a result of the thermal cut-out, a disconnected cord, or a full dust bag amongst other things. 

First thing is to check if it’s still connected to the power outlet. If it is then you might need to check if was caused by a thermal cut-out as a result of obstacles blocking the hose and filters. Check and remove obstacles if any. This could also cause damage to the motor that might cause the cleaner to stop working even if the obstacle is removed. You will need to get a technician to fix it.

A full dust bag can also cause your vacuum cleaner to go off. In some cleaners, this is a protection technique. To fix this, simply take out the bag and empty it, then you can fix it back.

If it cuts off because of thermal cut-off, then it means the cleaner’s internal motors are beginning to heat up and you need to let it cool down.

A damaged electric cord can also be the problem, meaning when it’s connected to a power outlet, it won’t work because you have to replace the cord.

Vacuum cleaner smells

Another common issue is smelly vacuum cleaners. This can be caused by vacuum bags still holding food and hair debris that have started to smell. The best way to solve this is to clean the bag or better still replace it if the smell persists. 

A smelly and dirty filter can also be the cause of this problem. You can solve this by using baking soda and water to clean the filter thoroughly. A blocked hose can also cause a smell. In models where the hose is made of plastic, soaking it overnight can also help to clean it and get rid of the smell.

The vacuum cleaner isn’t sucking

If your vacuum is not sucking dirt well, it might be as a result of a filled up dust bag. This might affect the suction and the easy way to fix this is to empty it. In bagless cleaners, a filled up dust canister can also affect suction, and just like the dust bag, the simple remedy will be to empty it.

Another reason could be dirty or blocked filters. Replacing the filter is the best option if the obstacle cannot be removed. Another thing that can cause loss of suction is tube blockage. This could be because the brush rolls are damaged. If that is the case, the brush rolls will need replacing. Another reason could be holes in the tube. In this case, the only solution is to replace the hose.

The vacuum cleaner has a burning smell

If your vacuum cleaner suddenly has a burning smell, the first thing to do is to turn off the cleaner. Next, inspect the cables if any of them is heating up and bring out smoke. If there is smoke, take the vacuum cleaner outside as a precaution. 

Another possible reason why your vacuum cleaner might have a burning smell is if the filters are blocked or the dust bag is filled. This will put extra pressure on the motor and cause overheating. You need to fix the filter and empty the bag if this is the case.

A jammed drive belt or an obstructed rotary brush could cause a burning smell. To resolve this, you need to change the drive belt or take away the obstruction. This will allow the brush to rotate freely and stop the overheating.

The Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Turning On

There are several reasons why your vacuum cleaner is not coming on. You need to check if the vacuum is properly plugged in. If it a cordless cleaner, you need to check if the battery is down, charge up the battery if it low on power. 

The power outlet not supplying power can also cause this. Plug another appliance to the outlet to see if it supplies power, if it does not supply power the right way to resolve it is to contact an electrician to replace it but if it does then your vacuum cleaner may have a damaged cord.  If the cord is damaged, then you have to replace it. 

A faulty motor can cause the cleaner not to come up. Fixing it is the best solution but if it cannot be fixed then you have to replace it with a new motor. Motors can be expensive and you might want to buy a new vacuum cleaner altogether. 

The Vacuum Cleaner is leaving dirt behind while cleaning

When using your vacuum cleaner, you might notice there it leaving behind debris that ordinarily it should be cleaning up. There could be several reasons why this problem is popping up. This could be a lack of maintenance. 

Vacuum cleaners, just like other electrical appliances require maintenance from time to time. If you have not carried out maintenance in a long while, you should consider doing it. Another thing you can check is if the bags have been replaced. Vacuum cleaners don’t work well with filled up dust bags. It’s best to use the right size of the bag and appropriate type of bag with your vacuum cleaner. 

The best way to solve this is to empty the bag, preferably when it is 2/3 full. For bagless vacuum cleaners, emptying the canister regularly will help as vacuum cleaners lose suction power when canisters are full. 

Dirty filters could also cause this problem as they block airflow and cause a decrease in suction power. To resolve this, clean the filters with soap and water, especially if they made of foam or plastic. But if they are made of paper or fabric, then a shake to get the dust out will equally be effective. If your filters cannot be cleaned, then you have to throw them out and replace them to increase the suction power.

A loose drive belt can also cause this problem. The driver belt plays the role of passing power to the beater bar from the motor. If this belt becomes loose or even broken then the power will not be generated. The best way to fix this is to replace it. The first thing to do is to remove the beater bar then you loosen the drive belt carefully from the motor. This way, you can then remove the belt from the beater bar and replace it with a new one then couple it back. 

A detached hose or a punctured hose can also be the problem. Check your hose for holes and if any it can be fixed by covering it with a tape. The most recommended way though is to change the hose entirely and prevent you from managing a below-par hose. If the brush roll or beater bar is not spinning freely, it could cause your vacuum cleaner to leave behind debris. 

The brush roll could be stopped rolling freely if it becomes tangled or jammed. It could be because they need lubrication. To check, turn the vacuum cleaner upside down and inspect the beater bar. If the brush is worn out, you need to replace it and if the beater bar is broken you need to replace it entirely including the cap and case. Also, ensure the brush is not being turned off by a switch button that comes with some models.

How to maintain a Vacuum Cleaner ?

It is not just enough to know how to use a vacuum cleaner, you also need to know how to maintain it and keep it in good condition before you use it, when you are using it and after using it. There are several things you can do to make sure your vacuum cleaner stays in good working condition and last for a long time. We have stated them below:

Empty Dust Bags Regularly

This is a very important step. Emptying the bags that hold the dirt ensures dirt doesn’t get in and clog up the machine.  It is advisable to create a schedule that allocates time when you take out the dust bags, depending on how often the vacuum cleaner is put to you and the amount of dirt that is gathered per session. This will help you remember often.

If you engage in heavy-duty cleaning, you should clean out the bag immediately it gets filled. This will create a lesser chance of dust particles blowing back into the air while you are still cleaning. To be honest, taking out the dust bag doesn’t take much time. For something that makes so much of a difference, you should make it a regular act.

Get Rid Of All Dust And Dirt

It is extremely important to make this maintenance tip a habit. Removing dirt and debris not only keeps the rollers clean and clear but also removes any potential obstacle. This step should be a regular practice with owners that have pets as pet hairs can get tangled in rollers. 

This can be a very dirty maintenance job to carry out as such you should be ready for the possibility of getting yourself and clothes stained. Once again, depending on the regularity of your cleaning you should take the cleaner outside and check it for any dirt. Remove dirt if any else, there is a possibility the roller on your vacuum cleaner might become stuck and difficult to operate. This is not a step that should be carried out inside the house.

Regular Cleaning Of Filters

Clogged filters can be very dangerous to the condition of your vacuum cleaner. Not only will it reduce the suction power, but it will also prevent the vacuum cleaner from cleaning effectively. 

The type and amount of filter in your vacuum cleaner is dependent on the model and manufacturer. Some models have multiple filters at different parts of the machine while other models have it on one central location. To locate the location of your cleaners filter, you should consult your user manual for direction. This way you don’t tamper with your vacuum cleaner.

You should schedule when to clean the filter, either before you start cleaning or after cleaning. This will also help to extend the filter life. You can use baking soda mixed with water to clean it or in case of paper filters, a gentle shake will get rid of the dust and dirt.

Clean The Vacuum Brush

It is not just enough to check on the rollers, you have to also ensure the brush feature is working perfectly. To do this, use a stiff brush that can fit into the machine and brush away any dirt stuck in the brush. Doing this will increase the effectiveness of the machine and they will clean better. Just like rollers, if there is too much hair stuck on it, there is a risk of it getting stuck and you will not be able to use your machine to the best of its ability. 

Clean the Vacuum Hose

Another maintenance procedure you can’t ignore is cleaning the extension hose.  Regular inspection of the hose is necessary as there is a possibility of a large amount of dirt and hair getting stuck to the entrance of the hose and nozzles. This will prevent your machine from working effectively. 

To clean the vacuum hose, make sure you remove the nozzles first to be sure that they are no dirt and hairs stuck in it. Then you detach the hose gently from the vacuum cleaner and set it down on a platform. Make sure it straight lying down, this way you will be able to see the other end when you look through. Do not make the mistake of holding it up or a mountain of dust could slide on you if there are any. Shake the hose to remove any dirt stuck in it. If that doesn’t work, get a stick that is smaller than the hose entrance and stick it to one end while you use it to push out the dirt from the other end of the hose.

Inspecting And Cleaning Vent Covers

Even though vent covers are an important part of the vacuum cleaner, it seems a lot of users overlook it. Vent covers play the role of stopping big sized dirt from being sucked to the back of the sweeper. They also ensure the machine stays cool.

The danger in failing to clean out this big chunk of dirt is that your vacuum cleaner might start overheating with time. Also, frequent dust accumulation will cause a vacuum cleaner to reduce efficiency and cleaning power. This exercise takes little time and plays a key role in ensuring your machine lasts for a long time. You should clean out the vent covers at least once every week. 

Frequent Inspection Of Belt

The belt plays a very important role in the vacuum cleaner operation. It makes sure your cleaner brush is rolling and is kept in position. It is prone to weakness and stretching as the cleaner gets older. This will reduce the efficiency of the machine as the brush will not roll properly. Inspecting the belt will help you know when the belt needs to replaced. The belt was made to sit tightly against the brush roll.

Once you notice it is getting slack, you know it needs to be replaced. Also checking will reveal if any damage has been done to it by debris. It may still be sitting tightly on the motor, but if it damaged then it needs to be replaced. Inspecting the belt regularly will also let you know if it’s in danger of slipping out of position. This way you can adjust it back so it doesn’t fall off while you are cleaning.

Get Professional Help

Seeking the help of a professional is a no-brainer. You don’t want to ignore the services of a professional, especially if your vacuum cleaner is a really expensive model. Getting a professional technician to check your cleaner regularly is highly recommended. You can ask from the manufacturer is they have any service centers around your state or your neighborhood.

A regular check-up every 6 months is greatly advised. It is dangerous to try and fix a problem you are not sure of yourself.  You might make it worse or even damage the machine. If there is anything wrong, adhere to the steps we have listed and explained here. If it doesn’t work, then get the help of a professional to get your vacuum cleaner back in good working condition.

How does a Vacuum Cleaner Operate ?

Through this article, we have covered a lot about vacuum cleaners from the types of vacuum cleaners to the factors you should consider before buying a suitable vacuum cleaner. We have also addressed how to maintain a vacuum cleaner but have you ever wondered how a vacuum cleaner works? How does this equipment, designed so efficiently, that makes the work of cleaning your house and cars so easy operate? 

The vacuum cleaner uses what is called the principle of negative pressure. This is the same principle that is applied when you use a straw to sip a drink. The negative air pressure created by you trying to sip your drink is what draws the liquid through the straw into the mouth. Negative pressure is a pressure that is lower than the pressure of the atmosphere surrounding it. This is the pressure that the vacuum cleaner creates inside of it, causing air to flow into it.

The vacuum cleaner creates this negative pressure using an electric motor. This electric motor is responsible for spinning the fan that causes air to be sucked into the vacuum along with any other particles in its path. This air, along with the particles is pushed into the bag or in the case of a bagless vacuum cleaner, a canister. Since the air is being forced into a confined space, exhaust pipes are attached to the vacuum cleaner to make sure the vacuum cleaner does not stop. 

This exhaust pipe pushes the air out of the machine to the environment but that is not all. This air could be harmful to the person using the vacuum cleaner as a result of tiny invisible particles that the bag can’t hold. If these particles were to be inhaled in large quantities, they could cause breathing problems. To prevent this, a High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter is used by the cleaner to remove these tiny particles. When this is done, the only thing escaping into the environment is fresh air. 

The strength of the suction power is not just determined by the motor but also by the size of the cleaning hose that sucks in the dirt. A greater amount of suction power is generated when the hose is smaller in size. This is because the air tends to move faster when it has to squeeze through a narrow hose. This is why you will discover that vacuum cleaners with small cleaning hose apply so much suction power than a larger model when cleaning.

Based on a different mode of operation, vacuum cleaners are grouped into three different classes; the direct air vacuum, the clean air vacuum, and the tandem vacuum.

These vacuum cleaners have different working principles. There are explained below:

Direct air vacuums

These vacuum cleaners also known as dirty air vacuums are more at risk of their fans been damaged by hard objects like pebbles, nuts, and bolts. This is because before dirt gets to the dust bag, it passes through the fan. The advantage of this working design is that its airflow is excellent and can be used in deep carpet cleaning. They are not suitable for cleaning above floor level. 

Clean air vacuums

This vacuum cleaner sucks the air directly to the dust bag. Also, know as the motor bypass vacuum cleaner, its working principle means unlike the direct air vacuum, it doesn’t pass its dirt through the fan. This is one major reason they are considered reliable because there is s lesser possibility of foreign objects damaging the fan. This working design makes it suitable for above floor cleaning.  Vacuum cleaners with this type of working principle have good air filtration. 

Tandem air vacuums

Tandem air vacuum cleaners make use of two air motors; clean air and direct air motor. This working principle makes it suitable for cleaning carpets and floors. Since they use direct air motor, it means the suction fan is at risk of being damaged by objects. But you can use the clean air motor which makes use of a hose and has no such risk.


One thing is certain, cleaning your home or your car with a vacuum cleaner will ensure a better job than cleaning with a broom. The vacuum cleaner’s ability to go into the hidden and inaccessible corners of your room or car to clean dirt makes it stand out. Getting a vacuum cleaner will make life easy for you but you must have maintenance culture. Failure to maintain your vacuum cleaner regularly will not only cause extensive damage but will also lead to a shorter life span for the cleaner. 

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