7 Best Tower Fans in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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A tower fan is an electronic device that functions as a cooling appliance for the home or office space. It is a unique kind of fan that’s different from the traditional ceiling or standing fan, both in operation and structure.

It works by sucking in air from the surroundings and pushing the air back out at a 90-degrees angle rotation for effective air circulation. This is made possible by the propeller blades housed by the cylindrical structure of the fan. 

Unlike the conventional standing or ceiling fans that have visible fan blades, the propeller blades of a Tower fan is enclosed inside the fan casing. This makes the fans safe for children around. This is the reason Tower fans are popularly referred to as bladeless fans.

Most Tower fans are tall, require little space and with a 90-degrees angle rotation, have a wide coverage range of cool air circulation. This type of fan is especially welcome in the summer or in hot or humid regions.

It is not easy to survive in a hot climate like that of India without an air cooling appliance to help bring the temperature down. Tower fans offer relief in such environments and thus are in high demand in various parts of the country.

They also offer other features such as timer and control options, built-in ionizers and safety features. Coupled with its excellent, noiseless operation, Tower fans come in beautifully structured contemporary designs that give your space a modern and elegant look.

Due to the popular demand for Tower fans in India, there are various types to choose from each with distinct features. Thus, there is a need for consumers to understand these differences so they could make informed buying decisions and purchase only the best Tower fan suited for their space.

In order to understand these differences, there are some factors to put under consideration to enable you to select the best Tower fan available in India. Some of these factors include

Size of Space

This refers to the size of the area you would want to place the Tower fan in. There are different kinds of Tower fans suitable for different spaces. For example, there are Tower fans made specifically for cramped, hot spaces like the kitchen.

The kind of space and size of space would be useful in selecting the appropriate Tower fan. Also, there are some Tower fans more suited for personal use and small spaces and there are other Tower fans that can function effectively in medium sized rooms like the bedroom or living room. The size of space helps you determine which is best for your space.

Noise level

The noise level of a Tower fan is an indicator of the quality of the fan. Tower fans are built to produce minimal noise while functioning. The best Tower fans in India have a noiseless operation that allows you to focus and concentrate on work or studying while enjoying the cool air.

Tower fans that produce very little noise during their operation which enables the user to have a good night sleep in a quiet and comfortable area.

Adjustable height and angle

Most Tower fans are built to be tall and the Oscillating function allows them to have a 90-degrees angle rotation. This feature enables the Tower fan to have a powerful air throw and circulate air around.

With an adjustable height, your Tower fan can rotate and circulate air to more corners of your space. Combine that with an adjustable height and you’ll get a Tower fan with a wider coverage for air distribution. Tower fans that come with adjustable height and speed helps to increase the capacity of your air circulation.

Other features

Another important feature to consider are the features the Tower fans offer. Some of these features include adjustable speed settings, ionizer, humidifier, remote control, wind modes etc.

These features vary for each product and they enhance the experience the user gets from the Tower fan. 

You can find out more about this in our 2020 buying guide section below. But just before that, here are the reviews of our top 7 best Tower fans in India for 2020.

Best Tower Fans in India 2020

USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fan

USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fan

The USHA Plastic Fibre Tower fan is a 35-Watts compact attractive Tower fan that is suitable for just about any space and is exactly the right appliance for a very hot climate. It is compact and portable with a light weight of 2.5Kg. 

It is made of 100% copper motor that guarantees durability and an increased life span of the product. Its sleek tall design gives it the advantage of supplying air at the highest possible focal point.

The USHA Tower fan has various features such as the auto-protect safety feature that protects the motor from conditions that might cause a short circuit. The delivery fuse option also serves as a protective feature for the motor to prevent thermal overheating.

The Tower fan has a tabular centrifugal blower that ensures noiseless operation of the appliance while delivering a cool air flow. It also has an attractive and stylish outlook that is designed to be space saving and can easily be placed in corners and still function effectively. 

Other features of the USHA Plastic Fibre Tower fan include a 3-speed mode option that allows you to reduce or increase the speed of the air coming out  and an ultra slim body that makes it fit just about anywhere.

The USHA Tower fan also comes with a 2-hour manual timer that gives the option of the auto shut-down feature at any desired time. This feature is especially useful at night when you want to sleep.

Jerk-free with a wide uniform oscillation feature, the USHA Tower fan provides an effective air circulation and has a stylish design that enhances the aesthetics of your space. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty from the day of purchase.


The USHA Plastic Fibre Tower fan is an ideal companion for hot and humid weather. Made with durable and quality materials, this Tower fan is designed to suit any space and offer premium comfort.

Some of its distinct features include an auto-protect safety function, 2-hour manual timer, 3 speed mode setting and a uniform oscillating function. These features help to enhance the experience of using an USHA Tower fan.

It is built to carry out its operation noiselessly at the same time upping the look of your room with its elegant design and appearance. It has an air circulation throw of about 15ft. which makes it convenient for small or medium spaces.

  • Delivery fuse option that protects motor from thermal overheating
  • 100% copper motor that increases longevity
  • Compact, portable and noiseless operation
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • 3 speed mode option
  • Jerk free and wide uniform oscillation
  • Efficient air circulation
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • 1-year warranty
  • It doesn’t have a remote control
  • Air circulation throw reaches between 10ft-15ft.

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Tower Fan

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Tower Fan

In search of a fan that can be used in hot and enclosed spaces? Are you searching for a fan for your kitchen that does not turn your cooking flame off? Look no further. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan is just the right answer for you.  

With a flexible and sleek body, this Tower fan can be mounted on the wall, either vertically or horizontally. It also has adjustable louvers that allow you direct the air flow thus giving you maximum comfort. Cooking and sweating comes to an end once the Crompton Air Buddy Fan enters the kitchen.

Crompton Tower fan is suitable for personal use or in small spaces like the kitchen or study area. It has an adjustable speed that enables you to set the speed setting based on your preference. It is compact and relocated to any other space in the home. Its removable filter makes cleaning and maintenance easy with no hassle. It is made of sturdy, durable, high quality material and has a power of 38 Watts.

Primarily created for the kitchen, the Air Buddy Fan was made to meet the need for cool air in the kitchen without disturbing the cooking flame. Thus, the user can prepare meals in a comfortable and airy environment. It is the perfect birthday or holiday gift to any home-maker.

Other features of the Crompton Tower fan that makes it suitable for any enclosure include easy air flow control, blade free design that ensures safety for children and an attractive and modern appearance. 

It is portable, very easy to clean and maintain and has a light weight of 3Kg. Due to its compact design, the Crompton Tower fan can be placed on elevated platforms, mounted on the wall or placed below cabinets either horizontally or vertically.

The Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan is also suitable for cramped office spaces, studying or sleeping. It has a soft airflow that gives you premium experience and comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Very often, the kitchen in Indian homes are hot and the ceiling fans disturb the cooking flame. The Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan is a brilliant invention that is ideal for solving this problem in the kitchen.

It provides a conducive environment for cooking and enhances the experience for the home-maker, with a personalized Tower fan. Cooking can now easily be done in the kitchen without breaking a sweat  and ensuring that the gas flame is kept on. 

It has an attractive elegant design that gives your kitchen a modern and classy look. Although the Crompton Fan price is a little on the high side, it makes up for it with the experience offered.

  • Flexible Application; it can be mounted on the wall or placed on platforms
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable speed and Louvers
  • Soft airflow controls
  • Light weight with a sleek compact design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Blade free design makes it safe around children
  • 2-year warranty
  • Doesn’t come with a remote control
  • Makes noise



Your summer just got cooler with the Ibell Deluxe Tower fan.  The ideal Tower fan for homes and offices in India, Ibell Deluxe Tower fan has a very stylish yet sturdy design and has a powerful air circulation of up to 25ft.

The Ibell Deluxe Tower fan has a glossy rust-proof body that is made up of very high quality metal and plastic parts. With a very high air delivery of 2250m3/hr, the performance of its electric motor is topnotch and of international standards.

The Ibell Tower fan comes with 3 speed controls that can be changed based on the user’s preference and a 4-way air flow that gives maximum comfort and provides the best Tower fan experience for its user. 

It has high speed, is energy efficient and performs with noiseless operation. Light-weight and powerful, the Ibell Deluxe Tower fan has a low power consumption of 220-240v. It has a compact and portable design that makes it easy to move around.

Suitable for medium spaces and rooms, the Ibell Deluxe Tower fan also has an air swing option that allows you to direct the airflow for optimal performance. This Tower fan is built with an attractive, elegant and classy design that enables it to fit perfectly in a modern environment and makes the room more stylish and beautiful. 

It is very space saving and can easily fit in any part of your room and still function effectively from there. It also comes with an impressive 18-months warranty; 1-year standard warranty and an additional 6-month warranty from the manufacturer.


The Ibell Deluxe Tower fan is an excellent high performing electric device that stands out as one of the best Tower fans in India. It has a sturdy and attractive design that is able to meet your needs and also beautifies your space.

It offers quite a number of mouth watering features such as the 4 way air flow, 3 speed mode, air swing option and a powerful air throw. The sleek and elegant Ibell Tower fan offers an attractive experience like no other.

Designed to perform based on International standards, the Ibell Deluxe Tower fan price is definitely worth the value it provides. It also has an impressive 18 months warranty offered by the manufacturer.

  • 3 speed controls
  • 25 feet Powerful air throw
  • Sleek, stylish and compact design
  • High glossy anti-rust body
  • Body made of high quality metal
  • Air swing option
  • High speed and energy efficient
  • Makes Noise when operating on high speed
  • No remote control
  • Lacks sturdy base

Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan 

Castor Cool Breeze Tower Fan

Castor Cool Breeze Tower fan is just the right fan for your Indian home during the hot weather. With a powerful air throw of up to 25 feet, your worries about the summer heat are blown awaym

It has a strong and sturdy compact design that makes it fit in just about anywhere in your home. It provides relief for the summer with its high speed and powerful airflow.

It has a weight of 5Kg and comes with a 4 way different swing that guarantees optimal comfort for the whole room. An energy efficient product, Castor Tower fan is ideal for both office and home spaces.

The 3 speed mode of the Castor Cool Breeze Tower fan allows the user to select the speed mode of their choice. It has a slim and tall design that allows it to distribute air effectively.

Other features of the Castor Cool Breeze Tower fan include an anti-rust body and a stylish space saving compact structure. It has a very efficient motor which in turn makes the performance of its air delivery equivalent to international standards.

The Castor Cool Breeze Tower fan has an air delivery capacity of 2250m3/hr and does so at a high speed. Suitable for medium or large spaces, the Castor Tower fan gives your home or office space a modern and stylish look.

It is made of high quality metal and plastic parts that make it more durable and long lasting. The Castor Cool Breeze Tower fan has an impressive standard warranty of 1-year and an additional 6-months warranty from the manufacturer.


Castor Cool Breeze Tower fan is a strong and durable product that functions effectively to generate cool air during hot weather. It is perfect for home or office use and suitable for large spaces.

It also has some attractive features that make it hard to over-look. Some of which include the 3 speed mode, anti-rust feature and a 4 way swing that allows you to determine the direction of the air flow.

It has a powerful air throw, compact design that makes it portable and a good air circulatory capacity that enables the air to reach every corner. It also offers an impressive warranty and good customer services albeit it is prone to damages.

  • 25 feet powerful air throw
  • Strong and rust-free body
  • Compact design that is very space saving
  • Stylish and attractive appearance
  • 3 speed mode and 4-way delivery swings
  • Product is energy efficient
  • Impressive warranty of 18 months
  • Poor quality
  • Lacks built in air ionizer
  • Doesn’t have a remote control

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Tower Fan with Remote 

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Tower Fan with Remote

Deco Air TowerElegant Indoor Fan is the ideal fan for personal use both at home and at the office. It has various distinct features and functions that makes it definitely one of the best Tower fans in India.

It has a motor that is made of 100% copper thus making it durable and long lasting. With a power of 35Watts, it comes in a sleek and stylish design that requires very little space and offers a high air delivery capacity.

The Oscillating function of the Deco Tower fan helps to determine the direction of the air flow and the 3 speed mode allows for control over speed of airflow to the user’s preference. The Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan also comes with a Power of memory function useful for retaining your previous mode configuration.

Other unique features of this Tower fan include a multi-functional remote control that gives the user access to the Tower fan from a comfortable position, a 7-hour programmed timer and 3 wind modes (Stimulating, Natural slumberous and Normal wind). Each of these modes can be programmed to fit the ambience of the environment.

Suitable for small spaces and personal use, the Tower fan has a sturdy base that allows it to be accommodated in platforms. It performs efficiently and noiselessly while offering you the optimal experience. 

The Deco Air TowerElegant Indoor Fan is portable, compact and has a light weight of 2.5Kg. It has an attractive appearance that makes it aesthetically pleasing, thus giving your space a modern and classy look. It also offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase by the manufacturer.


The Deco Air TowerElegant Indoor Fan has distinct features that make it both unique and the ideal Tower fan for personal use. It has a noiseless operation and is made of 100% copper and quality material that makes it both durable and long lasting.

The Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor fan is slim and stylish and can be easily placed in a narrow space for it to function optimally. It has an exquisite design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and enhances the beauty of your room.

It has 3 different wind modes, 7-hour programmed timer and a remote control that grants you access to your Tower fan and makes it easier to operate. The Deco Tower fan price is a little on the high side but it’s a worthy investment as the Tower fan gives back the value of your money. 

  • Remote Control for easy access and operation
  • 3 speed control and 3 wind mode option for optimal airflow and comfort
  • 7-hour programmed timer
  • Sleek and elegant design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Compact and space saving design
  • 100% copper motor that makes it durable and long lasting
  • Power of memory function
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Price is on the high side
  • Product not very sturdy

Russell Hobbs Tower Fan

Russell Hobbs Tower Fan

In search of a trendy and high performing Tower fan that comes with a remote control for your office or home space? Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower fan is definitely the right pick for you.

Stylish and tall, the Russell Hobbs Tower fan has a high air delivery capacity. It has an in built ionizer that purifies the air and removes dust. It is an energy efficient product with a low power consumption. 

The Russell Hobbs Tower fan comes with a remote control for easy access and operation from a comfort of your bed or couch. It also has a 12 hours programmed timer that enables you to set the fan to go off at a particular time without standing up.

Other distinct features of the Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower fan include 3 speed setting with remote control, 3 fan modes (Normal, Natural and Sleep) and a full function LED that Displays the temperature.

The Russell Hobbs Tower fan has an elegant and compact design that is attractive, aesthetically pleasing and gives your space a modern look. It is really space saving as it requires a narrow small place to function and carry out its operation noiselessly all the while offering maximum comfort.

Ideal for small spaces or personal use, the Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower fan is portable, has a light weight of 2.5Kg and a rotating angle of 90 degrees that enables an effective air circulation. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty from the day of purchase.


The Russell Hobbs 48 Inch Tower fan stands out as one of the best Tower fans in India. It comes with a remote control for easy access, built in ionizer and rotates at 90 degrees with a high air circulation capacity.

It has so many attractive features that are bound to give an amazing experience. Some of the features include a 12 hours programmed timer, remote control for easy access and a full function LED that keeps you informed of the temperature. 

It is chic, stylish and has an elegant appearance. It is space saving and ideal for small spaces or personal use. It also offers an impressive warranty of 2 years. The Russell Hobbs fan price is a little on the high side.

  • Remote control for ease of operation and use.
  • Full function LED that Displays Temperature
  • 3 Fan modes and 3 speed setting
  • 12 hours programmed timer
  • Built in Ionizer
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Slim and space saving
  • Noiseless operation
  • 2 years’ warranty
  • Tower fan price is on the high side
  • Product not sturdy

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan 

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Bajaj Snowvent Tower fan is a strong and sturdy Tower fan that can be used both in home or office space. It is made of strong thermoplastic material that makes it corrosion-resistant, aesthetic and long lasting.

It has an ergonomic control panel that is designed to make the speed and swing controls easy to use and operate. It has a high air delivery capacity of 42CMM that provides you with maximum comfort. 

Other notable features include 3 speed mode selection and tough blower that ensures effective air throw. The Bajaj Snowvent Tower fan is portable, light-weight and compact.

This powerful Tower fan has a sleek design that allows you to fit in almost any space and gives the room a modernized look. The Bajaj Tower fan offers a 2-year warranty on the product from the day of purchase.


The Bajaj Snowvent Tower fan is an ideal Tower fan for Indian homes especially during the summer. It has a strong and sturdy indigenous design and a powerful air throw that provides optimal comfort for its users.

It has ergonomic control panels and comes with a 3 speed option for you to set based on your convenience. Light-weight and portable, it is suitable for medium and large spaces. It has a high speed with amazing air flow and the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the product.

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Body made of thermoplastic material that makes it corrosion-resistant
  • Ergonomic control panels
  • 3 speed mode options
  • Suitable for medium and large spaces
  • High speed and powerful air throw
  • Product makes noise
  • Doesn’t have remote control

Buying Guide for Tower Fans in India 2020

Tower fans are becoming increasingly popular in India due to their ability to offer a cool and comfortable environment in spite of the heat, especially in the summer. Tower fans come in different types and have various distinct features and capabilities.

As a result, there are some important factors to put under consideration when purchasing one. These factors act as a form of guide in purchasing a Tower fan. Here is our 2020 buying guide for Tower fans in India.

Motor power

The major job of a Tower fan is to pull in air from the environment, purify it and push it back out. The motor of a Tower fan is primarily responsible for this as most Tower fans are bladeless. 

The motor power is important as it determines just how much air would be pulled in and pushed out. This in turn determines the air flow and the air throw, so ensure you purchase a Tower fan with strong motor power.

Air circulation capacity

This is another important factor that you must look out for. The air circulation capacity refers to the ability of a Tower fan to circulate air in the room. This is dependent on the amount of space you want the air to reach.

There are Tower fans that are more personalized and suitable for small spaces and there are others that can fill medium or large spaces. To know the air circulation capacity of a Tower fan, you can check the product description. 


Most Tower fans are made bladeless and as such are expected to produce little or noise while in operation. Noise control is an important feature to look out for when purchasing a Tower fan because the noise level can be a measure of the quality of the fan.

The best Tower fans make little noise. Getting sound sleep is another reason to look out for a noiseless Tower fan. Buy a fan that doesn’t make wheezing or thrumming noises when in operation, especially when set at low speed.


There are different kinds of Tower fans suitable for different spaces or rooms. The kind of Tower fansuitable for a large office space is somewhat different from the Tower fan used in a cabin or cramped space. Some Tower fans are specially made for personal use like in a kitchen or study room. 

Most Tower fans are space saving and as such, require little space and can easily fit in a corner. Whether it’s a library, bar, living room, office or kitchen, the space you want to put your Tower fan in, is an important factor to consider when buying a Tower fan.  


Tower fans usually come with speed setting options just like traditional standing or ceiling fans do. Most Tower fans have 3 speed options while some have 2 speed options. The 3 speed options are either low, medium or high while the 2 speed modes are classed into level 1 or level 2.

This feature provides you with the opportunity to configure your speed settings based on your preference. There are Tower fans that come with a wider range of speed options for an optimal experience. Make your choice considering what works best for you.

Air purification

Tower fans create airflow. In doing this, most Tower fans are equipped with built-in ionizers that purify the air and removes dust and debris from it.

The ionizers have micro filters that are responsible for removing all kinds of bacteria, pollen or impurities from the air. Thus allowing for clean and fresh air to be pushed back out. This means a Tower fan offers you not just cool air but clean and fresh air.

Remote control

Having a remote control for your Tower fan affords you the opportunity to access your Tower fanfrom a comfortable and convenient spot. Most fans that come with remote control have a number of features that can be controlled using it. 

Not all Tower fans come with remote control. Some of them already have the controls and features laid out on the fan. Depending on your preference and use you can consider this when buying a Tower fan.

Timer control

This is another feature that although isn’t available on all Tower fans, has some benefits. Tower fans with timer control allows the user to configure an auto shut down of the fan after a designated amount of time.

This is especially useful at night, when going to bed. You can sleep easily knowing that at your programmed time the fan would go off. A Tower fan without a timer would mean you would have to wake up from sleep to turn it off.

Adjustable height and angle

The height and angle of a Tower fan is an important feature that aids the air circulation and delivery. Having a fan with an adjustable height means you can increase the length to cover more room.

The adjustable angle allows for a wider rotation, which means irrespective of the position of the fan, you can enjoy the cool air from any part of the room. Not all Tower fans have adjustable height or angle but can still provide cool air for a wide range. 


There are different modes that a Tower fan can operate in. Each mode is specifically set to work with different fans and speed. The two main modes are natural mode and Sleep mode. Some Tower fans have more.

The natural mode is more often used in the day when the temperature is higher. The fans run faster to cool the temperature in the room and maintain it. During the sleep mode, the speed is lowered and changes every half hour. Fans with programmed timers switch off in this mode.


When buying a Tower fan, check to ensure that it comes with a good warranty that can cover any form damage or parts that may require replacements. Tower fans don’t come cheap and a warranty serves as a form of insurance in case anything goes wrong. 

Air Exhaust

The working principle of Tower fans involves the intake of air from the surrounding along with the dust and impurities present in it. Most Tower fans make use of an air exhaust to remove those impurities but this sometimes becomes a problem when air is pulled from the exhaust back out.

This increases the workload on the ionizers and the micro filters as they filter this air again. The long term effect of this is a reduced life span of the ionizers. The safest option is to purchase Tower fans whose exhaust is located farther from the air intake motor or to completely avoid fans with exhaust.


It goes without saying that preparing a budget for a Tower fan you intend to buy is important. Having a planned budget helps you to narrow the search for a Tower fan as you will be looking out for one within your range.

Different types of Tower fans have various features that distinguish and sets them apart from others. No two brands of Tower fans have the same features. 

This means you will need to check through the product description and features carefully before settling on a brand to purchase. You can find this information in our earlier review.                      

How does a Tower Fan work ?

Tower fans are electronic devices that create airflow and help reduce the temperature by supplying cool and fresh air. They come in various sizes, shapes, designs and possess different unique features that distinguish them from traditional fans or air-conditioner. So how do they work?

The typical Tower fan has an electric motor with which it functions. This motor is connected to a cylindrical container that houses the impeller blades. When the Tower fan is turned on, the electric motor spins the cylindrical structure setting the propeller blades in motion.

Air is sucked in through an inlet located on the side of the fan container. The air is moved vertically through the shaft by the rapid moving impeller blades and towards the air vent of the fan, all the while being filtered and purified by the ionizers. 

The purified air is then moved towards the exist vent where the air blower pushes it back out into surrounding and distributes it across the room. The oscillating function of the Tower fan enables the air to be blown out at a 90 degrees’ angle. The height of the Tower fan combined with the angle gives the air circulation a wider coverage. 

The motor of the fan can be turned out either through a manual switch or on the electric control panel. The impeller blades of a Tower fan are built to move air vertically and not horizontally like the traditional fans. 

This vertical airflow function allows the Tower fan to blow out air at ground level thus enabling an efficient and even circulation of fresh air.

Types of Tower Fans in India 2020

Tower fans come in different variations, sizes and shapes, but there are two major types of Tower fans. They are the bladed Tower fans and the bladeless Tower fans. 

Bladed Tower Fans

Fans that come with propeller blades and make use of it to supply cool air to the environment. The blades are housed in an enclosed slim structure.

It tend to produce more noise and are less expensive. They are also bigger in size in comparison with the bladeless Tower fans.

Bladeless Tower Fans

This type of fans are more compact and portable than most bladed fans. They are different from bladed Tower fans in that they operate and supply cool air without any visible rotating blade. The air is blown through a circular tube.

They have a more efficient and noiseless operation and they supply air at a greater speed than bladed Tower fans. They are easier to clean and have an attractive and elegant design. However, the price of bladeless Tower fans usually tends towards the high side.

Why you should buy a Tower Fan ?

In the year 2020, technological advancements have definitely made life easier and better as various human needs are being met daily. The prevailing hot climate of India is one of those needs that have been met with the creation of Tower fans. 

Tower fans offer a great number of benefits that make them more preferable to the other air cooling options available. They come in various types and designs that offer you an array of options to choose from.

Unlike the conventional ceiling or standing fans, Tower fans come with various features and functions that make it a must-have for every Indian home. Equipped with modern technology to supply you with clean fresh air, Tower fans are your best option to maintaining a cool temperature.

Here a few reasons why you should have one

Energy efficiency

Tower fans are energy efficient appliances. Tower fans have an effective way of saving energy and functioning efficiently to supply cool air in your environment while giving you the best air flow experience.

The energy saved by the Tower fan reduces the costing of electricity thus helping you save money. This energy saving function of Tower fans is one of the many features that make them appealing and stand out.

Natural sleep and breeze

This is another advantage a Tower fan has over the conventional fans. Tower fanscome with different operating modes, one of such is the sleep mode which is preprogrammed to offer you a cool and soothing natural breeze while you sleep. With a Tower fan, you can easily sleep in a comfortable and conducive environment.


One of the unique things about Tower fans is their space saving designs. Tower fans require very little space to stand and operate from. You can easily place your Tower fan in between the couch or beside the bed and it would fit just right.

This is especially useful for cramped or tight spaces. Be it in the kitchen or library, there is a Tower fan just perfect for your space.

Stylish design

This is perhaps the most attractive feature attached to owning a Tower fan. Most Tower fans come in modern and stylish designs that are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the beauty of your space.

Tall, sleek and slim, Tower fans are also designed with an oscillatory base which circulates air in a 90-degrees angle rotation. The compact and elegant design of a Tower fan is sure to complement the already existing décor of your space.

Air Purification

Tower fans are equipped not only to supply cool breeze but to also function as an air purifier. Dust, pollen and other impurities are present in the surrounding air, both inside and outside the home.

A Tower fan pulls this contaminated air and pushes back pure, filtered and fresh air to breathe with while relaxing. So installing a Tower fan in your room or office space gives you the assurance of breathing in quality, clean and fresh air. This is also quite useful for persons with allergies. 

Other Features

Tower fans are stable, portable and can be easily moved around. They come in variations and some can even be mounted on the wall. The best Tower fans possess other features such as temperature display, remote control, programmed timer and humidifier.

Remote control and programmed timer give you access to the Tower fan from a comfortable location and automatically shuts the fan off at the desired time. Tower fans with humidifiers help to balance the humidity in the surrounding space. This aids in maintaining a healthy skin.

Tower Fan Vs Air Conditioner

This is one of the major questions that may pop up in your mind when you want to purchase an air cooling appliance. It is a popular debate as people still get confused on which to purchase. Tower fans has a lot more advantages than the air conditioner.

Tower fans are more compact, portable, light-weight and space saving than air conditioners. They make very little noise and have an efficient operation, thus allowing you to sleep comfortably. They consume less energy in comparison with air-conditioners and are more budget friendly.

Air conditioners consume more energy and are heavy weight. They are not portable and are more expensive than Tower fans. Air conditioners are able to cool the air in large spaces as they do not circulate air flow like a Tower fan does.

Tower fans are adequate for almost any space and come in flexible designs and options. They allow for the option of personal use and some have directional air flow. The best Tower fans double as air purifiers and humidifiers, thus creating a cleaner and fresher environment.

A Tower fan can also function for a long time without any user interference but an air conditioner requires frequent water refilling. Tower fans also come with different modes and settings that can be programmed to your preference.Air conditioners and Tower fans, each have their respective advantages but the ultimate choice is dependent on your purpose for the air cooling appliance and the space you want it in. Overall, Tower fans offer more benefits than an air conditioner. 

How to clean a Tower Fan ?

Cleaning and maintenance of any appliance is important in ensuring they operate optimally and last long. Tower fans are not left out. Just like other types of fans, Tower fans are susceptible to dust and debris in the course of operation. Regular and thorough cleaning of once in three months is required.

Due to the uniqueness of individual products, different brands of Tower fans can be cleaned in different ways. Although there is a general applicable method, the manufacturer manual should always be consulted first.

 Be sure to read through and understand the instructions before proceeding to clean the fan. Take note of the kind cloth fabric recommended to be used in cleaning.

Cleaning a Tower fan isn’t a herculean task. There is a simple process you can easily follow that can help ensure you clean it the proper way without damaging anything. Just before you start, there are a few things you will need to have ready. 

They include; a cleaning brush, dry soft cloth, vacuum cleaner and hose, air compressor or can of compressed air, protective eye-wear and face mask against the dust. 

Having got all that settled, let’s start.

Step 1

Unplug your Tower fan and place it in a free and open space. Put on your protective eye-wear and face mask to protect your lungs from the dust that would be coming out of the fan.

Step 2

Carefully detach the panel of the Tower fan if yours has one. You can do this by using the screwdriver to remove the screws. Slowly and carefully remove the panel as there are some plastic tabs on the panel that can get damaged.

Step 3

Next step is to use your air compressor to blow out all the accumulated dust on the panel. If you are using a can of compressed air, shake the can for about 30 seconds and then use it to blow the dust off.

Step 4

Once the panel is clean, you can then move on the fan blades. It is advisable to place the fan on a flat surface or lie it on the floor. Use the compressor to spray air in between the lades to remove any dirt or debris. Maintain a steady pressure while doing this.

Step 5

After that, use the cleaning brush to go over the blades one more time for any debris that might be lodging between the blades. Rotate the blades if necessary to make sure you reach the other side.

Step 6

Use your vacuum to pick up any lose dust that comes out as you brush the fan blades. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can brush and blow out thoroughly.

Step 7

Once that is done, reassemble the detached parts back together and put the screws back in. Plug in your Tower fan and let it run for a few minutes.And that concludes the cleaning process for your Tower fan.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Tower fan better than a pedestal fan?

A Tower fan offers more benefits than a pedestal fan does. It has stronger blades that supply powerful air circulation to your space. But the size of your space is an important determinant of which fan would be better. 

Pedestal fans are usually bigger in size and have a wide coverage, making them more suitable for large spaces. In which case, Tower fans can offer a complimentary effect to corners the pedestal fan might not reach. Small or medium spaces are ideal for Tower fans.

How much space is needed for a Tower fan?

Most Tower fans are slim and designed to be space saving. This means that very little space is required to place a Tower fan in. They are able to circulate air around your space from narrow places or corners.
If you have a cramped or confined space, a Tower fan is just the right fan for you. In between the couch, by the side of the wall or on an elevated platform, your Tower fan would function efficiently from there.

How does a Tower fan cool a room?

Tower fans have a working principle of circulating air flow and cooling the room through that. Air from the environment is sucked in by the Tower fan, filtered, purified and then pushed back out to cool the room.
The oscillating function of the Tower fan aids in circulating the air round the room at a 90-degrees rotating angle.

How portable are Tower fans?

Most Tower fans are designed to not only be efficient but also compact and light-weight. This makes them very easy to carry or move about.
You can easily change the position of the Tower fan in your home from the bedroom to the living room or office. Portable Tower fans allow the user to move it to any comfortable or convenient position. 

Can Tower fans clean the air?

Yes. The best Tower fans are not only made to just supply cool air but are also equipped with built-in ionizers and filters that are responsible for purifying the air. They are very useful for persons with allergies.
This means that Tower fans in India also double as an air purifier. They are able to purify surrounding contaminated air and supply clean, quality and fresh air for you to breathe.

How loud are Tower fans?

The best Tower fans in India have a noiseless operation. They are specifically constructed to make the minimum amount of noise possible.
They are designed to give the best fan experience to users by enabling them to work and concentrate on other things while enjoying the comfort of the Tower fan.

How eco-friendly is a Tower fan?

Tower fans are built to run a smooth and efficient operation that is environment friendly. They have various environment friendly mode settings that are preprogrammed into the Tower fan.
Other eco-friendly features that come with a Tower fan include; ionizer, humidifier, cooler and air purifier. These functions help to maintain clean and fresh air. The programmed timer control is also another feature that is also environment friendly as it automatically shuts off the fan at the set time.

Does a Tower fan require water?

No. You don’t need water to operate a Tower fan. It is a fan, not a cooler and it runs on electricity. Water is not required in its operation.

Can I buy a Tower fan online?

Yes. You can easily buy a Tower fan online using the Amazon website for Indian products. All the information you need on the manufacturer, fan prices and product description are all available.

How safe is it to use a Tower fan?

A Tower fan is an electronic appliance and so safety is a key factor in making use of it. Tower fans are designed with various safety features that protects both the user and the appliance from any form of harm or damage.
Tower fans come in a compact design that ensures all working parts (blades, electric motor) are housed in an enclosure. This makes it safe for children in the home. The best Tower fans come with a polarized plug that helps prevent overheating. 
The polarized plug is plugged to a polarized outlet that allows the heat to pass through the vent. Coupled with that, Tower fans are designed to blow purified and fresh air out vertically which allows for an efficient operation that guarantees maximum comfort.

How do Tower fans save energy? 

Tower fans are energy efficient appliances. Most Tower fans in India come with an auto shut off feature or a programmed timer which turns off the fan automatically at a designated time.
This function of the Tower fan helps save energy and cut down cost on electricity, while still been able to enjoy an optimal experience from the fan.

Is the operation of a Tower fan easy?

Tower fans are made to be user-friendly and as such are pretty easy to operate. Installation can easily be done by the user and operating it is just as easy. The best Tower fans in India come with various functions and control options to select from.
These settings or modes are clearly displayed on the body of the Tower fan to facilitate easy operation. Different modes such as dry mode, air purifying mode and so on are available to choose from.

How is a Tower fan designed?

The design of Tower fans is one of its most unique features that make it stand out among other air cooling appliances. Tower fans are built in stylish and attractive designs using the latest technologies thus increasing their performance.
Tower fans of high quality can easily pass off as home décor with their tall, slim, sleek and compact designs. They can fit right into any space (living area, dining room, office, bars) and enhance its aesthetics with their modern and elegant appearance.

What makes a Tower fan Powerful?

There are 3 major factors that determine how powerful a Tower fan is. They include the size of the fan, the power of the electric fan motor and the speed setting of the fan.


Tower fans are definitely the best air cooling companions for you to have in order to avoid the hot and sweaty climate. Whether it’s in your living area, kitchen, office or study, Tower fans can get you through the summer without any hiccup.

They have an efficient operation that delivers cool and fresh air to you while helping you save energy and cut cost. It is becoming increasingly popular in 2020 to have a Tower fan in your Indian home as they come with much benefits.

In addition, Tower fans have a unique design that aids their air circulation. The oscillating function allows for a 90-degrees rotation that, coupled with the height of the fan, enables it to circulate air across a wider area.

Before you purchase yours, ensure you go through our review of the top best Tower fans in India and also follow the 2020 buying guide. Consider the space you want your fan to be in and weigh it against the available options.

Be sure to read through our frequently asked questions to get all the answers to any question you might have on Tower fans. Keep it clean and well maintained. 

Now that you know everything about Tower fans, what are you waiting for? Go get yours!    

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