8 Best Steam Irons in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Ironing clothes is a very important and vital aspect of one’s daily life. Be it your workplace or institute of education, ironed clothes are absolutely essential in order to maintain the decorum of standardized formals and uniforms. There are absolutely no drawbacks when it comes to ironing and it is considered to be of the most crucial must-have abilities in order to be independent. 

Clothes or steam iron is a compact device that under the influence and impact of heat is used to press attires and clothes in order to stop the growth of infectious diseases and most importantly to eradicate the creases that remain after the cloth is washed. Irons have come a long way since its inception in circa 1882 by Henry W. Seeley, an American who used the term “electric flatiron” for the device initially.

One may still question the need for the device and the importance of the eventual process of ironing. At the surface level ironing not only removes the issues of shrinkage and wrinkles but it also helps in making one’s clothes look new and fresh with every use. Ironing is also instrumental in ratifying the fabric of the attire in order to enhance their overall quality and ensuring a long shelf life. On a more hygienic level, ironing is one of the best ways to prevent disease-ridden infections like those caused by lice.

Therefore to contextualize it is important for the user to buy the right ironing appliance for themselves, which are well suited within their needs.

Here are some of the finest irons available for purchase on various e-commerce sites.

Best Steam Irons in India 2020

INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium

INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium

Inalsa has been catering to the needs of the typical Indian household for the last 50 years and has maintained a certain standard of quality in its products for which people are still drawn towards it. The mother company called “Taurus” is a very popular brand in European countries. Inalsa’s diverse range of kitchen, home and personal care products make its products really desirable with their advanced pre-installed features. The Inalsa Steam Iron Geyser Titanium has been designed intricately in order to reduce the hassle and make the process of ironing extremely simple. The number of features helps in making ironing quicker and saves an ample amount of time, which otherwise one would have invested in something else.

With the Inalsa Titanium Iron, one doesn’t really need the support of an ironing board. Given the generation of powerful steam in the device, one can effortlessly steam hanging clothes vertically. On top of that, the 1.75m cord also aids in the steaming of bedding and curtains. To keep the element of constancy and remove the tiring action of pressing a button each time to generate the steam, the iron box produces stagnant steam with just a single and simple touch of a button.

The Inalsa Steam Iron further comes with a built-in large water tank with a more than sufficient capacity of 300ml. To simply put in layman terms, one doesn’t have to frequently refill and change the water in the iron if there is a huge pile of clothes to finish with. This capacity of the water tank is quite large and is sufficiently more than the other steam irons available in the market.

The Titanium is also equipped with an effective anti-drip function. This prevents drippings from the soleplate of the device whenever one adjusts the thermostat of the iron at a very low temperature or when the overall temperature of the iron is too low to create proper steam. In both of the situations, the water supplies are cut off in order to not only create a delightful and clean experience but also to conserve water.

The steam iron comes with a fundamental anti-calc cartridge feature that prevents the formation of scale impurities or calc whenever the electrical device uses water in its functioning. This feature also forwards the promise of durability, which is quite valued and makes sure that one can easily work with normal tap water in their steam iron. 

The Titanium is also equipped with a powerful spray in order to not only make the process of ironing easier but also to soften the fabric and block the creases from becoming firm fixtures.

The general acceptance of the device has been fairly on the positive side with most of the users basking in the brilliance of the diverse effective features that the Titanium possesses. To round it all up, it is even extremely budget-friendly. 


  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Voltage range of 220V to 240V
  • Titanium soleplate
  • Anti-Calc technology
  • Axially aligned steam holes
  • Precision in temperature control
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not exactly light weighted.


Philips GC1920/28 1440-Watt Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips is a very famous and celebrated brand name in the domestic space of India.  Philips has been there with its customers from the beginning and they still are providing quality products maintaining their consistency and reliability. It has dominated the field of personal care products from a very early stage and still continues to do so with their wide range of steam irons and iron boxes. The Steam Iron GC 1920 is a technologically enhanced device with powerful steam generation to provide superior ironing results for its users. It is laden with a bunch of cool features that ensure an easy and wonderful ironing experience. 

The steam iron box is designed craftily with the Black American Heritage coating in order to facilitate easy and smooth gliding of the device on all kinds of fabrics and cloth material. The Philips Steam Iron further is developed with the technology of generating a continuous and constant amount of steam up to 17g/min for better ironing and efficient removal of creases.

Not everyone likes to hog maximum of their time doing household chores and quite naturally everyone wants to be one with them quickly but in a proper fashion. The Philips Steam Iron with its effective features of super fast emptying and filling hole, smooth gliding soleplate, pointed tip and impeccable quality of the device is manufactured keeping in mind the formula of getting the work done in high speed but with immense precision and perfection.

The iron box comes with an inbuilt spray function that generates a fine mist, which moistens the fabric evenly. Thus making the whole process of ironing easy and the compressing of the numerous creases left after washing easier. 

The filling of the water tank is super easy and effortless quick due to the intelligent provision of the sideways opening door and the accommodating huge filling hole of the steam iron box. And it goes without saying that even the emptying of the water tank after the completion of ironing or in-between ironing when the steam starts to get bleak, is also smooth and quick. 

The Philips GC 1905 placed on a slightly lower expense tag is an identical ironing appliance with negligible differences from the GC 1920. It harbours the same features of a pointed tip, fast filling and emptying hole function and smooth gliding non-stick soleplate designed specially to reduce the labour and time involved in the daily chore of ironing. The only minor difference may be the provision of the continuous generation of steam up to a 13g/min. The GC 1905 is also equipped with the features of steam burst and variable steam settings. 

The Philips Steam Iron that comes with a whopping 2-year guarantee of excellency, is manufactured with the design of precision tips for the comfortable handling during the ironing around fold lines and pockets. The overall reviews for the product have been a mixed bag with approximately a fair share of negative and positive responses.


  • Wattage: 1440W
  • Voltage of 240V
  • Pre-installed Calc clean solution
  • Water tank capacity of 180ml
  • Golden non-stick soleplate (GC 1920) and Aluminum non-stick soleplate (GC 1905)
  • Steam Knob control
  • Sleek design
  • Manual temperature control
  • Lightweight
  • Poor quality of cable
  • Average build quality

Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron

Placed a slightly higher price plane than the GC 1920, The Philips East Speed Steam Iron justifies its high price tag with the plethora of smart features and excellent work ethic. It is one of the best steam irons or iron boxes available in the Indian subcontinent and widely used in the indigenous domestic household. It is highly effective in providing the user with a satisfying ironing experience that not only ticks all the boxes of high-quality ironing but cuts the overall time endured in this household chore by more than half with its steam generation and effective heating facilities. 

The Philips GC 2048 Steam Iron Box with a high wattage of 2300W, which is significantly higher than most of the contemporary ironing appliances available in the market, helps in the generation of a high and effective steam output induced with a certain strain of constancy. 

The continuous streamline of steam production of up to 35g/min of the Easy Speed Plus is essentially effective in generating a near-perfect amount of steam to eradicate all the formations of crease and wrinkles in the different areas of the fabric and clothes. 

The Philips GC 2048 Steam Iron as mentioned before is instrumental in helping one’s overall ironing process to quicker than usual with aid from advanced features like even heat distribution across the whole of the soleplate, triple precision tip, high power, continuous steam and shot of steam.

The steam iron has a built-in steam boost of up to 120g that again aids in the effective and smooth removal of even the hardest to get rid of creases and stubborn wrinkles. The iron box also has a special feature of vertical steaming that gives the user the freedom to remove the creases and folds in hanging drapes and fabrics.

The ceramic soleplate of the Philips Easy Speed Plus is of the superior quality. This, in turn, helps in the effortless gliding during ironing over all types of materials and fabrics. It is extremely easy to clean and resistant to daily use scratches.

The steam iron is equipped with an anti-drip technology to ensure no leakage or dripping of water even in the circumstances of sudden temperature changes among other reasons. The iron comes with the power-saving feature of automatic shut off when the device is left idle with the power running.

The product with a solid 2-year warranty and is considered one of the best steaming irons available in the current time frame. The reviews are therefore quite obviously mostly positive with remarks of excellent functioning mentioned in abundance.


  • Wattage: 2300W
  • Voltage of 240V
  • Safety Auto Shut off
  • Anti-drip function
  • Calc clean slider
  • Compact Built
  • Smooth functioning
  • 15A plug required

Philips GC1011 Steam Iron

Philips GC1011 Steam Iron

The Philips GC 1011 1200W Steam Iron is one of those personal case items and products, which fall under the middle ground like the category of “need to buy” and “no need”. It is comfortably placed in this slightly above average category and thus one can’t really complain about his overall functioning. But again this isn’t the ultimate steam iron to try out in the sense that it leaves a lot of free space for the user to move onto better products and even better efficiency. Thus the Philips GC 1011 just threads the line of mediocrity but it doesn’t deprive one of a smooth and efficient ironing experience. It just makes the user ponder on the fact that they might as well have gone for something better.

The Philips Steam Iron Box takes a little amount of time to heat up in order to get ready for use. The iron comes equipped with a ready light or an indicator light. This is absolutely essential but also very obvious in the usual built of a steam iron. The indicator light automatically turns off when the required temperature for ironing has been acquired and the device is absolutely ready for use.

The steam iron comes with an adequate wattage of 1200W of power that is probably a little low compared to the rest of the devices in the market but it is sufficient enough for quick heating up and saves some amount of electricity while doing that as well. Attached along with that feature is the impressive capacity of a 150ml water tank.

The Philips Steam Iron comes with a linished soleplate that enables smooth gliding over all kinds of fabrics and materials of cloth. On top of that, the GC 1011 Steam Iron generates a continuous and constant flow of steam up to 15g/min for better ironing results and efficient crease and wrinkle removal.

The steam generated is provided quite uniformly to the all nook and corners of the attire one are ironing with the brilliant and smart vent design of the Philips GC 1011. The soleplate of the iron is also craftily designed to be thin in order to enhance the total heat generated by the device. Apart from these the base of the iron where the cable attached itself also has a 180-degree swivel action for more ease during ironing. 

Maintaining and cleaning one’s iron is a pretty hefty task but with the GC 1011 Steam Iron, it is really breezy and easy. One can effortlessly remove all the calc formations and particles out of the device by simply using the inbuilt calc clean technology provided. 

The product coming with a good 2-year guarantee naturally has had a mixed reaction from its users largely due to its mediocrity. The device has had a fair share of almost all kinds of reviews ranging from positive to negative.


  • Wattage: 1200W
  • Voltage of 220V
  • Calc clean function
  • Smart vent design
  • Thermostat controlled temperature dial
  • Steam control knob
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Prone to having water leaking problems
  • Occasional temperature issues

Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer 

Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer

Usha been has been a regular name and a widely used brand throughout the country with the company holding a considerably large amount of influence and impact in the electronics and devices industry in the country. Usha is renowned for the production of top quality products, which on very rare occasions have failed to tend to the domestic needs of an individual or failed to match the high expectations of the customer. From home appliances to water coolers to new-age kitchen appliances to modern farm equipment Usha has been on the top for a while now. The Techne Direct 1000W Garment Steamer is just one another example of the fine product quality and efficiency that Usha promises to its users. It’s a product that helps one remove the germs along with all the wrinkles and creases with its excellent steaming technology and ensures a bubble of safety with all these. 

The Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer is a handheld streaming device, which has incredible characteristics of being lightweight, compact and thus quite easily portable. The equal balance between these architectural advantages is what makes the steamer one of the best available in the market.

The Techne Direct generates a handsome steam output of up to 21g/min, which is instrumental because this generation of a powerful flow of steam helps in removing the tough fixtures and creases and on top of that aids massively in the killing of germs. 

The option of steaming fabrics and clothes vertically stems mostly from the smart design of the steaming device along with the fact that it is handheld and allows an ample amount of space for free movements. This vertical steaming feature of the Usha Techne is crucial for the convenient and smooth transition of the process of removing creases and folds from clothes hanging from hangers and so on. 

In the area of safety for the users, the Techen Garment Steamer comes with the attractive feature of automatic shutting off of the thermostat in cases of overheating. The appliance also harbours a 360-degree swivel cord for smooth manoeuvring during the steaming process. 

Other intelligent features include a detachable brush for the purpose of lint removal and a capable 200ml water tank that is quite impressive given the built and overall size. The product has a warranty period of 2 years and has been in the face of some criticism from its users. It would seem that the product was not as well-received as one would have thought, which might most probably be because of the over-reliance on larger iron boxes. The package other than the product contains a steam head, a fabric brush, a water inlet cover, a water tank and a steam button.


  • Wattage: 920W
  • Detachable fabric brush
  • ABS plastic body
  • Steam burst
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Low wattage
  • Slightly on the expensive side

Black Decker Steam Iron

Black Decker Steam Iron

The American company Black and Decker revolutionized as Black+Decker is one of the numerous brands in the world, which denote excellence matching up to refined standards of products. Known for its exceptional product quality in many sectors in life, Black and Decker still need some amount of time to set their market up in the indigenous domestic setup. But this doesn’t stop the brand from churning out quality products on a slightly higher purchasing tag which are still desired if the user is looking for higher-grade models, which quite rightfully match up to the standardized international ideals. The Black+Decker Steam Iron is an excellent device with exceptional working standards for a quality overall ironing experience. Its fashionable design along with modern technologies optimal durability makes the steam iron one of the best iron boxes one could have for their home.

The steam iron box comes equipped with variable temperature and steam control, which lets the user determine and accordingly modify the level of temperature and the amount of steam that is produced. Different attires are made up of different fabrics and materials and thus rightfully need customizable steam and temperature settings for their good ironing. With the help of his feature, one can alter the settings according to the fabric and thus prevent the unnecessary damages of the cloth.

The device has harboured an efficient spray function and a steam bursting function. The combination of both these technologies helps in the overall moistening of the clothes with the injecting of extra moisture, which in turn helps in the removal of all those hard and difficult wrinkles on the attire. 

The steam iron also has a huge inbuilt water tank with a massive capacity of 380ml, which in retrospect is quite large compared to other products. This ensures that the user doesn’t have to frequently change and refill the tank while ironing and thus it saves him/her a bunch of time. Another advantage of a large water tank is that with a water capacity like that the flow of steam is also produced for a longer period of time and the intensity is never dropped at any point of time.

The ceramic coating of the soleplate of the device helps largely in the even distribution of heat to all the portions of cloth and also makes the machine durable up a notch. Also with a wattage of 2200W, the steam iron heats up pretty quickly and accordingly the generation of steam is quicker as well, saving the user a considerable amount of time in case he/she has to iron before rushing to work.

The device comes with a self-clean function that prevents the buildup of any limescale deposits, which occurs due to the presence of calcium carbonate in the water that is used on a regular basis for ironing clothes. Coupled with that the appliance also an anti-calc technology that helps in countering the above-mentioned limescale problems and prevents the clothes from enduring any long-term damages. 

The product coming with the usual 2-year warranty has had a positive image in the electronics and personal care market with some good amounts of happy users who were evidently satisfied with the overall functioning of the machine. 


  • Wattage: 2200W
  • Voltage range of 220V to 240V
  • Anti-drip feature to avoid water leakage
  • Self-clean technology
  • Continuous steam output of 35g/min
  • Sleek design
  • Quick heating facilities
  • Covers a wide area of clothing while ironing
  • Quite a heavy built
  • Expensive

Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Morphy Richards is a pretty well-established name in the electronics and appliances’ industry. Although they might not just be the first choice in the Indian household whenever one wants to buy a kitchen or personal care product they still have a somewhat good share of the total market purchase. The best word to sum Morphy Richards would be the best alternative purchase if one wants to go beyond those famous and shiny brands that hog most of the space and production of the indigenous market space. As the name suggests the Morphy Richards Super Glide helps its users in ensuring a smooth gliding ironing overall kind of fabrics and clothes, which in turn reduces the total effort applied and also saves an ample amount of time. The usage of the steam iron is easy and handy and it’s a smart choice placed within a well reachable price tag.

This marvel of design is crafted with a maximum of 46 steam holes. These huge number of steam holes are solely responsible for providing the best blend of heat and flow of steam. Due to this perfect blend, one can cover a wider area for steam pressing each and every time one irons their clothes.

The steam iron comes with a wattage of 2000W, which in turn helps in the generation of efficient and robust steam that ensures a wrinkle and crease-free cloth in just one glide with the device over the fabric. On top of that, the diamond-shaped soleplate with a ceramic coating plays a fundamental part in the even distribution of heat all over the cloth, an extra smooth glide over the cloth and a certain amount of longevity. 

For the smoothening out of the very tough and stubborn wrinkles, the Morphy Richards Super Glide has a special Turbo boost feature. This special feature helps in the removal of these tough creases by releasing a 120g/min steam that penetrates the fabric and results in perfectly ironed clothes.

The device also has the option of vertical steaming for steaming your garments such as drapes, jackets, suits and ensures a new and fresher look to these. To build on that promise of longevity and efficiency the steam iron box comes equipped with advanced self-clean technology. This flushes out all the deposits that formulate after daily usage and prevents the clogging of the vents in the device.

Coming with a 2-year warranty, the product has had its balanced share of negative and positive reviews mostly stemming from the fact that most of the public haven’t really tested out the product that way. This is what has led to unreliable audience acceptance.


  • Wattage of 2000W
  • Voltage of 230V
  • 350ml large water tank
  • 360-degree swivel cable
  • Fine water spray
  • Smooth gliding
  • Easy to use
  • Issues with the draining feature
  • Quite heavy

Havells Sparkle Steam Iron 

Havells Sparkle Steam Iron

The Havells Sparkle Steam Iron is one of the finest productions of Havells in their long-range of top-quality productions in the home appliances space. A fairly known trusted and bought brand, Havells could generally be always counted upon from time to time whenever the perfectly suited product for one’s household was needed. The Sparkle Steam Iron Box provides a fine ironing experience and ensures the user crease-free and crisp clothes with durable performance.

The device comes with a non-stick coating soleplate. This coating helps in the effortless gliding of the soleplate over the clothes minimizing the amount of effort with the aid of the right amount of friction. This allows the device to transcend the barriers of fabrics and implement its versatility over any material or cloth.

The Havells Sparkle harbours an ergonomically crafted handle allied with a soft-grip handle. It easily fits into the contours of the user’s hands and reduces the total physical effort and toll on the hands. The soft grip makes the overall working a little less tiring and makes sure that the lifting of the iron is not a big deal.

The device is equipped with a large tank with a capacity of 230ml. This aids the user with longer stretches of steaming and ironing without going through the frequent hazards of refilling the water tank. 

The iron has also had the technology of a variable steam functionality. This is instrumental as it lets the user manually control the amount of steam for the different clothes since different fabrics need the different personalized amount of steam for it to step away from the fringes of damage. There’s also a fabric knob can be turned and changed according to the fabric the user wants to iron. This knob changes the temperature level in order to sync properly with the fabric that is being ironed.

The Sparkle also has a built-in overheating protection system. This saves the internal parts and the iron from overheating damages in the case of the iron being turned on and left unattended and unused for a long duration of time.

The appliance has had a mixed bag of reactions with both good and bad reviews in ample amounts, which might leave the future customer in dire straits, but given the price range, it’s a suitable buy. Having said that one can strive for better models at a slightly higher price that might provide better yields.


  • Wattage: 1250W
  • A vertical burst of steam
  • Overheating safety system
  • Non-stick coated soleplate
  • Spray function
  • Cost-effective
  • Water leakage problems
  • Poor customer service
  • Doesn’t live up to the promises of smooth gliding

Buying Guide for Steam Irons in India 2020

It is very important to buy the right ironing device that is best suited for your customized needs and is also well within your spending limits. There a variety of irons available in the market, each with its specific features and the specific purposes that those features serve. It’s diverse enough to make you utterly confused and go completely bonkers in deciding which product is the best for your household. Now you kind of has a clear idea of what exactly are your needs. All you need is detailed guidance towards the right path in order for your purchase to satisfy the price tag with its efficiency and durability. 

Ironing forms one of the vital activities in a day. Thus choosing the right iron for you is of the utmost importance. It shouldn’t be like you are hurrying for an already late office day and you are ironing the clothes that you would wear and the steam iron comes up with a water-leaking problem. You attire for the day is ruined and you fall way behind your professional schedule. In situations like these, you would definitely want a reliable device with features like quick heating and a good flow of steam to remove the creases so that your attire looks fresh and ready for use.

Now the ultimate decision rests in your- the customer’s hand but here in this buying guide we list down certain parameters that you need to consider before making the right choice for you.


The wattage of iron is one of the foremost specifications to consider when you browse through a long list of brands. Now, this goes without saying that a higher wattage will provide better heating and help in speeding up the heating process. This, in turn, will help you to get rid of the wrinkles and creases with effortless ease. But higher wattage comes with higher prices and a considerable amount of power consumption so it all tracks back to how often do you intend to use the iron and for what clothes.

Temperature control and variation

Now this is absolutely essential in a standard steam iron. Different fabrics and materials require a different amount of heating that fits perfectly and prevents them from getting damaged by overheating or remain unchanged due to under heating. You should aim for an appliance, which has maximum manual variation and adjustability when it comes to temperature.

Soleplate Type

The heat plate or more popularly known, as the soleplate is the base, which holds all the temperature, steam and is what irons your clothes. Now there are different metals and coatings of which the soleplate is made of, each having its own positive and negative points. The ceramic soleplate is one that stands the test of time and distributes heat evenly to all the portions of the cloth to provide a wholesome ironing experience. Aluminium soleplates are quite handy in the heat department but tend to develop scratches after repeated daily usages, which might compromise the longevity of the device. The soleplate with a non-stick coating ensures a smooth glide over all kinds of fabrics and extremely easy to clean making them a popular choice.

Water tank capacity

A larger water tank capacity is always preferred because a larger capacity ensures not only a dense and continuous flow of steam but also cancels out the frequent water refills and changes.Other important features you can consider besides the above mentioned are the additional features of Anti-calc technology, Anti-drip feature that prevents water leakages, Self-clean function and safety system to protect the device from instances of overheating. 

Types of Iron Boxes in India 2020


These are the plainest and basic iron boxes that don’t generally have high pricing. Given the primitive setup, the device doesn’t come adorned with a variance in technology and features and is equipped with only the obvious ones. Since it’s a dry iron one has to sprinkle a little water on top of the clothes before ironing for a smooth effort.


These are higher-end models than the regular dry ones. The usual steam iron has an inbuilt water tank that generates the flow of steam and makes the ironing and removal wrinkles of clothes a whole lot easier. These come with a bunch of technologies as mentioned in the article above.


These are light weighted, small in size, easily portable and handheld irons. These come in both steam and dry types and are quite travel friendly. Some of the appliances are also cordless in order to facilitate more freedom and ease of movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the steam iron doesn’t heat up adequately as expected?

The first thing to do is to check the power supply and whether the main plug is inserted to a power source. Once that is covered and it still doesn’t seem to work, try plugging in a different socket and give the device sufficient time to heat up. Then the next important things to check is the temperature controls and see if it has been set to a low level, which may be causing the heating issue. 

What to do if the iron is producing little to no steam?

The main reason behind these issues may be that the water tank is empty or with very little water and needs a refill for the dense flow of steam. The temperature setting may also be a little low for the proper generation of steam and you need to set the thermostat to a temperature matching with the proper generation of a continuous flow of steam. 

What is the best temperature setting for a proper ironing experience?

There isn’t a perfect temperature and steam level that is best for your clothes. The reason being different fabrics require different temperature settings for their betterment. A cotton shirt would require a different amount of heat and steam than a silk skirt. So the temperature settings should be customized according to the fabric you are ironing. 

Final Word

As mentioned quite lucidly before, a steam iron is an important and invaluable appliance that one has among his/her essential items in their house. In order to possess a machine that tests the years and works efficiently, you have to spend a little something to buy the best functioning device with helpful additional features and technologies. 

The range of steam irons from Philips and Black+Decker is really effective and has a wonderful working history. It’s just that you might have to spend a little more but don’t let that distract you from all the future years of smooth ironing experiences. Usha also has some good models within a reasonable price range. 

To sum up, ironing is a crucial action that ensures a better quality of clothes, longevity, and a healthy and fresh look. Sophistication is a trait that comes at a price. Thus it’s vital that you get the right iron for a fresher and better lifestyle. 

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