7 Best Room Heaters in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Winters generally provide a relief to most of the people from the warm tropical climate of India but that does not last long when the temperature plays rampant. Most of the states along the Indian Himalayas to the cold starry nights in the deserts people seek comfort of the heat. When the warm clothes and fatty food fail do the trick people look for external sources of heat to keep themselves comfortable. In the olden days people used to seek refuge in front of a fireplace by burning wood but that has now been replaced by room heaters.

Room heater technologies have advanced to a great extent providing an array of options to the customers to pick and choose from that will best serve their purpose. There are multiple variants available in room heaters segment such as electric heater, halogen heaters, fan heater, heat convectors, oil filled heater, etc.

Best Room Heaters in India 2020

ProductTypeWarrantyWattageRoom SizeHeat Settings
Orpat Fan HeaterFan2 Years2000 WattsUpto 250 sq ft2
Havells Cista Room HeaterFan1 Year2000 Watts2
Usha Heat ConvectorFan1 Year2000 WattsUpto 150 sq ft3
Usha Quartz Room Heater1 Year800 WattsUpto 150 sq ft2
V Guard Quartz Room HeaterInfrared1 Year800 Watts100-110 Sq Ft2
A&Y Brand Willmax Heat ConvectorFan2000 Watts2
Usha 2000 W Heat Convector1 Year2000 Watts

Orpat OEH-1260 Fan Heater

Orpat OEH-1260 Fan Heater

The first room heater on this list is from Orpat, a very dependable home appliances brand in the country. They have been in the electronics industry for more than 4 decades now. The company has a diversified portfolio which ranges from hand blenders, grinders, ovens, heaters, fans, etc.

The electric heater is available with two heat settings: 1000W ad 2000W and is suitable for heating in a room of approx. 250 sq ft, i.e. small and medium size rooms only. The heater although small in size is quite capable to warm the room in a small amount of time. The Orpat Heater comes with knobs for multiple temperature settings which makes it extremely user friendly.

This is a fan heater so it does make some noise which is common in these types of heater. Although the noise is minimal and does not interfere with work or sleep.

The heater is packed with safety features which makes it a great choice for personal/domestic usage. It consists of safety cut-off, auto revolving heater and overheat protection.

The overall build quality is also sturdy. The outer material used is plastic which makes it is insulated and safe to touch while operating. The heater is small and light weight which makes it extremely portable and mobile. Once the usage is done its small size helps in storing the heater away without taking up much space. To keep the cost low the stand of the heater have been fixed so it does not allow air flow adjustment to the user.

The only drawback is that the heater is prone to breakage over extended usage. This heater is good for limited usage and extended overnight usage may damage the heater causing it to stop working.

The manufacturer is offering 1 year of warranty on the device body and the motors. But the after sales service is limited to metro cities and some tier 1 cities.

  • Thermal Power Cut off
  • Portable and Durable body
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • Multiple settings for temperature and heating
  • Safety cut-off, auto revolving heater and overheat protection.
  • Prone to breakage over extended usage
  • Limited after sales service to few cities
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • No possibility to manoeuvre the heater’s direction

Havells Cista Room Heater

Havells Cista Room Heater

Havells is a well-established electrical equipment manufacturer based in Noida with an expertise of over 60 years.

With this room heater Havells pulled it off again by providing a good quality product that provides more than one can expect.

The heater provides two power settings: 1000 W and 2000 W which makes it suitable for smaller and medium sized rooms. It also has a thermostat to regulate the temperature as the situation demands.

For safety it has over-heat protection sensor which helps in increasing its life.

This room heater also boasts of an addition of cooling fan which helps in increasing the life of motor parts and to avoid breakage due to prolonged usage. It also helps to avoid frequent cut-offs due to overheating.

Another cool feature that Havells has added is night light indicator for dark rooms.

The heater is well built with high quality plastic with non-heating coating that keeps the body cool and touch safe even while operating the heater.

A small yet extremely useful feature is the addition of adjustable stand. This helps to direct the airflow wherever it is desired. 

It is a fan heater which does makes some sound on usage and may interfere with sleep and work.

  • Elegant and sturdy design with adjustable stand
  • Non-heating coating that keeps the body cool
  • Thermostat to regulate temperature
  • Over heat protection sensor
  • 1 year warranty
  • Struggles to warm up a large room
  • Fan makes noise that might interfere with sleep
  • No auto revolving feature

Usha Heat Convector

Usha Heat Convector

Usha is an old and reliable brand in home electrical and electronic appliances market space. They have been operating in India for over 58 years with a varied product distribution making them a known name in every household.

Usha 423 N Heat Convector is another fabulous product offering from the brand. This room heater packs a lot and comes with an array of safety features making it one of the better choices in the room heater segment. 

This heater comes with 3 heating options 665 W, 1330 W and 2000 W making it suitable to use in any condition and weather. This heater is advised to be used in a room of the size ranging from 150 to 200 sq ft. 

In terms of design aspects it has a plastic body that doesn’t heat up upon usage. It has a handle on the top for movement and portability. It also has an adjustable stand to utilize the heater at different positions making it suitable for spot heating. Also comes with night light indicator.

This heater comes with twin turbo fans which speeds up the heating process and provides better circulation in the room to make it warm. Although having two fans the heater does not make a lot of noise ensuring a sound sleep.

In terms of safety the heater packs it all. It comes with overheat protection, has side inlet for better air circulation to keep the moving parts cool, safety thermal cut-off and tip over protection.

Like most of the room heaters in this list Usha also provides 1 year warranty on their product.

  • Sleek, stylish and compact design
  • Comes with a stand to allow spot heating
  • Twin fans to speed up the heating process
  • Overheat protection, side inlet valves, thermal cut-off and tip over protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • Costlier compared to the counterparts with the same features

Usha Quartz Room Heater

Usha Quartz Room Heater

This is another quality product from the house of Usha. This is a coil heated 800 W Quartz room heater.

This Usha room heater is a convector type in which the filament generates heat and dissipates in the surroundings to warm the room. This doesn’t have any fan or blower to spread the heat around the room so is a little slow in warming the room.

Due to slower heating this room heater is suitable for smaller rooms with the size of about 120 to 150 sq ft. It also consumes less power and operates on 230 V.

The overall design of the heater is kept compact and has grooves in the back to coil the wire around them for easy and convenient storage.

The quartz tube is coated to avoid corrosion and to maximise its life. Although filament heating tubes get fused so has an overall smaller life. The heater comes with a reflecting panel to direct light and heat and has a safety grill.

The heater can be used in two different heating positions and has two heating elements for better output.

Usha heaters come with various safety features and this one is no different. This heater packs an automatic cut-off switch to avoid over-heating and fusing of the quartz filaments. It also has tip over cut-off switch.

As the heat is generated by the filaments which is then re-directed by the back shining panel the heater is very bright. This bright light may interfere with sleep.

  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Tip over safety cut-off switch and thermal over heating protection
  • Two heating positions for comfort
  • The quartz filaments have anti corroding protection layer
  • Noise free
  • Slower than fan heaters
  • Suitable for smaller rooms
  • Extremely bright and may disturb sleep
  • Quartz filament have smaller life and are prone to corrosion and fusing
  • Not suitable for extreme climates

V Guard Quartz Room Heater

V Guard Quartz Room Heater

V Guard is a one of the leading electrical manufacturers in the country. They have been in this business from 1977. What started from voltage stabilizers has now been diversified into all sorts of domestic electrical appliances.

This is a small and budget quartz room heater from the home of V Guard. A light weight, durable and compact design which makes it suitable for heating a small room. The overall quality of the material used is not up to the high standards as per its counterparts.

This one comes with adjustable heat setting for 400 W and 800 W. 

The quartz filament has been seen to stop working after extended usage at a stretch. The quartz filament is also prone to corrosion.

The overall heater lacks safety features. It only includes automatic tip over protection.

  • Tip over cut-off protection
  • Noise free
  • Slower than fan heaters
  • Only Suitable for smaller rooms
  • Extremely bright and can cause sleep disturbance
  • Quartz filament are not of high quality and may fuse
  • Not suitable for extreme climates

A&Y Brand Willmax Heat Convector

A&Y Brand Willmax Heat Convector

A&Y Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a mass producing brand that houses multiple products under their belt. They are mostly known for their budget electrical and electronics equipment.

This is an affordable fan convector heater. An elegant design that allows the heater to be used either flat or like a column.

The overall build is of low grade plastic but decent. Although the body doesn’t get heat up upon usage. It has a handle for convenient handling and is quite portable. It also has an indicator light.

The heater can work at two power stages 1000 W and 2000 W. Although it is not the most energy efficient heater on this list and tends to be pretty heavy on the pocket in terms of electric bills.

The heater has a thermostat and knob to set heating outputs.

The heater lacks in terms of safety features which are quite basic and is now included by most of the brands. The heater does not include automatic cut-off or overheating protection so it can’t be used for prolonged time without the risk of burning up.

This heater is not recommended for areas with extreme temperatures as it can’t be used for extended hours.

  • Budget option for mild temperatures
  • Multiple setting for power and heating
  • Only Suitable for smaller room
  • Build quality not up to the mark
  • Safety features like overheating protection missing
  • Not suitable for extreme climates as prolonged usage is not advisable

Usha HC 812 T Heat Convector

Usha HC 812 T Heat Convector

This is another fan heater from the brand house of Usha.
The overall build quality is sturdy, durable and light weight. The material used in the build is high quality plastic that doesn’t heat up upon usage of the heater. It also has a handle at the top for portability.

The heater can work at 1000 W and 2000 W power. This room heater includes three temperature setting and two fan speeds.

This heater is suitable for small to medium sized rooms due to its offering of 2000 W heating.

It also has a twin turbo design for quick and better heating the space. It comes with thermostat for adjustable temperatures as per the requirement.

The heater comes with adjustable stand that allows for focused heating in a particular direction. It also has a night light indicator.

The major difference between this product and the other Usha convector heater previously mentioned in the list is that this one has PVC cover for better protection. As an additional safety measure Usha has also included copper conductor in the cord.

Apart from this the heater has automatic thermal cut-off to avoid abnormal heating. It also includes tip over protection. The auto thermostat cut-off leads to saving in electric bills making this energy and cost efficient.

The heater also includes 1 year warranty.

  • Small, portable and easy to store
  • Adjustable stand allows directional heating
  • Twin turbo design to speed up the heating
  • Thermal cut-off and tip over protection
  • PVC cover on wiring for extra added protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Energy efficient due to thermostat cut-off feature
  • For smaller and medium sized rooms

Buying Guide for Room Heaters in India 2020

Below are the parameters and features one should understand and keep in mind before making an informed decision regarding which room heater they should purchase. 

Room Heater Technologies

  • Conduction Heater: Room heaters relying on conduction technique have metallic coils or rods that glow up upon heating. These rods or coils release heat in the surrounding area and thereby heating up the entire space. These heaters are generally slow in effect as they typically heat up the proximity space first and thereby rest of the room. These types of heaters are not advisable when there are more people in the room as everyone would have to crouch and sit around the heater till the entire room gets heated. 

  • Convection Heater: Convection heaters also have metallic coils or rods but they have an additional component such as a fan or blower. These fans or blower throw the heat generated by the rod/coil across the room thereby heating up the room faster compared to a conduction heater. These types of heaters are also favourable when there are more people in the room as it speeds up the heat distribution process allowing everyone to be comfortable. This is the most common type of room heater available in the market today.

  • Radiant Heater: Radiant heater works on infrared technology. The heater focuses the heat to a particular area that need to be heated by throwing heat directly on those areas. This concentration of heat at a particular point is what generates warmth in the space and room. Radiation is the fastest among the three when it comes to heating.

Most of the heaters available in the market today operate on the basis of the above 3 heating principles. 

Types of Room Heaters

Implementing the 3 heating technologies various brands have come up with different types of room heaters to cater to a wide and different demands of the customers. Following are the types of room heaters available in the market today:

  • Fan Heaters: They use convection heating technique by throwing the heat around the room thereby heating the surroundings faster. More expensive heaters also have adjustable blades that can let you guide the heat in a particular section of the room as per the user’s desire. As they continuously utilize a fan or a blower some users may find it noisy or irritating. 

  • Heat Conductor/Convector Room Heater: These types of room heaters have a coil or a rod to generate heat and transfer it to the surroundings. As they only rely on the heating of the rod and no external moving part they are typically more silent than the counterparts.

  • Oil Filled Room Heater: These convection heaters utilize oil that allows heat transfer from the heater into the room. These room heaters tend to be vertical columns with cavities that allow the oil to free flow through them. The high temperature of the oil makes it effective in transferring heat energy from the heater into the surroundings. As the vertical columns increase the area of the heater it makes the heat transfer all the more efficient.

  • PTC Heater: PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient. This is one of the effective heating technology available in the market today. Heaters working on this principle have a combination of safety and effectiveness. Heaters upon starting initially will channel more current flow to maximise heating and warming the cold room faster. Once the desired temperature is reached the PTC elements reduced the current flow all the while retaining the temperature in the room. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the room heaters and also reducing the overall power consumption.

    Advantages: In case of thermostat failures or power fluctuations the heater remains safe due to the current limiting feature of the PTC element. Because the PTC limits the current draw it sustains a particular temperature and heat for longer duration than a conventional room heater. Limiting the current also helps in reducing the power consumption which in turn means more savings and higher efficiency. PTC also acts as an additional safety barrier apart from the usual safety features available in the room heaters.

  • Quartz Heater: A radiant heater which has quartz heat lamps that produces infrared radiation which is then reflected to heat up the room. 

  • Halogen Heater: They have halogen bulbs installed which are capable of producing high output of heat. The shiny back panel then reflects the heat in a particular direction heating up the area. They are more suitable for outdoor and open spaces.

  • Carbon Heater: This is a radiant variant of heater that utilizes carbon fibre as the heating element. Carbon produces infrared radiation that heats up the surrounding space. Tests have shown that carbon infrared heaters heat the skin better even though they typically have a lower output than a conventional room heater.

Room size

The calculation of the room need to be taken into account before finalizing on the wattage of the room heater that needs to be installed.

The area of the room needs to be calculated as: Length x width sq ft. 

A general idea to be kept in mind while calculating wattage for room heater-

Wattage = Area of the room * 10

Safety Features

Most room heaters reduce oxygen levels in the air which makes their prolonged usage difficult. Most heaters come with a auto cut-off switch once the temperature reaches to a certain fixed level to keep the room comfortable. 

Look for a safety grill around the heater that uses coil or rod for heating. The grill covers the heating element and helps in avoiding accidental touches to the heating core.

Heaters should have a comfortable grip that doesn’t get heat up so that it enables them to be portable.

Number of heating elements

Depending on the size of the room it is also important to stand by on the number of heating elements in the heater. More number of heating elements will help in making the room warm faster.

Gauge Oxygen and Humidity

The convector/radiant room heaters throw heat across the room which causes gradual reduction of oxygen levels and humidity in the room.

A way to tackle this problem is to place a bucket of water in the room to counter blow the effects of room heater.

But if there is a baby present in the room it is better to opt for Oil Filled Electric Heater that does not cause the loss of oxygen.


The convector room heater generally comes with a fan or blower to dissipate heat across the room to provide an even heating.

But the constant movement of the fan blades cause some level of noise.

If this can potentially cause irritation over a long usage one can go for conductive or radiative room heater which is silent comparatively.

Thermostat Setting

There are multiple adjustment nobs on the room heater.

The thermostat provides a wide option of temperature settings so that the user can choose the one which suits the best according to the room conditions.

Energy Efficient

Like every other electric/electronic appliance room heater also come with BEE star rating.

Consider energy efficiency as an important parameter in deciding the room heater as in the long run this will serve in being cost efficient.

Always go for a higher star rating model.


Heater is an electronic device that is pretty much used for few months and then remainder of the year stays in storage.

Look for a heater that provides warranty for an extended duration to avoid frequent purchasing and serves to be cost efficient.


Convector heaters are generally small and light weight which makes them extremely portable. The heater can be moved pretty easily.

The oil filled radiator heaters have wheels which can be moved. So if the heater is required to be moved around frequently consider an option that is mobile.

Also, if the room heater needs to be moved around quite a lot around the place make sure that it comes with a long cord.

Advantages of Oil Filled Electric Heater

  • Long Life: The oil used in the heater has high specific heat capacity, meaning that the oil does not vaporize while being heated. Hence the oil need not be replaced on a frequent basis. This is why a typical oil filled electric heater may last for many years.

  • Steady Heating: Because it utilizes oil as the heat transfer medium the heat output remains fairly constant and effective maintaining the temperature. It also heats the room in a fairly even manner.

  • Oxygen and Humidity Balance: Unlike other heaters that directly throw the heat via coils or rods, oil filled do not have an adverse effect on the room’s oxygen and humidity level. This makes it safer compared to a typical room heater and can be used all night without requiring much precautions. 

  • Skin Friendly: As the heater does not affect the oxygen or humidity level of the surrounding they don’t cause the skin to dry up or cause irritation on prolonged usage. If there’s a baby at home oil filled heaters are a better choice compared to other convector or radiant heaters.

  • Mobility and Space Utilization: As these have column structure they can be kept in any corner of the room without facing much hassle. Most of the oil filled room heaters come with wheels that makes it easy for anyone to move according to the requirement.

  • Environmental Advantages: Due to absence of harmful radiations these heaters are a great choice for domestic usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are room heaters safe?

Yes room heaters are perfectly safe just like any other electrical equipment. Most of the modern room heaters now come with a lot safety features such as temperature cut-off, safety grill, tilt cut-off, etc.

Do room heaters consume Oxygen?

Yes, non-electrical room heaters consume oxygen and non-electrical heater reduce humidity in air. It is advisable to keep a bucket of water in the room if the heater will be used for extended hours.

Which room heater is best?

Please check the curated list of best 7 room heaters in 2020.

Can I place the heater on top of something and operate?

It is advisable to keep the room heater away from everything else to avoid any damage by tripping. Also the extreme heating may also be a hazard so its always advisable ti keep it away from anything that can burn easily or just place them on the floor away from everything else.

Can I use my heater all night?

It is safe to use the heater all night, just make sure that the heater has safety cut off features to avoid burning up of coil or any internal damage due to over heating.

What size of room heater should I buy?

Just by approximation the power rating of the room heater should be 10 times of the area of the room in sq ft. For example if the area of the room is 200 sq ft than a 2000 W room heater should be adequate.

How much electricity does room heater consume?

This can be simply calculated as below:

Units consumed (in kWh)= Power rating (in kW) x Time operated (in Hr)

Electric Bill = Units Consumed x Cost per unit in the city or state
Example: 2000 W heater operated for 2 hours
Electric Bill = 2 (2000 W so 2 kW) x 2 (time operated) x 6 (Rs per unit) = 24 Rs

Is halogen room heater safe?

Halogen room heaters are safe as there are no emissions or smoke. Although halogen heaters are used outdoors as they are very bright and cover a lot of area.

How to choose the best room heater?

First of all start with the size of the room and approx. usage of the heater per day. Depending on those factors research which heater fits best in your budget. Depending upon the operational time, efficiency and safety features tally down among all the brands available.

Are oil filled room heaters better than fan heaters?

Oil filled heaters are better because they are highly efficient. Most of the electricity consumed is converted into heat. they are also known for better heating as they warm the room evenly.

Do oil filled heaters consume more power?

Oil filled heaters consume about the same power as any other similar rated heater. They are better as they are more energy efficient because of the way in which the heat is transferred compared to a conventional fan heater.

What are the difference between radiant and convection heaters? 

An extensive explanation on the two technologies have been given in this post. Search and read the same.

What are the side effects of room heaters?

As room heaters suck out humidity from the air making it dry, they can cause skin irritation. One easy way to counter this problem is to place a bucket of water in the room.

The air coming out of the heater smells as if something is burning, is that normal?

Generally most new heaters give out a burning smell so it’s not exactly a point of concern. If the heater hasn’t been used for long time it may give a feeling that something is burning. This is due to the debris and dust in the heater that be burning giving out a sense of problem with the heater itself.

Do heaters consume a lot of electricity? 

Any heating device consumes a lot of electricity. It is important to search and decide on a heater that is energy efficient and can give a long term cost benefit.

How to check if the room heater is safe?

Look for the ISI mark of standards on the product to check if the product meets all the standards or not.