16 Best Mixer Grinders in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a mixer-grinder that can handle all your kitchen chores?

A mixer-grinder that can handle all your needs from whipping to grinding.

So you can now put an end to your quest. We’ve got you a complete list of the best mixer grinder in India. Here we have tried to provide you information about the best mixer grinder in India.

Mixer-grinder comes in two variants: a hand mixer and a stand mixer. A general mixer-grinder is a stand mixer.

The stand mixer dates back to the early 1910s.

An Engineer at Hobart Manufacturing Company, Herbert Johnson was its inventor.

There are a plethora of kitchen appliances available in the market even for a simple task. So, deciding what you need can be confusing.

Those who cook regularly may decide to invest in several blenders and mixers to serve their needs. 

The whole package of a mixer grinder comprises a motor enclosed in a casing. It also comes with a wide range of 3-4 jars of various sizes, so that one can use them accordingly. 

Mixer-grinder can very easily grind various ingredients. A grinder can very easily grind them irrespective of whether they are wet or dry. A good mixer grinder can handle hard jobs within a minute.

There are many types of mixer grinders available in the market for your kitchen. These appliances are high in their performance. They come up with attractive shapes and sizes so that these appliances may fit into kitchens of any size.

Mixer-grinder comes with various vessels with pre-attached blades. The blades of these vessels are made up of stainless steel for handling heavy-duty work.

The modern mixer comes fitted with energy-efficient motors.

Thus, they consume low power electricity and give you more grinding.

Mixer-grinder is the appliances that can be best described as multitasking appliances. These appliances are very versatile which are used to mix as well as grind fodder items at the same time.

As we know that mixer-grinder are very versatile devices. So they can whip liquids to create milkshakes and smoothies. Mixer-grinder is used to chop and grind hard food items like meats, dried spices, and nuts.

Mixer-grinder is a great help in preparing fresh chutneys.

Mixer-grinder is a great help in the preparation of a dish from whipping to mixing liquids. For example, you can knead dough to bake pastries and pieces of bread. You can also grind spices and herbs to make salsa or any dip.

It is now impossible to complete household chores without the help of a mixer-grinder.

Make sure of the type of mixer grinder you want, because there are many types in the market for many purposes. Also, consider the space for the grinder and mainly the budget you can spend on the appliance.

The mixer grinder is a very versatile appliance, completely versatile.

This allows you to do different jobs using just a single appliance.

In this way, you’ll take less time to prepare a meal and the remaining time can be spent with your family.

Best Mixer Grinders in India 2020

Philips Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Philips Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

The first on our list of best mixer grinder in India is the Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder. This product comes with a ventilation system. Philips calls it an advanced air ventilation system. This air ventilation ensures that the appliance remains cool at all times.

This system also ensures a longer battery life.

This mixer grinder from Philips is packaged with 3 multipurpose jars. Each jar has a capacity of 1.5 Litres, 1 Litre, and 0.3 Litre.

Jars having larger volumes are used to make batter and jars of lesser capacity are used for making chutney.

These jars come with high-quality stainless steel blades and their body is made out of ABS.

Philips mixer has superior quality blades which are sharp enough for perfect grinding. It can perform mixing and grinding quite easily. Also, it can be used for extracting juices from fresh fruits and vegetables.

These jars are completely leakproof and are made up of food-grade material. The semi-transparent lid of these jars allows you to see the ingredients during the grind.

It is a bit triangular which adds to its ergonomic design. It has very little grooves so it does not get dirty easily. This way you can clean it very easily and its maintenance is also very low.

This Philips mixer comes with a powerful 750 Watt turbo motor. The special feature of this motor is that it comes with an auto cut-off feature. This feature ensures that the motor does not become very hot.

This motor can perform 25 minutes of rigorous grinding all ingredients.

Its powerful motor ensures that all your needs are properly served. Overall the mixer grinder is just great and gives tremendous results. Philips backs its mixer grinder with 5 years of warranty on the motor and 2 years product warranty.

  • Long-lasting stainless steel sharp blades
  • 25 minutes of continuous grinding
  • Great ergonomic design
  • The high noise level during its operation

Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Inalsa is the fastest growing appliance company which is headquartered in Spain. 

It operates as a subsidiary of Taurus Group and was established in 1967.

Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder, 550W is another impactful mixer grinder. Second, on the list of best mixer grinder in India, is capable of performing juicer jobs.

Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder is one of the finest choices that can ease all your blending and mixing.

Its package comprises a mixer grinder and 3 jars. The jars are of following volumes 1.2L SS Liquidizer Jar, 0.8 SS Multi-Purpose Jar & 0.4L SS Chutney Jar.

Inalsa focuses on providing high user satisfaction, high user comfort, and best performance at the given price range.

This mixer grinder has a powerful 550-watt motor tuned for power efficiency. Specifically designed to provide high torque for high-performance grinding and mixing.

The blades are made up of food-grade, high-quality stainless steel. These blades are specifically designed to perform uniform and powerful grinding.

These blades perfectly complement its motor to provide the best results.

The Inalsa mixer grinder has a 30-minute motor rating. It means you can use it in 6cycles of 5 minutes ON and 2 minutes OFF.

So one can operate the mixer grinder for a session of 30 minutes. And you can run many grinding sessions without any hassle.

This Inalsa mixer grinder has a 3-speed operation that makes grinding very easy for you.

You can gradually move between speeds to make sure that you achieve the desired texture and consistency in your grinding.

It also has a pulse function. This pulse function provides high control over the grinding processes.

On operating it, the mixer grinder stops immediately.

The performance of the Inalsa mixer grinder is quite efficient. But sometimes the mixer ejects a foul smell due to overheating of its motor.

  • Rubber feet provide a firm grip
  • Has an overload protection system
  • Sturdy and ergonomic design
  • Has big grooves, which makes cleansing a bit harder

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder 5 Jars

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder 5 Jars

Preethi is a renowned Indian brand. It has a large number of happy and satisfied customers. For over more than a decade it has been providing top-notch kitchen appliances, across India.

It has been ranked India No. 1 mixer grinder brand as per Francis Kanoi

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder is another gem in their line up of the best mixer grinder in India. It has a powerful motor that ensures a robust performance.

The motor of this mixer grinder is of 750-watts. It is the Vega W5 Motor. It runs so fast that it can grind turmeric in just 2 minutes. This motor works at 230 volts AC at 50Hz.

As the motor is so powerful it will also need a proficient cooling mechanism. To maintain its smooth functionality Preethi packs it with fast cooling technology.

There’s only one drawback with this motor. As it runs at such a high speed it produces more noise than normal.

This mixer comes with 5 jars, which is amazing to have at this price. First is Master Chef Jar: it is a food processing jar. It can knead your flour(atta) within a minute.

The company claims that it can chop in just 2 pulses. Another claim says that it can perform grating and slicing in seconds.

If all these claims are just somewhat true, even then it is the best mixer grinder at this price.

It has a 3-In-1 Insta Fresh Juicer Jar. This jar uses a centrifugal juicer technique. This ensures that the juice is extracted instantly.

This makes the product more customer-friendly.

And all the three remaining jars are just the basic ones. All three can be used in whipping, grinding, and foddering the ingredients.

The body of the mixer grinder is made up of food-grade stainless steel and the jars are made up of ABS.

It comes with PVC insulated 3 core flex cord to ensure fire safety.

The manufacturer backs this mixer grinder by providing a 2 years product warranty. Also a 5 years warranty on the motor.

When the mixer is turned on for the first time and if you experience some foul smell. Do not worry it is the varnish of the motor. But if the smell persists even after several uses, then you must consult the customer care.

  • 5 jars – processing, mixing, grinding and juicing
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Overload indicator
  • Though it operates at acceptable noise levels but still louder than normal

Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder (3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar)

Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder (3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar)

In our line-up of the best mixer grinder in India, we have this awesome mixer grinder from Prestige. 

Prestige has been in the industry for more than 60 years. It has gained a huge customer base which has huge trust in the company.

The prestige mixer grinder is a highly durable kitchen appliance. It has supreme juicing, mixing, and grinding performance.

This prestige mixer grinder has a very powerful motor. The motor has been rated 750 watts operating at 230 volts at 50Hz.

Among their mixer grinder product range, Iris is the most popular choice in India. It is designed to improve the texture and consistency of the ground ingredient.

Juicer jar of this mixer grinder has a very good handle which ensures superior use.

The stand of this mixer has rubber legs that ensure firm hold when the mixer grinder is turned ON.

This mixer is powered by an astonishing 750W motor that can easily blend and mix anything in seconds. This makes the motor powerful and long-lasting durability. Sounds amazing right?

The motor of this power wattage can easily grind every dried spice with ease.

Also, a mixer with this motor capacity is more than sufficient in making shakes and smoothies.

This whole unit has a very elegant design and is highly ergonomic.

The body of the mixer is of high-grade stainless steel and the jars are made up of the material ABS.

The grinder also comes with overload protection. Hence it cuts off power supply directly, to prevent the motor from overheating.

Prestige provides a 2-year product warranty and also 2 years of warranty on the motor.

The PVC insulated 3 core flex wire ensures complete safety from fire.

Sometimes the appliance can be pretty noisy as the operating noise levels are 80-90dB.

  • Comes with jar lock protection
  • Overload protection
  • 3 level speed control
  • It can be a bit noisy

Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

With regards to a kitchen device to help with complex cooking, this is a certain shot victor. The conservative plan additionally spares a great deal of room. The Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder houses a ground-breaking 500 Watts engine. Which gives you fast and productive crushing. There are three containers with changing capacities. With regards to granulating dry flavors and spices to making chutneys and glues. The container bodies and cutting edges made of durable tempered steel material. 

The 1.5-liter container with a removable sharp edge might change to a 1-liter container with Flexi top. And the 0.50-liter chutney container might change over to a 0.30-liter container with Flexi cover. The cutting edges are the first machine-ground. And afterward they clean to give you unrivaled execution. The producer has dealt with client wellbeing. As the mixie intends to turn off when there’s an over-burden. You can then turn on the red switch when the machine chills off. It is additionally UL-affirmed for extra security when contrasted with Indian brand items. The Havells family remains behind their item with a year administration guarantee. 

We love the way this blender processor figures out how to do all the mixing, crushing, and beating. Users likewise love the structure and feel of the item which is much the same as any other product in a kitchen. A couple of clients have likewise forewarned that the guarantee isn’t acceptable.

Generally speaking, it’s worth to fulfill a wish for Paneer curries and mint chutneys.

The hardened steel containers are rustproof and food-grade. They are useful for sound cooking. It accompanies a snare type power line which is difficult to module and evacuates. The control board on the front and there are three distinctive speed catches. which is to play out an assortment of crushing, squeezing, and mixing errands. It comes up with a 2-years maker guarantee.

These containers with adaptable covers can fit in the two headings. Which relies upon the amount of the fixings inside the container. In this manner, it improves the limit of the containers. That by changing over a 1.0-liter container into a 1.5-liter compartment. The three tempered steel containers are strong on the grounds. They have fewer odds of shaping rust. It is difficult to wash these containers when contrasted with the plastic ones. The tough treated steel cutting edges intend to mix and pound. The container made of high-grade plastic. This item accompanies solid plastic handles that are anything but difficult to grasp. 

This grinder has an alluring plan with completely positioned handles. Which permits you to control the speed of activity without any problem. Eminence follows all security standards while fabricating its items. This item won’t start if not bolted.

  • The body is flexible.
  • Complete rust-free.
  • The product is handy and carried away.
  • The noisy commotion which may upset you if you use to low-clamor making blenders

Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

With an amazing engine of 750 Watts limit, this kitchen device is intended to address the issues of cooking.

This Grinder accompanies two distinctive limit containers of 0.4 liters and 1.5 liters. You may use the littler container for making fine dry pounding. And the bigger container for wet mixing/crushing. The clamor levels are 80-90 Db, which implies the commotion is like that of a lawnmower. As the covering vanishes somewhat when the grinder runs. It might deliver some consuming smell which is ordinary. It accompanies a one-year producer guarantee. 

Individuals who have purchased this item state this is the best in the class grinder at a reasonable rate. Users consider the Grinder an acceptable at pounding dry masalas for Indian food. The easy to use 3-speed handle permits you to change the speed of the turn. The whipping component empowers you to run the blender at max. The tempered steel containers are the most solid of all since they don’t need a lot of upkeep. It is anything but difficult to clean them after each use. The sharp cutting edges can meet all your granulating and hacking necessities. These containers with a straightforward cover to let you peep inside while running. 

Besides three containers, this grinder includes a fourth container to fill in as a juicer. The simple to-utilize empowers the extraction of more squeeze from natural products. In this manner guaranteeing less wastage. The hardened steel sharp edges guarantee to hack your vegetables and pound fixings. The dry granulating cutting edges are impeccable. This minimized and upscale product is a champ for little loft kitchens. Also to assist you with benefiting as much as possible from the space accessible. Regardless of the less ledge zone, you can even now appreciate scrumptious food made at home. 

Regardless of whether you need to pound a dry powder or a wet player, this grinder works without fail.

  • The lid is flexible.
  • The motor is strong and works at high speed.
  • It has a high-quality performance.
  • Wet grinding is messy and causes issues.

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder 4 Jars

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder 4 Jars

The Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder processor wins our hearts. It incorporates a strong top that closes without sprinkling the substance everywhere. The 750 watts engine conveys a prevalent and ground-breaking execution without fail. While guaranteeing that the activity stays silent. The four distinct containers that go with many to meet the differing food. The containers can deal with them all without hardly lifting a finger.

All the mixie containers produce using great food-grade ABS plastic. It guarantees great food clean. This blender processor plans to diminish the time required for planning work. Despite its hardcore development, it sports a smooth and consistent appearance. The dim and white body vows to add a hint of refinement to your kitchen ledge. Remembering security, the item accompanies an OLP or over-burden defender or OLP. That excursions off the machine to forestall overheating.

The Butterfly Grinder accompanies a 750-watt engine. Which is to set up the best chutneys utilizing the hardest to-crush fixings. Like tamarind, turmeric, pepper, and different flavors. The blender processor is a sheltered phenomenal highlight like heartbeat and speed guidelines. The container’s sharp cutting edges make it simple for a wide range of pounding, mixing work. This machine has unique sizes of containers to take like dry pounding, mixing, etc. 

The planning of this machine is a conservative one, whereby it doesn’t consume a lot of room in the kitchen.

Generally, individuals who appreciate Indian cooking have utilized this item. And they have made some incredible memories utilizing it to make a lot of things. The development of quality and engine power applauded by the clients. A couple of clients have forewarned that the container ring breaks. And they wished there were extra items accessible. 

From North Indian to South Indian, this item will passage well in all plans. And give you steady outcomes without fail. Even though we can’t vouch for its solidness, it’s certain to give you a great incentive for cash.

  • The brand is reliable.
  • Easy to operate and performance is good.
  • Blades are sharp and mincing is very easy.
  • Heating problem.
  • The motor is a little bit noisy.

Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

To include a touch of rich flavor to your kitchen then this grinder is an acceptable decision. It accompanies three distinctive limit treated steel bumps. Alongside multipurpose cutting sharp edges for playing a lot of kitchen assignments. For example, granulating, squashing, grinding. Other than ordinary crushing, it likewise a wellbeing switch for outings off. Especially when there is abrupt over-burdening. This ensures the 500-Watts uncompromising engine from getting harmed. The world-class making of the kitchen vows to make your life simpler. 

The huge liquidizing container can use for making soups. The container is ideal for getting ready idli or dosa hitter. The little multi-reason container works at pulverizing ice and mincing meat. It may smell because of stain dissipating so there’s no compelling reason to freeze. The containers are not dishwasher safe. So perfect them with your hands utilizing a touch of dishwashing cleanser. Hold the cover in position while the mixie runs.

Most users feel that solid development and quality material makes it an ideal item. Especially for setting up an assortment of fixings utilized in Indian cooking. Users love how three unique containers with sharp edges can do to such an extent. From making coconut milk and chutneys to flavors and players it works amazingly. A couple of clients have likewise said that client help is responsive and they send new parts. 

The processor is tough and safe to use for making and putting away infant nourishments. The straightforward and natural plan makes it simple for anybody to use. Easy access let it ready the purees and beverages in 3 simple advances – push, wind, and mix. It can play out various capacities, for example, destroying, granulating, mixing, and slashing. Keeping up the blender is simple and bother free. As you basic need to evacuate the edges, and wash altogether with water and cleanser. The cups are dishwasher-safe thus you can without much of a stretch clean them by putting on the head of the rack. It comes sponsored by a one-year constrained maker’s guarantee.

From the ideal appearance to the capacity compartment for the Flexi rope. Everything about this blender processor spells of value and execution. At this value, this is one of the proficient answers for cooking you can have in your western kitchen.

  • Good quality at the given price.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Blades are sharp and rust-free.
  • Produces more sound compare to other grinders.
  • Need to be careful at high speed.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

The Bajaj processor is the leader’s result of the organization. Its dependable execution guarantees that you get sound and heavenly suppers without fail. It comes with three containers with fluctuating limits and the most extreme limit of 1.20L. The containers are rust-evidence. And the tops and vaults made by using strong Polycarbonate material. The Super Extractor container is to extricate juices of vegetables and organic products. We love the extra granulate and store bottles. That makes it simpler to stock ground flavors to decrease cooking time. 

The Bajaj accompanies an incredible and inventive 500 watts engine that works at 110v. The engine is UL perceived and observes wellbeing norms. As indicated by which the switch at the base gets killed when there’s over-burdening. The minimized plan and adaptable line make it simpler to store when not in use. We dazzle to find that the maker remains behind the item with a 1-year assurance of free help. The Engine motor is the core of any blender processor. Bajaj Rex Grinder comes furnished with twofold metal rollers for more noteworthy skill. The best part of this engine is that it doesn’t need a lot of support. And can give inconvenience free activity to many years. 

This is a blender cum processor, it accompanies a vault container for wet pounding. It is anything but difficult to get them ready mixture for idlis and dosas. Making juice from scratch does not take a lot of time given the radiating juicer connection. It additionally accompanies a ground-breaking extractor. To help remove the substance from tamarind and milk from coconuts. Making milkshakes and lassis is simple as a result of the blender course of action. 

The 1.2-liter ace gourmet specialist besides container can perform seven unique capacities. Like citrus squeezing, pureeing, cleaving, grinding, atta working, meat mincing, and cutting. The blender processor accompanies sharp tempered steel edges to guarantee fine granulating. Slashing vegetables is a fantasy work with this apparatus. The speed control handle switch permits the machine to turn at three velocities. Bajaj Rex Mixer comes in calming hues and fantastic artisanship.

The Grinder comes in a safe body while giving sans vibration activity. It works in the voltage scope of 230 to 240 volts and 50 to 60 Hz.

  • The mixer is durable.
  • It contains a very powerful motor
  • Looks are excellent and unique.
  • The jar needs extra care as it is light in weight.

Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder, 550W, 3 Jars (White/ Purple)

On the off chance that the commotion of blenders stresses you, at that point look at Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder. It vows to assist you with Indian cooking less such clamor. To begin with, we like the outside structure, style, and presence of the item. The splendid red and white blend makes it look alluring in the kitchen counter. With four distinct containers and cutting edges, one can perform various kitchen assignments. For example, making chutneys, natural product juice, wet blends, and glues. 

The rock-solid 550 watts engine empowers you to get a quick and in any event, granulating execution. The hardened steel containers are rustproof and food-grade. They are useful for sound cooking. It accompanies a type of power string which is anything but difficult to module and expels. The control board situated on the front. And there are three distinctive speed catches for crushing, squeezing, and mixing. The blender processor can play out a ton of capacities. For example, making smoothies, organic product juices, crushing ice, spread stirring, dry crushing. It sponsors up with a 2-years maker guarantee that is much in the nation of procurement. 

The incredible engine guarantees that this blender processor runs for an hour and a half. It does not cause trouble if operated for over two hours. The two little hardened steel containers ought to be ideal. Generally ideal for dry granulating and chutney making. This blender processor includes high-quality hardened steel sharp edges. That empowers quick and astounding cutting and granulating. They are solid and made of high-grade Stainless Steel. The product accompanies 0.4L SS, 0.8 SS Multi-Purpose Jar, and 1.2L SS Jar.

This blender accompanies a 3-speed change turning activity switch. That takes into account the most velocity of 18000 RPM. The whipper button is perfect for passing activity. For example, whipping cream and making lassis. Those who love Indian cooking love to use an adaptable and ground-breaking blender. They can use for an assortment of errands, for example, making idli/dosa hitter, chutneys, and glues. Clients have referenced that the development is tough as the top should hold by the user.

Any individual who wishes to feel the delight of preparing Indian food can depend on this. This grinder is not somewhat more costly than its rivals. The force, limit, and extra containers worth the price. All things considered, a magnificent device to fulfill your Indian cooking desires whenever!

  • Fantastic execution as the blender processor can work at high turning speeds.
  • Strong hardened steel cutting edges for proficient activity.
  • Open container to empower wet pounding of idli hitter.
  • A little noise issue.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend is cool, conservative, and cost-cognizant. Good for undergrads or the individuals who would prefer not to spend too much on a blender. The 400-watt power unit holds up to 400gms of material. This is not a hardcore blender, so don’t get it hoping to puree pull vegetables. The phenomenal incentive for those that need the periodic milkshake or hummus spread. 

The container is large to hold a few smoothies of fixings on the double. And the blender has a few pre-customized settings for various purposes. Which can all balance for speed? Sound-hosing innovation guarantees that 400 Watts won’t blow your eardrums out during use. And oneself cleaning highlight is a boon. Drop-in some water and dish cleanser, run the sucker for a moment. And it will ready for whatever comes straightaway. The 400 Watts even incorporates a seven-year guarantee. 

Moreover, there is a top for one container, so you can prepare your food early and store it in the refrigerator. This is an extraordinary method to diminish the measure of time. That you go through cooking every day. Since the containers can hold up to 400gm, you can prepare a meal of two without hassle. There is no need to be careful over sauces spilling out of the jar. The reason is that it covers fits. And also there would not be any strange vibrations.

Because of the 6-cutting edge gathering, you will have the option to mix fixings. And also granulate flavors are faster when compared to another blender or juicer. It is simple to clean and won’t hold smells or flavors. When you furnish it, which can be a gigantic issue with certain blenders. This blender can without much of a stretch change from crushing flavors to powders. Regardless of how long you are going to use this blender to prepare your feast. You do not have to take tension when it starts overheating. As it accompanies a cool-running engine. That will keep it quite cool and forestall serious issues. 

Also, this blender furnishes with incredible hardened steel sharp edges. That intends to handle even the hardest flavors that you need to pound. And make a great showing mixing, slashing, and emulsifying, too.

  • Control is versatile.
  • The panel is easy to handle.
  • The pitcher size is large.
  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • It can not operate more than 20 seconds.

Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder

This product made up of a metal processor. Sujata Powermatic Grinder defined by reliable users as high caliber. It feels durable and secure. Which makes it one of the least expensive metal processors available. Averaging at around Rs 2600. This processor can fit into the pocket of your pants with simple by any means. It is a 2-piece processor. The center compartment gathers the ground seed, gathering into the base. This is worth spending to buy a decent quality processor that ticks all the crates. 

The Mixer Grinder offers 2 containers and a juicer. Which makes it somewhat more than only a standard mixie. The blender and juicer mix is perfect for those who’d prefer to prepare the odd drink as pound their flavors. And also who make chutneys, dosa players, immaculate glues and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The tops appear to fit on certain occasions. After use, they can be hard to expel as ground zest works its way between the holes. I’d have a tight-fitting top over a free one. 

Two fundamental concerns I’ve taken note. Right off the bat, the containers have an odd smell that doesn’t appear to disappear in the wake of washing. , I haven’t seen any transference of the smell to the food, yet it is still a touch of unsettling. Try not to put off by the consideration of “Light” in this present mixie’s name. At 900w, the Sujata Powermatic Plus Grinder handles hardcore blender processor errands. As the individuals who like to make bigger bunches when cooking. So the enormous 1.5-liter container makes it ideal for families. 

The incorporation switch makes the Sujata Powermatic Plus Grinder controllable. And extraordinary in case you’re hoping to travel through the speed settings and. This element is particularly convenient when granulating sensitive flavors or bigger, unequal burdens. 

The product comes with a 2-year guarantee. Many mixies don’t offer such consolations, so buy this bit of unit with certainty. The engine has a 5-year guarantee. So the maker’s content with the manufacturing quality and getting the ball rolling. Of all the blender processor brands included here, this is the best for true serenity. You will need a respectable measure of extra room for each one of those containers! As the name recommends, this mixie is calm. It isn’t, be that as it may, very quiet as certain vendors guarantee. My lone genuine issue is the trouble in cleaning. Yet as we’ve referenced over, that is a standard issue for kitchen apparatuses of this sort. Gracious, and an extra container would prove to be useful, as well. 

If you are searching for a juicer blender combo, the Sujata Plus Grinder is worth considering.

  • Good range of jars.
  • The in-built motor gives good grinding speed.
  • Speed modes are more than its competitors.
  • Blades are not rust-free
  • Price is a bit costly.

Orient Electric Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Orient Electric Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

Another 3 containers also to juicer offers. This time from Premier, and confided in the brand of kitchen machines. , once more, it’s the juice extractor that lets this blender processor juicer down. 

The littlest container (0.5 liters) is fantastic for granulating flavors, yet it is a loud piece of the pack. On the off chance that you have a canine, expect that they should either flee or bark while you granulate. The other jars are 0.8 liters and 1.25 liter. As we addressed over, the juice extractor isn’t too incredible. It can deal with delicate organic products, which is a pity. A chewing juicer will work far superior for errands, for example, these. 

Another highlight knows about is the assemble quality. The Orient Grinder doesn’t appear as strong as other Premier items. You feel like you must be cautious while dealing with and cleaning. You could pardon this if the item was in the spending blender processor class. With the goal that makes it to some degree a worry. If you are looking to granulate dry flavors, this will carry out the responsibility. The base is quite wide, giving this mixie a strong establishment. Especially when agitating up even the most lopsided fixings. Supported by vacuum cup feet, the Orient Electric Grinder waits well during activity. But it’s yet prudent to have a hand on the head of the machine – to be safe. You will need a respectable measure of extra room for each one of those containers! As the name recommends, this mixie is calm. It isn’t, be that as it may, “very quiet” as certain vendors guarantee. 

The engine comes in a serious smaller unit. You will need a respectable measure of extra room for each one of those containers! As the name recommends, this mixie is calm. It isn’t, be that as it may, “very quiet” as certain vendors guarantee. Speed deals with a turning switch that has 3 unique settings. An extra heartbeat includes guarantees that you can hack your veggies. Even without going them to mush should you so want? 

The Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft has 3 containers for granulating, liquidizing, and blending. In any case, there are astute little Flexi covers that can change over these containers. Giving you 4 choices without the problem of putting away the bulkier containers.

As I referenced at the top, the Orient Electric grinder is a better than average looking machine. Which makes it perfect for anybody short on pantry space.

  • Dry spices get easily mixed.
  • High speed gives good mincing.
  • The lid often opens if not handled.

Morphy Richards Superb Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richards Superb Mixer Grinder

The next best mixer grinder joining our list comes from Morphy Richards, a widely popular brand of this industry. If you are looking to satisfy your pocket as well as get the best grinding experience, then this mixer grinder from Morphy Richards might be a good deal for you.

It is loaded with 3-hardened stainless steel blades which are quite enough to perform all the grinding functions at ease. The jar that comes with this best mixer grinder is also made of good-quality high grade stainless steel. Talking about the jar capacity, this mixer grinder has got an enormous amount of space to cover up your grinding needs. It has a Liquidizing jar with a capacity of 1.5L, a wet/dry grinding jar that has a capacity of 1 L. But that’s not enough, this best mixer grinder from Morphy Richards also has 0.4L chutney jar. Isn’t it amazing, that you can make chutneys easily without any extra equipment? 

The motor has an overload protection which will keep it safe from overheating of the motor. This top-notch mixer grinder operates with a powerful motor, therefore grinding items will be easier than ever. Since, it works on a powerful motor, you might experience some noise, but that is not a problem. In case you hear an abnormal noise, then thanks to the amazing service of Morphy Richards, that you wont have to worry about it. The company will take care of it. 

The body of this mixer grinder is made of good quality which makes it more durable.

It may happen that you might experience some burning smell, but it will only occur when you run the mixer grinder for the first time. The reason that the company tells, is that when you operate it for the first time, then the motor varnish gets heated. 

This mixer grinder operates at an operating voltage of 240volts. The overall weight of the machine is around 3Kg.

  • Has good grinding functionalities.
  • Comes with 3 stainless steel blades.
  • A bit noisy, because of powerful motor.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder

The bosch trueMixx pro mixer grinder comes with a variety of grinding options. You can easily grind turmeric and masala in it. And you can also make some juice with the help of this mixer grinder.

This mixer grinder also consists of some high-performance attachments such as a plastic blender jar, fruit filter wet grinding jar, dry grinding jar, and so on. The pounding blades of this mixer grinder are designed to be blunt with thick edges so that the dry ingredients will be pound perfectly. The mixer grinder also includes the high-quality stainless steel blades for high-performance and better grinding experience.

The design of this product is amazing. The handle of the mixer is also designed perfectly so that you have a comfortable experience while you are holding it. 

This mixer grinder has a 1000 watt 3-C series power motor that operates at the voltage of 240 volts. The motor has 100 % of copper winding that will increase your grinder life.  

 This mixer grinder will give the texture of your ingredients like stone pounding technology. 

The locking system of this mixer grinder is also very good and it will give you the complete hands-free grinding and mixing experience. The bosch mixer grinder is very easy to use and this mixer does not produce a heavy noise. The high-grade stainless steel jars are designed in a manner such that when you overload the jar, it will automatically protect it for safe operations. 

This mixer grinder may produce some burning smell at the starting of usage so don’t panic it is normal because the motor consists of some varnish coating. Please try to avoid the continuous usage of the mixer, give some rest to the product, it will automatically increase your product life. 

  • This bosch mixer grinder is very easy to use.
  • The motor of this grinder consists of 100% copper winding.
  • The mixer is not so noisy.
  • The design of the mixer is very good.
  • The quality of the blades is very good.
  • Comes with a lot of external attachments.
  • The power consumption is very high.
  • you will face some struggle when you are going to clean your jar.

Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder

Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder

Well, we all know that the Eveready appliances are the simplest ones and come up with multiple utility options. The Eveready glowy mixer grinder will make your mixing and blending operations super easy.

When we talk about the designing aspect of this mixer grinder then we sure that this product will be the best choice for your kitchen. The size of the mixer is very small and the design of the mixer is very sleek. This mixer will cover the very small area of your kitchen.

You can manually control the rotation speed of the blades because the mixer consists of a high-quality regulator with three different speed options.

The glowy mixer grinder also comes with the three multifunction jars that will ease your blending and mixing operations. This mixer grinder has premium quality stainless steel blades that will suitable for almost every type of grinding material.

The motor overload and overheating control feature is the key aspect of this mixer. The mixer contains a red button at the bottom that will help to prevent almost every accident due to overheating.

The 500 watt motor of this mixer grinder will work at the 240 voltage and 50 Hz frequency. The continuous usage of the motor is prohibited because it will reduce your mixer life. After using the mixer for some amount of time, provides it some rest. At the starting of usage of the mixer, you will feel some burning smell from the mixer, don’t get panic this is obvious because the motor of the mixer contains varnish coating. 

Please allow your motor to take some rest in between the continuous usage. The mixer may produce some burning smell at the starting because the motor comes with the varnish coating.

  • The power consumption of the motor is very low.
  • The size of the grinder is very small.
  • Comes with multifunctioning jars.
  • The sound of the mixer is very low.
  • The Eveready mixer grinder has a speed control regulator.
  • The premium quality blades will be best for mixing and grinding.
  • Easy to clean
  • The mixer does not contain a variety of different attachments.
  • The mixer will not give you the hand-free grinding and mixing experience because the locking system of the mixer is not so good.

Crompton Ameo Mixer Grinder

Crompton Ameo Mixer Grinder

The next product on our list is the Crompton Ameo mixer grinder. The Crompton Ameo mixer grinder will be the best choice for your kitchen because its design is very sleek and will take a very small area in your kitchen.

This mixer contains enhanced motor ventilation that will help to increase the airflow in the motor and save your motor from overheating. 

The Crompton mixer grinder also powered with overload protection technology that will be suitable for protecting your mixer grinder from overheating.

The jars that will come with the mixer are also very high-quality jars and made of good quality stainless steel. The blades of the mixer are also made of high-quality stainless steel and will help to enhance your grinding and mixing experience.

The mixer contains a high-quality copper wired motor that will increase your product life.

The power of the motor is 750 watt that will operate at the voltage 240 volts. 

The sleek and compact design of the mixer will help you to use it easily. The Crompton Ameo mixer grinder is one of the most useful and kitchen-friendly appliances.

The power consumption of the mixer is very less in comparison to other products. It will take less amount of electricity and will give you the best output.

  • The quality of the blades of this mixer grinder is amazing and will this product will make your grinding and mixing journey very easy.
  • The quality of the jars is also very good.
  • The efficiency of the mixer is also very high.
  • The size of the mixer is very sleek and compact and will fit in a small area of your kitchen.
  • The mixer is not so noisy.

    Buying Guide for Mixer Grinders in India 2020

    The grinders come in different sizes, limits, and highlights to browse. It is safe to say that you are searching for a blender with juicer work? 

    Cleaning of the Mixer

    The most significant thing to search for in a blender processor is cleaning. If you have a food processor, at that point you likely definitely realize. That they are difficult to clean, and a large part of the issues emerge when you take a stab at mixing wet things. Along these lines, search for a model that doesn’t take too long to even consider cleaning after use

    Security Provided

    The processors have sharp edges. And they whirr at extraordinary speed to beat whatever you put into them. , you ought to be cautious while utilizing them to forestall any unplanned perils. In great models, a client ought to have the option to run the mixie when the cover closes and there must be a warm switch. 

    Force of the motor

    In many occurrences, a higher wattage is superfluous. To achieve crushing and mixing errands as you need around 400 to 750 watts. There is a ground-breaking blender processor-accessible. 

    Speed control

    The processor is the capacity to control speed when the cutting edges run quickly. In many models, you will discover a speed dial that permits you to speed up. In any case, the US adaptations don’t have this component. Any 3-speed setting mixie equipped for dealing with a large part of the Indian cooking needs. 

    Quality of Containers provided

    The number of containers you would need will rely upon the kind of things you wish to get ready. Do you need a container little to powder the entire flavors? It is safe to say that you are searching for a mixie with juicer usefulness? The sort of container you pick will rely upon the kind of food you wish to get ready. There ought to be a base two 

    • An enormous estimated blender for wet things. 
    • A littler measured for entire flavor.

    Connections and Frill

    Extra blender cups might be a helpful alternative for you. More cups to store pureed infant nourishments for the whole week come helpful. You might need to investigate the various adornments and connections accessible. 

    Various Capacities

    A blender isn’t only for beating food and it tends to place into different uses too. You may use it to whisk egg, make cake blend, smoothies, plunges, shakes, and sauces. Along these lines, search for different functionalities too before purchasing a blender. 

    Warming Capacity

    The cutting edges move so quickly that it can prepare the food inside somewhat. While this might be a decent alternative for soups or puddings. You may use this usefulness making a solidified organic product smoothie or shake. In this way, on the off chance that you need not bother with high warming capacity. At that point, it may not be beneficial to pay that extra cash. 


    The glass containers may look satisfying and alluring, yet whenever dropped. They build up a break making the juices spill. A plastic container, then again, won’t be appealing to take a gander at yet they are strong. They can withstand drops and knocks superior to glass.

    Storage and Size

    This will rely upon how often you use the blender. On the off chance that you use it to puree child nourishments or make smoothies. You might need to cut out space for it in your kitchen counter. Omit, on the off chance that you use it every so often, at that point you may need a lighter and minimal gadget that can move. A stick hand blender with a smooth and limited body might be a decent decision. 

    Benefits of Mixer Grinder

    Kitchen chores are very hectic and time-consuming. The appliances in our kitchens must be highly versatile. So that we can perform multitasking and increase our efficiency to the greatest.

    One such appliance is our good old mixer grinder! 

    Mixer grinders are one of the most sought after accessories for the kitchen. Before purchasing a mixer grinder, make sure that you are purchasing the best one in your budget. There can be several benefits of using a good quality mixer grinder. Some of which can be mentioned as:

    • A quality mixer grinder is energy efficient i.e they consume less electricity.
    • It will perfectly shape items and accessories.
    • A mixer grinder that is good in its quality, will and durable, and proves its value for money.

    The mixer grinder is a very important tool for the kitchen. It not only shortens the time required in preparing the whole dish but also makes you versatile.

    This device is so versatile that it can mix, grind, and fodder all the items at a given time. It is a must-have for every household and kitchen.

    A glimpse at some of the benefits of having mixer grinder are –

    Zero Complications and very easy to use

    Even though mixer grinder comes with many applications, 

    but when it comes to various food processes they are quite easy to operate. 

    There are zero complications in setting it up it is just a simple plug and play. The mixer grinder comes with various accessories which include different blades. These blades and accessories can help perform different tasks more efficiently.

    More efficiency in tasks results in cutting preparation and cooking time significantly. This results in leaving you with more of your me-time as well as more family time.

    Owing a mixer grinder will make your life a lot easier. Depending upon your needs choose your mixer grinder accordingly.

    Experimentation is a lot easy and fun

    Now and then everyone likes to experiment with their food just to make them taste better. With the use of a mixer grinder, you can now make new dishes and try new cuisines in very little effort.

    Mixer ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot of your time just preparation. So you can make milkshakes, smoothies, purees within very less time.

    These devices add a lot of versatility and this is certainly a huge advantage.

    Minimizes all your Efforts

    So far we have established our point that a mixer grinder has proven to be one of the most efficient appliances. Now we are briefly gonna describe the properties that made it such a quality appliance.

    • The mixer grinder comes with various speed settings. With different speed settings, you can grind the ingredients to the desired texture. Also, these settings help you deal with the hard food products.
    • The mixer grinder is super easy to clean and need very low maintenance throughout their use. 
    • Above all, the modern-day mixer grinders are completely affordable. The market is full of mixer grinders, and are fully available in every price segment.

    How Mixer Grinder works ?

    The working of a mixer grinder is very easy. The mixer grinder comes with a variety of jars that will able to their jobs perfectly. Each jar has its job for grinding and mixing.

    The mixer grinder contains a high-quality stainless steel blade that will grind and mix almost every type of grinding and mixing material. The mixer grinder is one of the most useful kitchen appliances nowadays. The mixer grinder can save your lot of time and effort.

    When you plugged in the mixer grinder it will start working, the stainless steel blades will start rotating. The grinding or mixing material that you put into the jar starts mixing or grinding.

    Some mixer grinder comes with the different speed option so that you can easily control the speed of blades. The pounding blades of this mixer grinder are designed to be blunt with thick edges so that the dry ingredients will be pound perfectly. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What features should I look before buying a mixer grinder?

    We all know that the motor is the heart of any mixer grinder so always check the wattage of the motor before buying a good quality mixer grinder. The perfect wattage of the motor for a good mixer grinder is 750 watt that will work on 240-volt voltage.

    The built quality of the jars should be good and jars should be made of high-quality stainless steel. Please make sure that your mixer grinder should come with at least two or three different types of jars.

    The speed varying system is also necessary for a good mixer grinder because when you are making some juice then the speed of the mixer should be less in comparison to other grinding or mixing operations.

    I want to make juices, Can I use a mixer grinder?

    Yes, you can make juice from your mixer grinder but you should buy a mixer grinder that will come with a juice jar. Because the mixer grinder contains two or three jars, each jar is made for a specific purpose. The juice jar is also one of them and that jar is suitable for making juices.

    How long will a mixer grinder work properly?

    We will not give you an assured that your mixer grinder will work for one or two years because the life of the mixer grinder will vary mixer to mixer. The life of a mixer grinder also depends on how you will use it.

    How can I maintain a mixer grinder so that it lasts longer?

    Please try to avoid the continuous usage of the mixer, give some rest to the product, it will automatically increase your product life. You have to clean your mixer grinder once in a while.
    Don’t use very hard grinding and mixing materials because it will very harmful for the blades of your mixer grinder. If you use hard mixing and grinding materials every time the blades of the mixer will deteriorate soon.

    What are the safety measures while using a mixer grinder?

    We all know that the mixer grinder is an electric product so please try to keep away your mixer from the water.
    While changing the jars make sure that you unplugged the wire.
    Try to keep unplugging the mixer while you are not using it
    Make sure that your jars are perfectly connected while you are starting it.

    Is stainless-steel safe to use in the mixer grinder?

    Yes of course, because a lot of kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel and they don’t harm our body. Using stainless steel will increase the built quality of your product.
    So feel free to use it.

    Are body parts in mixer grinder detachable?

    Not at all, the body parts of the mixers are not detachable. You can only detach and change the jars in the mixer. Don’t try to detach the jars while the mixer is working.

    Different types of blades used it mixer grinder?

    Three main types of blades are frequently used in mixers.

    Dry grinding blade: Dry grinding blades are used to perform some dry grinding operations.

    Wet grinding blade: Wet grinding blades are used to perform some wet grinding operations like blending daal and rise.

    Chutney grinding blade: These blades are used for making chutney.

    What is mixer grinders used for?

    The mixer grinder is used for grinding some materials like daal and rise. You can also make some chutney out of it. The mixer is also used for making some juice.

    How to clean the mixer grinder?

    Fill soap water in the jar.
    Assemble the jar.
    Whip it 5-6 times.
    Wash your jar with clean water
    Dry your jar with dry clothing.

    How to reduce sound in mixer grinder?

    There are several methods by which you can reduce the noisy sound of a mixer.
    Try to put your mixer grinder away from the wall. Because the wall reflects the sound of the mixer.
    Try to put your mixer grinder on a mat surface such a towel or other mats.

    What is the optimum RPM value for a perfect mixer grinder?

    RPM value is a very important aspect of every product that contains a high-performance electric motor. If the rpm value of the product is high then your mixing experience will be good. But it can deteriorate your product life.


    We have listed almost every type of good quality mixer grinder that will be the best choice for you.

    A mixer grinder is always an important appliance for the kitchen because it saves a lot of time and human efforts. Most people always confuse about buying a good product that will be suitable for them.

    So we try to resolve this problem by providing them enough knowledge of a mixer grinder. A sleek designed mixer grinder will save a lot of space in your kitchen. And a high-performance mixer grinder will give you a better experience.

    Some key factors

    • The wattage, wattage is an important aspect in a good quality mixer grinder. Higher the wattage of the mixer grinder heavier the load it can sustain. The wattage of the normal mixer grinder that is used in the normal kitchen is 550 watts to 600 watts. But if you want a high performance better than normal usage then you should go far the wattage of 750 watt and above. But higher wattage mixer grinder will produce a noisy sound.
    • If you use your mixer grinder for more time then your mixer will start heating. For normal circumstances, the mixer grinder will run 5 minutes continuously then it will require some rest about 2 min to 3 min. The heating of the mixer grinder will reduce its motor life.
    • Power is important for a good quality mixer grinder and the design of the product is important as well. You should go for a sleek and slim designed mixer grinder for a better experience.
    • Make sure that the jars and the blades of the mixer grinder should be made of good quality stainless steel. Because stainless steel will increase your product life and the blades will not deteriorate very soon.
    • If you want to make juice with the help of a mixer grinder then you should go for a mixer grinder that comes with an extra juice jar.
    • A good mixer grinder always has a speed varying regulator. Speed varying regulator is an important aspect of the mixer. Because different types of mixing operations required different speed options. 
    • Make sure that your hand blender should not so heavy that you can not easily move it in your kitchen. A lightweight mixer grinder will reduce your extra hard work of holding it.
    • Go for a mixer grinder that will easily clean. Because cleaning is also a very important aspect for a mixer.
    • The quality of the motor is also mater. Because a good quality motor is very efficient for a good mixer. Always go for a motor that will contain copper wiring. Copper wiring will increase your motor life.
    • Overload protection, new mixers that are coming in the market consist of an extra overload feature. If you overload your jar and start the mixer then it can be very harmful to your mixer grinder. So this overload feature provides a better solution. If you overload your jar then the circuit will cut automatically and will not perform any mixing and grinding operations.

    Picking up the best product of your choice is always a tricky thing. So always go for a product that will be suitable for you. You should consider a lot of things before buying a good mixer grinder whether its a price aspect or a quality aspect. In this article, we have provided you a lot of knowledge regarding the product so feel free to choose a good product according to your choice.

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