12 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

As the world ages every day from time to time, the technologies present also grow and evolve with every passing minute. Primitive methods that were once the inception of technology are being replaced every day by modern methods that bring in more comfort, more ease in the functioning and drastically reduces time all this while upholding the superior product quality. Kitchen is a vital portion of the entire dynamics of a household or even by stretch the world. It is where nutrition is prepared and is thereafter consumed by the larger population.

Cooking and its allied associated activities have come a long long way and have been revolutionized with the discovery of innovative kitchen appliances. Be it the modern technology of Induction cookers, the reconstructed device of microwaves or the extremely effective juicer mixer grinder. Now the juicer mixer grinder is an interesting appliance that allows the user to prepare the very first juices, powders of spices or other ingredients and a more recent day line of beverages called smoothies. It is one of the most unique and pragmatic innovations with the juicer mixer catering to the day-to-day needs of the population with its fine functioning of mixing, grinding and blending. 

Whether one needs a cool orange juice to start the languorous day or need a fine mixture of spice to add that extra taste to the meal or even need some fruity beverages for the guests coming over, the appliance of the juicer is the right place to go to.  

Here are some of the best juicers available widely and easily over the various accessible e-commerce sites in the country. 

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2020

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder

Wonderchef is one of those attractive brands around us that is credited with the manufacture of quality products associated with the different portions of the household but most famously for the kitchen sector. Be it superior products adhering to induction cooking or in this case impressive juicer mixers and grinders. The whole process of juicing, mixing and grinding is effortless simplified with the impressive Wonderchef Nutri-Blend. The juicer machine is most effective because of its sharpest steel blades and a super-fast motor that breaks down food to its entirety and in turn extracts all the necessary nutrients.

The exceptional Nutri-Blend is mostly known for its performance, power, reliability and fashionable build. This device from the esteemed house of Wonderchef comes with the availability of the Grinding jar and the Mixing Jar with two unique blades designed for the associated purpose. It is easily a home favourite over the country with the juicer mixer behind the easy preparations of tangy chutneys, finely ground spices, chopped vegetables, luscious smoothies, juices and many such more in no time. 

The Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400-Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with two unbreakable jars of 300ml and 500ml respectively. These robust pol-carbonate jars help the user to have a clear vision of what is happening inside during the whole juicing or grinding process. You can then easily adjust and modify the overall strength by controlling the fineness and choosing the overall duration the device would run for. This is only plausible because of the transparency of both the jars. 

As mentioned before the juicer is credited widely especially for its power. The juicer machine operates at a powerful level of 22000 RPM. This wholesome action helps the juicer to extract all the vital micronutrients from the veggies and fruits, thus rendering them easily digestible by the human body. 

Further, the reason for the hearty performance of the Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder is the presence of super sharp stainless steel blades. These effective steel blades have been cleverly engineered for appropriate precision and an overall satisfying juicing, grinding or mixing experience. 

The area where the device stands out is its immense simplicity and ease of control. The appliance has no switches of buttons. One just has to place it, twist it and play it. One also doesn’t need to hold the device while one is using it. There is the comforting option of hands-free operation. The user also gets Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe book going by the name of “Look Good! Feel Good!”. The book is custom made for every Nutri-Blend consumer and contains intricate recipes of smoothies, juices, dips, chutneys and masalas.

The Nutri-Blend Juicer comes with an extra sprinkler cap and cover lid to fulfil all the seasoning and storage requirements of the user. Furthermore, the unique build of the jar with the steel blades at the bottom has its own specialized advantages. It allows the user easy access to the blades for cleaning purposes and makes sure that there is negligible leakage, which in turn safeguards the motor from any harm. 

The Wonderchef product comes with a whopping 2-year warranty period. They are immensely reliable as they adhere to the German Quality Standards and are influenced by Italian designs. The reception on this product was a mixed bag, with a fair share of positive and negative responses.


  • Wattage: 400W
  • Voltage of 230V
  • Non-skid rubber footing
  • The motor speed of 22000 RPM
  • Two interchangeable jars
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Not suited for prolonged use

Philips Viva Collection Juicer

Philips Viva Collection Juicer

What can be said about the Philips brand that will fully justify its place and impact in our lives and the world we see around us? Philips is one of the most reliable and trusted names in the regular indigenous domestic setup. The range of the products caters to all the spectrum of population with varied budgetary limits. 

Juicers are another of the areas where Philips have excelled considerably and had the results to show for. The Philips Viva Collection 500-Watt Juicer is a fine example of the acclaimed brand’s exemplary brilliance. It literally contains everything one can want from a typical juicer. The user gets high juice extraction along with easy cleaning in less than 1 minute, all enclosed in a superior and sleek design. With the Philips Juicer, one gets fresh homemade juice on a daily basis. 

The Philips Juicer makes the overall process of juicing really smooth and effortless, thus engaging more and more uses of the device. The user can pour the juice directly into the drinking glass without having to go through any extra effort. The device allows the user to place the glass directly under the integrated tap of the machine and accordingly you easily get the juice. The glass just has to have to a height of 12cm or less. 

The size of the juicer is only half the size and is really efficient for the typical Indian kitchen space. Thus it takes only a limited amount of space and you can place it anywhere you want on the kitchen countertop and store it with ease. The device is always at one’s hand. 

As mentioned before the Philips Juicer is credited with impressive cleaning technologies. The QuickClean technology of the machine ensures an easy cleaning experience for the users. The whole cleaning process can be undertaken and skillfully completed within the time span of 1 minute. All of which is possible because of the integrated pulp container, QuickClean polished sieve and smooth surfaces. And due to this QuickClean extraction technology, the user is given the opportunity to prepare up to 1.5L of juice in one go without having to stop to empty the pulp container. 

The pulp left behind after the process of juicing is usually collected in the only place it should be collected, that is the pulp container of the juicer. This helps the user in ways he/she doesn’t quite fully fathom, that is one doesn’t have to clean the pulp fro other parts of the juicer like the lip anymore. To top it off, the smooth surfaces and round design without any extra complications help the user to reach the pulp easily and thus the whole cleaning process is much easier and time-saving. 

The Philips Juicer also comes with the advanced technology of Drip Stop. This prevents all the dripping from the juicer and the drip stop spout is easily cleaned. The sprout is made up of dishwasher safe materials and is detachable adding to the easy cleaning agenda of the juicer. Thus one can keep their kitchen countertop spotless at all times. Further, all the removable parts of the juicer can be easily cleaned in the dishwater. 

The product bordering on the expensive plain has had fairly positive reviews with hearty responses about the overall cleaning process and the fine quality of juices. 


  • Wattage: 500W
  • A voltage of 200V to 240V
  • The capacity of 1.5 Litres
  • Integrated pulp container
  • Non-slip feet
  • Smooth sieve
  • Effortless cleaning process
  • Juicing capacity
  • Hassle-free operations
  • Quite expensive
  • Has noise issues

Sujata Mixer Grinde plus 3 jar juicer

Sujata Mixer Grinder,

Sujata as a brand may not be as familiar or as well known in the Indian community but knowingly or unknowingly people have been purchasing a whole lot of products from Sujata, mainly juicers, mixers and grinders for which the brand is popular. Sujata products, especially Sujata mixers, are used abundantly in various restaurants, hotels, juice parlours and cafes mainly because of the comfortable price range and durability in tough conditions. The Sujata Plastic Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder is the perfect example of the years of good service and reliability that Sujata promises to offer. 

The Sujata Juicer is one hell of a powerful appliance with a sturdy wattage of 900 Watts. More the wattage of the motor of the juicer, better is the overall efficiency and hence the user gets a fine well-drained juice to enjoy or a finely grounded masala to use. The motor further comes with double ball bearings that ensure better efficiency, shields the machine from common juicer relates complexities and the machines runs smoothly over the years with very low cost of maintenance. 

The juicer part of the Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder is equipped with an effective and unique honeycomb filter mesh. This helps the user to obtain a better and finer quality of juices with a certain higher yield. There are also other carefully engineered features such as the whipper button and the rotary action switch for the circumstances where the user wants momentary motion. 

The operating speed of the Sujata Juicer is at a robust 22000 RPM. This powerful operating integrity affects the overall juicing process immensely as this ensures that the juice retains the original flavour and the food retains its original aroma along with the taste. 

The main advantage of Sujata Juicers and why it is so widely used in different eateries and juice parlours is the reliability and durability of the device. The juicer can be operated at a stretch of 90 minutes without any break or interruptions during the proceedings. Thus making the device suitable for continuous and long periods of usage. 

The juicer comes with the usual 1 year of guarantee and is really a smart buy. The overall review of the product is really good with maximum reviews leaning towards the positive side. 


  • Wattage: 900W
  • Equipped with a honeycomb filter mesh
  • A speed of 22000 RPM for operations
  • 90 minutes of continuous usage
  • Durability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Extremely easy to use
  • No home service available

Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga Juicer Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Cello Grind N Mix Ertiga Juicer Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Cello is again a very well known name in the Indian domestic and academic circles, maybe more in the academic field than the domestic space. Cello has been consistent in serving its customers with products for literally every nook and corner of the household, be it the bedroom, bathroom or dining room. Although Cello stills need to cover more ground and sell the effectivity of their wide range of products more in the kitchen space of the average Indian household. 

Whenever we think of kitchen appliances we rarely turn towards Cello even though they also have an impressive range of kitchen appliances. The Cello Mixer Grinder is a really clever buy within a comfortable price range that is credited with smooth operations and excellent performances. One of the finest products in the Cello Appliances Collection, the juicer mixer grinder is designed keeping in mind the maximum satisfaction and comfort of the user. 

The Cello Juicer Mixer Grinder comes fully equipped with state of the art instrumental marvels, such as the presence of impact-resistant stainless steel blades. These stainless steel blades are crucial in the overall function on the juicer machine. The blades crafted with impact-resistant technology ensure an optimal grinding experience and enhance the efficiency of the whole grinding process. That is one can with ease grind various stuff like grains, pulses, garlic onion, chillies and many more. 

The jars provided with the juicer device are made of the stainless steel and are of superior grade. The fine quality of the jars ensures a safe and fine grinding process. Further, they also come with the feature of overload protection that safeguards the juicer from damage due to overloading of food. Thus the jars provided along with the juicer machine are break-resistant liquidizing jars that are guaranteed to stand the test of time and continue to work efficiently as time unfolds further.  

The jars, three in quantity provided with the Cello Juicer Mixer Grinder come with varying load capacities. The stainless steel juice jar is of 1.5 litres, the stainless steel dry jar is of 0.8 litres and finally, the stainless steel chutney jar is of 0.3 litres. These sizes vary based on the applications of each and the average need of each. The juicer also comes with cleverly constructed nylon couplers. These high-grade nylon couplers help in the trouble-free and hassle-free operations of the machine and in turn, provides the user with a safe and satisfying juicing, mixing, or grinding experience.

Coming to the design and build of the juicer machine, the overall architecture of the Cello Juicer Mixer Grinder is quite simple but again quite sleek at the same time. The juicer with a compact finish is ergonomically built so that it occupies the minimum amount of space on the kitchen counter in the average Indian kitchen. Also with its neat looks, it adds a bit of a graceful sophistication to the user’s kitchen. 

The whole package contains the Mixer Grinder unit along with a spatula, 3 jars and the usual user manual and guide. The Cello device comes with a reliable 2-year warranty and is also very affordable. The reviews, however, were pretty unflattering and leaned rather surprisingly towards the negative plain.


  • Wattage: 500W
  • Vacuum legs
  • 3-speed inch selector knob
  • Stainless steel jars
  • Impact-resistant stainless steel blades
  • Easy to use
  • Quite budget-friendly and affordable
  • Light-weighted
  • Certain noise issues
  • The lip cap isn’t tight enough for proper use

Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal Juicer

Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal Juicer

Prestige is credited with the manufacture of quality products for the whole of the domestic household and is justifiably India’s number 1 kitchen appliance brand. It is also the largest kitchen appliance brand of the country always catering to the variable needs of the large population of India. 

The Prestige company houses a wide range of products and electrical appliances mainly gas stoves, pressure cookers, induction cooktops, non-stick cooking utensils and last but not the least juicer mixer grinders. The Prestige PCJ 7.0 Juicer is another example of the product finesse that the most trusted brand in the country provides. The Prestige Juicer is lauded because of its reliable performance and smooth convenience while extracting and preparing fresh juices from soft as well as hard fruits. 

The Prestige Juicer Mixer Grinder gets the sharp edge and exceptional performance due to the presence of utilitarian stainless steel blades. These stainless steel blades provide the user with the much need precision and optimal competence that comes with the operations. The blades are literally razor-sharp and are developed in a way such that they are resistant from the corroding issue of rust. This is what makes them very reliable for daily use and also durable for years to come. The blades very easily reliable as veggies are cut with smooth actions and spices are ground without much of a hassle or difficulty.

The juicer extractor also comes equipped with the very effective feature of vacuum or anti-skid feet. This helps to keep the juicer machine to stay grounded n the surface and stops the device from toppling over while in use. One can with ease and considerable freedom place the juicer wherever they wish too without contemplating any unnecessary hassles. The device is also built with ergonomic switches and knobs that make the overall functioning, operation and controlling of the appliance really simple. 

Coming to the architectural built of the Prestige Juicer; the juicer gains extra brownie points for its ABS plastic and stainless body. This prevents the device from the grave issue of rusting and thus makes the appliance durable and long-lasting. The juicer comes with steel and black colouration and is a fashionable addition to one’s kitchen backdrop keeping in mind with the overall aesthetics. 

Another aspect of the Prestige Juicer that makes it easy to use for its users is the feature of the device’s detachable power chord. Other than that the juicer is also equipped with a smart dual locking system and a rotary switch for convenient and safe usage. Features included only keeping in mind the user’s maximum satisfaction and comfort.

The overall cleaning and care of the very efficient juicer from the house of Prestige is really easy. One can clean the body of the juicer machine with just a simple piece of a damp cloth. There is also the option of adding a little soap solution or use lukewarm water if the mess is really rigid and sticky.

The Centrifugal Juicer comes with the standard warranty of 1 year. However, the collective reviews haven’t quite been fair to the juicer appliance with a considerable amount of negative reviews.   


  • Wattage: 500W
  • Voltage of 230V
  • Dual locking system for safety
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Blades of stainless steel
  • Effectively simple when it comes to usage
  • Sleek design
  • Not suited for regular rigorous use
  • Leaves behind a considerable amount of pulp

Bajaj JEX 16 Juicer 

Bajaj JEX 16 Juicer

Bajaj is another very popular and familiar in the country of India with a considerable number of branches creeping into a number of important fields and spaces. However, electronics is the field where Bajaj has been the most successful. If we had to narrow it down to a more specific sector, then it would the kitchen space in the indigenous domestic setup is where Bajaj is more known and widely used. The wonderfully stylish Bajaj JEX 16 800W Juicer is a very good example of the type of kitchen appliances Bajaj specializes in and accordingly excels at. The juicer is most efficient in the ease with which it extracts the juice from different fruits and retains all the beneficial nutrients and vitamins while doing so. 

The Bajaj Juicer comes equipped with the extremely beneficial technology of stainless steel mesh. The superfine mesh made of the rust-resistant stainless steel is further built with a dual lock. This enables the overall process of extraction of juice from different fruits a hassle-free, competently efficient and safe process suited to derive the maximum satisfaction from the user operating the device and the one who eventually drinks the fruity juice.

The wattage on the Bajaj Juicer Machine is quite powerful and thus really effective and quick. With a superior wattage of 800W, the functioning of the motor is reliable and guarantees exceptional performances and smooth transitions during operations. The user will never run out of power whilst using the juice machine. The juice extractor comes with the feature of 2-speed control. With the help of this feature, the user can customize the speed of the juicer mixer according to his/her preferences and needs or even personalize the speed according to the fruit and the desired density desired. 

The Bajaj Juicer also comes with the smart feature of a backlight LED control panel. This not only adds a certain degree of style and elegance to the appliance but also regulates higher rates of efficiency and a better understanding of the functioning of the operations. Thus making the juicer machine easier to operate. There is also the feature of before mentioned dual lock. This dual lock system safeguards the device and prevents the machine to start operating without the cover properly locked into its right place. 

The capacity of the juicer is also really commendable. One can easily extract up to a litre of juice from fruits at one go. After the extraction process is over, the juice can then be stored in the transparent juice collector. One can either then consume it or store it for future use. Apart from the juicer, one gets a 1-litre juice collector, a washable plus removable strainer and a wide feeder tube in the whole package. Maintenance of each is really simple and breezy. Most of the parts of the juicer machine are removable and easily washable, thus making it one of the convenient devices when it comes to cleaning. 

The device comes with a standard warranty of 2 years. The response, on the other hand, has been fairly positive and the device is definitely a people’s favourite. 


  • Wattage: 800W
  • Stainless steel juicing mesh
  • 2-speed control
  • Easily detachable strainer
  • Dual lock system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hassle-free cleaning process
  • Juices an ample quantity of fruits
  • A little pricey
  • Plastic quality could be bettered

Philips 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder with Fruit Filter

Philips 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder with Fruit Filter

Philips India Limited has been a constant and regular name in the common domestic space of the country as their products met the need for consistency and efficiency that every working individual desires and expects from a certified product. Philips is quite an established brand name in the electronics field of the Indian demographics. 

It is also the go-to brand for millions of people all across the country, whether they want to decorate their living room, refurnish their bathroom or revolutionize their kitchen and dining space. From induction cooktops to trimmers to juicer mixer grinders, Philips has always delivered the best performances under the most affordable prices. The Philips HL 1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder is another example to reiterate the promise of consistency by the products from the house of Philips. 

The Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder coming with 3 jars is the perfect appliance to complement one’s active lifestyle. The device can be used mainly for the purpose of juicing, mixing and grinding and the 3 jars that come along with the appliance are each the perfect fit for one of the three operations. All the three jars are compact and are of the best quality, custom made for the different purposes of juicing, mixing and grinding.

The compact and multipurpose Philips Juicer Mixer Grinder as mentioned before comes with 3 different jars made for three different operations that the juicer machine performs. The three multi-utility jars are as follows, a fruit blender jar with a capacity of 1.5 litres, a sizeable chutney jar with a capacity of 0.3 litres and a multi-purpose jar with a capacity of 1 litre. The blender jar comes with a fruit filter in it for the blending of soft fruits and a centrifugal juicer that is meant for hard fruits. The multi-purpose jar is perfectly suited for the operations of juicing, grinding, mixing and pureeing. If one has the Philips HL 1632 they don’t really need an extra grinder and the whole thing becomes quite economical as well. 

The juicer mixer grinder from the house of Philips is not just economical but is also really efficient. The device has a strong and reasonable wattage of 500W and runs on a voltage of 230V. Along with the sturdy motor, functioning is the feature of 3-speed settings and pulse that allows the user certain personal customization when it comes to running the device. There is an additional feature of automatic shut off that not only saves a bunch of electricity but also safeguards the machine from the accidental overloading of fruits and vegetables. Coupled with all that are the anti-slip feet that ground the machine to the surface while it is operating and also prevents the jerking movements of the device. 

The forefront knob of the juicer is articulately designed in order to ease the work of the user. The easy access speed control knob can be swiftly used to modify the speed of the operation from higher to lower or vice versa. The placing of the knob in the front really is very convenient for the average user. 

The product comes with the standard warranty period of 2 years. The reviews quite justifiably were mostly good because of the years of tradition and consistency that Philips provides with its products. 


  • Wattage: 500W
  • Voltage of 230V
  • Reverse spiral sieve for maximum extraction
  • Blender jar with fruit filter
  • Non-slip feet
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Quality of the jars could be better

Brayden Fito Portable Power Blender, Rechargeable Battery 

Brayden Fito Portable Power Blender, Rechargeable Battery

Brayden has completely revolutionized the whole process of juicing, mixing and our collective perception of it? With a quirky and innovative touch of the advent of modern kitchen technology, Brayden has established itself as one of the best in its own category of juicers. Modern houses with designer architectural arches and technologically advanced kitchens require the latest trendy appliances to perfectly compliment their overall aesthetics and Brayden has done just about that. All of this is not an inch over the top but a necessary move to mask the mainstream boredom with a new wave of cool. The Brayden Fito Kup-G Rechargeable Juicer is the one who has achieved the pinnacle of efficiency drawn through the lines of latest trends. The Brayden Power Blender can be used to mix and prepare a number of stuff like fruit juices, smoothies, vegetable juices, sauces, milkshakes and baby foods; all of this on the go. 

The Brayden Fito Kup-G Juicer Mixer is the cup-shaped and has a more or less compact build. Added to these features is the aspect of the juicer machine being extremely lightweight. The overall build is also designed specially to maximize the comfort of the user and is thus very easy and convenient to hold it. All of these mix together to form the immensely smooth portability of the juicer mixer. 

Now for the big reveal. The Brayden Juicer Blender comes with the provision of USB charging and recharging, which is designed especially to cater to the needs of the working class population but in turn, turned out to be everyone’s favourite juicer machine. One can use it effortlessly on the go. The device is built with dual point smart magnetic induction charging, thus making it accessible and suited with a number of charging sources starting from car adapters, power banks and even laptops. The quick charging facility of the appliance allows the whole charging process to be completed within the time span of 2 hours. Once charged one can use it for up to 6 juicing cycles in a single go. Now one is ready for their office, gym, sports arena, picnic or even car travelling. 

The build of the Brayden Juicer is also reliable with a tough glass built. Coupled with that is the clear transparent view hat helps the user have visuals on the whole blending and juicing process. There is also the feature of a volume level indicator marking that makes the device stand out from the rest and ensures pristine food quality. 

The whole usage process is really simple. First one the cap and fill in the glass cup with all the chopped fruits. Then add the necessary sugar and milk or water whatever is preferred. Close the cap and invert the Fito Kup-G. Then double click on the start button on the cap. One can keep shaking for better results. Once everything is complete, one just has to open the cup and sip the shake. On top of this, the parts of the juicer are detachable and very easy to clean.

The reviews, however, don’t do justice to the sleek innovative device made by the esteemed house of Brayden. It still needs some time in the market space for better acceptance. 


  • The powerful battery of 4000 Mah
  • Dual point smart magnetic induction charging
  • The capacity of 0.3 litres
  • Twin blade system
  • Tough borosilicate glass
  • Extremely handy and portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • The capacity of the jar is insufficient

Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer 

Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia Appliances are credited with mostly high-end products that are more of a luxurious build than the tough durability of other products have a considerably lower price range. But let not the high price set you in a different path because the high price is judiciously justified. Most of the high-end products come with a plethora of efficient features and fashionable builds. The Hestia Appliances Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer is one such juicer machine, which is just the perfect amalgamation of exquisite technological features and aesthetic yet sturdy build. 

It is the perfect stepping stone to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. The device is designed carefully to extract juice from the fruits keeping intact the number of vitamins, nutrients and other important chemicals. The Hestia Juicer can extract thick juices without the formation of air bubbles that reduces the process of oxidation. This, in turn, keeps the juice fresh for a longer amount of time and it retains the original flavour. 

The appliance just blooms in its immense strength and powerful functioning. With a tough 240W condenser run decelerating AC induction motor rotating at a speed of 55 RPM, produces the highest torque that squeezes even the hardest frozen fruits or coconut chunks with smooth fluidity. 

The Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer further comes with an exceptional and fully functioning Auger. This is intricately designed in such a way that the juicer machine is programmed to squeeze out even the last drops of juice from the veggies and fruits. The juicer has the lowest pitch (2.4mm) in between the Strainer and Auger amongst all the other juicers available in the market. The Auger is constructed with aircraft-grade Ultem PEI substance that is extremely resistant to abrasion and is effectively durable. The Auger also has metallic grooves at the bottom that adds extra stability to the operation and reduces noise considerably. Furthermore, the patented knobs on it are ideally suited for efficiency in squeezing. The tallest Auger paired with a high-class motor is the main reason behind the near-perfect squeezing and extracting of juices from different fruits. 

All of the major components of the juicer machine are made up of superior quality BPS and BPA free Titran Plastic. It efficiently keeps the food safe, is absolutely non-carcinogenic and without the presence of any endocrine disruptors. They are comfortable in extremely varying temperatures from -15 to 85. They are also resilient to regularized use and are crystal clear. As to cleaning them, they are dishwasher friendly and can also be cleaned under running water by just rinsing them.

The Hestia Juicer further has a 75mm wide and considerably long feeding tube. It allows the user more freedom to use more amounts of fruits while juicing. One can also easily drop whole carrots or whole apples into it. The tube is equipped with a blunt divider that cuts open all the whole fruits dropped down and is provided with the vital pusher. 

The overall design of the Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer is also very user friendly. So the juice bowl has two distinct outlets that dispense the juice and pulp separately. It also comes with a smart cap that helps the user prevent any spillages and makes the transition of pouring the juice into a glass or a cup really convenient. 

The device has a solid warranty of 3 years on the electrical parts and an even better 10 years on the motor of the machine. It goes without saying that the response on this product was thoroughly overwhelming with a flood of positive reviews. 


  • Wattage: 240W AC Induction 
  • A voltage of 220V to 240V
  • Auger with patented knobs
  • Long and wide feeding tube
  • The rotational speed of 55 RPM
  • The exceptional quality of juices
  • Quick operations
  • Impressive build
  • Highly expensive

Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings is another one of the brands that been the flag bearer if high-end kitchen appliances with integrated efficiency and ease of operations. They specialize mainly in the production of unique and upgraded kitchen products with the state of the art technological features for the modern-day kitchen space. For 40 years, Kuvings has been quite successful in achieving the desired fame that comes with the popularity of quality products and this is a quite familiar name in the Indian domestic space. Kitchen products are manufactured with the help of modern-day technology given the team’s intense stress on research and study on the developing technologies around the world. The Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer just refines the above statement with its superior work ethic and maximized utility.

The question still remains that why would someone pay a whole lot of higher price for a juicer extractor when there are other juicers available in the market with immensely lower prices. The thing is The Kuvings Cold Press Juicer is developed with all the latest technologies that ensure a whole lot better result than others available in the market, thus justifying the high price. The motor in the Kuvings Juicer in a copper would brushless AC motor of 240 Watts. This ensures a blanket of silence while the juicer machine is operating and efficient squeezing at an intricately slow speed of 50 RPM. Thus, making the device perfect for residential use. 

The Cold Press Juicer Extractor further comes equipped with a patented large opening mouth for the whole process of juicing to be smoothened. One can therefore easily insert different fruits of varying sizes and varying quantities with the utmost ease. To forward the efficiency in the quick squeezing of juice from whole fruits the appliance has a ULTEM based Auger installed in it. The alloy of ULTEM is the one usually used in the manufacturing of aeroplanes. 

There is also the feature of the safety lock system installed in the device to strengthen the safety measures of the juicer. The safety system is installed in the lid and drum areas to prevent the appliance from any unwanted damage and to ensure that the device only works after it has been properly assembled. 

The Kuvings Cold Press Juicer also comes with a patented smart cap, This smart cap ensures that there is absolutely no spilling of the juice and helps the user to mix two or more ingredients together at once without any hassle. So, one is not just restricted to the mainstream choices but can broaden their culinary vision.

The overall cleaning of the device is also made really easy and simple with the help of Kuving’s patented cleaning tool. One can just put the strainers into the cleaning tool and rotate it under running water. Thus the process of cleaning is effortlessly simplified and the overall time taken for this process is drastically reduced. 

The build of the Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer is quite ergonomically slim. Thus it saves a whole of space on your kitchen countertop and mixes seamlessly with the room décor. 

The product has about a mammoth 10 years of warranty on the gear and motor, and the standard 1 year on the appliance. The reviews are as without guess massively on the positive side, as it goes with high-end products. 


  • Wattage: 240W AC Motor
  • A voltage of 220V to 240V
  • Patented largemouth (76mm)
  • Patented cleaning tool
  • Safety lock system
  • Speed of 50 RPM
  • Simplified cleaning process
  • Sleek build
  • Maximized customer comfort
  • Excellent customer service
  • A little too pricey

BTC Hand Press Juicer

BTC Hand Press Juicer

The BTC Hand Press Juicer as one could from the name itself is a juice extractor that is operated completely manually with one’s hand. Manually operated and handheld juicer machines are on the rise and more and more people are getting inclined towards trying them out. An additional benefit of the hand press juicers is that they are extremely sleek and there is natural ease in its operations. Add that to the reasonable price range of the products, and immediately it is ten times more attractive and desirable. The BTC Hand Press Juicer is just another fine example of convenience and utmost ease in operations resulting in a fruitful end result.

The BTC Hand Press Juicer is manufactured and developed from the superior qualities of food-grade materials. This ensures that the juicer machine has a considerably longer shelf life and stands strong in the face of fleeting time. As for the BTC Hand Press Juicer, it is credited with a surprising quality guarantee of 20 years. The whole process of manufacture is very detailed and overseen by the necessary authority. The juicers are available to the customer after going through a 3-step quality check. State of the art environment-friendly apparatus is used to manufacture this unique juicer machine. 

The device is credited with simple and easy operations that play really good with a bunch of consumers. Only the simple hand press mechanism is required to get one’s favourite juice from the fruit. One can effortlessly use different fruits like Mosabi, Orange, Pomegranate and Kinu to extract the juice from them. The whole operation is very discreet and quiet, and on the bonus side, the juice remains positively fresh. The juicer also enables the preservation of the original nutrients and taste of the fruits. 

The BTC Hand Press Juicer is the tallest in the market with dimensions of 58cm*23cm*20cm. Further, the heavy handle of the juicer machine ensures better grip while squeezing the juice from the fruits. 

It goes without saying that the machine is a people’s favourite and is widely used all over the country. Most of the positivity stems from the impeccable service and the unconditional 20 years of warranty with the option of replacement. 


  • Hand press mechanism
  • Weighted approximately at 4.5 KGS
  • Dimensions of 58cm*23cm*20cm
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost-effective
  • Might not be suitable for a lot of other fruits

Ganesh Fruit & Vegetable Steel Handle Juicer

Ganesh Fruit & Vegetable Steel Handle Juicer

Ganesh Kitchenware is an indigenous company extending its wide range of products to the various households across the country. Ganesh has been around for quite some period of time but sadly they haven’t made much of an impact on the overall market dynamic or secured a consistent place in the consumer line. This is mostly because of the mediocrity that usually accompanies their products and one can easily lose one’s wallet a little and get a much better product. Keeping this entire thing aside, Ganesh Kitchenware Products are still purchased because of their extremely affordable prices and almost satisfactory operations. The Ganesh Fruit And Vegetable Steel Handle Juicer is one such archetype. 

The extremely handy Ganesh Fruit and Vegetable Juicer comes with an anti-skid or anti-slip bottom. This anti-skid base creates a sort of vacuum while the juicer machine is being operated and prevents it from moving forth and back. It safeguards the device from toppling over during the jerking due to operations and the extraction of juice is done in a peaceful way.

There is also the added feature of an anti-drip system that is quite cleverly installed in the juicer. The system is made up of plastic of the highest quality and safeguards the machine from any spillages during the extraction process. Thus by doing so it keeps the whole process of squeezing juice from the fruits quite healthy.

The steel handle of the juicer that is used to operate the machine is made up of the highest quality. Thus it is quite robust and is pretty simple to operate. Thus the whole extraction process becomes really simplified and almost everyone can operate the juicer machine without any trouble. The juicer is completely manually operated and doesn’t need electricity to function. Further, the four-way mesh opening helps the user to squeeze more juice with a considerably lower effort. 

It is designed keeping in the multi-utility of the device. Thus it can easily be packed, stored and carried with fluid ease for any outdoor gatherings or events. The disassembling of the entire juicer machine is also really hassle-free and thus it can easily be cleaned without much of a complication.

The overall reviews, however, aren’t really pleasing with most of the response sinking in the waters of negativity.


  • Easy manual functioning
  • Made from superior food-grade plastic
  • Anti-skid base
  • Detachable parts
  • Steel Handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Really cheap
  • Tends to clog with fruit pulp
  • The overall volume is not feasible
  • Takes some amount of effort

Buying Guide for Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2020

In the modern world that we live in each and, every minuscule job is being eased with the help of advanced technology has ridden electrical or manual appliances. Each and every activity that one can imagine doing any part of the household, there is the machine or device invented just to help with it and enhance the overall efficiency. But this isn’t really a surprising statement or something that people absolutely detest or anything.

It’s the gift that comes along with the advent of newer technological inventions and the betterment of human lifestyle. The same thing is true with the kitchen space in our households. Each and every action leading to the cooking and serving of meals and dishes have been reimagined with innovative devices. And it has been this way since a very long time and as each year passes away a newer appliance pops up that helps us immensely with our overall work.

The Juicer Mixer Grinder is also one device that has evolved over time and with each advancement has made our lives easier. What began with the simple layman device of “Sil Batta” or “Pata Varvanta”; evolved over time to become the latest Juicer Mixer Grinder where a lot of activities can be performed. From mincing to pureeing, to grinding, to juicing; you can perform a variety of tasks with absolute ease and smooth convenience. It is one of the most basic devices in your kitchen and you can’t really do without it. The Indian household actually needs the appliance more than all the other households in the world. 

Whether you need a cool fruity juice to start off your tedious workday, or you need some onions to paste or pureed tomato for a particular dish or even the spicy coriander chutney to go along with various foods, the Juicer Mixer Grinder sitting on top of your kitchen counter would come to the rescue. The appliance drastically cuts down your overall cooking time period and prevents you from investing too much of a manual effort into activities like juicing or grinding. 

But the most crucial thing about this whole affair is that you have to choose the correct juicer machine for you. You have to choose the device that suits your kitchen lifestyle perfectly. A device that especially caters to your personalized needs and is well within your spending limits as well. You don’t have a device that is a technological marvel but the operations are really complicated and as a result, you don’t get much work done.

You also don’t want to end up with a mediocre device that is pretty much done with after daily use of 6 months. So it is vital that you have a foreknowledge of all the technologies available and the list of things to keep in mind before purchasing the device. We have a detailed list of what to keep in mind before buying a standard juicer machine so that you can make a detailed and informed decision. Ultimately the purchasing power rests with you- the customer; we are here just to assist and nudge you into the right direction. 


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect juicer mixer grinder for your personalized kitchen needs, is the area of wattage or in simplified terms the total power consumption of the appliance. It is an instrumental aspect of the juicer machine as it decides the better or worse functioning of the appliance. 

Higher the power consumption or wattage is, the more ideal is the appliance in grinding tough and coarse ingredients and operating at a faster speed. Keeping in the mind the needs of the average Indian kitchen. A wattage range around 500W to 750W should be more than enough. Although the thing is with a higher wattage there is more and more power consumption, so that’s not really overtly great because of the high bills and energy consumption. 

Number and size of the jars

The size and capacity of the jars provided with the juicer mixer grinder is the most important aspect to carefully review before jumping to a decision haphazardly. It’s quite simple actually. The more the number of members in your family, the more you need to focus on the purchase of a heavy-duty juicer mixer with jars having a large and more than sufficient capacity. 

Coming to the ideal number of jars required for an average toil in the Indian kitchen space, the more the number of jars the more versatility you can achieve in your juicing, grinding and blending preparations. 

So if you are looking a day where you are supposed to cook a lot of dishes and want to get all the preparations done within a handsome amount of done. 3 jars would be more than enough to meet your expectations. You also need to keep in mind the material of the jars and the grip on the handles for convenience in their use. Usually, a Multi-purpose Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with a minimum of 3 jars. You now just have to view their capacities and build material for the perfect choice.


As you can guess from the activities of juicing, mixing, blending and grinding that speed is definitely a crucial sector. How fast the motor blades rotates and moves while chopping down fruits and veggies is what determines the worth of the juicer grinder. For any juicer machine used in the domestic kitchen space of the household, an average speed of 18000 RPM to 22000 RPM is more than good. 

However for the juicer machine to function efficiently an ideal speed range from medium to low is required. This helps in the detailed grinding of a blending of the ingredients. At higher RPM spices or liquids tend not to grind or blend properly with some solid residue always being left over. So it’s better that you go for a machine that has appropriate speed control switches or knobs that would allow you to monitor and modify the speed settings as per requirements.



It goes without saying that you should opt for a juicer mixer grinder that is easier to maintain and clean. Devices with detachable parts and dishwasher friendly parts should be your prime target, as it is really easy to clean and maintain such machines over long periods of time and use. 

Overload Protection

This is a bonus feature that you should definitely keep on eyes on. There are certain scenarios where we tend to overwork the juicer machine with continuous input of heavy load. It is in these circumstances that the motor of the machine is compromised and there is a risk of heavy damage on it. The overload protection function does nothing much, except act as a circuit breaker in the cases of a distinct overload and safeguard the machine from heavy damage. 

Types of Juicer Mixer Grinder


Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are generally used to mix hard ingredients together. The motor that is present in the mixer and which facilitates this easy mixing is quite a powerful one. The most common uses include kneading of the dough, making batters and whipping cream.

Hand Mixer

The Hand Mixer as one can guess from the name is just the handheld model of the standardized stand mixer. Naturally, it doesn’t have that powerful a motor and is generally used to mix semi-liquid ingredients efficiently. Basically used to beat eggs with the help of a bowl beneath.


Meat Grinder

Deriving the purpose of the machine from its name. The meat grinder is used to grind different kinds of meat including chicken, pork, beef and mutton. The motor present in the appliance is again quite a strong one since the grinding of meat takes a sufficient amount of effort. They are used widely in both domestic and commercial kitchen spaces. Most parts of the machine are removable and thus are easy to clean. 

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders are famously known for the grinding of roasted coffee beans into fine coffee powder. They are mainly used in the commercial sectors but residential spaces also have a fair possession of the machine. The more the amount of the time one spends on grinding the beans the better is the quality of the coffee powder.

Mixer Grinders

Fundamentally speaking the Mixer Grinder is the appliance with the combination of both the mixer and the grinder. They are used traditionally for the purposes of blending, grinding and mixing different ingredients. They generally come with two jars, one for the dry powders and one for the wet sauces; the wet jar is generally larger in capacity than the dry powder jar.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

Technically the juicer mixer grinder is just the mixer grinder device with the added functionality of the juicer. Along with the activities of blending, mixing, grinding, the activity of extracting juice from different fruits and veggies is also added to the operations of the machine. The motor in this device is generally quite strong to support the versatility in functions. Usually, it comes with 3 jars meant for the three-wide and different functions of the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one take care of a juicer mixer grinder properly?

To make the juicer machine last long and function efficiently over a large period of time, you have to properly take care of it. Here taking care of it simply means that you have to thoroughly keep it clean at all times. Ideally one should clean the machine after each use since it’s a device that is used fairly regularly in the kitchen.
You could clean it with a damp cloth or use a little dishwashing liquid with water to thoroughly clean every part of the device. The latter should be preferred if you had just used the machine to juice or grind something that leaves behind a strong odour. 

Is the process of blending better than that of juicing?

Characteristically speaking blending might be a better option than juicing. Blending different fruits can help you retain the essential nutrients and fibre which juicing might exclude. So, in conclusion, blending is definitely the better option than the mechanism of cold-pressed juicing. 

Which is the best brand of Juicer Mixer Grinders?

There isn’t really a right answer to this because with each passing day the brands are evolving and accordingly upgrading their products. However, we have some well-established names in the kitchen industry whose products can be relied upon whenever one wants to. Brands like Philips, Wonderchef, Bajaj and Prestige are pretty trustworthy brands and are sure to fulfil your juicing, mixing and grinding requirements with their products. 


Juicer Mixer Grinders are an essential and integral part of the average Indian kitchen space. The machine is integral in the fact that the machine is used on a daily basis and sometimes even frequently during the span of just one day. Whatever you are cooking irrespective of the cuisine, the overall impact of the juicer mixer grinder is unquestionable. 

Whether you have to prepare a mixture of spices, blend chutney or even grind some stuff, you always have to turn towards this machine. The juicing part is also very important for the healthy preparation of fruit and vegetable juices on a daily basis for all the members of the family. Whether one is leaving for work, or going exercising in the gym or even breakfasting before leaving for school, the juicer machine always comes handy. 

So it is very important that you choose the right device for your daily use. However different households have different budgetary capacities, so you have to choose the device that suits your needs and is also under your expenditure limit. For the regular Indian households, the different juicer mixer grinders from the house of Philips are a really good fit. 

The products are technologically rich and are also quite affordable. And as for performance, you get the trusted seal of excellence of a well-established company in the country. Wonderchef and Bajaj are also not quite far behind in terms of overall efficiency and convenience. Finally, if you want to increase your spending limit up some degrees, the Hestia and Kuvings Cold Press Juicers are probably the finest of the fine you can get for your kitchen.

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