11 Best Induction Cooktops in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

As the world ages year after year, the technology available to us also soars and reaches a new high making the function of the human race more and more efficient by deeming the tedious as obsolete. Although cooking with the help of the induction stove or the induction cooktop has been available to us for quite some time, it still forms the stepping-stone to the revolutionary technology, shifting the household cooking from the gas and stove paradigm to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective path. 

In a typical induction cooktop, a coil made out of copper wires is placed under the pot designed for cooking and an AC electric current is passed through it. The result is the creation of an oscillating magnetic field that wirelessly induces an electric current in the pot. This compact accumulation of electrical current flows through the resistance and forms resistive heating of the pot.

The functioning of an electric stove also borders on a similar kind of technology, however, the only difference between an electric cooktop and an induction cooktop is that with induction the major heating element is hidden on a smooth top surface. Apart from that an induction stove also differs from the traditional electric stove in its use of the technology of electromagnetism behind its heating elements.

Overall induction cooking forms a reliable and safe cooking environment with its easily perceivable and understandabe operations. Here are the best induction cooktops for the standard household in the year 2020, and which are easily purchasable from the regular e-commerce sites known to the common public.

Best Induction Cooktops in India 2020



The Prestige brand has been a consistent and reliable name in the average Indian household and thus quite justifiably is India’s No. 1 kitchen appliance brand. For years it has been catering to the various customized needs of homemakers in the country. With a sleek and compact design along with exceptional performance, the Prestige PIC 20-1200-Watt Induction Cooktop forms one of the better models to have.

The induction cooktop offers quick heating and a trajectory of consistency at a high rate of efficiency.  The soft-touch buttons, safety, durability, safety, elegance and anti-magnetic walls form the cherry on the top as the cooktop ensures an enjoyable and pleasant cooking experience. 

The Prestige cooktop comes with an inbuilt and unique power-saving system where the induction cooktop dynamically looks over the temperature of the utensil and accordingly adjusts its power scale based on the overall size of the utensil. This user receptive technology makes this one of the smart and must-have additions to one’s kitchen.

Various intricacies set the Prestige Induction Cooktop apart from the other induction cooktops. The Prestige Cooktop comes built with an indigenous menu option that helps the user to cook authentic Indian cuisine, be it chapatis, dosa, idli or even the usual curry at the press of just a button. 

The cooktop as mentioned before has an anti-magnetic wall that ensures that the black panel of the cooktop only heats in the centre while keeping its remaining surfaces cool. They efficiently block excess magnetic radiation’s impact on the surrounding, making this more effective.

It also has a built-in  Automatic Voltage Regulator that not only takes special care of the high and low voltage variance but also makes sure that weightage is taken by the appliance gradually for better performance and durability.

The Cooktop has a full procedure computer-like control. This system automatically modifies the temperature and power for various meals and helps in an efficient cooking experience. The Cooktop also automatically switches OFF if left ON for a prolonged period without attention. 

The surface of the cooktop is smooth and flat making the cleaning process hassle-free and quick. The cooktop is easily portable and can be placed wherever convenient. One just has to switch off the appliance, unplug it from the source of power and wait till it has cooled down for the cleaning to begin.

Last but not least the cooktop is equipped with feather touch buttons which prevent the entry of water into the machine. It also has Preset Timer buttons for a scheduled cooking process. 

The Cooktop bordering on the slightly affordable price range comes with a 1-year guarantee and weighs about 2.2 kg. 

Public acceptance has been a mixed bag although most reviews leaned on the positive side. The easy to clean technology earned most of the acclaim while issues like low heating needed more refining, deeming the product as an appliance for beginners and first-timers. 


  • Voltage of 230V
  • Wattage: 1200W
  • Type of control panel: Push-button
  • Anti-magnetic walls
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Power-saving technology for better efficiency
  • Instances of IC failures
  • Limited options
  • Low heating



Custom made especially for the urbanization induced modern-day kitchens growing in number in the country, the Pigeon Cruise is a wonderful choice for homemakers, with the induction cooktop equipped with intelligent temperature controls and with the added ingredient of safety. The Pigeon Cruise eases the preparations of one’s favourite dishes and cuisine making it essential in the kitchen. It is the ideal induction stove to possess as it embarks on an easy and time-efficient cooking expedition. 

The Cruise induction cooktop comes with adorning features like a lucid LED display for the easy selection of menus en route a hassle-free cooking experience. The panel of this cooktop is equipped with feather touch buttons that can be used to choose one’s customizable menu or to adjust the cooking time accordingly. The cooktop features seven pre-set menus, which can be easily selected by the soft-touch push buttons that the Cruise has.

The smart automatic shut-off feature allows the user to cook the food unattended by setting specific time duration for cooking the food. Accordingly, after the set time is over the automatic shut-off feature switches off the Pigeon induction cooktop. 

Like all other induction cooktops or induction stoves, the Pigeon Cruise also operates on the principles and technologies of electromagnetism. Along with that, the induction cooktop also comes with a dual heat sensor technology.

The cooktop is programmed to save more energy while one cooks. As mentioned before, the pre-programmed settings come with an indispensable automatic shut-off feature, which in turns makes way for the appliance to consume less power.

The Cruise comes with high-grade electrical that protects against short circuits. Its superior-top plate can withstand very high temperatures and warmth making it very durable. On the other hand, the induction uses a bigger heating element for higher heating efficiency. 

This compact and trendy cooktop is made of microcrystal plate, occupies the least amount of space on the kitchen table and is easily portable. It retains all the nutrients and essential vitamins in the food unlike the conventional mode of cooking. A long and lengthy connecting cord of 1.2 meters allows flexibility and gives more elbow room to move the cooktop easily.  

Every Pigeon appliance comes with the reputed assurance of the highest quality and stellar performances. The user is guaranteed to experience long time service from this very product. 

The Pigeon Cruise comes with a guarantee of 1 year and is a considerably affordable option for the buyers. The reviews were mostly laced with positive experiences apart from the service system that was repeatedly criticized.   


  • Voltage of 220V
  • Wattage: 1800W
  • Smart timer for hands-free cooking
  • 7 segments LED display
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective product
  • Smart technological features
  • Poor customer service
  • Below average body built



Philips for a greater amount of time has devoted its resources in developing and designing eco-friendly products aimed at the betterment of the environment and the society at large. The Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop is one such appliance developed along the lines of efficiency and eco-friendly usage. Philips induction cooktop is a stylish and effective stove that runs on electricity and is faster than the average gas stove. The part where the cooktop steps ahead of the conventional gas stove and where its actual brilliance lies is in its ability to retain the essential nutrition in the cooked food while preventing additional vitamin loss.

The Cooktop is made up of a microcrystal plate. It has a very sleek design and looks very fashionable keeping up the kitchen dĂ©cor and aesthetics. Its compact size ensures that it occupies the least amount of space on the user’s kitchen counter and allows the user to use the appliance freely without being suffocated by the over the top technical appliance parts. The connecting cord extends up to a long length of 1.2 meters making sure of the portability of the electrical appliance. 

The cool touch surface lets the user control and use the buttons even when the cooktop is hot and is being operated. 

The induction cooktop targeting the massive Indian audience has been specially designed for cooking indigenous meals. The user is given autonomy of options, each varying from each other and each assured of the best food quality and cooking experience.

Like most of the top quality induction stoves, the Philips Induction Cooktop has a timer, which the user can pre-set according to his/her cooking requirements from 0 to 3 hours. It promises an organized preparation technique, which saves the dishes from the issues of overheating and more.

The induction cooktop can be easily turned on by pressing the touch start button saving the user the trouble of maintaining a lighter separately, creating a more time-efficient and productive cooking experience. The auto-off program is another one of the features, which facilitates a safe cooking process minimizing unnecessary power usage. 

Priced slightly on the expensive plane, the Philips Induction Cooktop with its clever features does full justice to the price tag. Like most of Philips products, the induction cooktop also received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews going as far as calling it the best induction cooktop in Flipkart as well. Weighing about 2.8kg, the cooktop comes with the standard warranty of 1 year.


  • Voltage ranging from 220V to 240V
  • Wattage: 2100W
  • Push-Button Controls
  • Timer functions
  • Minimal starting time
  • Suited for the Indian lifestyle
  • Sleek design
  • Heating issues
  • Damages the occasional utensil



Relatively unfamiliar territory for Lifelong as a brand as well as in the field of household appliances in the Indian setup, but despite these, it has managed to get an appropriate place among top-notch competitors. The Lifelong Induction 1400 Watt Cooktop made essentially for preparing quick meals it runs on an effective technological feature to automatically flip to the power-saving mode.

The device has a unique power-saving technology where the induction oven dynamically monitors and adjusts the temperature of the vessel and switches to the appropriate required temperature levels according to the basal diameter of the vessel. The Lifelong induction cooktop operates with the Pan sensor technology which lets the oven to work only when cookware is placed on top of it. The deal sealer of the induction cooktop lies in its very much affordable price range, which makes it lucrative to the massive numbers of the middle-class population residing in our country. 

The induction cooker coming mostly in its traditional pitch-black colouration has a clear LED display for smooth operations and it’s viewing. The easy to operate controls works without confusing and complex operational options. The switches are durable and reliable.

The induction cooker is efficient and energy-saving and it runs on 1400 watts power.

It has 7 Preset menus that have been implemented into the 1400-Watt induction cooker set up to cater to the customized cooking needs of the consumer. The variant temperature selection and the digitalized display timer options enable the consumer to set the preparation time and the temperature according to the various requirements of different dishes.

It has a sizable power cord of 1.2 meters to allow for its smooth mobility. Designed keeping in mind the Indian kitchen setting, the induction cooktop is compatible with stainless steel utensils. It also works great with magnetic base and iron flat base vessels.

Like most induction ovens, it comes with an in-built auto switch-off setting which works when the appliance is left unattended for a long time and would be ready for use after a few minutes.   

Lifelong stills need some time to catch up to the levels of its contemporaries like Philips or Prestige, thus the immediate responses are mostly in a sense of comparisons as in where Lifelong falls short of the other companies in this business. 


  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Safety Sensor
  • Anti-Skid Feet
  • Pan Sensor Technology
  • User Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Efficient Heating
  • Nothing new to offer other than the basics



A regular and age-old name in the domestic household of India for quite some time now, Usha has been quite consistent in the production of quality appliances which are used by the consumers for a durable period. Induction cooktop, which was once popularized by the student community, is now a household necessity among many families across the country and Usha with its robust reputation delivers right where efficiency meets durability. 

The Usha Cook Joy (3616) induction chulla is designed specially to prioritize one’s power consumptions and general safety. Usha induction cooktops are made with the state of the art technologies that not just make the cooktop appear sleek and polished but also makes the cleaning process easy and hassle-free. 

These induction stoves are really handy when it comes to cooking food in an easy manner devoid of all the advanced complications. The induction comes with a copper coil and equally adept temperature control for a safe and healthy cooking process. On top of that, the Cook Joy also leans heavily over the area of energy consumption and is thus very energy efficient. 

The induction cooktop comes with an intricately built Pan sensor technology which ensures that the appliance is cooking only when a particular cooktop is placed on top of it. It works in a manual setting format used specifically to customize the user’s cooking from time to time to facilitate a scheduled cooking function.

The cooktop is resistant to frequent voltage fluctuations- an ailment troubling most of the other cooktops- up to a maximum of 1500 volts. To ensure this protection, a safety device in the form of a metal oxide varistor is used to shield the device from power fluctuations. An auto-switching technology also makes space in the appliance as it prevents power wastage and the allied issues of overheating. It also comes with a 10 Amp plug with good earthing to provide proper safety during diverse conditions. 

It comes with a preset 5-menu system that allows the user a certain amount of modification as an added option of manual control tops it off. Further, the induction cooktop comes with an extra-long cord of 1.2 meters in length to allow the consumer to move about the appliance freely conditioned by their will. 

The appliance weighing about 1 kg and with a worktop material made out of glass, comes with the usual one year warranty. The reviews ushered on this piece of appliance varied from highly positive reviews to adequate responses stating the induction cooktop to be a dependable buy at a reasonable price tag. 


  • Voltage of 230V
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Power saving intelligence
  • Pan sensor technology
  • Extremely reliable
  • Good heating specifications
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Poor quality of the outer body
  • No indicator showing the On/Off status of the appliance.



In the fast-changing dynamics of the electrical business market in India, Havells India Limited is a rapidly growing electrical manufacturing company, constructing a variant range of products from the industrial field to the domestic electrical scenario. The company quite methodically and religiously follows the Make in India initiative and has a vast and integrated productive distribution network spread all across Indian and the world. 

The Havells Insta Cook RT Induction Cooktop, one of the finest among Havells’ wide range of cooking appliances is the perfect fit to cook a great snack or meal healthily and conveniently rather than just restricting the usage of the cooking to getting the right taste. The aesthetically pleasing, architectural finesse and feature-laden superior cooking induction oven allow the user a safe and healthy cooking environment. 

The induction cooktop comes fully prepped with a bright LED display indication for easy and smooth operations ensured by a clear vision of what the user wants with how the appliance is working. 

The cooktop comes pre-equipped with 4 Preset menu-cooking options crafted especially for cooking under the stratum of modified and customized cooking. It also comes with a double MOV technology; this allows the passage of current through the device while diverting any spikes/surges through the ground circuit to safeguard connected electronics and surge protector. 

The induction cooktop has inbuilt intelligent cooking protocols and systems. That roughly translates to the fact the as per cooking, inbuilt programmes automatically adjust temperature needed in specific cooking styles. 

The Havells induction cooktop is a handy and energy-efficient product. Direct and quick heat minimizes the excess loss of energy and ensures an eco-friendly setup. Other than that there are no flames. No smoke, and no radiation whatsoever which further forwards the safe and eco-friendly experience. 

The cooktop is acclaimed with very low maintenance with the flat cooking surface of the glass ensuring that the cleaning process is quite easy and simplistic. The appliance is also constructed with soft-touch operations for smooth transitions when it comes to the process of cooking. Timers can be preset from 0 to 2 hours with both variable and fixed cooking. 

The kitchen induction comes with a 1-year product warranty and is on the lighter plane of prices. Considering the price range of the product, it’s quite a reasonable buy, which ensures a certain level of efficiency and safety. Reviews are largely positive and aimed to laud the product quality of Havells.


  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Intelligent programs
  • 4 Preset cooking menus
  • Soft-touch operations
  • Aesthetic gold finish
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Cannot fit bigger utensils
  • Low heating options



Also a comparatively familiar name in the regular Indian household, Kent has been catering to the needs of the average Indian homemaker and has delivered superior quality products well suited for the indigenous setup. The Kent induction cooktop Kag-01 is a revolutionized kitchenware crafted in lines with the latest induction technology available to the world. 

It pushes away the tiring and conventional mode of cooking on gas top or the regular electric cooker by making the process more convenient and safe. The product is developed keeping in the mind the international standards and provides for a great indoor fit. The advanced technology enables the cooktop to function both without consuming huge morsels of time and along the lines of healthy usage. 

The Kent Kag-01 induction cooktop comes with a top surface made out of glass which helps the user largely with the cleaning process and ensures that the machine remains spotless despite any accidental spills or sticky stains.

The induction cooktop comes with a preinstalled clear LED display to make the usage of the appliance easy and comprehendible. This lucid display system helps the person using the machine by making the process of selecting different menu options convenient and that in turns ensures a tireless cooking time. 

The induction cooktop developed with the state of the art advanced cooking technology comes with 8 preset menu functions installed specifically to cater to the different needs of the user. Whether the user wants to make a soup, or wants to boil some rice, or wants to prepare a curry, the user is given full freedom to select the carefully designed pre-set menu function for his/her desired menu. 

The Kent Induction Cooktop Kag-01 further comes with feather touch buttons, which is developed specially to stop water from seeping inside the induction cooktop, thus increasing the durability of the machine. 

Keeping in mind the safekeeping of the users, The Kent Cooktop Kag-01 is equipped with a highly articulated overheating function. If one forgets the cookware on top of the device, the induction cooktop will automatically turn off. It will again be ready for cooking after a stagnant time of a few minutes. 

One of the unique features that the induction cooktop harbours are the special Keep Warm feature, which keeps the cooked food warm for a considerable amount of time preventing the stalemate of having to gulp some cold food after a strenuous day at work.

To make things easier, the Kent Induction Cooktop comes with an essential Turbo cooking feature. This particular function ensures a faster cooking process designed especially for those days when one is in a hurry. 

The cooktop leaning slightly on a higher purchasing price is definitely worth all the money, but again the reviews were a mixed bag with a complete black and white shades as either it was enjoyed thoroughly by the users or had major issues which made the users debunk this machine completely. 


  • Voltage of 230V
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • 8 Preset menus
  • Easily adjustable temperatures
  • Wide range of heating options
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps the food warm
  • Issues with temperature control
  • Designing could be bettered



iBell isn’t exactly one’s go-to brand when it comes to shopping for the usual kitchen products and appliances but the iBell Hold the World Digitally 2000-Watts Induction Cooktop is a valiant effort by the iBell team in the field of kitchenware. Cutthroat competition along with modern-day innovations using the latest available technological resources has left iBell a little behind in the race but it still proves to be a valuable buy because of the low price range. The induction cooktop is a power-saving and durable appliance with a well functioning automatic voltage regulator.

The cooktop comes with standard features of press button controls, which facilitate easier operations, and minimizes the time involvement. The top glass is made of the highest quality of crystallized glass allowing the user a hassle-free cleaning process and a good-looking kitchen.

The induction possesses a comparatively wide range of voltage adaptability with several multifunctions that helps to protect the appliance during instances of power fluctuations.

The appliance also has an inbuilt automatic shutoff feature for safety protection and special functions designed to tackle the burning issue of overheating in induction cooktops. Aside from that, the copper coils in the appliance are also of the highest quality, all quite fundamental in securing a perfectly efficient cooking experience for the user. 

The warranty for the iBell induction cooktop is interesting as iBell provides the usual 1-year standardized warranty with an additional 1-year warranty on free registration. In the crowd of big brand names, ibell doesn’t seem to find the right place to showcase its products and thus the usual homemakers generally turn the blind eye to their productions, which could be concluded by the overpowering of the negative reviews over the positive ones. 


  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Crystallized top glass
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Wide voltage adaptability
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Poor customer service
  • Slips on marble
  • No option for cooking different dishes.



The Wonderchef Induction cooktop might just be one of the finest induction cooktop/ovens in the year 2020 with its advanced technology touched by the modern new wave and finesse in design and performance. Recommended especially by one of the top chefs and the flag bearer of one of the finest schools of thought when it comes to cooking, Mr Sanjeev Kapoor. The Wonderchef Power Induction Plate is easily the best option for anyone looking for an effortless cooking experience while preparing his or her favourite meals. 

The induction cooktop not only enhances the whole concept of cooking on an induction oven but also adds to the overall dĂ©cor of one’s kitchen with its sleek design. The induction plate comes with power-packed extra features, which makes Wonderchef a frontrunner in the race for superior quality and efficiency. 

The induction cooktop is extremely user friendly, which means the user, can use any and almost every kind of induction friendly cookware for cooking on this induction plate. This allows the user a certain space while on the other hand ensuring better efficiency.

It is also quite cleverly designed to save more and more energy every time one cooks a dish. Its pre-programmed settings come with an effective auto switch-off feature, which enables the device to embark on its promise of energy conservation. Intelligent power consumption technology is mixed with good quality IGBT. The induction cooktop has specially crafted enhanced energy efficiency with precise controls.

Another characteristic of the brilliant Wonderchef Power Induction Plate cannot go unnoticed is its robust and carefully developed architecture. This attribute helps the device to double its portability coefficient. Thus, it not only makes the cooktop compact but also effectively stylish at the same time.

The Wonderchef comes with an inbuilt high quality electrical that protects the device against power fluctuations and short circuits. It also withstands very high temperatures due to its a-class microcrystal plate making it efficiently durable other than the already mentioned fashionable. 

The induction cooktop is equally dependable when it comes to cooking solid food as well as liquids. Vessels weighing a maximum weight of 5kgs can be easily used on this induction plate. It can also boil up to a maximum of 10 litres of liquid at a particular time. This adds to its multi-functioning nature. One can easily use cookwares that have suitable diameters up to that of 200mm. 

The Wonderchef Induction also has inbuilt indicators to indicate voltage input, temperatures and more. It also comprises a 5-amp switch to ease the work for the user. Specialized buttons include specific preparations like fry, soup, rice, milk, etc.

Placed comfortably within a price range that is neither too expensive nor too lenient, this product comes extraordinarily with a 2-year warranty. The reviews are naturally on the good side proving the induction to be a smart purchase.


  • Wattage: 1800W
  • Dual-layer of coil
  • 11 preset functions
  • 0 to 3 hours delay timer
  • Low voltage protection
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Precise controls
  • Efficient Manual temperature settings
  • Ceramic plate prone to damage
  • Smoke when cooking



Bajaj has been in the Indian market scene for quite a long time spreading its network of quality products over various sectors and not just limited to a particular field like kitchen appliances. Majesty ICX 7 is an induction designed quite carefully to meet the customizable needs of the consumer. The induction not just figuratively but also literally deems the traditional system of cooking over the stove obsolete.

 It helps the user to cook food faster and more efficiently compared to the usual gas oven. With various features installed specifically to make cooking more convenient and hassle-free for the user, the Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop is one of the finest choices for the homemaker treading the line between perfection and protection. 

The Majesty Induction Cooktop comes with 8 preset menu functions designed to simplify and organize the preparations of one’s favourite dishes. These intricate preset menus function fantastically for dishes, which require the same trajectory of cooking, or for the common meals, thus saving an ample amount of time and effort. The menu includes soup, boil, stew, braise, fry, stir fry, deep fry and hotpot.

The induction comes with tactile switch controls, which facilitate enough options for the user to customize the cooking time for various dishes, and has an easy to use and a stylish touch panel.

The cooktop is developed with a digital LED display, which not only makes the viewings clear during the cooking process but also is good to look at and keeps up with the sleek design of the induction. The body is made up of a highly polished crystal glass body measuring 280mm x 270mm, which gives the cooktop an elegant finish and is a smart addition to the kitchen. 

The Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 is a compact appliance with a 1900-Watts power capacity making the daily function of the device smooth and obstacle-free. The induction has a comparatively large surface for heating, which makes it ideal for bigger pans and helps in the concept of overall heating. Apart from all these the cooktop is extremely user friendly and has been manufactured keeping in mind the hassle-free cooking process, the utilization of nutrients, minimizing the loss of valuable vitamins and making this whole thing a lot safer. The induction is suited for both Indian and western cooking.

However since the cooktop comes with a huge amount of beneficial features, the overall pricing of the device is little across the line marking the start of an expensive purchase. It comes with the usual 1-year warranty but is quite true to its high price. The reviews have been fairly positive with the appliance proving its durability and working for quite a several years. 


  • Voltage range behind 130V to 260V AC
  • Wattage: 1900W
  • 8 Preset menus
  • Automatic Shut off feature.
  • Delay start
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic built
  • Efficient Manual cooking
  • High pricing



Inalsa Home Appliances is a rather less known brand when it comes to kitchenware in the domestic Indian setup even though it is part of an international group going by the name of Taurus. Well, familiarity shouldn’t speak for the products as Inalsa has year after year churned out appliances of the top quality and effective efficiency. It has added a refined touch to the overall domestic environment and personal care. The Inalsa Magnum Induction Cooktop is an intriguing addition to the modern-day kitchen and the daily proceedings simpler and more efficient. 

The induction cooktop is developed to block the excess energy to ensure the production of a healthy dish without any toxic radiation or magnetic hazards. The cooktop also comes equipped with 7 preset Indian menus or cooking modes that help the user to prepare meals with the authentic indigenous taste. The various options include soup, milk, curry, deep fry, dosa, chappati, water and pressure cooker.

The Inalsa Induction Cooktop has an inbuilt unique power-saving technology wherein the induction dynamically controls and monitors the temperature of the vessel and modifies the power level based on the diametric size of the vessel. The cooktop also comes with an automatic voltage regulator that not only looks after the high and low voltage variance but also makes sure that the load is gradually taken by the device to enable more durability and better performance. 

The induction cooktop also comes with an anti-magnetic wall technology to safeguard the device from the surplus magnetic energy dissipated in the course or the conversion from magnetic to heat energy. It reflects the small portion of usable magnetic energy and converts it again to heat. This whole process ensures a reduction in the influence of the magnetic radiation on the surroundings.  

The cooktop is also crafted with an innovative digital display system consisting of an interactive 4 digit display on a fairly large display panel making the device easier to understand and immensely user friendly.

The induction placed in a favourable purchase price range comes with the standard warranty of 1 year. The brand still needs some more time in the country to be fully cultivated and thus reviews were again a mixed bag remaining mainly in a neutral grey shade.


  • Voltage of 230V
  • Wattage: 1800W
  • 7 preset menu options
  • Power-saving technology
  • Voltage regulator
  • Lucid digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Poor material
  • Heating issues

Buying Guide for Induction Cooktops in India 2020

An induction cooktop is a very vital and essential item in one’s kitchen developed solely to ease the toil and stress one has to go through while cooking on the gas top. We all have traditionally always relied on the gas oven and even though if it makes us work hard and sweat all around, the step to something modern and easier to use will always be a doubtful one. 

Thus when buying a standard cooktop for one’s kitchen, one has to take into factor some features and review them all together to buy the perfect appliance that not only smoothens the process of cooking but also stands the test of time and usage. It shouldn’t be like that the induction cooktop worked beautifully for the first 15 days and then stopped working or it did work for years but the productivity was very low and the user couldn’t part with it because of the price he/she had paid to purchase it in the first place. 

Therefore one has to take into consideration certain elements and then compare the shortlisted products and eventually buy the one with maximum pros and minimum or zero cons. We bring to you certain parameters for you to evaluate and guide you towards buying the perfect induction cooktop suited for you:


Now the efficiency of the induction oven is related directly to the concept of wattage. To put it in simpler terms, the higher the wattage the more efficiently and effectively your appliance works. The value of wattage is related to the amount of heat produced by the induction cooktop. 

However, on the other side, one shouldn’t just have a monomaniac view on this and chase after the induction which has the highest amount of wattage, because more wattage also means more power consumption and can lead to several problems like overheating and all. For regularized usage wattage around 1600W to 1800W is expected to be sufficient enough to both generate enough heat and keep the power consumption in check.

Technology in use

Different technologies are employed in different machines and they can’t be pitted against each other because each was designed to perform a particular which is essential for the efficient working of the induction cooktop and which forms the focal point of the brand’s marketing.

One can’t point out a single feature which is superior above all the others because they need for these features are subjective, that is it depends from consumer to consumer. However, we would like to point out certain common technologies that could be useful in determining which device to buy. 

The Pan Sensor is a very clever addition to the cooktop; it is the technology that enables the appliance to work only when a vessel is on top. A proper inbuilt voltage varistor also comes handy to safeguard the machine from power fluctuations and short circuits.  

Last but not the least, the automatic shut-off technology that switches off the cooktop if it is left unattended for a certain amount of time and thereafter it takes a few quick minutes to start the appliance again. 


The top material of the induction oven is a very important aspect to consider for cleaning and preventing it from being damaged during instances of high heat.

We would suggest an induction top made out of good quality micro-crystallized glass, which is easier to clean in cases of the occasional spill and doesn’t crack during higher heat temperature. 

Types of Induction Cooktops in India

Single Element Induction Cooktop

This conventional design of a cooktop has just a single place or burner for cooking where the vessel can be placed. Thus, these can’t be used if one wants to cook different dishes simultaneously. 

Multi-Element Induction Cooktop

As the name suggests there are more than one cooking spaces for cooking various meals simultaneously. It is usually purchased by people who want to completely discard their conventional gas and stove system. However, with multiple units, the power consumption of the machine is also very high.

Built-in Induction Cooktops Units

These are generally multi-element induction cooktops of customizable dimensions placed or cut into customized countertops. These perfectly fit into the countertop and look quite fashionable. However, the total cost is extremely high and generally are used in luxury homes. 

Freestanding Countertop Induction Units

Going by the name this doesn’t need a countertop per se. They are generally placed in between countertops and are quite applicable for outdoor cooking. These also come with multi burners and give the users the freedom of movement. 

Commercial Induction Unit

Used mainly for large-scale commercial purposes, they are quite rugged in construction because they undergo rough handling and are used for considerable weights.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of vessels one can use on an induction cooktop? 

Some induction cooktops have provisions for almost all utensils but generally one needs special pots and pans made out of steel and a specific induction base for cooking. Aluminium and pure copper are not exactly applicable but stainless steel and cast iron can be used. The standard rule of thumb is that if a magnet sticks to the induction, then that utensil can be used.

Can it be used on wooden tabletops?

It can be placed and used anywhere in the entire kitchen as long the cord is long enough to allow the user that mobility and that the plug is connected to a power source, which again is kind of a given.

How is the service for repair and replacement?

Service varies from brand to brand and also to the location of the user. Brands already well established in the Indian domestic scenario will naturally have a better response team than the ones still new to the business or the ones who couldn’t keep up with the race. The location of the purchase also affects the services to some extent for one simple reason, that is the absence of service centres near them. 

Final Verdict

An induction cooktop with all its positives and negatives still forms a very essential device for the modern-day kitchen developed to make the overall cooking experience stress free. It is a great purchase for working individuals due to its efficiency, safety and quick preparations.

Given the rising prices of cooking gas, induction cooktops are the perfect introduction to a hassle-free and cost-effective life. If articulately bought keeping in mind all the important parameters, the induction cooktop is bound to run smoothly year after year.