7 Best Hand Blenders in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you also looking to buy a hand blender for your day to day kitchen requirements? Well, you are at the right place. We have done a detailed analysis on some of the best hand blenders that will be just perfect for your every blending requirement.

One of the most significant kitchen apparatuses that make your work simple is a blender. If you love to plan various sorts of food things for your family, a blender can do everything.

A blender is an electric apparatus that is for mixing strong fixings. Blenders have four segments: a mechanized base, a pitcher, a lot of sharp edges, and a cover. A blender’s controls, situated on its base, can incorporate speed and blend settings.

Most blender pitchers are cone-shaped fit as a fiddle, with handles and spouts for simple pouring. A blender’s sharp edges screw the base, so they’re anything but difficult to clean. The top fits the head of the pitcher and can furnish it with a removable attachment. Expelling the fitting permits you to include more fixings as you mix.

A decent blender should have the choice to process all that you put into it. It also includes things like set berries and ice, all without affecting the motor inside the blender.

It can pull food down from the top, into the sharp edge, realizing a smooth last thing. Blenders work with perfect highlights for making soups, purees, and smoothies.

A few blenders have simple to-pour supplies. This is made with the goal that you can drink out of a similar chamber that you use to make your smoothie. Blenders will in general handle fluids superior to food processors.

Specific blenders for making smoothies are getting well known. It takes after a conventional model with a nozzle included for snappy serving. A few models developed to mix while the machine is running with zero chance of the stirrer.

Best Hand Blenders in India

Orpat HHB-100E WOB Hand Blender

Orpat HHB-100E WOB Hand Blender

When it comes to comfortable and stylish hand blender’s, the Orpat HHB – 100E WOB hand blender ranks first in our list. With this hand-blender, you can easily prepare smoothies, guacamole, drinks, and much more. Orpat has become one of the most trusted brands in the industry and has been giving outstanding products.

The Orpat HHB-100E WOB hand blender is one of the best choices that can simplify your blending and mixing tasks. Focused on user comfort and performance, this hand blender can easily perform operations like beating, churning, and whipping.

This hand blender is powered by an astonishing 250W heavy-duty motor that can easily blend and mix anything in seconds. The 230W operating power capacity motor evenly balances the power and long-lasting durability. Sounds amazing right?

More amazing is its elegant design. The grip of this hand-blender is made super-comfortable making it easy to operate. The ergonomic handle of this blender gives it a stable control while working. All the washable parts can easily be detached from the motor making it easy to maintain and clean it.

Due to its compact size and light-weight body, the Orpat HHB-100E WOB hand blender can be mounted on a wall. It can easily fit at any corner of the room or your kitchen. It is very portable and easy to carry.

Talking about the power, this blender comes with a 6-speed function and sharp-stainless steel blades. This ensures proper crushing and churning of vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat chunks, ice, etc in seconds. We must say, that its a time saver for your busy kitchen.

It has an amazing RPM value of 18000. This product comes with a 2m long power cord which is quite long enough to reach a nearby socket. No, installation is required. Simply, plugin, and start blending. A warranty of 1 year is provided by the company on this product.

  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • 6-Speed operations
  • Stable body
  • Speed needs to be adjusted correctly

Boss E111 125-Watt Portable Hand Blender

Boss E111 125-Watt Portable Hand Blender

While it was a nearby race to the top, Boss’ most fundamental model of their Boss blenders, the model E111 125 Watt. Eventually, it earned its place as our preferred individual blender. It’s the Goldilocks of the classification: not very huge and amazing, not very little and powerless, however on the money.

We were dazzled by its speed and quality when preparing natural product smoothies, which turned out smooth as can be. Its 125-watt motor’s generally low commotion level while granulating endlessly.

It comes with an operating voltage of 230 volt and 2 blades for the main unit blender. It has a feature that has made it more convenient is 20 minutes blending of Hot & Cold Dishes.

While the blender’s arrangement isn’t stunning, it’s dim and-silver base is smooth and unassuming and, most importantly, little and light enough to helpfully be taken care of. The blender’s holders with estimation marks are likewise smooth and completely transportable for in a hurry tasting.

The portable blender expects clients to hold the compartment down or utilize the “beat” strategy while mixing. However, this safety measure attempts to forestall engine wear out and implies the blender will last longer. It’s so quick, you probably won’t notice.

This is a productive and keenly planned blender that performs well while speeding up rapidly for whipping cream. Even for utilizing the low speeds to delicately blend fixings, for example, flour.

The sliding pace control is inside the simple reach of the thumb, so the blender can be held and worked with one hand.

Notwithstanding five speed settings, there is a turbo button for additional explosions of intensity. The connections opening in effectively and can be separated rapidly with the launch button. The mixers have adjusted edges that venture well into the bends of bowls.

The reason behind being quick in blending is its 2 variable speed features with 12000 rpm. The company provides 2 years motor warranty.

I can be used to work up smoothies and shakes, blend butternut squash soup, get a ready serving of blended greens dressing and plunges, and even pound granulated sugar into powdered sugar.

While I don’t suggest that last one, the Philips blender has accepted all that I’ve tossed at it. In case you’re searching for a multi-reason individual blender that is versatile and incredible in equivalent measure, this is your person.

  • Efficient product and fast to blend.
  • Very durable and reliable.
  • Easy to port from one place to another.
  • Limited volume is allowed.

Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 Hand Blender

Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 Hand Blender

The third hand blender on our list of best hand blenders is a high-quality hand blender from Philips namely, the Philips Daily Collection HL 1655/00 250 Watt hand blender.

Philips is an esteemed brand known for its home appliances and good quality household products such as hand blenders.

The Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 Hand Blender can suit all your blending needs.

The blender can easily handle every task from blending hot boiled spinach to making chilled smoothies. This electric hand blender can perform operations like churning and whipping the mixture with ease.

This Philips hand blender is powered by a 250 Watt powerful motor making sure that the consumer needs not to worry while using the blender.

This hand blender operates at voltages up to 230 Volts.

The blender has a steel rod that is attached to its blades and is rustproof that simply adds to its durability.

More exciting is its neat design makes the whole process of using the hand blender much simpler. The ergonomic design of this blender aids in providing a better grip while holding and using it. Also, the washable parts of this hand mixer can be easily removed making it easy to maintain.

The Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 Hand Blender has a very compact design and is also moderately weighted. It comes with a wall bracket which ensures that it can easily be stored in every household.

Operating at 1800RPM this Philips hand blender comes with 3 removable blades and 1.2m cord length(which is long enough for smooth operation). The manufacturer provides 2 years of warranty on this hand blender.

No installation is required, it is just a simple plug and play with easy single trigger operation.

  • Design ergonomics are efficient
  • Comes with 3 adjustable blades
  • Grooveless body(do not get dirty quite often)
  • Excess noise production.

Inalsa Robot 2.5SS Hand Blender

Inalsa Robot 2.5SS Hand Blender

The Inalsa robot 2.5ss hand blender comes with a variety of options for easy and convenient usage. When it comes to the design aspect this hand blender gains some attention from the user.

The design of this blender is very sleek and efficient. The performance of this hand blender is incredible. This Inalsa robot 2.5ss hand blender will be the best choice for your kitchen.

The Inalsa hand blender can be used for making the batter and whip cream. With the help of this blender, you can beat eggs also. The best part of this hand blender is, You can perform these operations without messing your kitchen in a minute.

The size and design of this Inalsa robot 2.5SS are very efficient. This product will take the minimal area of your kitchen. The blades of this blender are made of durable stainless steel. The hand blender itself contains the plastic made a detachable bar that will ease your cleaning aspect of it.

The detachable bar of this hand blender can be removed by twisting the body of this hand blender. Talking about the speed variations, this hand blender is uniform that’s why this blender makes the texture of the whipped cream smooth.

The Inalsa robot 2.5SS hand blender comes with 250 watt DC motor that operates at the voltage of 230 volts. This hand blender also has the push button on the body that will be easy for controlling.

The blender does not stop working even if you blend a little bit of heavy blending material. This hand blender does not produce a heavy noise. This hand blender you can get a much better experience and satisfaction while you are using it.

  • This hand blender is Easy to use
  • This hand blender is very lightweight and comes with the best design
  • The power consumption is very less of this hand blender
  • This hand blender requires the minimal area of your kitchen
  • This hand blender does not come with a variety of speed options.

Prestige Plastic Hand Blender

Prestige Plastic Hand Blender

In case you’re on the chase for an essential individual blender that will give your every day smoothie/wellbeing shake and that’s it, think about the work of art, oft-imitated Prestige hand blender.

Fast, simple, and very transportable, the Prestige hand blender is designed with busy people in mind. While it just has a 250-watt engine, it’s sufficiently able to deal with solidified products of the soil different fixings with the proper measure of fluid added to the mixing compartment.

Prestige hand blender features powerful motors of 250 watts, and an operating voltage 230 volts with a 30-minute power rating to ensure consistent performance. Its Removable blades for whisking & Whipping help you grind hard spices and chutneys as well as make smoothies in the blink of an eye. The compact and easy-to-store mixers come with a 1 -year warranty depending on the model.

The product doesn’t have the altered structure regular to the remainder of the individual blenders on this rundown—rather, the sharp edges are incorporated legitimately with the base of the mixing compartment, as they are in most full-sized blenders.

While this doesn’t address its real abilities, it makes drinking out of the compartment legitimately an odd encounter—and it implies there are zero new parts accessible to you on the off chance that you lose or break something.

Throughout testing, the Prestige hand blender produced some of the silkiest smoothies with the least fuss. On account of their round and hollow shape (no hole!), its mixing holders were likewise a breeze to clean.

The Prestige blender can likewise be turned on and stay on without being held down, and engaging accommodation. This blender belonged to one of my housemates, and very much useful for making smoothies. At this price, wattage, and features, you won’t find anything better.

  • Affordable as the price is convenient
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy
  • Blends smoothly and very quickly in the process
  • Low wattage can’t handle hard ingredients so have to be careful

NOVEL Power free Hand Blender

NOVEL Power free Hand Blender

Novel Hand Blender is another worth spending value milk power free hand blender that carries out the responsibility well, despite the modest cost.

The handle is ergonomically structured so you won’t experience the ill effects of a throbbing wrist while making twelve lattes at a time for your companions. The handle is produced using silicon elastic, so it will stay in one piece whenever dropped onto tiles.

Start with the wand at the base of your pitcher of milk and set at a slight point. With the pitcher at a point, the activity of the whisk will make a whirlpool impact. The whirlpool moves the milk around in the pitcher with the goal that you don’t wind up whisking the milk that you’ve just frothed.

At the point when the milk arrives at the ideal frothy consistency, move the whisk vertically. This procedure brings more air into the milk and makes the froth progressively uniform in structure.

The entire procedure should take somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 seconds, contingent upon the intensity of your frother.

On the off chance that you need an individual blender this enormous, you should simply purchase a standard blender. There’s not much or convenient around 24 ounces of fluid food. This blender is user friendly.

The mixer is made according to client comfort. If that wasn’t already enough, you get an espresso workmanship pen – intrigue your companions with your inventiveness, just as with your wonderfully frothy cappuccinos.

It’ll carry out the responsibility requiring little to no effort, however appears to be probably not going to stand the trial of time—and you’d be in an ideal situation with a less troublesome item.

  • High-quality, robust feel
  • Looks great!
  • Superior foaming performance
  • No power complete manual.

Aric Steel Hand Blender Mixer Froth Whisker Latte Maker for Milk Coffee Egg Beater Juice (9 Inches)

Aric Steel Hand Blender Mixer Froth Whisker Latte Maker for Milk Coffee Egg Beater Juice (9 Inches)

The Aric steel hand blender is one of the best venders, and also one of the least expensive producers. Oval score body shape makes the blender simple to clean with warm water to clear out the stains and other food particles.

This milk frother is made of OK quality treated steel which is truly hearty. The steel grasp does not cause this gadget to feel unstable and it will not likely break whenever dropped onto a hard floor.

This flexible bit of unit can likewise be utilized to blend child recipe, eggs, and protein shakes. With a hand blender, you can straightforwardly puree the fixings legitimately inside the stockpot.

You don’t need to move the fixings into the blender (now and again in a few clumps) and empty the pureed form again into a pot or in another bowl for serving or warming.

Even though not as incredible as some different models, the hand beater performed well in the entirety of our tests. It doesn’t accompany an inflatable whisk connection, yet the low-speed setting is sufficiently delicate to delicately whip cream with the twin mixers.

The blender immediately whisked egg whites into a thick froth with heaps of little, stable air bubbles.

Inundation blenders are simple for mixing little clusters of fixings like child food, smoothies, mayonnaise, or even dribbles. On the off chance that you have a model with a whisk connection, you can even prepare the cream or frozen yogurt dessert.

The item is extremely easy to utilize. Simply hold the handle delicately start the whisk and froth away.

The ergonomically arranged, non-slip handle makes the frother pleasing to hold, and it won’t break at whatever point dropped onto your kitchen tiles. Regardless of its modest feel, this spending milk frother produces a decent head of froth for your mix in a little under 30 seconds.

The smooth and in vogue configuration catches the client’s eye and has generally excellent surveys, evaluations on the web.

  • Budget price
  • Quick and efficient
  • Blades sit too high in containers

Buying Guide for Hand Blenders in India 2020

Parameters to consider before buying a hand blender:

Before buying a hand blender you have to consider many things. But you guys need not worry as we have compiled a guide for you.

Just go through these points as they’ll ease your decision about what hand blender to buy: 

Motor Power

Depending upon the power of the motor (140-800 watts)  hand blenders are of many types.

If you just want to blend thin liquids and tend to make only smoothies then you can easily go for low powered motors.

They will be a better option and it’ll easily come under any budget. But if you tend to chop vegetables, crush ice, or grind masala or nuts you should opt for a high powered motor.

The body must be of high-quality material: Always make sure to buy a hand blender that has a stainless steel body. If not that, then at least it should be made out of food-grade polymer.

Stainless steel bodies are less prone to corrosion and do not rust easily. They are also much easier to clean than a plastic one.


The design of the hand blender must be grippy. It should be designed in a way that you can easily use all the controls as you hold it.

It should be well balanced and most importantly that the power button must be well-placed.

So that one can easily access the power button even during blending or chopping.


Make sure that the hand blender you are gonna purchase must have a detachable shaft. 

Due to this modularity, the hand blender can be easily cleaned. This makes maintenance of the blender quite simpler.

Cord Length

Almost every hand blender comes with a suitable cord length. But still, it is preferred to check for the cord length provided by the manufacturer.


Speed Options

If you need your blender to have various speed options then consider this.

Hand blenders come with no speed options or at the most 2 options for adjusting speeds. So choose wisely.

Cordless Or Corded

Hand Blenders also come in two variants. One is cordless and has less wattage motor best suited for light blending.

Another is corded, make sure the cord is of appropriate length. It is best suited for getting the heavy work done.

As it comes with a more powerful motor.

Warranty and after-sale services

Make sure the blender that you are purchasing must be covered with a good warranty. You should prefer a hand blender that has at least a 2 years warranty on its motor.

Make sure that the manufacturer provides good after-sale services in your region.

As they may vary from location to location.

These were all the things that one must look for while choosing a hand blender to purchase.

We hope these factors will help you in making a wise decision before buying a hand blender.  

Types of Hand Blenders

You’re making a smoothie or grinding cheddar, these blends are here to make it simpler.


Hand Blenders are an amazing tool for preparing large quantities of food. If you have to slash, pound, or mix enormous bits, at that point it is to go for tabletop blenders. They are ideal for pureeing, creaming, mixing a beverage, blending. Some top of the line models like cleaving, ice squashing, and blending batter. Hand blenders called stick blenders. They are the machines for mixing or pureeing fixings direct inside a bowl or even in a hot pot on the oven.


Hand submersion Blender is one ledge apparatus with boundless choices and adaptability. You can change without a problem between various kinds of cutting edges. From ice pounding to hacking cooked meats and foaming milk. This Blender is an apparatus, making plans standard top picks in your collection. You need to make soups, smoothies, sauces, or chutneys. The submersion Blender will be your ideal cooking tool.

Appreciate more products of the soil the way you generally like. Mix calm with our 2-Speed Hand Blender that is anything but difficult to deal with and calm. The hardened steel edge is intended to play out errands. From pulverizing ice for your preferred refreshments. Slashing cooked meats and foaming milk for that morning glass of badam milk!


No compelling reason to plug this into an electrical plug. So it’s incredible to take headed straight toward mix a fast smoothie at whatever point you need to. When completely energized, it can make 15-20 smoothies. So it’s ideal for overnight or end of the week trips, or only for cordless use at home.

The juicer is light so you can tilt, tap, and shake it for better blending. For basic drinking, it consolidates two straws and a straw-cleaning brush. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to energize. It incorporates a force connector and USB rope to make it simple.


Versatile blender is those blenders that are used to make solid beverages. And natural product juices, frozen yogurt shakes, organic product smoothies, child protein shakes. and parcel more and this can convey any place you go.

There are parts and loads of blenders accessible online which are convenient. Furthermore, there are high arrangements for a battery-powered blender on the web

I would express it to be the best one due to beneath reasons,

  • Take it everywhere with you, very portable.
  • Charging this blender is easy.
  • Stylish blender

This blender has minimal effort contrasted with different blenders, with these highlights. It is moderate and worth the cash.


These blenders are heavier and more stable. Plastic is inclined to scratching and retaining the smell of mixed food. Stainless steel is for its looks, yet restricts permeability of the food as it is to blend. Countertop blenders offer 3–16-speed settings. Yet having more options in speed settings isn’t a sign of expanded utility for all users.

In situations where the cutting edges are removable. The holder ought to have a gasket between the body of the compartment. And the base to seal the compartment and keep the substance from spilling. The mixing holder is molded in a manner that urges material to course through the cutting edges.

The compartment settles upon a base. It contains an engine for turning the cutting edge gathering and has controls on its surface. Most current blenders offer various potential paces.

Low-fueled blenders need the expansion of some fluid to work effectively. In these blenders, the fluid helps move the solids around the container. Acquiring them in contact with the edges.

The sharp edges make a whirlpool impact. Which moves solids start to finish, guaranteeing even contact with the cutting edge. This makes a homogeneous blend. Powerful blenders are fit for processing grains and squashing ice without such help.


Stand Mixers have more speed and force with a stand blender. The required form huge clusters of batter or preparing a few pastries without a moment’s delay. It’s permitting you to perform various tasks while it carries out its responsibility.

A standing blender likewise has a lot of connections like an oar for creaming and speed for whipping egg whites. You are paying for the advantages of a stand blender, both in cost and the room required in your kitchen to store it. Furthermore – they can be overwhelming.

A standing blender will snare connect that is for blending bread batter. Stand blenders have a greater engine than hand blenders. So they are more grounded. It can deal with greater occupations like manipulating mixture.


The best blenders for smoothies with organic products. For example the capacity of juicer, soybean milk, frozen yogurt machine, cooking machine. It can right away break the cell dividers of food.

Business Mixer Blender, Multi-Function Wet and Dry application 2 of every 1 capacity. Best cutting edge Industrial Motor pounding ice in seconds High-quality plastic compartment.

These blenders aren’t only for organizations. Home cooks discover them a significant piece of the kitchen.

Commercial blenders are a huge advance up from the individual use assortment. They’re made of a lot more grounded materials and have a higher limit. In any case, they additionally want a greater venture than your common home-blender.

Benefits of using Hand Blender

A hand blender, also sometimes credited as a stick blender, is one of the most used kitchen appliances.

Still, a lot of people are unsure whether to buy a hand blender or a proper complete set of mixer-grinders.

This confusion is quite common as there so many options available in the market for blenders.

At the very basic a hand blender is nothing but a smaller, compact version of a full-sized mixer.

To help you guys for removing your confusion about blenders.

We have created a list that states the benefits of using a hand blender.

The benefits of using hand blenders start from their compact size and go up to their versatile uses in any workspace. 

1. Compact and Portable: 

Due to limited space in kitchens, many people look for an appliance that is compact but gets the job done. This is where hand blenders come in, they fully serve this purpose.

One of the main features that add to their compact nature is their design that makes the work much easier. The hand blenders come with high portability and take up very little space for storing.

The hand blenders are so easy to use that you simply need to combine all the ingredients in a jar. Then simply plug the blender from one side and you can start using it.

2. Versatility:

Hand blenders can be used for making a variety of recipes such as smoothies and soup. It becomes quite easy to make these with the help of a hand blender. 

They are not only suited for blending food items but also for chopping them.

Whether you wish to make a milkshake or quick salad dressing, a hand blender is a right appliance for you. This appliance just eases the way for making any dish someone wishes for.

3. Silent Operation:

 Hand blenders are quite silent in their operation. Unlike bulky blenders, hand blenders tend to make less noise. Some of the hand blenders are almost silent.

The motor of the blenders is encased in the handle connected to the blade via a steel rod.

As a result, most of the sound generated from the motor remains inside the blender’s casing. Hence making the whole operation silent.

4. Convenience:

It is just another advantage of using hand blenders. By using hand blenders one can easily avoid the unnecessary transfer of hot liquids.

It is very silent in operation, unlike its bulky counterparts. As being compact they can easily be packed for a picnic. And fresh drinks can be prepared on the go.

Being silent makes them ideal for homes with small kids and pets as they will not get scared of its sound.

5. Easy on the pocket: 

Unlike bulky and heavy blenders, hand blenders are inexpensive. These traits of hand blenders make them a handy appliance best suited for all households.

6.Better Efficiency: Hand Blenders are very efficient to use. While using hand blenders you will not require a particular bowl to blend food items.

Instead, you can use it directly in the cooking vessel. This just adds to the versatility of hand blenders. In fact with hand blenders, you can work with hot food material very easily.

7. Variety of Accessories: 

Some hand blenders come with multi-speed functions. Some include multiple blades. Many of them come packaged with a bowl and a wall mount.

The special blades that they come with the help you to puree, whip, or chop.

Even some of the hand blenders can be converted into food processors with an attachment.

They are easy to clean as many parts can be easily detached and can be cleaned separately.

Some hand blenders come with features through which you can adjust their length.

This might come in handy in many situations.

All these features of hand blenders make them such a handy tool in the kitchen.

To avoid any hassle while working you must use a hand blender, as they are compact yet impactful.

These hand blenders make the kitchen chores less time-consuming.

We hope that this list about the benefits of hand blenders will help you guys making the purchase.

How to Hand Blenders work ?

A hand blender(or a wand blender-because of its shape) consists of two parts. One is the upper body where the motor of the hand blender is placed and the lower part. 

The lower part of the hand blender contain blades which are connected to the motor through a long steel rod.

Now, this upper region also has a trigger switch to start the motor and also grips the hand.

When this switch is pressed it starts the motor which in turn starts rotating the blades at high speeds.

The rotation of blades is powered by the motor and this initiates blending.

Recently hand blenders have started coming out with variable speed options.

These speed options can be adjusted using the knob placed in the upper region.

Now, this high-speed rotation of blades not only blends or chop the ingredients but can also liquefy them. Blades can be interchanged according to the intended purpose.

In this way, hand blenders can easily perform chopping, blending, and whisking.

And this is aided by high-speed rotation of sharp blades powered by a motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look before buying a hand blender?

Before buying a good hand blender you should check its build quality first. What type of material is used to make the blender and the blade?
The blade should be sharped and should not be leaving any scratches on the wall of attachments. The power consumption should be minimum and have at least more than one option for changing the speed of the motor.

I want to make juices, can I use hand blender?

Yes, you can but it will become a little bit messy and tricky because hand blender can not liquify your veggies or fruits as much as juicer can do. But if you chop your veggies and fruits in a very small form then you will be able to make some juice out of it.

What is the optimum RPM value for a perfect hand blender?

The RPM value is not that important for a hand blender. Because blending the item is not only depends on how fast the blades can move but also it will also depend on the horsepower of the motor. The optimal RPM speed is around 27000rpm to 30000rpm for a perfect hand blender.

How long will a hand-blender work properly?

If you try to run your hand blender continuously for a minute then your hand blender will be heating and can behave abnormally. To avoid this problem you should use your hand blender continuously only for 20sec to 30sec and then give it some rest around 5sec to 7 sec. If you properly use your hand blender then it will work properly for long periods.

Is stainless-steel safe to use in hand blender?

Yes, stainless – steel is safe for your hand blender. Because stainless – steel is not harmful to our body. A lot of kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel. So feel free to use it.

How can I maintain a hand blender so that it lasts longer?

The hand blender is generally used to chop and whip the soft vegetables and fruits. If you are trying to chop hard vegetables and fruits then the blades of the blender deteriorate soon. You have to clean your blender once a week. And make sure that you detached the plug and all the attachments before cleaning it.

What are the safety measures while using a hand blender?

Try to keep unplugging the blender while you are not using it. If you are changing the blades of the blender and if you are changing the attachments always unplug it first. These appliances are electric products so try to keep away your hand blender from water.

Are body parts in hand blenders detachable?

Yes, the body parts of the hand blenders are detachable. You can detach your attachments and clean them in the manner that you want. The detachable bar of hand blender can be removed by twisting the body of this hand blender. The detachable hand blenders take the minimal amount of your workspace.

Which hand blender is better, one with constant speed or one with varying speed options?

The speed of the hand blender should be uniform. if the speed of the hand blender uniforms then the texture of the whipped cream will be smooth. So the hand blender which has a uniform speed option will be better than the blender which has varying speed options.

What are hand blenders used for?

The hand blender is used for chopping, whipping cream, and other things. You can also make juice with a hand blender. The hand blender is used for general purposes that can ease your day to day kitchen task. A hand blender is also used for making tomato sauce, Mayonnaise, baby food, desserts, soup, and curry.


Hand Blender is a fundamental piece of home. Any purchasers may not know how to choose the correct blender for their prerequisites. For them, we have clearly referenced the key components to pick in our purchasing guide.

We have listed the best product of our knowledge. These hand blenders are budget-friendly and will give you the best performance. A small and sleek designed high-performance hand blender will save a lot of energy and hard work.

Summary of key factors :

  • Make sure that your hand blender should not exceed the weight of 2kgs. If your hand blender is heavy then you can not easily move it in your kitchen. A lightweight hand blender will reduce the extra hard work of holding it.
  • A good hand blender should have a minimum two-speed varying option. If the RPM (rotation per minute) of blades is higher then you will get a better blending experience.

All the time you don’t require a high RPM blade speed so go for at least two-speed varying options.

  • Go for the high wattage hand blender. If the wattage of the motor is high then the blending experience will excellent. So go for at least 125-watt hand blender.
  • Always go for a corded hand blender. And the minimum cord length should be 1 meter. In case your kitchen does not contain the power switch then you can buy a cordless best hand blender.
  • Make sure that your chopping jar quality is best and the edge of blades contains some space from the attachments.
  • Make sure that the attachments of your hand blender detach easily so you can clean your blender in a proper manner.

Picking up the best product of your choice is always a tricky thing. So always go for a product that is suitable for you. You have to consider a lot of things while you are purchasing a good hand blender. We have provided a lot of knowledge for a good hand blender. Stay happy and feel free to choose any one of them according to your need and budget.

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