7 Best Hair Straighteners in India 2020 –┬áReviews & Buying Guide

Some people are blessed with straight hair. Others dream of having silky smooth, straight hair. If you belong to the second category, then the good news is now you can also get flowing, straight hair with the help of a hair straightener.  

Your hair can be frizzy, wavy, or afro. However, by using a straightener, you can make it flaunting silky and flowing. Buying a hair straightener is one of the best investments for fashion enthusiasts to make their locks look and feel amazing. It will make your hair smoother and add waves into it. These things work wonder in giving the finish and final look that you want.  

Straight hair won’t just dramatically enhance your appearance, but it is also suitable for any kind of attire ranging from western to ethnic, as well as formal. So, it is easy to understand the power of hair straightening but choosing the best hair straightener is still an overwhelming job.

You can’t just pick the best hair straightener by googling around. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone in this confusing world of straighteners.If you are ready to go the extra mile to look flawless then here, you have a list of 7 best hair straighteners which will help you to get flaunting silky, straight hair.

After that, you will see the consideration factors that you need to check while buying a hair straightener. We have also added some other information which will surely help you to make an educated decision and answered the most frequently asked questions regarding straighteners.

Best Hair Straighteners in India 2020

ProductTemperatureCord LengthWarranty
Philips HP8316 Kerashine210┬░C1.8m heat safe cord2 years
Philips HP8318 Kerashine190┬░C & 210┬░C1.8m heat safe cord2 years
Philips BHS386 Kerashine190┬░C & 210┬░C1.6m heat safe cord2 years
Havells HS4121150┬░C to 230┬░C1.8m2 years
SYSKA HS68102 years
Nova NHS 840 Professional90┬░C to 210┬░C1 year
Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush170┬░C & 200┬░C1.8m2 years

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

The Philips HP8316/00 hair straightener makes it to the top of the list for good reasons. With the Silk Pro technology, your hair is safe from excessive heat and friction damage. The Philips hair straightener also comes with smooth plates to manage thick and long hair with ease.

Key Features

  • Silk Pro technology to reduce heat and friction damage.
  • Ceramic-coated plates with the goodness of Keratin gives your hair a shiny look. 
  • The 1.8m wire with swivel cord technology prevents unnecessary wire tangles.
  • The extra-wide plates make it the best hair straightener for thick hair.
  • Best temperatures to allow for safe hair management sessions.
  • The hair straightener saves time by taking under a minute to heat up.

The Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener is the top choice for anyone looking for salon-like results at home. Undoubtedly one of the best hair straightener in the market, the hair straightener Philips delivers decent value for its modest price tag.

The biggest highlight would be its Silk Pro technology. Philips has gone one step further to come up with a way to cut heat damage on already sensitive hair. And as a result of the added Keratin, you get gliding and silky smooth hair under a few minutes. 

Usability is also a key factor while shopping for hair straightener online. The hair straightener and curler from Philips take the crown for that as well. First, brush your hair and pick out the sections you want to style. Then use your fingertips to lift them off and let the Philips hair straightener gently glide over it. You can now enjoy glossy smooth and shiny hair like never before.

  • Silk Pro Technology to reduce heat damage
  • Wide Plates for thick hair
  • Easy to manage wires
  • Ceramic-coated plates for zero friction
  • Quick heating time
  • A bit pricier than similar alternatives

Final Verdict

The Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener is the best straightener for thick hair, thanks to its large-sized plates. Although a hefty price tag compared to other offerings, you certainly get a better value for money with a decent range of features. 

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener

The Philips Hp8318 is tailor-made for hairstylists wanting precise control. The in-built temperature switch allows you to select temperatures for sensitive care. With the goodness of Keratin, enjoy gliding and shiny hair with the best hair straightener from Philips’s house. 

Key Features

  • Silk Pro Technology with styling temperatures for smooth and silky hair.
  • Ceramic plates infused with Keratin lets you get rid of fizziness.
  • The 47x75mm wide plates make it the best hair straightener for thick hair.
  • Quickly heats up and gets ready to use within 60 seconds.
  • 210oC temperature setting available for salon-like hair styling.
  • Ionic conditioning enhances hair gloss.
  • 1.8m safe heat-resistant cord.

Philips Hp8318 is suited for all hair types, including open, curly, or wavy hair. There are limited hair straightener and curler options available for rough hair, and the Philips hair straightener is one of them. If you are looking for parlour-grade results right from home, Philips Hp8318 is a decent option.

As it is with most Philips hair straighteners, this one packs the Silk Pro technology, which allows for smooth and silky hair without damaging your precious hair. The ceramic plates come enriched with Keratin actives, which give the optimal shine alongside. 

But what truly sets this hair straightener apart from others is its temperature switch. Those looking for precise control and styling can do so with the 210oC switch. And if the heat exposure seems too much, you can dial it back to 190oC just as easy.

  • Keratin-infused plates for glossy hair
  • Ionic conditioning for eliminating frizzles
  • Heat up thoroughly under 60 seconds
  • Temperature switch for greater control
  • Wide plates manage thick and long hair
  • Lacks Swivel Cord technology for avoiding cable tangles

Final Verdict

The Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine hair straightener is the perfect choice for hairstylists wanting control over their appliances. If you are looking for higher temperatures than standard 190oC, this hair straightener Philips is a worthy choice. With that said, it does miss out on some perks like the Swivel cord. But given its generous hair straightener price, it’s a fair trade-off.

Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener

Philips BHS386 Kera shine is a top-rated hair straightener known for its excellent performance. It comes with SilkPro Care technology and smoother plates, that’ll ensure your hair is safe from friction and excessive heat exposure. With advanced ceramic coating, it’ll reduce damage and distribute the heat evenly.

Key Features

  • Intelligent heat control, giving the perfect straight out salon look.
  • Keratin coated ceramic plates, for ultra-smooth gliding.
  • Silk Pro technology, a common feature in all Philips kerashine hair straightener giving you silky straight hair. 
  • Ionic conditioning, making your hair cuticle smooth and amplifying hair shine.
  • It comes with two professional temperature settings, for salon-finish hair.
  • Ultra-fast heating in just 60 seconds.
  • With long plates, it reduces the styling time.

If you’re looking for a hair straightener that’ll give you satisfactory results at home, Philips 386 hair straightener is the one for you. It’s not only affordable but comes with great features that’ll upgrade your experience. The Keratin infused plates make hair smooth, and frizz-free hair’s guaranteed after using this straightener. 

This Philips kerashine hair straightener comes with Swivel cord technology with 1.8m cord length, that’ll prevent all unwanted tangles and maximize flexibility. With two professional temperature controls, it becomes the best hair straightener. The ionic conditioning will make your hair glossier, thereby giving you the diva look you want. Finish your task sooner with ultra-fast heating.

Looking for a straightening routine? Well, simply brush your hair and divide it into sections. Lift the desired section using your fingertips. Place that section between the styling plates and gently pull the long plates downward, gliding through your hair. Keep repeating the steps for the rest of your hair for ultra-smooth and glossy hair.

  • Professional temperature settings
  • Long plates for easy straightening
  • Fast heating in 60 seconds
  • 1.6 m heat resistant cord
  • Swivel cord technology, giving maximum flexibility
  • The shine doesn’t last long after a day

Final Verdict

The Philips 386 hair straightener is a good option for those who don’t have time to visit a parlour. It comes with two heat settings suitable for both thick and thin hair. Even though the shine lasts longer only for a day, it’s a win-win situation.

Havells HS4121 Wide Plate Hair Straightener

Havells HS4121 is the best hair straightener for thick hair at its price. An excellent hair straightener with temperature control from 150-230 degrees. It can transform your frizzy, bushy, and lacklustre hair into smooth & glossy hair. 

Key Features

  • It comes with a plate lock system for convenience in storing and travelling. 
  • Advanced temperature settings from 150-230 degrees, for salon-like hair styling.
  • With 40×100 mm wide plates, it becomes the best hair straightener for thick hair. 
  • Digital temperature display, making your hair styling more convenient.
  • Ceramic coated heating plates will allow the hair to glide through the iron smoothly, eliminating frizz and keep the hair shiny.
  • Swivel cord technology will maximize flexibility and reduce unnecessary tangles.
  • Fast heating, making it ready-to-use in 60 seconds.

This Havells hair straightener is the best choice for those having long, thick, or coarse hair. The 40×100 mm ceramic coated floating plates will provide exceptional results by eliminating all frizz from your hair, making it smooth and glossy. Press the power button and start styling your hair. It comes with control buttons, used to increase or decrease the temperature. Once completed, turn off the power button.

It’s the best hair straightener online with five different temperature settings from 150-230 degrees for the highest styling flexibility. The straightener turns off automatically after 60 seconds to prevent any mishap. To ensure convenience in storage or travelling, it comes with a plates lock system.

This straightener heats up quickly within 60 seconds and is ready for impeccable results. While styling, you need plenty of space to move around, thus it comes with a long rubberized 1.8m flexible cord. So, get the hairstyle you’ve always wished for using this electric Havells hair straightener.

  • 1.8m flexible and rubberized power cord
  • Wide plate hair straightener
  • Ceramic plates for exceptional salon-like results
  • 40×100 mm plates, straightening more hair in one go
  • Plates lock system assuring maximum flexibility in storage
  • It doesn’t come with SilkPro technology

Final Verdict

Havells HS4121 is a perfect hair straightener and comes with advanced temperature controls. A budget-friendly product with great features and automatic power cut-off, ensuring safety. Even if it misses the SilkPro technology, it’s still the perfect straightener for long, thick hair.

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

The SYSKA HS6810 hair straightener is here to shape your hair in less than a minute. Transform your dull and boring hair into a silky and glossy one. It’s easy to use because of its comfortable and light-weight structure. Enjoy the experience of beautiful hair using SYSKA hair-care products.

Key Features

  • It comes with a rapid heating function and gets ready-to-use in just 60 seconds.
  • With the auto-off feature, it assures safety from hair damage or any electric short circuit.
  • Ceramic coated plates for smooth gliding and frizz-free hair, giving a straight out salon look.
  • With PTC heater, it uniformly provides heat to the plates to straighten your hair, leaving it smooth and glossy.
  • A light-weighted straightener for comfortable use comes with a sleek, glossy finish to give that extra element of glam.
  • A push-button lockable handle makes it convenient for travelling.
  • Heat resistant ceramic plates that cools down much fast.

SYSKA SuperGlam comes with a fast-heating function and gets-ready-to use within 60 seconds. You can start styling your hair after a minute to get smooth and frizz-free hair. Be the diva you wanted to be for so long using Syska hair-styling products. It’s one of the best hair straightener available at this range.

Are you worried about damaging your hair? No need to, as SyskaSuperGlam comes with overheat protection to prevent hair damage or electric short-circuit. The ceramic infused plates provide a smooth gliding through your hair, giving a downright professional parlour look. 

The best thing about this hair straightener is its heat balance technology. The PTC heater will provide heat evenly on the plates to style your hair and leaving it glossy. With a simple push lock button, it gives comfort in carrying while travelling. Also, the 360-degree Swivel cord prevents unwanted tangles. The ceramic heat resistant plates get cool down much faster than any other hair straightener.

  • Auto-off function
  • Heat balance technology
  • Heat resistant plates
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Light-weighted and comfortable structure
  • Narrow plates

Final Verdict

Judging by its features, SYSKA HS6810 is the best hair straightener available at this price range. Want a quick, straightened look? Go for this straightener.

Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush

The Philips BHH880/10 straightening brush gives a salon-finish look at home. It provides naturally straight and shiny hair in just a few minutes. Silk ProCare technology results in less heat exposure and minimal friction. The Philips hair straightener brush is an excellent product coming from the Philips house.

Key Features

  • SilkPro care technology will minimize friction and heat damage on hair.
  • Professional temperature settings from 170-200 degrees to suit your hair type.
  • ThermoProtect technology, thereby maintaining temperature across Philips hair straightening brush to prevent overheating.
  • The plates are Keratin-infused and ceramic coated for frizz-free, shiny, and smooth hair.
  • Its triple bristle design will protect your scalp from excess heat.
  • It gives maximum flexibility with its 1.8m long cord.
  • It’sa sizeable paddle-shaped design brush that’ll straighten more hair in one go.

This Philips hair straightener comes with Keratin-infused, tourmaline flat irons that are better in avoiding hair damage. The ceramic bristles will glide through your hair smoothly, giving a naturally straight and glossy look. With its ThermoProtect technology, it maintains a constant temperature around the brush to prevent overheating.

It comes with two temperature modes 170-220 degrees to best suit your hair type. The Silk ProCare feature’s here to minimize the hair damage. It’s a paddle-shaped brush to straighten more hair in just one go. The triple bristle design will gently detangle your hair while protecting your scalp from heat.

With its fast heat-up time, this Philips hair straightener becomes ready-to-use in just 50 seconds. The indicator light will help you to know whether the brush has heated up or not. The 1.8m long swivel cord will prevent all unnecessary tangles and enhance flexibility.

  • Fast heat-up time
  • Triple bristle hair for gentle detangling of hair
  • 1.8m cord
  • ThermoProtect technology
  • Silk ProCare to minimize frizz
  • Costlier than other products

Final Verdict

Although the brush is costlier than other Philips kerashine hair straightener, it’s worth every penny. If you want to cut-down frizz every morning before going to work, go for this straightener to get smooth and naturally straight looking hair.

Nova NHS – 840 Professional Series Straightener

If you don’t want to spend hours at parlours to get straightened hair, go for Nova NHS. Turn your lousy hair day into the best hair day using this Nova hair straightener. Add this product to your dressing table and get ready quickly in a few minutes. It’s temperature ranges from 90oC to 210oC, making your hair shiny and smooth.

Key Features

  • Its 1.8m cord length will maximize flexibility.
  • The plates get heated up in just 20 seconds.
  • The Swivel cord gives a seamless, styling experience.
  • Automatic shut off helps in preventing hair damage or any mishap.
  • The floating plates will ensure that they move just enough to be able to flex. 
  • It makes hair frizz-free and is easy to carry due to its light-weight structure.
  • It comes with an on and off button, which makes it easier to operate.

This nova hair straightener comes with floating plates that allow the two sides to adjust and get as close as possible. The closer the plates get, the more you can clamp the strands correctly. The temperature of the product ranges from 90oC- 210oC, ensuring your hair doesn’t get damaged.

It comes with a rapid-heating function, and the straightener gets ready-to-use in 20 seconds. The straightener is correctly designed to cater to all the needs of both men and women. Not only it straightens curly hair smoothly, but it also makes it frizz-free. Also, it comes with an on/off button making it swifter to operate.

The cord of this hair straightener is 1.8m long and is equipped with a swivel cord, ensuring that the product doesn’t get tangled up. Extremely cheaper than other products and is also quite handy.

  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Rapid-heat up feature, i.e., gets heated up in 20 seconds
  • It provides frizz-free hair
  • Swivel cord, preventing unwanted tangles
  • Ceramic patented floating plates
  • It doesn’t have a temperature control function

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a low-cost hair straightener, Nova NHS 840 is the one. With its swivel cord function and rapid heat-up feature, the straightener brings out the best in it. It has all the necessary elements, a decent straightener must-have. Even if it doesn’t have temperature control, the product’s handy to style-up hair quickly.

Buying Guide for Hair Straighteners in India 2020

A straightener is not a throwaway object that you change every month but a long time investment that can undo all kind of bad hair day by styling it quickly. So you have to be very careful while choosing one. Consider checking the below factors while buying the best hair straightener.

Hair Type

Before buying the best hair straightener in India or any country in the world, you have to figure out the type of your hair because different types of hair need different types of straighteners. If you have fine and thin hair, then you will need a straightener that comes with a ceramic plate. However, if the nature of your hair is frizzy or curly, then tourmaline straighteners would be your best pick.

The best straightener for thick hair is titanium plated straighteners because they don’t just heat up quickly but also maintain the high temperature. In this way, it makes the straightening process easier. Choosing the best hair straightener for damaged hair have always been a difficult job for women. But they can choose tourmaline plated straighteners because it produces more negative ions that reduce sealing and frizz hair shaft.

Hair Texture

Many people get confused with hair type and texture. The type of your hair is the shape and form of your hair. It can be curly, straight, wavy, frizzy, etc. But the texture of your hair is slightly different.

It stands for how your hair feels to look or touch.

You also need to consider the texture of your hair while buying the best hair straightener. For example, if you have coarse hair, then ceramic-plated straighteners will work best for you. On the other hand, titanium-plated hair straighteners are best for fine hair.

Size (Plates Width)

The size of the straightener is another vital thing that you need to check before making the final decision. While choosing the size of your straightener you need to consider the type and the length of your hair. An iron with 1″ wide plate (considered as thin plate) is the best choice for short hair.

On the other hand, if you have shoulder-length hair, then a 1″-1.5″ wide plate (considered as medium plate) would be suitable for you. The best straightener for long and thick hair are those that come with a 2″-2.5″ wide plate (considered as wide-plated iron) because it can straighten more hair in a single shot.

For short hair, especially for bangs and spikes, one need to buy mini plated hair straightener. In fact, this is the main reason for which almost every hair straightener for men comes with mini plates. For curls, waves, and perms, you will need 1″ plated straighteners.


Most of the people think that the shape of flat iron is flat. Well, of course, it is flat. However, you will spot some differences in their edge. If the plate and its outer edges are slightly rounded, then you can easily use it as a curling iron.

In that case, you don’t have to buy hair straightener and curler separately. However, an iron with sharp edges is less versatile, but it straightens the hair more accurately.

If your sole purpose is only straightening your hair, then straighteners with sharp edges will be your best option. However, if you need something versatile and want the most of both the world then opt for straighteners with slightly rounded edges.


Almost every hair straightener on Amazon come in the temperature range from 160┬░C to 220┬░C.

If the type of your hair is fine, damaged, or thin then you should prefer straightener ranging from 160oC to 180oC. For curly and thick hair, you should choose straighteners with higher settings such as 190┬░C, 200┬░C or above.

Plate Material

While buying a hair straightener online, you also need to consider the material of the plate. Straightener can be made of different materials, but the best ones among them are titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic. You can quickly heat titanium irons, and they provide temperatures evenly. If you check hair straightener price, then you will find that titanium straighteners are pricier. So, there’s no need to buy titanium iron unless your hairs are curly or thick.

In case if you have damaged hair, then tourmaline plates straighteners would be your best pick. These types of straighteners are also known as ionic plates because they generate more negative than positive ions. In this way, it reduces the frizz and results in sealing the hair shaft.

If you need the best value for your money, then ceramic irons can be a good option for you. Ceramic hair straightener price is not only reasonable, but it also strikes the right combination of performance and effectiveness. Ceramic irons distribute even heat on almost all type of hair textures. However, there’s a downside of ceramic-coated straighteners. In the horizon of time, ceramic easily wears down, only leaving the iron distributing heat unevenly.

Heat-Up Time

The heat-up time of the product is another crucial thing that every consumer should consider checking while buying the best hair straightener in India as well as in the other countries. Here it is essential to understand the more time your straightener will take to heat up the more you have to wait to get your desired look. Due to this reason, you should opt for such a straightener that can heat up within just seconds.

If you need something faster, then you should consider buying titanium flat irons because their heat-up time is around 10 seconds. It is also important to know that almost every best hair straightener for thick hair is titanium plated. So, if the type of your hair is thick, then you should buy titanium-plated hair straightener because it will distribute the heat evenly and help you to get a high sheen, glossy finish faster.


The warranty of the straightener is another crucial thing that you need to check while buying one. It will give you the right to ask the manufacturer to fix the problem of your product for free.

Due to this reason, consumers are always recommended to check the warranty of the product before buying a straightener. Meanwhile, they also need to check the terms and conditions of the manufacturer regarding their warranty.

Additional Features

Things that we have mentioned above are the most important factors that you need to check while buying an iron. But if you are in search of the best hair straightener, then you have to go a little bit further to figure out the additional features of a product.

For example, some hair straighteners come with brush and comb. This type of product will help you to set unruly hair in a better way. Another excellent add-on feature of some straighteners is instant-heating. It could turn out a great option for those who don’t have much time in hand.

If you love travelling and prefer to take your hair straightener wherever you go then a travel straightener would be right for you because they are not just compact but also powered by worldwide voltage settings. So, these are the few additional features that you need to check while buying a straightener.

How Does a Hair Straightener Work?

It might sound surprising, but the fact is styling devices like a hair straightener involves a significant amount of science. In this section, the first thing that we will discuss is the science behind the operation of a straightener. And after that, you will come to know the function of different heat settings.

When you turn on a hair straightener, its plates warmed up to high temperatures. Most of the part of the iron heats up somewhere between 148oC to 260oC. When you run the best hair straightener through your hair, the warmth breaks disulphide bonds. This breakage allows keratin to move around. At the time when the hair chills off, the keratin bonds in keratin chains get changed.

As the keratin atoms move around the various portion of the hair, it starts to get fixed at a particular shape for a specific period of time. This strategy of straightening hair is highly effective but not perpetual. As soon as you expose your hair to moisture, it will return to its previous condition and shape.

That’s the science behind the functionality of flat irons. Now you will come to know the functions of different heat settings. When it comes to hair straightening, different heat settings give you the leverage to control its operation. Due to this reason, almost every best hair straightener comes with different heat settings.

Different heat settings don’t just allow users to set their hair in their desired way, but in addition, they also protect it from being damaged. The heat setting of every best hair straightener can be categorized into three different types – low, medium, and high.

Low heat setting ranges around 175┬░C. If the type of your hair is fine, you need to use this heat setting. Anything over 190┬░C will damage your hair. If the type of your hair is thick and it is hard to style, then you need to use the medium heat setting for styling your hair. This temperature ranges around 200┬░C.However, if the type of your hair is ultra-thick, kinky, or curly, then you will need a considerable amount of heat to style it properly. In that case, consider setting your hair in a temperature setting of 232┬░C.

Types of Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can be categorized in the following four types.

Clamp Flat Iron

This is the basic and also the most popular type of hair straightener. This is a classic type of iron that comes with different heat settings, and it can be made of different materials.

Ionic Iron

In the last few years, ionic hair styling tools have become very popular. Flat irons that are powered by ionic technology emit negatively charged particles. It works excellent in reducing frizz.

Wet to Dry Straighteners

Most of the hair straighteners that you will find in the market can’t be used on wet hair. You need to dry your hair before using the straightener. However, if you want to skip this drying process and want to save some time, then a wet to dry straighteners would be your best pick. This type of straighteners is ideally designed so that you can apply it directly on your moist hair and get flawless locks super-fast.

Straightening Brush

This type of straighteners is known for its versatile nature because it can simplify the straightening process and reduce the need for different tools while styling the hair. If you use a straightening brush, then you don’t have to switch between a straightener and brush. This all-in-one hair styling device will help you to get the desired look in a hassle-free way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Hair Straightener at Home?

Using the best hair straightener at home is difficult but not rocket science. So if you are wondering how to use hair straightener at home then here is your answer. The first thing that you need to do is wash your hair with a good shampoo. Then blow-dry your hair with a blower. If you are using a wet to dry hair straightener, then you can skip this step.

Once your hair is completely dried, comb your hair in order to detangle it. In the next step, you have to apply some heat protection spray over your hair. It will protect your hair from all kind of damage caused by overheating. It is important to avoid applying the spray in the root of the hair. If you do so, then it will cause greasy hair.

Once your hair comes in the condition of applying the hair straightener, you need to divide it into different sections so that you can straighten it uniformly. Setting the correct temperature is also an essential part of hair straightening. In our buying guide, we have already revealed a section where you can see the ideal temperature setting for your hair type. So, set the temperature according to the guide and then run the straightener through your hair.

While running the straightener, you need to leave an inch of the hair from the root. It will protect your hair from potential damage. Follow this step for all the sections of your hair and enjoy looking at your straight and silky hair in the mirror.

What is Hair Straightener Cream?

A hair straightener cream is an alternative to┬áhair straightener┬ámachine. But it is essential to know that if you want to get a parlour-like look, then you can’t settle with hair straightener cream.

Styling that you can do with the best hair straightener can never be achieved with cream. But if you want to try something new and okay to compromise your look, then you can buy hair straightening cream.

Are Hair Straighteners Worth the Money?

The answer is a big YES.

It allows you to style your hair within a few minutes and give you the most desired, glamorous look.

Bottom Line

A wide range of hair straighteners is available in the market. It might overwhelm someone who has never used it.

This review and buying guide is designed to help them. Pick any hair straightener from our list that you like and enjoy styling your hair without breaking the bank. Let us know which one you are choosing.

Feel free to comment below.

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