8 Best Glucometers in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Diabetes is a condition where a person who happens to have an unhealthy lifestyle or due to genetic circumstances has an unusually high or low amount of blood sugar in their body. This is a chronic disease and needs to be monitored throughout life. Though, if a person monitors their blood sugar level regularly and has a healthy lifestyle, he is completely out of any type of life risk.

This is when Sugar test machine comes into the picture. The glucometer is a device that is used to measure the blood sugar levels in a person’s body. It takes a sample of the person’s blood and analyses it shows result in mg/dl which stands for milligram per decilitre. This measure shows the weight of sugar present in a unit amount of your blood. For a normal person it should be below 100mg/dl before consuming food and below 140mg/dl after consuming food. 

If you know that you or someone in your family is a diabetic patient and you are looking for the best glucometer to buy, this article might be for you. We will be discussing the best glucometers to buy at a decent price range. Look for the features and aspects that favour you and select the best one to buy.

Best Glucometers in India 2020

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor

Dr Morepen is not so well-known when it comes to medical devices, but this product is a part of this list due to the value it provides for the price you have to pay for it. It is of small size and looks functional enough. The features are like most of the best glucometer in India.

For detecting the sugar levels, it only requires 0.5 µL of blood, which is on the lower side and much appreciated. The readings are quickly provided but the readings obtained can be questionable when it comes to their accuracy. The reviews have mentioned that there have been inconsistencies with the readings.

Coming to the contents inbox, it comes with 25 test strips which are nice, it comes with 10 free lancets which are usable around 10 -15 days depending upon whether you reuse them or not, and the box also has the user manual in case a glucometer is new to you and you want to learn how to check levels.

The shelf life of the strips should be about 3 months, so you can keep them for longer periods in case your condition is normal for days. Also, the price of the strips for this one is relatively cheaper than most brands.

Being in the lower price category, it does not carry any fancy features. It will show you the time and it will beep when the reading is available. The device can store up to 300 previous readings for calculating the average reading and also for reference when a doctor might need it.

Another thing great about the device is that it does not require any type of coding when adding a new strip making it quick to use when you are having a busy day and want to check your reading fast. But the fact that they do not offer any warranty can be bugging for some people. Although, for a device like a Dr Morepen glucometer warranty shouldn’t be a matter of concern.


  • 0.5µL Blood sample needed
  • 25 strips, 10 lancets inbox
  • 300 memory count
  • 7/14/31 day average count calculated
  • Low amount of blood sample needed
  • 25 test strips in the box
  • 300 readings memory
  • Accuracy can be questionable
  • Warranty limited to manufacturing defects

Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Contrasting the previous, this Dr Trustfully’s Glucometer’s price is on the higher side. Though that price is compensated for the features that it offers to the user. It has a simple round design with a big LCD screen which has a backlight. So, you don’t have to worry in lighter or in darker situations, the display will be clearly visible.

No coding is needed for setting up the strip, as the name suggests ‘automatic’ and the process of getting the reading is fairly simple. It just needs 0.5µL of a blood sample and it will give you the reading in a few seconds. The readings obtained from this glucometer are accurate enough and can replace you hassle to go to a doctor in weekdays.

In the box, you will get 10 testing strips, 10 lancets and the user manual. The manual is informative enough in case this is your first time using a glucometer. The box also has 2 AAA batteries, this is because the glucometer needs AAA batteries to run. This should make the process easier if the device runs out of battery as AAA batteries are easily available. The box also has a lancing device and a carry case which was a good addition.

Speaking of features, this one has a lot of them as the price suggests. The glucometer gives you the option to set time and date, change of unit of measurement (if you live in a country that uses different unit), 1000 memory capacity, a smiley symbol if the readings are positive. It also detects whether the reading taken is supposed to be pre-meal or post-meal. It can also measure ketone levels for you and give you an early warning if they are out of balance. The alarm feature is a great addition for those busy people.

This product is really good if you can pay the extra price, it will last longer and in case this glucometer has any issue you can claim the 1-year warranty which can be extended by another 6 months by a free registration in their website within 15 days of purchase. Although the warranty will exclude breakage, water damage and wear and tear.


  • 0.5µL of Blood sample needed
  • 10 strips, 10 lancets inbox
  • 1-year warranty + 6 months on registration
  • Blood sample amount required in low
  • 1000 memory capacity is huge
  • Date and time easily available
  • A bit pricy
  • Strips provided inbox are less

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

Implementing smartphone usage for sugar level test can be a really smart move, and that is what this company did. This is a simple and small device and has a small body and a 3.5mm pin that can be plugged into the audio jack of your smartphone. Both Android and iOS devices are supported although iPhones don’t come with an audio jack so you might have to get a connector.

The reading process is really simple. All you have to do it connect the glucometer to the phone jack and insert the strip in the device. Make sure that you have the glucometer’s app installed on the phone. In a few seconds, your phone will display the readings obtained with decent accuracy. Although consistency can be questionable with this one.

Coming to the features, they can be endless. This is because everything is managed by the smartphone and its app. The app can log all your readings without any memory problem and it can also analyse your condition according to those numbers. You can also consult virtual doctors for advice and the app also supports buying medicines, strips and lancets.

When it comes to inbox items, you get 50 strips and 50 lancets which is a lot. It can easily be used for over 2 months. The box also has a waterproof pouch which will be helpful when you want to carry your kit outside with you. And of course, the box has a lancing pen who’s functioning is good.

Overall, a great product to buy at an affordable price. If you are a good smartphone user and need everything to be handled at one place, might as well get it done using this glucometer. It will manage your reading, your diet plans, doctor consultancy, medicines and much more. Everything will be easy, and you will be reminded too in case you forgot to get your reading.


  • 0.6ul Blood sample needed
  • 50 strips and lancets provided inbox
  • Connected to smartphone from 3.5mm jack
  • 10 sec measuring time
  • Smartphone support gives a lot of features
  • Number of strips inbox is sufficient
  • Price is affordable for the features
  • Cannot be used without a smartphone
  • Not everyone can operate a smartphone comfortably.

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu-Chek can be called one of the most popular brands when it comes to glucometers and this is because of the advertisement that is used to do in earlier days. The product looks simple with a rectangular design and a white body. It has a digital display to give you all the readings needed.

In the box, you will get the user’s manual and 10 strips along with the lancing pen. The testing process is very quick, and the results obtained are alright in terms of accuracy even though few people claimed in reviews that they have observed some inconsistencies with it.

When it comes to features, it does not offer that many compared to its competitors. The device gives you the option to get an average reading of previous 7/30/90 days. You can also transfer the information stored in the glucometer into a PC using a USB port. All this data can be uploaded to Accu-Check’s Online portal for further processing and assistance if needed.

The display will also show if you are in the safe zone of the reading or not. Overall, the product is good but you also can find better options for the price you are paying but if you want a product from a company that you trust or you have heard of then this one might be for you. The functioning of this product is easy to understand, so will not face any problem when using it and you can always refer to the guide provided inbox if you have issues.


  • 0.5µL Blood sample needed
  • 10 strips and lancet inbox
  • The average reading of 7/30/90 days displayed
  • 720 readings can be stored
  • Blood sample need is less
  • Results are instantly displayed
  • Not many extra features provided
  • Price is less.

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

OneTouch is one of the top brands when it comes to glucometers, and this product might be a good reason to prove it. This glucometer has a simplistic design with a white small sized machine and a digital display on its middle that will show you the reading. Below it is an indicator that shows if the readings obtained are safe of not.

Usage of this device is simple. You have a sample detector at the top of the glucometer where you have to place the strip. The strip will then give you the result instantly. The blood sample requirement isn’t high either which is a plus point.

It does not require any coding of the strip before using it just like other devices which are a good thing. Once the result is available it will beep and display it on the screen. The beep sound coming from the device may vary based on how healthy you are. Higher the speed of beeping, more unsafe the user is. Also, the colour of the LED indicator will vary based on the result.

The box will have strips in it, along with the lancing pen and 10 lancets. However, the strip that is needed for this device is a bit costly compared to other ones which most people will not live. Though the accuracy is given will be worth it. The box also has an instructions leaflet if you don’t know how to use a glucometer. A carrying pouch is also provided in the box.

We can say that this product is good for those who are not looking for any fancy features that can consume people who are not comfortable with high-tech gadgets. It’s simple, does not need any coding and gives the result straight away. And if it gets discharged you can always change the tablet-sized battery.


  • 0.5µL Blood sample needed
  • 5 sec for sample analysis
  • 10 strips and lancets inbox
  • Instant result gave
  • Simple usage
  • Strips are costly
  • Not many features provided

Contour Plus One Glucometer 

Contour Plus One Glucometer

Another slightly pricy product in this list but this one has a sleek design which adds it the feature of portability. This glucometer has a black body with a digital display in its middle and this can be connected to your smartphone. More on this later.

Coming to usability, this device is simple to operate. Only a small amount of blood sample is needed and neither does it require any coding before using the strip for sampling. What makes this glucometer is the accuracy it provides. Even the users of this device have claimed that they have only observed last digit variations from its readings which is also less than 5 pts.

When it comes to features, it has a really good feature which is Bluetooth connectivity. All you have to do is install their app from the app store for your device, be it Android or iOS and then connect the glucometer using Bluetooth. Once connected, your smartphone will store all the previous records and calculate all the necessary numbers like average, safety numbers, etc. But, even if you use it as a standalone one, it can still store up to 800 results in its memory. You can also add reminders for yourself using the app.

We can easily recommend this device if accuracy is what you are looking for as this device exceeds the accuracy criteria of ISO 15197:2013 beyond the benchmark. It might be a bit costly but worth it. Although we would have appreciated a warranty with this product for the performance it gives. Also keep in mind that the box contains 25 strips, lancets and a lancing pen.


  • 0.5µL Blood sample needed
  • 25 strips and 5 lancets inbox
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 800 memory capacity
  • Results are extremely accurate
  • Results and logs can be shared to a smartphone
  • Can store a lot of readings
  • Slightly pricy

Dr Gene AccuSure Glucometer

Dr Gene AccuSure Glucometer

This Dr Gene glucometer is on the cheaper side and thus you cannot expect many features from this glucometer. It has a simple body with a digital display and a button on its middle. It can be used by anyone who is not a tech-savvy or not into gimmicky features.

When it comes to usage, it is fairly easy to use. It has a slot at the bottom of the device where you need to insert the strip. The strip will detect the blood sample and give you the result instantly. It has a daily logbook in the box where you can save the readings. You can add the date and time in this device for managing everything. 

Contents in the box are also basic. You get 25 strips and lancets along with lancing device. You also get a logbook and a user’s guide. And you get a sporty carrying case so that you can keep the glucometer with you if you are travelling. Although, the lack of many features still makes it a bit boring and casual. But you can’t complain as the price is also low.

Overall, this glucometer is good for the price you pay. You get strips, lancets, lancing pen and case as well. Use this product if your budget is low or getting glucose levels and readings are your only priority.


  • 25 strips inbox
  • Reading range of 30 mg/dl to 600mg/dl
  • Easy to use a device
  • Easy to carry with you with the small body
  • Budget-friendly
  • Does not provide any extra features for users

BeatO Curv Glucometer

BeatO Curv Glucometer

Another Beato product in this list, and this one just like the previous one with few changes. Unlike the previous one, it is connected to the smartphone using the USB Type C slot. This might create a problem for some people whose device does not have a Type-C port. For those people, they need to get a USB dongle to connect it to their device. Also, you need to install their app on your phone before using it.

The usage is the same as the previous beato glucometer. You need to connect the device to your smartphone and let the phone detect it. Once detected, insert the strip into the glucometer and add the blood sample to it. The sample will be analysed within seconds after which it will be displayed on your phone.

Being controlled by an app, it may not be for everyone, but it does provide a lot of features. Some of which are no requirement for battery in the glucometer, auto-logging the readings, personalised insights, proactive medical support and it can also alert your family members or doctors if the results are out of ordinary ones depending on whoever you saved in the app.

In the box, you will get the main device, 10 strips for use, 10 lancet replacements and the lancing device. You will also get the user’s manual if you want to learn how to use the glucometer. Although the strips provided are not that many, but you can always buy more strips for use. They are not that costly for this device.

All-in-all a great glucometer for a really affordable price. It is not suggested to buy this device if you are not comfortable with technical gadget but for this glucometer, everything revolves around the smartphone and the app which you can find in the app store. The BeatO app and the devices are developed in India so you can use it without any problem.


  • 10 strips and 10 lancets inbox
  • USB Type-C connectivity
  • 0.6µL Blood sample needed
  • 5 sec measuring time
  • 1-year warranty
  • A lot of features with the smartphone connectivity support
  • Measuring time is less
  • Warranty includes replacement of the product
  • USB Type-C is still rare in the smartphone
  • Cannot use as a standalone device
  • Not everyone is comfortable with smartphone connectivity

Buying Guide for Glucometers in India 2020

Things to look for when buying a Glucometer

Blood quantity required

This can be one of the most crucial things to look for when buying a Glucometer. It is the blood sample amount that is needed for detection by the device. If this quantity is higher than you are losing more blood than necessary which can also lead to infection if not performed properly. 

Therefore, it is preferred if you lose as less blood as possible when performing the sample test. If the device is taking 0.5ul of blood for analysis or less then it can be called safe for use, otherwise, you need to find some other device.

There are also some glucometers that need 1ul or more which is not recommended because this means that the glucometer’s build is old and will most probably give you an inaccurate result. It would also mean that you are losing more blood than necessary, and it can lead to your own harm.

Memory count

Memory count is the number of reading a glucometer can store. This count is helpful when you want to find out the average blood sugar level for a person and is preferred to look over by a doctor. Therefore, if you find a device that has a high memory count in it go for that one. An average device will have 300+ memory which is good enough but then again, the more the better.

There are also some devices that store your record in a smartphone which is really good in case you want to share it virtually to someone. It can also be safer because if the glucometer stops working or somehow loses its memory the smartphone will still keep it.

In-box Content

It is necessary if the product that you buy has all the necessary thing that will help in measuring your blood sugar. It is recommended that a Glucometer box contains in it the main analysis device, the lancing device, strips (20+ preferred), lancets (20+ preferred), user’s manual. Make sure that the box has enough strips if you are paying extra for the product. You can always go for buying extra strips if you need but the box should also contain a sufficient amount of those. Also, the box should provide with a carry bag

No coding

Gone are the days when you had to code a strip before using it. In these days if you found a Glucometer that needs you to code before being used then don’t buy that. Instead, buy one that does not need you to code. You can get the information about the need for code in the information of a product. All the product mentioned above requires no coding for their use. All you have to do is insert the strip and you are good to go as is.

Beeps, alarm settings

You may not find such features in every device, but beeps are a good feature that let you know a lot. It can let you know if you are safe or not. It can also be used to alert you that you haven’t taken your reading yet. This feature is a part of an alarm that lets you set a time when you want to be reminded that you need to take your reading. Some devices are connected to the smartphone so it’s even easier to get alerted on your phone because they are available with you most of the time.


Accuracy is the most important factor to look for when you buy a Glucometer because that is the reason why you are buying one. It is not generally possible to know about the accuracy of a product just by looking at a box. It is only known by personal experience or experience by other people. All the units that we have tested have average to decent accuracy which is all that you need. You can expect last digit error from most glucometers but anywhere beyond that and it can be misleading you.

Extra features

It is always appreciated if the Glucometer offers extra features on it for some extra price if it is reasonable. Some of the good features that can help you are listed below:

  • Backlight: This can be really good if you are travelling. In sunlight, most digital displays are not properly visible and the same can be said for night-time at dark places. This is when backlight can be really helpful. With their contrasting display text, it is much easier to get a glance at the reading without any difficulty.
  • Digital Info: The device should be able to provide extra info like the time, date, previous logs, alerts etc. These features help the user keep a track of how his blood sugar levels are variating and whether it’s a safe condition for him or not. 
  • Mobile info support: This is by far the strongest feature a Glucometer can support. This feature enables the user to connect his device to the smartphone. Obviously, a smartphone is more versatile than a small-sized device with physical buttons. A smartphone can offer features like visiting previous logs, calculating an average, get medicines, consult a doctor, alert family or friends in case of emergency and much more. It can also remind the user to get a reading in case he forgets to take it on time.

Size and battery

These are an obvious one. If you are more into travelling or keeping your device with you all the time, then you should look for one that is portable. The images provided for the image will give you a good idea of the size of the product. Also, battery backup is an important thing to look for. Make sure that the battery replacement is also simple, and it supports larger sized batteries like the AA or AAA batteries instead of the tablet-sized ones. They can be hazelly to keep with you at times.

Price of test strips

Although this isn’t a matter of huge concern if you intend to use the device for a long time (probably about a year or more) you would like to get a glucometer whose strips are cheaper so that the user is encouraged to get his tests often.

How to take a reading from the Glucometer

  • Take out the lancing device and press and hold the button in the middle and take out the cap.
  • Insert the new lancet and rotate it so that its cap comes off and only the pin remains.
  • Now close the lancing device using the cap.
  • Now keep the strip ready with you and insert it inside the glucometer. This should turn on the Glucometer.
  • Now press and hold the button on lancing pen and press its tip on your finger. Make sure that the depth set on its meter is sufficient to penetrate your skin.
  • If you finger skin bled a little, use that blood and place it on the strip and wait for few seconds.
  • The reading should now be available on the glucometer’s screen.

Common things to look for when taking a reading

  • Make sure that the reading obtained by the device is accurate. You can do this by getting the blood sugar level double-checked by a doctor professionally. If the results obtained are close enough you can keep using the device again. Otherwise, consider returning it.
  • Make sure the skin on which you are going to use the lancing device is clean. Look for things like cream or lotion to not be present on the skin. These things can easily alter the reading. Get a handwash before reading if you can and dry your hand with a towel.
  • Weather condition and condition of the environment can slightly affect the reading obtained. Make sure that the surrounding you are in is neat and dry. Avoid moist areas when getting the readings.
  • Try to use strips that are newer. Older strips do not give good result. Also, keep the extra strips that you have in a clean place with less moisture near it. Look for the expiry of the strip before using them to make sure the result shown will be close to the actual value.

Normal Conditions when using a Glucometer

For any person, the reading before eating food should be below 100 mg/dl and above 80 gm/dl. Anywhere outside these values and there are chances that you might be diabetic. For diabetic people, you need to get your levels in this range by minimising or increasing insulin level.

2-3 hours after eating food, these readings may spike to 120 – 140 mg/dl. Make sure that you stay in this range and you can consider that you are healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know the extent of the accuracy of my Glucometer?

Get a reading from your Glucometer and visit a doctor that you consult frequently and get it double-checked from them. It should give you a good idea if your Glucometer gives you good results or not. Make sure that you check both pre-meal and post-meal to better understand it.

Is it safe to re-use test strips and lancets?

No, it is highly unrecommended to re-use a test strip or lancet. This is because it contains your blood traces and being in an open condition, they can contain contaminants, dirt and much more which if you use again to test your blood may cause infection on your skin and much more. Therefore, try to discard the strip and lancet once you use them.

Is it safe if another family member uses the same Glucometer that I do?

As long as they use separate strips and lancet pins, it totally safe to share the same glucometer and lancing devices. Some glucometers also support reading record storage for multiple people which makes it even easier to save logs of more than one person without any hassle.

How long will my Glucometer last?

From its first usage, a Glucometer is supposed to last somewhere between 1 to 2 years. But this duration may also depend on how the person who uses it handles it. If someone keeps it in a safe and hygienic place than it is more likely to work over a year with good accuracy, but if someone does not bother to keep it in the proper condition it will start showing accurate result even after 4-5 months. Make sure that you change the battery frequently to keep it running.

Why is my Glucometer giving an inaccurate reading?

There can be many reasons for the same. Make sure that your hands are clean when you get a reading. The moisture or dust can easily mess up with the reading. Also, use a different strip or lancet if you are unsure if they were kept in a moist environment. Change the batteries of the device if needed.


Diabetes has become one of the common long-term diseases among people in India and many people wish to get rid of it or minimise its effect in their day-to-day life. The glucometer is one of those devices that help them monitor their glucose level in blood. It is always smart if a doctor prescribes you to keep a glucometer and you get one for your safety. It will give you readings instantly, it will remind you to take your next readings, it can also give you average readings if needed and much more depending on which one you own.

We hope that this article helped you find the ideal Glucometer that you were looking for or the one that suits you. We also hope that the information provided in this article was insightful and a good revision for you if you have consulted a doctor before and got prescribed to get one of these. The products mentioned in the list were one of the best for the price you pay for them.

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