6 Best Exhaust Fans in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

How would you describe your house? A small, cramped up place, or an ordinary accommodation with the modest interior, or a comfortable roomy flat that you can actually boast of in front of your friends and relatives? 

But do you feel that you can boast of an essential aspect of a house, a good and effective natural ventilation as well? Maybe not. One might have technologically advanced ventilation systems but that kind of convenience and facility can be afforded by the rich and opulent only. What about the huge part of the population which cannot even afford a good accommodation, let alone the idea of luxury such as ventilation?

Yes, ventilation today is a luxury when the population is on a constant rise and there is just not enough space in the cities to be able to own a spacious and a well-ventilated house. 

Today we are bound to have houses stacked up above each other which we call flats, simply because of lack of space to build a house. And in these circumstances, to freshen up the interior atmosphere and to get good ventilation, an exhaust fan is the only majorly effective tool that one can install in his or her house. But it is genuinely important to get enough information and do some quality research in order to decide which one to buy so that one doesn’t regret the purchase later. This article would help you in a significant manner in order to get informed about the best Exhaust fans that are available in the market right now.

Best Exhaust Fans in India 2020

Following are the best products in the segment of Exhaust fans that you can focus upon –

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

Havells is considered to be one of the most influential companies in terms of manufacturing electronic instruments, especially fans, and this product from Havells, Havells Ventilair exhaust fan, is quite an effective tool in order to regulate and freshen up the inner atmosphere in terms of drawing the bad odour out of the house and clearing and purifying it up, making the air significantly breathable. 

It has a full metal body that provides durability to the product, and three sharp blades that aid in dependable performance. The metal frame also provides it much stability in terms of the strength and longevity of the exhaust fan. Its consumption of power is about 40W which makes it consume very limited electricity and makes it quite an energy-efficient. It produces less noise while functioning, as it produces about 40-50 dB of sound levels.

It also has a sweep distance of about 230mm. It has an optimum working speed of 1350 RPM which makes it a good performer in terms of providing impressive airflow. It has the ability to deliver a minimum air delivery at the speed of 770 cubic meters per minute so that foul and suffocating air leaves your house in a swish. 

Specifications –

  • The stable and dependable metal structure
  • Blade dimensions – 230mm
  • Rate of airflow – 510 CMH
  • Speed of the fan –  1350 RPM
  • Size of the sweep – 230 mm
  • Features double ball bearings
  • Features bird guard
  • Power consumption – 40W
  • Sound levels produced – 40-50 dB
  • Air delivery speed – 770 cubic meters per minute 
  • Metal construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Economical
  • Quiet functioning
  • Obsolete design

Luminous Exhaust fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Luminous Exhaust fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Luminous is considered one of the best companies in terms of manufacturing Exhaust fans and Luminous Exhaust fan Vento Deluxe 200mm is marketed as an ideal fan for bathroom, and kitchen due to multiple good reasons. It has a sleek and stylish design that makes it a perfect choice to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens contributing a lot to these spaces in terms of ambience and the overall look. 

Apart from being a good looking exhaust fan, it also has a lot of utility, as it features 5 sharp blades made up of polypropylene, that are designed aerodynamically, which makes them highly efficient aiding a much quicker speed of rotation of the blades, which makes the function of this Luminous exhaust fan quite powerful.

Luminous Vento Deluxe 200mm is also a noiseless machine as it produces very less sound while running which makes it quite fit to be installed in rooms where discussions and meetings are held such as discussion cabins and conference rooms.

Its electricity consumption is quite minimal as well as it consumes 35 Watts and operates at 220 – 240 V, which makes it an energy-efficient exhaust fan as well. 

Also, it comes with a dust protection shutter which makes it an attractive product to buy. These dust protection shutters make sure that the fan is protected from getting smeared in dust over the course of time. 

It even features a rustproof body which helps the user to remain tension free every time his or her exhaust fan is fighting the bad weather outside. 


  • Sweep size – 200mm
  • Speed of the motor – 1350 RPM
  • Fan material – polypropylene
  • High delivery air output – 490 CHM
  • Power consumption – 35 Watts
  • Operating voltage – 220 – 240V
  • Number of blades – 5
  • Rustproof body 
  • Luminous provides a 2 year warranty as well
  • Rustproof body
  • Polypropylene fans
  • 5 sharp blades
  • Low power consumption
  • High speed of the motor
  • Attractive design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Might seem expensive to some people

Orpat Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Orpat Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Orpat Ventilation fan 6 Inch is quite a promising piece of technology in terms of affordability, performance, and energy efficiency. Orpat has given it a cute as a button look without compromising on an unusually efficient ergonomic frame and has made sure that it is suitable for most of the purposes an exhaust fan is expected to take care of. It features a well-manufactured square grill that ensures no bird comes near the fan and creates an unwanted disturbance or mess for that matter. This square grill also ensures that nothing hampers the running of the fan from outside.

It features an impressive motor speed of around 1750 RPM which is higher than a considerable number of its counterparts. This higher than the usual speed of this Orpat exhaust fan makes it a powerful and impacting exhaust fan ensuring a quick suction of the foul and suffocating air out of the room. 

It is also an energy-efficient exhaust fan as it consumes only 20 watts of electricity and operates at 230 watts which is significantly lower than most of its counterparts. 

It also comes at a really low price which adds to its attraction towards buyers. 


  • Ergonomic frame and aerodynamic fans 
  • Motor speed – 1800 RPM 
  • Power consumption – 20 Watts 
  • Operating power consumption – 230 Watts
  • Energy efficient 
  • Features a square grill 
  • Powerful frame
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful performance
  • Affordable, as very low price
  • Sleek design
  • Features square grill
  • Features only on power setting
  • There might be issues with longevity and durability of the product

Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

Usha is considered one of the best electronic companies and has been a household name in India for a very long time now; and we can safely say that whatever Usha comes up with, has to be one of the best in this unusually competitive market. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Sweep Size, 300mm Duct Size Exhaust fan is a powerful and effective machine in the segment of Exhaust fans. It comes with a rustproof body and blades that make it capable of standing wet and moist weather which can normally increase the rate of rusting exhaust fans that aren’t rustproof. 

It features an automatic shutter which ensures that the fan doesn’t get hampered or hindered by varying kinds of disturbances from outside such as birds, or small animals such as cats and squirrels, or for that matter anything that can get in touch with the motor and fan inside and create an unwanted mess. It also saves the fan and the inner technology as a whole, from the dust which can prove to be a huge hindrance in the functioning of the motor over a certain course of time. 

This Usha exhaust fan is quite noiseless as well, due to which, apart from being stalled in kitchens and bathrooms, it can also be installed in rooms that require some level of silence and tranquillity such as meeting and conference rooms. Usha’s exhaust fan aids in unhindered and productive activities in these rooms as less noise don’t disturb the people sitting in there and working towards their professional endeavours. 

Usha has also made sure that it features a smooth finish and a polished look which only adds to the beauty in the room in terms of the whole ambience of the place. It also has a blending look which means it easily blends with the walls and the roof and it doesn’t appear to be an eye-catching and attention-grabbing odd and awkward instrument. 

It features a sweep size of 200mm which is an optimal size. It comes with a powerful motor that has an optimal speed of 1250 RPM. 

It consumes about 40 Watts of electricity and runs on a voltage of 230 Volts. 


  • Smooth and a polished look 
  • Features an automatic shutter 
  • Power consumption – 40 Watts
  • Running power voltage – 230 Volts
  • Motor speed – 1250 RPM 
  • Duct size – 300mm 
  • Sweep size – 200mm
  • Features a rustproof body
  • Noiseless exhaust fan
  • 1-year warranty
  • Sleek design
  • Noiseless
  • Automatic shutter
  • A bit expensive
  • High power consumption
  • Low motor speed

Luminous Vento Axial 150mm Exhaust Fan

Luminous Vento Axial 150mm Exhaust Fan

Luminous Vento Axial 150mm Exhaust fan is a quite a strong convincing player in the segment of Exhaust fans. Luminous, being one of the most influential electronic companies in India, didn’t break its streak of launching successful and powerful products when it launched Luminous Vento Axial 150mm Exhaust fan.

This Luminous exhaust fan features the blade size of 150mm which is quite small yet effective in its performance as its air delivery output is quite high at 240 CMH. It features 5 blades made up of plastic which makes them rustproof and flexible. It also features an impressive motor speed of 2000 RPM, quite higher than a lot of its competitors, which proves to be highly effective and efficient in sucking out the bad odour and suffocating air out of the room in no time. 

It is also very energy efficient as it consumes only about 22 Watts of electricity and has a running voltage of 220-240 V. It has a plastic body that makes it entirely rustproof and able in terms of enduring bad and wet weather while it is placed in such a way, where it comes in direct contact with the outside environment. It also has a very simplistic design which makes it highly convenient in terms of installing it on one’s own. 

Due to its effortless functioning, it produces very less sound which makes it highly compatible to be installed in rooms such as meeting and conference ones that have certain demands in order to have a noiseless environment in which people can genuinely talk. Also, a circular guard has been installed in this Luminous exhaust fan, so that the motor remains protected and doesn’t get hampered by the outer disturbances while the motor is in a perpetually running state. 

Due to its small size, it can be installed anywhere, conveniently. 


  • Low electricity consumption – 22 Watts
  • Running electricity voltage – 220-240 Volts 
  • Small size – 7 inches 
  • Blade size – 150 mm
  • Air delivery output – 240 CMH
  • Motor speed – 2000 RPM 
  • Fan dimensions – 7 inches x 4 inches x 7 inches
  • Number of blades – 5
  • A circular guard on the motor
  • 2-year warranty
  • High motor speed
  • Sleek design
  • Good air delivery output
  • The circular guard on the motor
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimum running voltage
  • Affordable
  • Small size
  • A plastic body which makes it less durable in the long run

MAA-KU AC Small Kitchen Exhaust Fan

MAA-KU AC Small Kitchen Exhaust Fan

This MA-KU Exhaust fan is an ideal fit for your house and workspace. It comes with several features that enable it to deliver an effective and efficient performance. 

It’s an alternating current exhaust fan which makes it highly compatible working with fluctuating voltages as AC voltages can be readily transformed to higher or lower voltage levels. It features a body of aluminium die-cast with a coating on it as well which gives it a run proof, stable and durable body. It’s fans, which are five in number, are made up of plastic though, which makes them rustproof just like the rest of the body. 

It consumes around 35 Watts of electricity which is low as compared to its other counterparts, and it has a running voltage of 220 Volts which is quite an optimal level. It also features a powerful motor that has a speed of 2500 RPM which is unusually high as compared to other Exhaust fans that are available in this segment. 

Its air delivery output is 175 CFM and produces sound at 52 dB.


  • AC (alternating current) instrument
  • Features an aluminum body
  • Power consumption – 35 Watts
  • Running voltage – 220 Volts
  • Motor speed – 2500 RPM 
  • Air delivery output – 200 CFM
  • Noise levels – 52dB
  • Fans made up of plastic
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Aluminium body
  • High motor speed
  • Powerful motor
  • A little noisy at 52dB
  • Low air delivery output at 175 CFM
  • Obsolete design

Buying Guide for Exhaust Fans in India 2020

As we mentioned above, a proper Ventilation fan is an essential component of any kind of an enclosed place where people spend a significant number of hours, whether it is a house, a workspace, or even an entertainment zone. Suffocation, foul air, or a completely airtight and suffocating place as if someone is encased underground isn’t something that we like or enjoy. 

These experiences make our existence uncomfortable and affect our productivity and our mood in an unusually negative manner. We are social animals and we thrive in places that at least give off a sense of freedom, liberty, mirthfulness, or liveliness. Enclosed spaces make us feel that we are living in a suffocating prison, four walls of which are coming at us to eat us up, both from inside and outside. But a well-ventilated space, no matter how congested it may be, makes the environment significantly bearable.

A completely enclosed space is a health hazard as well. Suppose there is a minor fire in there, which has led to a huge build-up of smoke. And there are people who are sleeping in there in deep sleep. How are they going to survive that terrible smoke? There is no ventilation! 

But if there is something that might aid in ventilation, however small it is, it can prove to be a lifesaver. Even a small exhaust fan would be of much help. And therefore, it is crucial that one installs at least an exhaust fan in a place where he or she is going to spend a significant period of time on a daily basis. 

But it is also important to be aware of some rudimentary things while buying an exhaust fan as it is nothing less than an intelligent investment. There are a few things that one needs to consider before opting to purchase an exhaust fan, as they come in varying shapes and sizes and with innumerable features and specifications that one needs to analyze before deciding which ones would complement his or her requirement. 

Size and CFM 

Suppose you have marked a space on your wall or on your roof where you have decided to put an exhaust fan. The first thing that you would have to keep in mind while searching for an exhaust fan would be the right size, as it must not measure more than the marked space. At times the size of the inner frame and the size of the whole exhaust fan is mentioned separately which can be confusing. So, one must consider the size of the outer frame and mark a few inches more than that on the wall where one is expecting to place the exhaust fan.

One must also know that Exhaust fans come up to certain physical dimensions, but what genuinely matters is the size of the ventilation fan. So an important factor which determines the power of an exhaust fan is its CFM, cubic feet per minute, which is a unit used to measure the size of a particular area an instrument covers while throwing air on or sucking air off, in a single minute. So, if your space is large, then it is essential that you opt for an exhaust fan which has high CFM. 


Before opting for an exhaust fan, it is essential that you review the purposes that you are willing to buy an exhaust fan for as Ventilation fans vary from purpose to purpose. If you are considering buying an exhaust fan for your bathroom, then you must first analyze the size of your bathroom. So, for instance, if your bathroom’s floor is about 60 square meters in area, you shouldn’t be opting for an exhaust fan that has 60 CFM. 

If you are considering buying an exhaust fan for your kitchen then you must make sure that you opt for a powerful exhaust fan as apart from sucking out foul air and uncomfortably hot steam, you might need a tool which can eliminate all the other pollutants such as unwanted carbon and small food particles. One can also opt for a kitchen chimney as it might prove to be quite useful in getting rid of all those pollutants and provide fresh air to the person present in the kitchen. 


Exhaust fans come in different materials such as plastic and metal and therefore one must analyze his or her climate and decide whether that climate complements the type of material that has been used in the exhaust fan. For instance, if you live in a coastal area where the climate is unusually wet, your exhaust fan has to be made up of plastic and not metal, so that it is able to endure the wet weather as the metal would get spoiled until and unless it is coated with a rustproof material. You can consider buying a metal exhaust fan if your climate supports it and you require a bit of sturdiness and durability as well.

Grill or Guard

While buying an exhaust fan it is essential to decide whether it would be mounted on a wall or it’d be placed upside down, as in place in the roof. This is because, most of the wall-mounted Exhaust fans require a certain kind of guard or grill which keeps the motor inside protected from the outside hindrances such as birds, or dust or for that matter anything that can fly and get into the exhaust fan and hinder the functioning of running fan and create a mess at times. It could be an auto shutter or a circular or rectangular motor guard or even an efficient grill for that matter. 

Advanced features

An exhaust fan doesn’t have to be a small, little piece of a sticker on a wall as it is available in a wide variety featuring numerous features aiding your purposes of ventilation further. For instance, if you stay in cold regions, your requirement of an exhaust fan doesn’t get affected by that but it does get a bit modified as you might want to add a heater to your exhaust fan. And there are Exhaust fans available in the market that also provide the facility of working as room heaters while they are running continuously, sucking all the unwanted air out of your room. 

You might want your exhaust fan to be more energy-efficient, so there are Exhaust fans that come with a timer as well, through which you can make certain settings so that it gets switched off automatically after some time in order to save electricity and lessen the burden on your pockets by reducing your electricity bills significantly. Similarly, there are a number of features that you can find in an exhaust fan and you can choose according to your preferences. 

Types of Exhaust fans 

Various types of Exhaust fans are available in the market and it’s essential that one analyzes his or her requirements in order to decide which one would complement one’s preferences. One should also make sure that he or she invests a lot of time and do enough research in order to make sure that one gets the right exhaust fan. This section might contribute significantly to your research.

Exterior Exhaust fans 

These Exhaust fans are placed on the outer side of the wall. This makes it practically noiseless as all the sound that is produced remains outside and no sound is heard inside. These Exhaust fans are the best for the people who require their rooms to be noiseless as other Exhaust fans can be quite noisy and create a lot of disturbance which hamper the activity people are engaged in, whether it’s an official discussion, or a meeting, etc. 

Wall Mounted Exhaust fans

These Exhaust fans are the most common ones that you would find in Indian households. These are placed on the wall and they come in varying sizes and frames. They can be noisy and they can be noiseless as well. So, one must make sure that he or she chooses wisely among these wall-mounted exhaust fans. Also, one doesn’t need to attach ventilation ducts with these Exhaust fans, as they can expel the indoor air right away outdoors through a fan, and so it also saves you that extra expense of installing a ventilation duct.

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust fans

These fans are fixed on the ceiling and they are considered to be the best if your room is upstairs and you require a better flow of fresh air that can freshen up the atmosphere inside the room in no time. These ceiling-mounted fans are most commonly used in bathrooms to get the room rid of the foul smell and suffocating moist air quickly. 

These fans also require a ventilation duct that needs to be attached to their component, for instance, a roof cap, which expels the air from inside to outside which. It works like a chimney but it is much more advanced and efficient than that. This whole system can be a bit expensive though for a number of people.

Kitchen exhaust fans

These fans resemble chimneys a lot as they too have ventilation ducts which are paired with powerful motors that suck all the unwanted pollutants, suffocating air, cooking carbon, unbearably hot steam out of the kitchen effortlessly. These Exhaust fans are called kitchen exhaust fans because apart from expelling mere air, they also target pollutants that are particularly found in a kitchen such as carbon, small food particles, etc and enable a fresh kitchen every time you are there cooking or preparing something for your loved one or cooking something for yourself just to give a treat to yourself for all that hard work that recently got you a promotion. A kitchen exhaust fan is what you need at those times.

Bathroom exhaust fans

Remember we talked about ceiling fans that are most commonly installed in bathrooms as well? Guess what, there are Exhaust fans that are specifically designed to suit the bathrooms which are effective and efficient in removing all the irritable moist and foul air out of the room in a jiffy. These fans are usually small in size and very affordable and so they can be installed more than one in number as well in case you have a bigger bathroom and you spend some significant time of your life in a bathroom on a daily basis!

Exhaust fans That Also Have Lights

These Exhaust fans have the unique quality of blending with the background quite effortlessly as apart from running continuously and purifying the air inside, it also lightens up the ventilated area with the lights that are installed in it. So normally it just seems like there are lights in that corner which makes your exhaust fan less eye-grabbing and attention-seeking which adds to its attraction significantly. 

It’s just like a sense of slight amazement which one feels realizing that there is something really soothing happening somewhere, but you aren’t aware where exactly it’s source is, and then you make a little bit of an effort and you do find the source but it leaves you a little amazed even though there is nothing so amazing about it. Exhaust fans with lights at times are just like that soothing thing’s source.

Inlet Exhaust fans

These fans are used in places that are designed in such a manner that they are a little bit difficult to ventilate such as the areas where the clearance or the space for a ceiling fan is practically absent, and so inlet Exhaust fans are installed in these places. These Exhaust fans are mounted in between the duct set up, and it aids in expelling all the foul and suffocating air from inside to outside through those very ducts in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the questions which are asked and must be asked multiple times by a number of people who are willing to buy an exhaust fan – 

What do you exactly mean by CFM?

CFM just means cubic feet per meter, and it is just a unit that is used to measure the volume of air that is exchanged in a single minute over a certain surface of the area. This determines the power of suction in your exhaust fan as the higher the CFM is, the more powerful the suction power of the exhaust fan would be and the larger of an area the exhaust fan would cover. 
So if instance your bathroom’s floor has an area of 60 square meters, you would not need an exhaust fan that has CFM higher than 60, as to install an exhaust fan, the CFM is calculated comparing it with the area of the floor, because for 1 square meter, 1 CFM of an exhaust fan is required.

What is the best location to install an exhaust fan?

To decide the best location, one should analyze his or her requirements and purposes as the location would differ a lot. For instance, if you want to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom, then it’s better that you install it on the ceiling as a wall-mounted exhaust fan wouldn’t be as efficient and effective as the ceiling exhaust fan would be. If you require an exhaust fan for your kitchen, even then you require a ceiling fan so that all the pollutants in a kitchen get eliminated in no time and in a hassle-free manner. 
A wall-mounted fan might not give good results in a kitchen as the pollutants that get produced there, travel upwards and therefore can be best expelled through a ceiling duct exhaust fan rather than by a wall-mounted exhaust fan. If you need an exhaust for a room that is upstairs, even then you require a ceiling fan for good airflow.
If you require an exhaust fan for a conference room, you might want to place your exhaust fan on the exterior side of the wall so that it produces less noise in the room and doesn’t disturb the activity in there. Similarly, for a specific requirement, one has to decide a particular position and location to install an exhaust fan. 

What should I be careful about in a wall-mounted and exterior mounted exhaust fan?

The sole thing that one should make sure a wall-mounted or exterior mounted exhaust one must-have is a grill on the outside, or a motor guard, or an automatic shutter so that the functioning of the fan doesn’t get hampered by the things that can get stuck in the fan from the outside. These hindrances can be a bird, or dust, or for that matter anything that can fly and get in touch with the inside parts of the exhaust fan and hinder its functioning and create an unwanted mess. 

What is the concept of air change in Exhaust fans ?

Air changes per hour is also a unit that defines the number of times the volume of air in a room will be extracted in an hour. So before opting for an exhaust fan, one must figure out the size of the space that one is trying to cover through an exhaust fan. If it’s a tiny toilet compartment, then the exhaust fan that you require must have around 5-8 air changes per hour. And as the size of a particular space increases, the requirement for the number of air changes per hour increases as well. 
So, for instance, if you require an exhaust fan for a room where the levels of moisture and other pollutants are too high, then the number of air changes per hour might reach up to 20 or 25 as well. If you have a huge conference room, then the exhaust fan that you require must have the number of air changes per hour about 15 to 20. And similarly, it can vary as per the size of the room. 

Can I procure noiseless Exhaust fans ?

Yes, you can. All Exhaust fans aren’t noisy and there are a number of very quiet Exhaust fans. But before buying an exhaust fan, you must have a look at how noisy it actually is by analyzing the dB or Sone, which are units of measuring sound, of the exhaust fan that you are considering to buy. 
One should make sure that if one is willing to buy a noiseless exhaust fan, then one must buy an exhaust fanthat produces around 35dB or less as more than that, starts getting a bit noisy which then defeats the purpose of procuring a noiseless exhaust fan. 
The sound of an exhaust fan can also be nullified by placing it strategically, so, for instance, you have a wall-mounted exhaust fan that is a bit noisy, you can place it in such a way that the motor is outside the room so that the noise that gets produced is produced outside and becomes a little bit quieter than before.

Final Words

We believe that natural ventilation has become more of a luxury and an elite facility today which practically cannot be afforded by everyone. Natural ventilation demands advanced technology, powerful ducts, automatic tech, which is not the common person’s cup of tea. How could a person who manages a modest income per month can think of installing a ventilation chimney in his or her kitchen or bathroom? How can he or she consider spending loads of money just so he or she can breathe fresh air? For him or her, breathing fresh air is not even last in the priority list. 

But what can actually bring it on the priority list is the sheer affordability of ventilation devices. A simple, cheap, but powerful and impactful exhaust fan can bring breathable air on that priority list. An exhaust fan is what a common person needs today, in these times when places are getting congested, polluted day by day and the air has never been this bad before, both inside and outside. An exhaust fan is what makes things easier, the conditions liveable, and the air breathable. 

Therefore we believe, writing this article was essential in order to provide key information about one of the most important instruments that every common household needs today. Not everybody can afford an air purifier, but at least a significant percentage of people can opt for a 900 rupees exhaust fan which gets their house rid of suffocating foul and unusually polluted air. 

This article, therefore, was important for us to publish to inform and contribute to the research and information banks of people like you who are searching for the best and most affordable exhaust fan as per your preferences, choices, and requirements. The information provided in this article shall also help in raising awareness about small exhaust fans that can prove to be quite efficient to improve the air quality and the environment inside. 

Ventilation is important and it seems we can’t stress enough on that. Today, in the times of pandemic, a crisis in various countries such as America and India, issues and conflicts among countries regarding border stands between India, Nepal, and China, financial crises all over the world, increasing protests against racial discriminations, the moods people all over the world are upsetting and considerably down and low. And during this testing period, depression, mental stress, and anxiety are quick to seep in. But what can make it worse is living in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation?

 Poor ventilation can significantly lower your energies and make life seem dull and poor at a certain point. Therefore we say, ventilation is essential which cannot be ignored or avoided. And therefore, we must make sure that our spaces are well ventilated and we at least breathe fresh air that can enable us to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, as after what are we without this air?

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