7 Best Electric Kettle In India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

As electricity becomes more affordable to most homes, electrical appliances designed to make house chores easier and faster are finding their way into many homes too. In 2020, electric kettle stands out as one of the appliances which has found a commonplace in the kitchen.

There are quite a number of reasons for this; the most important being its ability to provide instant hot water in a very short period of time and the ease with which it happens. Your hot tea can now be ready for your consumption in just a few minutes.

When you decide to purchase an electric kettle, you will find that there are variety of brands of electric kettle to select from. It is important however to note that there are some important things you will need to consider before deciding on your pick and a few of them include;

Capacity: This relates to how much water the kettle can hold and boil at once without spilling over. An electric kettle of 1L capacity can fill at least 3 cups; so based on the amount of hot water you would need, you can make your purchase.

Features: Different products come with different features that make each of them stand out. Some of these features include; auto on/off, power light indicator, temperature settings and so many more. Each feature serves as an added advantage over others and your choice depends on the feature you would like your electric kettle to contain. 

Power consumption: This is important because it gives you an idea of how long it would take for the water to boil. Electric kettles of 1L capacity and 1500watts of power, can take at least 3-4 minutes to boil. A kettle with a higher capacity would require more power to produce hot water in the same time frame.

These are just a few of the important factors you need to consider when buying an electric kettle. For more, check below to read through our Electric kettle buying guide.

Best Electric Kettles in India 2020

It’s time to dive into the reviews of our 2020 top 7 best electric kettles in India and trust me, you can’t do any better than these seven best kettles if you want the absolute best.

ProductWarrantyCapacityPower ConsumptionBody
Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS1 Year1.5 L1500 WattsStainless Steel
Prestige 1.2litre Kettle1 Year1.2 L1200 WattsStainless Steel
Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle1 Year1.2 L1350 WattsStainless Steel
Butterfly EKN 1.5litre Water Kettle1 Year1.5 L1500 WattsStainless Steel
Inalsa Electric Kettle Prism2 Years1.8 L1500 Watts Cordless design with Led illumination and water level indication
Kent 16023 1500watt Electric Kettle1 Year1.7 L1500 WattsBorosilicate glass body
Murphy Richards Instacook Multipurpose Electric Kettle2 Year1 L1200 WattsStainless steel

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS 1.5 Litre

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS 1.5 Litre

Quite simple and very easy to use, Prestige Electric Kettle offers you hot water in minimal time with no hassle at all. With a capacity of 1.5litre and 1500watts power, your tea or coffee would always be ready in no time at all.

It has a black stainless steel body and a detachable power base. Prestige Electric Kettle has a number of attractive features that make it one of our best electric kettles.

One of such is the auto on/off feature that automatically turns off your electric kettle once the temperature inside reaches the desired levels. This of course helps to protect your kettle from any damage whatsoever and at the same time, avoid messy spills from the boiling water. 

This feature also helps you conserve your electricity and power consumption. The sleek and ergonomically designed handle of the kettle is definitely a must-mention, as it comes with a single-touch lid locking technology that helps keep the steam in while boiling. This in turn accelerates the time it takes to boil and conserves energy simultaneously.

The detachable power base is a 360-degree swivel base that allows you to plug your Prestige Electric Kettle in any direction you desire. Another advantage of the detachable base is the mobility and convenience it gives. 

Its power indicator light informs you once the water starts boiling and automatically turns off once it is done. The water level indicator is another feature that makes it easy for you to efficiently measure the amount of water you would prefer into the kettle.

  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Single-touch lid
  • Detachable power base
  • Power consumption of 1500watts
  • Auto on/off
  • One-year warranty
  • Non-removable cap makes it difficult to clean
  • Body of the product heats up


Boiling water has been made faster and easier with Prestige Electric Kettle that gets it done in less time than it takes a stove-top to. Its sprout design comes with a perforated removable stainless steel filter that acts as a sieve as you pour water.

Prestige Electric Kettle is an amazing and affordable product that’s perfect for its purpose. It is very easy to operate and comes with many attractive features that makes it one of our best. Definitely a good choice for a small family.

Prestige Electric Kettle 1.2 Litre

Prestige Electric Kettle 1.2 Litre

A different product from the same company, Prestige Electric tea kettle stands out with its elegant maroon color and beautiful design.

This tea kettle has a 1.2litre capacity and a power of 1200watts. Its stainless steel body lined with the red handle, cap and base makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Some of its features include a durable but sleek handle with a single touch lid locking that seals the steam in and allows it to boil faster. Its sturdy handle alongside the detachable base makes the electric kettle portable, convenient to use and safe while carrying or lifting.

It also has a concealed heating element that allows for easy cleaning of the inside while reducing risk of corrosion. The power indicator light serves as an information tool to let you know once it starts boiling and once it’s done the light turns off.

The auto on/off feature of the Prestige Electric Kettle aids in saving power consumption by automatically turning the electric kettle off once its temperature reaches maximum desired level.

This feature also ensures that the water is kept hot and the appliance is protected from any form of damage as a result of overheating; thus making it safe and long lasting.

The Prestige Electric Kettle comes with a 360-degree swivel power base that allows for the kettle to be plugged in any direction you desire. It also has a cord winder that gives you the option of increasing or reducing the length, depending on the distance of the plugging point.

It has a high boiling speed of 3-4 minutes and comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design and color
  • Beautiful and strong handle
  • Easy to clean, use and maintain
  • Auto on/off
  • Power indicator light
  • Detachable base
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cord is quite short
  • Body and handle heats up easily


Definitely one of the best electric kettles in India, Prestige Electric Kettle stands out with its unique color and design that gives your kitchen a modern and classy look. It comes with various features that you’ll definitely find useful. 

It has a 1-year warranty that accommodates all forms of mechanical malfunction you may have. It also boils water really fast as it is durable and efficient, although the handle and body could sometimes get hot, so it is advisable to be careful and keep children away.

Orpat OEK-8137 Cordless Electric Kettle

Orpat OEK-8137 Cordless Electric Kettle

Built with a body material of Aluminum Die Cast and stainless steel and combined with a sparkly black color, Orpat Electric Kettle gives the assurance of purchasing a strong, durable and long lasting appliance.

It has a capacity of 1.2litre and consumes up to 1350watts of power. It is an ideal electric kettle for boiling water as it does so in very little time. It has a boiling speed of 3-4 minutes.

Some of its safety features include power indicator light that informs you when the body is hot to prevent you from touching it. The auto on/off feature is another safety measure that shuts the appliance off once the water is boiled.

This prevents overheating that could cause damage to the appliance. While pouring the hot water out, there is a sprout filter that helps in keeping the uniform flow of water to avoid spillages.

The Orpat Electric Kettle has a cordless detachable base that makes the kettle portable. Its handle is ergonomically designed to give it a strong but easy grip. 

The lockable lid is another safety feature that helps you avoid accidental spills that can cause burns while pouring the water out. It also has a 1-year warranty in the event of any malfunction. 

The wide mouth of the appliance makes it easy to clean and maintain. Its concealed heating element and 360-degree swivel helps in ease of operation and increases performance.

  • Aluminum Die Cast and stainless steel body material
  • Ergonomically designed handle and elegant design
  • Strong and durable body
  • Power indicator light
  • Water level indicator
  • Auto on/off
  • 1-year warranty
  • Makes noise
  • Electric cord is short


With its durable build and excellent performance, Orpat electric kettle has proven itself to be among the best electric kettles available in India. Its stainless steel body gives it an elegant and smart look that modernizes your kitchen.

Although the price is a little on the high side; its performance makes up for it. It is fast, efficient and one of the best electric kettles for your family.

Butterfly EKN Electric Kettle 1.5 Litre

Butterfly EKN Electric Kettle 1.5 Litre

With its high boiling speed, The Butterfly EKN Water Kettle, produces instant hot water in almost no time. Medium sized, lightweight and portable; it is easy to carry around and it also comes with many safety features.

It has a capacity of 1.5litre, 1500 watts of power and a 1-year warranty. It has a high quality stainless steel body and its silver and black color gives it an elegant look that is aesthetically pleasing.   

Some other features of this water kettle include a locking lid that keeps the water in while you’re pouring so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills. The power indicator light informs you when the power is on or off by illuminating or darkening respectively.

This electric kettle has a unique design that conveniently allows you to hold the kettle, at the same time, giving you access to the lid button. Its extra wide mouth and concealed element makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

It has a detachable cordless base that makes it portable and convenient to carry around. It also comes with a swivel power base that allows you to plug your electric kettle in any direction you desire.

The auto on/off feature helps save your energy consumption by automatically turning off the kettle once the water reaches boiling point. Once this happens, the kettle goes into a warm mode that keeps your water hot.

At the same time, this high quality thermostat control feature serves as a protective measure against overheating which may cause damage to your electric kettle, thus ensuring that your kettle has a long life span.

  • Stainless steel body and elegant design
  • Ergonomically designed handle with easy access to lid button
  • Power indicator light
  • Efficient operation
  • Concealed element and wide mouth
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1-year warranty from manufacturer
  • Cord length is quite small
  • Plastic smell


Strong and solidly built, the Butterfly EKN Electric Kettle has a superior quality that makes it an excellent product to purchase. It is an ideal product for the purpose of having instant hot water. The cord length is a bit short and it sometimes gives out a smell of plastic while boiling.

Inalsa Prism Electric Kettle 1.8 Litre

Inalsa Prism Electric Kettle 1.8 Litre

Instant hot water or tea for family and friends is now available with the Inalsa Electric Kettle. It has an extra-large water capacity of 1.8L which makes it easier to fill multiple cups at once and is perfect for office use.

1500watts of power means that in just under 5 minutes; the water is boiling hot and ready to be used. The body of the Inalsa Electric Kettle is made of boro-silicate glass which is of very high quality and durability.

10 times stronger than normal glass, it can withstand high temperature and is very safe to use. The auto on/off also acts as another safety measure by cutting off power supply to the kettle once the desired temperature is attained.

This helps to prevent any form of damage to the kettle and increases its life span. The prism glass body has water level markings that makes it easy for you to measure the quantity of water you are boiling.

The kettle also has a blue LED indicator light that glows once there is power supply to the kettle. It has a detachable base that is connected to a 360-degree cordless swivel base.

Its handles have a firm and easy grip that makes handling the kettle very convenient. Its concealed heating element, dry boiling and overheating protections are designed to give you the maximum safety.

Once the kettle is no more in use, you can easily wrap the cord around the base which serves conveniently as an inbuilt cord storage. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The wide top opening of the kettle makes it easy to clean and maintain. The black color of the handles, cap and base against the prism glass gives you an overall elegant design that looks quite exotic when the blue LED indicator turns on.

  • Blue LED indicator light and boro-silicate glass prism body
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Concealed heating element
  • Lengthy cord and inbuilt cord storage
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Aesthetically pleasing and quality design
  • High boiling speed
  • Price is on the high side


The Inalsa Prism Glass Electric Kettle gives you an excellent performance with the added advantage of being aesthetically pleasing. It is the perfect electric kettle for a large family and it comes with various attractive features.

The price is a little on the high side but it is efficient, convenient and time saving so you are assured of your money’s worth.

Kent 16023 Transparent Electric Kettle

Kent 16023 Transparent Electric Kettle

Kent Electric Kettle is made of boro-silicate glass that is 10 times more durable than normal glass; it can withstand high temperature change and is extremely safe to use.

The electric kettle has a water capacity of 1.7 liters and a power consumption of 1500watts. It also has a concealed heating element that is protected with a stainless steel covering to keep it safe and keep water away from the electrical parts.

It comes with a power light indicator that lights up once power is supplied to the kettle and darkens once it is cut off. The kettle has an ergonomic handle that gives you a firm and easy grip.

It has a safety auto on/off feature that cuts off power supply once the water is boiled; thus protecting the kettle from overheating or boil drying and making it last longer.  

The Kent Electric Kettle has a stylish design and a 360-degree rotating base that makes it portable, easy to use and convenient to pour. The product manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty from the purchase date.

The black color of the cap and handle gives it an elegant look that’s appealing to the eye. It saves time, is very easy and convenient to use. It also has a high boiling point of less than 3 minutes.

  • High boiling speed
  • Blue LED power indicator light
  • Elegant and quality design
  • Boro-silicate glass body
  • 1.7L capacity
  • 1-year warranty from manufacturer
  • Poor manufacturing and customer services
  • Cord too short


Kent Electric Kettle is a high quality product that fulfills its purpose and more. It is definitely a good purchase for the family and an elegant appliance to adorn the kitchen with. It is easy to clean and maintain but is prone to water leakage.

Morphy Richards Instacook Multipurpose Electric Kettle

Morphy Richards Instacook Multipurpose Electric Kettle

A multipurpose and versatile kitchen appliance, Morphy Richards Instacook Multipurpose Electric Kettle offers you different cooking functions such as: boiling water or egg, steaming corn and vegetables, warming milk, cooking pasta, noodles or oats and making instant soup. 

This appliance has a sturdy stainless steel body that makes it strong and durable. It has a capacity of 1litre and makes use of 1200watts of power in carrying out a task under 2-3 minutes.

The kettle has a temperature control knob that allows you to set your temperature preference. Its auto on/off feature helps save electricity by cutting off power automatically once the desired temperature is attained.

The electric kettle comes with a cordless base that makes mobility easy and convenient. It has a dry boil safety feature that detects if there is no content in the kettle and turns it off.

The kettle also has a 360-degree detachable cord base and a concealed heating element. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and includes a steaming wire rack and steaming basket.

  • Durable stainless steel body
  • High boiling speed
  • Multipurpose cooking functions
  • High quality design
  • 2-year warranty from manufacturer
  • Product is heavy
  • Food sticks to the bottom


Morphy Richards Multipurpose Electric Kettle is one of the best electric kettle to buy in India. Versatile and perfect for basic cooking, it carries out its tasks in very little time. It is a bit high in price but its functions are worth it. long lasting, excellent performance and very easy to operate. Definitely one for all modern kitchens.

Buying Guide for Electric Kettle in India 2020

When purchasing an electric kettle, there are salient things to look out for to avoid making the wrong choice and they include:

Water Capacity

This is one of the first things to look out for because it tells you how much water the kettle can boil at once. There are electric kettles with different levels of capacity ranging from 500ml to 2L so you would need to pick out one that fits your desired size and needs.

Water tends to expand when heated up, so you would have to leave a little space when boiling with the kettle to avoid spillage. This means that a 1liter capacity kettle, in reality can only boil 800ml at once. So carefully look out for the kettle with the right capacity that fits your purpose before choosing.

Quality and Design

Another important thing to look out for is the design of the kettle. Electric kettles need to be heat resistant, strong and durable in order to last long. So, the materials with which they are built need to be of high quality.

Stainless steel, glass, aluminum die cast are good exterior materials with high quality. Avoid plastic kettles except your budget is quite low. Glass kettles are usually more aesthetically pleasing but they can be very fragile so you’ll need to be careful.

Kettles with metal exterior such as stainless steel or aluminum die cast are your best bet. They are usually sturdy, strong and durable and not as heavy as glass. 


The handle is quite important because it is what is used in lifting the kettle. A flimsy or weak handle can easily cause an accident. There are different types of handle and it is important to consider them so you can go for the best.

Plastic handles are the safest choice because they are heat resistant. Go for ergonomically designed handles because they are shaped in such a way that helps balance the kettle with your hand when lifting or pouring.

Handles should have a rubberized and soft grip to make lifting and carriage easy. Choose kettles that have enough distance between the top and the handle, so that there is plenty room to efficiently handle the kettle without getting burned by the steam or top surface.

Boiling speed

One of the numerous advantages of owning an electric kettle is the speed with which you can get your hot water. This means that when buying one, you would need to consider how fast it can boil water. 

Power and water volume are major factors that determine the boiling speed. The higher the power consumption; the faster it boils. Likewise, the lesser the water volume; the faster the water boils.

Most kettles have a boiling speed of less than 10 minutes and some less than 5 minutes. Depending on how quickly you want your hot water, you will need to select an electric kettle with high boiling speed.

Safety Features

An electric kettle is an electrical appliance and as such, it should have safety features that protect both the kettle and the users.

When purchasing, ensure your kettle has either of the following safety features: 

  • Auto on/off: This is important because it prevents overheating of the kettle by turning it off one the water is boiled. Without this feature, accidents from overheating could occur.
  • Boil Dry Protection: In cases where there is not enough water to boil, this feature automatically turns the appliance off. 
  • Concealed Heating Element: Kettles with concealed heating protect the heating element of the kettle from damage or water which can cause electric shock. 


This is largely dependent on whether the base of the kettle is corded or cordless. A kettle with a corded base is not very portable because its electric cord is attached to the base and can easily get in your way when pouring out the water.

It is advisable to keep it close to the electric plug. A cordless kettle on the other hand, has a detachable base from which the kettle can be removed and carried anywhere. It is safer, easier to use and advisable to buy. 


Avoid kettles that make noise when in use. It is somewhat a reflection of the quality of the kettle. Most electric kettles of high quality operate noiselessly. 

If you want to buy an electric kettle online, make sure to thoroughly check out reviews by other customers to ensure that there hasn’t been complaint of noise by previous users.


Ensure the electrical appliance you are getting has at least a year warranty from the manufacturers. Read through the online reviews to know more about the manufacturer’s services.

Other Features

Different products have different features that make them standout from others. Some of which include:

  • Water Level Indicator: This feature allows you measure exactly the amount of what to boil. It also indicates the maximum level to which the kettle can be filled to avoid spillage.
  • Warm Mode: some kettles have this special feature that allows the water to be kept in a warm condition for a while after the auto on/off cuts the power supply. Therefore, you can still use your warm water when you’re ready to if you weren’t available to make use of it when it boiled.
  • 360-degree Swivel Base: kettles with this kind of base can be turned in any direction you want the handle to face. Some of them come with an inbuilt cord storage. 

How does an Electric Kettle work?

Electric kettles are electrical appliances that function by heating up water in a kettle enclosure; using its heating element. Every electrical kettle has a metal coil that serves as the heating element.

The body of the kettle is usually made of materials such as copper or stainless steel that can transfer heat from the body of the kettle to the water. Once power is supplied to the kettle, the metal coil generates heat which then heats up the body of the kettle. 

The water is then heated up by the walls of the kettle. There is a thermostat located at the bottom of the kettle that monitors the temperature of its walls. Once the water reaches its boiling point, the thermostat opens the circuit that allows the kettle to be turned off from the power source. This happens automatically. 

This is the mechanism the auto on/off operates on. In some cases, a particular small but audible sound is connected to the thermostat shut off. This sound goes off once the kettle goes off.

Types of Electric Kettle

Electric kettles exist in two different models; there is the corded electric kettle and the cordless electric kettle. 

Corded electric kettle

The corded electric kettle is an old model that has an electric cord attached to the base of the kettle. This type of kettle is not very portable and moving it could be dangerous because of the cord attached to it.

It is usually kept close to the power source on the wall and has to be positioned in a certain direction in order to align the kettle. Most often, the heating element of the corded electric kettle is not concealed and could be a hindrance when trying to clean the kettle.

Cordless electric kettle

A cordless kettle is more currently used and it is a type of electric kettle that has its cord connected to a detachable dock base. This means the electric cord is not directly connected to the kettle.

Cordless kettles are portable and easy to maneuver. Some of them come with a 360-degree swivel base that allows you to position the kettle on the base in any direction of your choice, which makes lifting or setting it down really convenient. 

Also, most cordless kettles come with a concealed heating element that makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. Both types have other similar features such as auto on/off, water level indicator, power light indicator and so on.

Why Should You Buy an Electric kettle?

An electric kettle has many benefits that are useful to your kitchen. From versatility to instant hot water for tea or pasta; electric kettles offer them all. Specially designed to produce hot water in the shortest time possible, they are available to meet your needs.

They are efficient, time saving and allows you to boil large quantity of water at once. It saves energy consumption with its auto on/off feature and keeps your water warm till it is ready to be used.

Some electric kettles have multipurpose functions and can perform simple cooking task such as brewing coffee, boiling egg, milk, steaming vegetables and making instant soup all in no time.Stove-top kettles don’t have as much benefits as the electric kettles and are more tasking and time consuming. Most electric kettles have elegant designs that give your kitchen a modernized look. Buying an electric kettle is definitely a great investment.

How to Clean an Electric Kettle?

Cleaning and maintenance of an electric kettle is very important and should be done periodically and properly. As it is an electrical appliance, caution should be taken in ensuring that no vital part gets damaged with water. Periodic maintenance of the kettle helps in preventing residue or flakes in the kettle. 

There are different ways to clean an electric kettle and one of the ways is by using vinegar and water. Mix water and vinegar in equal quantity and fill half of the kettle with it. Turn the switch on and boil the mix in it. 

Once it is boiled, leave the kettle to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. After a while, pour out the mix from the kettle and rinse thoroughly. Rinse at least twice to make sure no sediments is left behind.

Fill the kettle again with clean water and boil. Allow to cool for fifteen minutes before draining the water out. Rinse the kettle one more time and use a dry cloth to clean.

Another way to clean your electric kettle is by using lemon juice. Mix the juice with water and fill the kettle with it. Add some slices of lemon in the kettle and boil the mix. 

Leave the kettle with its content to sit for an hour and then pour it out. Use a clean cloth and baking soda to clean the inside and bottom part of the kettle.

For the exterior, you can easily clean it with a wet cloth and dish washing soap. Follow any of these steps and your kettle would be good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does an electric kettle consume?

Size is a major factor in electricity consumption. The bigger the kettle, the more power it needs to function. Most electric kettles consume between 1000watts to 2000watts, but do so in a few minutes. The auto on/off feature helps in saving energy consumption.

Can I boil milk with an electric kettle?

Not every electric kettles supports the process of boiling milk, so it is advisable not to unless specified by the manufacturer.

Can I cook food with an electric kettle?

Some kettles are multipurpose and can perform basic cooking functions like boiling egg, steaming vegetables, making noodles, oats and soup.

How fast can an electric kettle boil water?

Electric kettles make use of electricity to heat up water in very few minutes. Thus the boiling speed of an electric kettle is determined by how much power (watts) it consumes. Electric kettles of 1500watts can boil water in 2-4 minutes.

Is it safe to use an electric kettle?

Yes, it is. Electric kettles are made with strong and heat resistant materials that make them safe to use. Most electric kettles have safety features such as auto on/off, dry boil protection and rubberized handles that protect the kettle from overheating and the user from steam burns.

How long can an electric kettle last?

An average electric kettle can last up to 2 years or more. What ultimately determines its longevity is the quality of materials used to construct it and how well it is maintained.

What is the cord length of an electric kettle?

The typical cord length for an electric kettle is one meter but it could be shorter than that.

My electric kettle has a defect. What should I do?

Contact the manufacturer. Most electric kettles come with a warranty card to use in case any problem arises with the kettle. 

Is it possible to travel with an electric kettle?

It depends on the size of the electric kettle. Some kettles are small and lightweight and can easily be carried. Electric kettles of standard size can be travelled with, but might not be convenient.

Does the outer part of an electric kettle heat up while boiling?

It does but only the parts made with metal. The plastic parts like the handle, do not get heated up.

What is the best way to maintain an electric kettle?

Periodic cleaning of an electric kettle is the best way to maintain it. Clean the interior with organic detergents and rinse thoroughly. If your kettle has a filter, ensure you wash it often to remove the calcium deposits. 

How many cups of water can I boil with an electric kettle?

That depends on the capacity of the kettle. An electric kettle with 1-litre capacity can fill up to 3 or 4 average sized cups.

Final Verdict

There are numerous benefits to owning an electric kettle. It is extremely time saving, convenient, user-friendly and offers you hot water for your various needs in no time.

Whether you are living alone or with a large family, an electric kettle would definitely be a plus to your kitchen. 

If you plan on purchasing the best electric kettle, read through our 2020 buying guide.

Take note of the necessary factors and features to look out for before selecting and then, go right on and make that purchase.