13 Best Electric Geysers in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Water heaters are some of the essential appliances when it comes to the quality of life. All you have to do is turn on a switch and hot water will be ready for you in a few minutes. Geysers are a popular type of water heater which are to be placed at any location at home and it can provide you with hot water through the pipeline.

Some common types of Geysers can either be powered by electricity or by some other fuel like LPG. Today we will only be discussing the only electric type of geysers. Based on the requirements and usage of the geyser their prices may vary.

Today we will be covering Geysers that can be of smaller or larger capacity and we will also discuss where these Water heaters can be better used. So, if you were planning to buy a Water heater for your home then you are lucky as we will be discussing the best Geyser in their price range and how much value they provide.

We will also share information about what things you should consider as requirements when buying a Geyser. These can be big deciding factors like storage capacity to small things like MP3 player and LCD. So, let us begin.

Best Electric Geysers in India 2020

AO Smith SDS-025 Water Heater

AO Smith SDS-025 Water Heater

AO Smith is a known brand in the category of appliances like geysers due to its advertisements and this product does a good job of proving that those ads are true. This 25L water heater is huge and can easily be used for the entire family even if you have more than 4 family members. It comes with a blue and white colour combination which looks great on the body and its centre has a Temperature knob huge enough to not be unnoticed.

This vertically mounted water heater has a steel water heating tank in it which has a glass lining to provide great corrosion protection and the overall body is covered in ABS plastic that makes its body strong.

The 2000W power consumption might seem less for the size but if you leave it for about 40-50min it can easily heat water for the entire family, i.e. it will heat the water to its great capacity. Not only that but it is certified with a 4-star BEE rating. That means it should be quite efficient with its energy requirement.

The bigger size might be the reason for its high price, but if you want to use it for bathing purpose then it is usable. Its tank is equipped with a folding back heating coil which ensures that water is heated evenly across the tank. For extra protection it is provided with PUF insulation, so you don’t have to worry about hazards. 

The thermostat was a necessary addition as different people might require water at different temperatures, and also one can adjust the temperature according to the season which makes it usable for the entire year.

Though AO Smith does not have a good reputation when it comes to providing service to its customers if you are need of a high capacity water heater then this geyser can do the job for you.

The product comes with a 7 years warranty for its inner tank and if you have any issue with the heating element of the geyser you can claim the warranty by the next 4 years of buying the product and you can expect a 2 years comprehensive warranty. Not only that, if your water supply happens to provide hard water, then this heater has a special anode that can extract the ions out of it to give better water.

You can expect a user’s manual and the mounting screws in the box, but you have to expect the rest of the components from the installation team which will cost you extra charges during installation.


  • 25L Tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 2000W power consumption
  • Steel Tank with glass lining
  • 4-star BEE rating
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty
  • High capacity tank
  • Power consumption is low
  • Great warranty for use
  • Time-consuming for quick use
  • Installation is not free

Bajaj New Shakti 15L Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti 15L Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj the most popular brand when it comes to home appliances, so of course they had to manufacture water heaters as well. This water heater performs well for home usage, especially for bathing purpose. It comes is in three size options of 10L, 15L and 25L in which the 15L one is a good pick because the size is moderate but not as large as the 25L one, that is unless you need that higher capacity. 

The design is simplistic with a white body and some floral patterns over it and at the lower side of it is a dial that can adjust the heat of water, i.e. temperature adjustment, which is an important part to handle it based on the seasons.

Being of 2000W power consumption, it can heat water fairly quickly and if you want to use it once for your family then just turn on the water supply (if you like to keep it off) and turn on the geyser for 35-40min before its use and you can expect hot water for 3-4 members of the family.

It comes with Fire retardant cabling, so fire hazard cannot be expected as an issue with this water heater and not only that but the PUF insulation was a necessary addition to it and is appreciated.

The inner body feels quite sustainable with the glass lining provided over the heating element and the plastic cover provided on top of the heating tank. Thus, the price of this product seems reasonable overall considering it is from a brand like Bajaj.

Coming to the extra features then this product does not have that many of them. It has a temperature regulator and a dial that shows the temperature of the tank for that moment. 

Bajaj is a reputed brand so you can expect a long life from this water heater. Given that, it comes with a 4-star BEE rating which is decent and can ensure that it does not damage your electricity bills with big numbers. About the warranty, its tank comes with a 5-year warranty and a 2-year warranty for the rest of the product. You can always call Bajaj’s toll-free helpline in case of any issue. Their service is available most of the time.


  • 15L Tank capacity, Vertical Mounting
  • 2000W power consumption
  • Glass lining on the heating element
  • 4-star BEE rating
  • 5-year warranty of tank, 2-year for product
  • Low on energy with a 4-star rating
  • Multiple options for tank capacity
  • Fire retardant cabling
  • Installation is not free
  • Lacks additional features

Bajaj Flora Instant 3L Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Flora Instant 3L Vertical Water Heater

Another Bajaj product in this list and this heater also happen to be of really good value. But this one is not your regular water heater with bathroom use, but rather be used in the kitchen due to its smaller. Yes, the 3L size may seem small for the bathroom so it is mainly designed for kitchen use or other uses like washing machine water or some other activities that need hot water.

The compact design looks well-made and can easily fit in most corners of your house and it can easily blend into those rooms due to the modern look. It only has a light indicator pair that shows you if the heater active or not. It is easy to understand if the water coming will be hot or not.

3000W might seem a lot for the small 3L size, but that is the unique selling point of this product. The fact that it is so small makes it suitable for small activities as they require quick access to water. This high wattage will make sure that hot water is supplied instantly without much delay and this product does that job well.

This product also comes with fire-retardant cabling, and being a Bajaj product, you can assume that the product will safe. Not only that such small size gives you total access to use in high-pressure water supply systems like high storey building where water supply is highly pressurized in bottom floors. The inner body is also made of thermoplastic and can make sure that it will withstand tough conditions.

The Flora does not have many extra features other than the temperature indicator but what more should you expect from a small-sized heater to be used in kitchens. But if you intend to use this product in your bathrooms you might have to struggle a little bit by managing the water flow supply into the tank.

This product also comes with a 4500W option if you want some more power or you want to use it in your bathroom instead. Other than that, this product will come with a 2-year overall warranty for the whole product. The installation is not free which might be extra damage on your wallet but other than that the product is decent and can be used for household purposes.


  • 3L Tank capacity, vertical mounting
  • 3000W power consumption
  • High-pressure sustenance
  • Thermoplastic cover over the tank
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Very fast heating
  • Small size
  • The warranty period is less
  • High-pressure sustenance



ACTIVA is not a famous brand, especially for Water heaters but this product is approved by the ISI mark and has been one of the best sellers, and reason for it might be a small size and the affordable price you need to pay for it. It is a 3L Geyser that can be good for household activities and would not be preferred for bathroom use.

The design looks simplistic with the white and blue colour combination and the matte finish on it which gives it decent appeal. So, you can place it in your kitchen or any other room where you want to, and it would not bother you with any weird aesthetic.

The power consumption is high at 3000W but it is an intentional increase in wattage which is so that it can be used more rapidly without making the user wait much when they want to obtain hot water for some activity like washing utensil or clothes or anything like that.

The affordable price of this product is its selling point but that does not mean that it is low on quality. It has thermoplastic protection over its tank which can help this heater last longer and faceless problem in runtime. It also equips a high-quality thermostat for turning it off at higher temperature and it has a pressure release valve to reduce pressure in case the tank gets pressurized.

When it comes to extra features it does not have many other than an on-off indicator that shows if the heater is active and it also has a hard-water treating Magnesium anode to make sure that hard water is treated properly and not released out of the heater.

Overall, you can consider buying this product if you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend much on buying a geyser, because it does not provide any extraordinary feature that can make it stand other than the price-point. It does come with a 1-year warranty on the entire product and a 5-year warranty on the tank. ACTIVA is not that much known for its service, so might have to gamble on it.


  • 3L Tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • ABS Plastic body
  • 3000W power consumption
  • Magnesium anode for hard-water protection
  • 5-year tank warranty, 1-year product warranty.
  • Design looks good
  • Safe from hard water corrosion
  • Can handle high pressure
  • Customer service may not be reliable
  • No additional features.

Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15L Water Heater

Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15L Water Heater

When buying an electric appliance, you cannot leave Crompton out of your choice list. Some of their products are good, and this is one of those good ones. This 15L water heater is great for nuclear families where hot water is a basic need for them. The design looks very stylish with the silver finish body and it has a temperature regulation dial at the lower end. It will look good in the bathroom if you intend to use it there.

The body seems durable with the copper tank, copper is known to provide great heating, and polymer coating on top of the tank, giving it a long life. They have used a nano bond polymer technology in the polymer coating to give it more resistance from corrosion and oxidation.

The power rating of this water heater is around 2000W which is ideal for its capacity. It should be able to heat the entire capacity in about 35-40min duration. It is also certified with 5-star energy-saving rate, that means it will provide good savings compared to other products with this capacity and wattage.

Other than those numbers, as previously mentioned it has a temperature adjustment knob in it that will help you adjust the temperature in the range of 25-750C. That means you don’t have to worry about managing the water temperature with the season and you can manipulate it to your wish.

Being of high capacity, it is not preferred to attach a water supply that is of high pressure, like those in multi-storey buildings, but the company claims that it can handle 8bars of water pressure which should be enough for smaller buildings.

Crompton is a well-known brand and it is Indian, so you can expect alright service from their team. However, they will charge you the installation fee when you need to set this product up. This product does come with a 7-year warranty on its tank and a 2-year product warranty. But considering the build quality of this product, you should not expect much issues from this. It also comes with an Mg anode in the tank, so if your water supply contains hard water this can help in rectifying it.


  • 15L Tank, Vertical Mounting
  • 2000W Power consumption, 5-star rating
  • Copper Tank with a polymer coating
  • 25-750C Temperature dial
  • 7-year tank warranty, 2-year product warranty
  • Power-saving features are appreciated
  • Pressure handling capabilities
  • The copper tank is vulnerable to rusting
  • Installation is not free

V-Guard Victo 15L Water Heater

V-Guard Victo 15L Water Heater

People have some special attachment when it comes to V-Guard and that is because it is an Indian brand and the products provided by them are reliable. The V-Guard Victo is a really good product for those who are looking for a geyser from V-Guard. The body of this Water heater looks sleek and the metallic white finish makes it look beautiful. It looks plain on the surface with a temperature adjustment dial that may be of good use. 

The cover is made of high-quality mild steel and that is why it is giving it that rich look. It is also provided with a 4-layer safety system which ensures that you do not expect any type of hazard with this heater.

2000W power rating should be perfect for this 15L geyser as this will make certain that the water is available in 30min and 15L of water can be utilized by you without any concern of getting it cooled down quick. It is also certified with 4-star BEE rating, which makes sure that this heater will not cost you more than necessary and you also get V-Guard’s assurance of withstanding Voltage and heat fluctuations.

The heating system is also equipped with a thermostat which will ensure timely thermal cut-out in case of overheating or if the heater happens to suffer some unusual circumstance. Also, the magnesium anode was a necessary addition to secure the system from the corroding hard water. The valves provided will ensure that pressure is not exceeding the recommended one.

This product also comes in 10L and 25L options if you want to opt that one. Other than that, this product is good for daily. The package will contain the connection pipe for inlet and outlet, which was a good move by V-Guard as it would have cost extra if the customers had to buy it. 

The main tank of the heater comes with a warranty of 5 years and the heating element will come with a warranty of 3 years and the rest of the product will get a 2-year warranty. So, if you want to go for V-Guard’s reliable service and trust, then this one is an easy pick.


  • 15L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 2000W power rating, 4-star BEE rating
  • 4-layer safety system
  • Warranty on tank 5-years, heating element 3-years, product 2-years
  • Design looks neat
  • Great resistance from rusting and corrosion
  • Mild steel tank
  • Can withstand fluctuations
  • Not many added features

Havells Instanio 3L Water Heater

Havells Instanio 3L Water Heater

Like the name suggests this Havells product is an instant water heater. Havells is a well-known brand when it comes to electric appliances. An instant water heater though not preferred to be used in the bathroom, can be used for other domestic activities. The design of this geyser is very unique with the white and sky-blue colour combo and a round LED indicator at the centre which can change colour based on the thermostat.

The inside tank of this geyser is made of stainless steel, which means you can expect a long life from this product and quick performance as well. And the body is covered in ABS plastic to keep and shockproof and rustproof as well.

It has a 3000W power consumption which explains why it is an instant water heater. It can heat 3L water in just 5-10 minutes depending upon the weather. After which the thermostat will quickly turn off the heater and the LED indicator will change its colour.

The product is ISI certified for its durable and sustainable build quality and the cabling provided to it is fire retardant. Though it is not provided with any energy rating, you can expect good savings from this product. 

Also, being of smaller size and giving instant power, it is suitable for high rise buildings where the flow pressure of water can be high because it can easily withstand high pressure and heat it. For safety reasons, they have mentioned 0.65MPa pressure as a maximum, which a lot and you don’t have to worry about it.

For a 3L water heater, the price may be on the higher side, but you consider the safety features and the looks of this product, then this is definitely worth the extra money. Also, this product comes from Havells, which has a good reputation in this field. This product comes with a 5-year warranty on its condenser and a 2-year warranty on its body. Though the installation is not free, which might be annoying.


  • 3L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 3000W power rating
  • Max. 0.65 MPa handling capacity
  • 2-year warranty on its body
  • ISI certified product
  • Quickly heats water
  • Can handle high pressure
  • Warranty period could have been longer
  • Installation is not free

Havells Adonia Storage R 25L Water Heater

Havells Adonia Storage R 25L Water Heater

Another Havells product in this list and this one contrasts the other one in all the ways. This water heater is a high-end geyser with a lot of features. It has a 25L tank capacity and it has a curved end square design so it would like neither vertical mounted nor horizontal mounted, though technically it is to be mounted vertically. It has a completely white body and has a big round LED circle in the centre which has a digital temperature indicator in the middle of it.

The outer body is made of ABS plastic and the inside tank is made of super-cold steel plates with the heating element being glass-coated. It is also provided with a Magnesium anode to provide extra protection from hard water damage in case your water supply has hard water in it.

It has a 2000W power consumption which is nominal for the capacity of the heater. You can expect the entire capacity to heat up in about 40-50min which is good. Having 25 L capacity helps where everyone has to use hot water in the bathroom, be it for shower or taps.

As mentioned before, the price may be higher side, but this is because it comes with a lot of extra features that make it feels premium. The centre temperature indicator also has touch-sensitive buttons on it which can be used to adjust the temperature according to your need.

It also comes with a remote controller if you want some more comfort in its usage. And as the temperature is changed, the LED indicator will also change its colour from Blue to Amber which looks amazing.

Safety is a matter of big concern and this product handles it well with the PUF insulation which is an essential thing to have and it also uses a so-called “Whirl-Flow Technology” which claims to avoid direct contact between hot water and cold water so that more energy can be saved.

Havells is a reliable brand and if you wish to own this premium product to complement your bathroom then it’s a good choice. It comes with a 7-year warranty on the entire product which is very good and rare to find option. The box will include the remote controller, a manual, the wall mounting accessories, 2 Flexi pipes and of course the Water Heater itself in case you were wondering.


  • 25L tank capacity, Vertical Mounting
  • 2000W power rating
  • LED Indicator
  • Remote Controller, Feather touch control
  • Warranty of 7-years on the entire product
  • Premium look
  • Remote controller and touch control
  • Great performance
  • 7-year long warranty
  • No power-saving feature

Crompton Bliss 3L Water Heater

Crompton Bliss 3L Water Heater

This Water heater is another Crompton product and unlike the other one, this one is an instant water heater. That is, it will give us quick hot water but cannot store too much amount nor can keep it hot for a long time. The product looks pretty basic for a water heater. There is nothing special about the looks, just plain white colour and some floral pattern on it. Other than that, it has an indicator for when the thermostat is active.

The heater has a stainless-steel tank on the inside and the outer body is made of ABS plastic which is quite common. The heating element is made of copper which is also common for a heater.

This product does not carry anything special or gimmicky in it and that is because it was made as a low budget heater. So, if you are on a tight budget, then you can consider buying this geyser for you.

Of course, being of small capacity and size gives it the advantage of withstanding high-pressure water without any problem and this heater does it well. As mentioned previously, it does have an LED indicator in front of the outer body of the heater which indicates if the heater is active or not. This works based on how the thermostat works, if the thermostat senses the temperature of the water is high enough, it will turn off automatically and indicate the green colour meaning that the heater is turned off.

This thermostat is added to make sure that no overheating issues take place, which is a common issue for the generic immersion rod water heater which are unreliable.

Overall, we will say that you should buy this product only if you do not have a high budget as you are sacrificing a few important things in this one. But you will not face many quality issues as it comes from a brand like Crompton which has been in the market for a long time. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the entire product. You cannot expect any free installation for the product though. You have to pay for it and also for the other extra parts that will be needed along with it.


  • 3L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 3000W power consumption
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 2-year warranty
  • Heating power is high
  • It can withstand high pressure
  • No additional features
  • The warranty period is less



American Micronic is not a reputed brand, at least in India. But this time they have a product that provides great value. This 15L water heater looks basic when it comes to looking. It has a plain white body with a black bottom that has two dials on it which we will mention later, and it has a temperature meter in the centre of the body.

The water heater has a stainless-steel tank inside of it and it has titanium enamel glass lining on it for added protection from corrosion and rusting from dry usage. It is also provided with Magnesium anode in it for protection from hard water. Also, it can hold hot water for longer times due to the selection of good materials for the tank.

When it comes to power rating, it consumes 2000W of power and it does have a 5-star BEE rating, which is very much appreciable from this product. Also, it is provided with PUF insulation for more energy saving.

For features, as mentioned earlier it has 2 knobs at the lower side of the body which can be used to adjust not only the temperature but also the power consumption of the heater. The temperature dial can range from 30-750 C and the power consumption dial can adjust power rating among 800W, 1200W or 2000W. It is also equipped with fire retardant cabling if you want more protection from fire hazards.

For the low price, this product seems extremely good, and with the 15L capacity, you can use it for the entire family, and they claim to provide good sustenance when it comes to handling pressurized water. The product looks durable and heavy, which means that it can last long, and it can provide decent performance throughout the years. 

Overall, we suggest that you can consider buying this product if you are willing to take the risk of buying the geyser from an unknown brand. But if we look at the value, they are providing it is really good for the price you are paying for it. Although, you cannot expect the installation of this product to be free. They claim to provide a comprehensive defect warranty for up to 2-years.


  • 15L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 2000W power rating, 5-star BEE rating
  • Temperature control knob 30-750C
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 2-year warranty
  • Great price to value ratio
  • The power control knob is a great addition
  • Stainless steel tank lasts long
  • Not from a reliable brand
  • The 2-year warranty period is less

Racold ETERNO Pro SP 15V Water Heater

Racold ETERNO Pro SP 15V Water Heater

Racold is popular in India for manufacturing Water Heaters, and this one is although a pricey product, but it is a good one. The design is very different and unique as it has violet and white colour combo and it is an Italian design, so it is supposed to look good in your bathrooms. At the bottom centre of this body is a dial to adjust Smart Bathlogic which we will discuss later.

It has a 15L tank capacity and the tank is made of steel and it is enhanced with Titanium Plus technology. In this technology, the inner surface of the tank is enamel coated with Titanium and there will also be a Titanium anode for corrosion and hard water protection.

The power rate of this product is around 2000W, but it can be adjusted using the Smart Bathlogic. The Smart Bathlogic is a special feature added by Racold which can adjust the power consumed by the heater depending upon how you are going to use it. This consumption can depend on bucket bath, shower etc. Also, the product comes with a 5-star BEE rating. Which means that it should not damage your wallet much and you can use it more relentlessly.

It is also provided Smart Mix technology which uses special deflector so that hot water and cold water do not get mixed up easily and it can help in saving more electricity. Speaking of saving electricity, it also has PUF insulation to save even more electricity. And, it has high-pressure resistance making it more suitable for slightly higher-level buildings where you can expect high pressure on lower floors.

In short, we can say that this water heater is a great performer for the long run as it provides great heating power, great life and protection with the Super Polymer High Performance, great energy savings with the Bathlogic, Smart Mix and PUF insulation. This product does come with a 7-year warranty on its tank, a 3-year warranty on its heating element and a 2-year on the overall product. All these factors prove that if you find the price of this product to be reasonable then you should consider buying this multi-benefit water heater.


  • 15L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 2000W power rating, 5-star BEE rating
  • Power consumption controller
  • Warranty on tank 7-year, heating element 3-year, product 2-year
  • Smart Bathlogic works wonders
  • Smart Mix is a great addition
  • Design looks nice
  • The warranty period is sufficient
  • Installation is not free

LONGWAY Superb 25L Water Heater

LONGWAY Superb 25L Water Heater

LONGWAY is another unknown company in this list, but if you are interested to know LONGWAY is an Indian brand that produces home appliances and they have been in this business since 2018. This product from Longway looks very classic and retro design with the ivory coloured body and a dial meter on its centre that shows the temperature of the water in it. It is a capsule type body with vertical mounting.

The outer body is made of stainless steel and the heating element is made Copper. This will make sure that the body is strong and durable, and the insides get proper heating. Not only that, but the stainless steel will ensure that the body does not get affected by corrosion and rusting under longer use. The inner tank is glass lined for added protection.

Coming to the energy side of this thing, this water heater consumes 2000W which is very minimal for a 25L geyser. So, you can expect to not be robbed by your electricity bill when using this heater. On top of that, it is certified with 5-star BEE rating, which is always appreciated.

When it comes to other features, this geyser does not have that many and that is because it comes on the cheaper side for a 25L water heater. That is why it only equips a temperature meter at the centre of the body-front and an LED indicator to show if the thermostat is active or not. The thermostat is added in the geyser to make sure that the heater is not active all the time if turned on otherwise it will keep on heating up and can lead to accidents.

You might not know LONGWAY and one of the reasons for this is because they are not known to provide good service to their customers. So, it might be a gamble to buy this because the service may be unreliable. But from their side, they are giving a 5-year warranty on the tank and a 30-month warranty for the rest of the product which sounds good. 

If you want to buy a minimal product that serves the sole purpose of heating water for you without any extra features, this one can be for you. You just have to worry about the service later on if any problem occurs.


  • 25L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • 2000W power rating, 5-star BEE rating
  • LED indicator and Thermostat
  • Warranty on Tank 5-year, Product 30-month
  • High capacity for the price paid
  • Durable design
  • Not a well-known company
  • Service can be unreliable

Usha Misty 25L Water Heater

Usha Misty 25L Water Heater

This list was incomplete without a Usha Product. Usha is a famous brand in India for manufacturing Home appliances including water heaters. The Usha Misty is a high capacity water heater with a very cylinder-like design to it and some floral patterns on the white body. It has two colour option with an Ivory one and a Grey one. And it has a temperature needle at the centre of the body.

The outside body of the geyser is made up of ABS Plastic which gives it protection from outside moisture and a lightweight. The inner tank is made of Stainless steel which gives the tank longer life and easy protection from rusting and corrosion. The tank is also enhanced with glass line enamel which gives it further protection.

This vertical heater has a power rate of 2000W, which is common and minimal for a 25L heater. So, you can expect a common performance from this heater when it comes to heating. It is also certified with 5-star BEE rating which means that it can give further savings in electricity.

Though the price is slightly on the higher side it does not have many extra features other than a temperature meter as mentioned earlier which will show the current temperature of the water inside the heater.

Coming to the customer service, we don’t think that there is anything to explain in this one. Usha has been a reputed brand for a very long time and their service should be good when it comes to this water heater. Though you should not expect the installation process to be free. The technicians or plumbers will charge you for the labour.

The geyser does come with a 7-year warranty on the tank of the heater, a 3-year warranty on the heating element and a 2-year warranty for the rest of the product, which is quite common and expected from a Usha appliance.


  • 25L tank capacity, Vertical mounting
  • Stainless steel tank, ABS plastic outer body
  • 2000W power rating, 5-star BEE rating
  • Temperature meter
  • 7-year tank, 3-year heating element, 2-year product warranty
  • Brand reliability from Usha
  • Stainless steel tank can last longer
  • The warranty period is good
  • Not many added features
  • Installation is not free

Buying Guide for Electric Geysers in India 2020

Following are the things that you should consider when buying geysers –

Storage capacity

This is the most important factor when buying a Water Heater and it can easily affect the budget that you should consider when buying a geyser. Usually, water heaters are given in storage option of 3L, 10L, 15L and 25L.

If you are looking for a heater that will be used for simple activities in the kitchen like washing utensils, washing some clothes, some cleaning etc., then you should go for the 3L Water Heater. It has a small capacity and it will not take much space from your room where you intend to place it. At the same time, it will also give you instant cooling, which is an advantage in case of a 3L geyser. Not only that but a smaller geyser can also handle high pressures due to its small form factor and quicker operation time.

If you are a single person or two persons living in a house and want to share a water heater, then the 10L capacity is perfect for you. It will not be too much costly, and it will also give you hot water of max. capacity at a much faster rate than the bigger ones. These low-medium sized geysers can also handle some amount of pressure if you live in a multi-storey building on the lower floors. Since they too have a smaller capacity, they do not take up too much space in your room.

If you live in a small family with 3-4 member, then 15L should be good for you people. It provides great capacity for everyone to use the water and you don’t have to wait again to get the water heated. Just turn it on 30 min before its usage and you are good to go. Make sure that these generally are not capable of handling high-pressure water supply. So, be careful of not attaching a high-pressure pipe to it.

At last, comes the 25L capacity water heater. This one is for those people who live in a joint family or intend to use it for 4+ members. It will make sure that enough water is there for everyone. They are larger, so make sure that you have a bathroom that has enough vacancy for a larger geyser to be settled. These cannot handle high pressure either, make sure the pressure does not exceed 5-6 bar pressure under normal circumstances.

Fuel type 

In today’s standard, the fuel type is usually not taken into the equation and people generally go for an electric water heater. But in case you don’t know, two different fuels can run a Geyser. The types of those geysers are

Gas-based Water Heater

These water heaters usually run on fossil fuel gases which can include propane and butane, i.e. LPG or Natural Gas. It can be really powerful to heat water using these water heaters because, in old time, people used to heat water using Gas stove fire which worked on a similar principle where they burned the fuel to heat the Water place on stove. 

However, using Gas has its downsides. First, they are polluting. These gases after combustion release harmful gases which capturing even at home can be harmful us but even after releasing outside can increase the Carbon dioxide level, though by a minute amount but it will increase it. 

Another downside is that unlike electric ones, they need to be connected properly. You will need a proper gas-line connection to use a gas-based one. This could be a lot of hassle and if any defect happens, it can end up in huge accidents. Gases are not something that you can use safely. There is always some sort of risk related to it.

Electricity-based Water Heater

It is rather obvious that this one is the safer option. It just requires you to get a plug point where you want to install your geyser. After installing your geyser, get a pipe connection with sufficient but not too much pressure of water flow. Once, everything is arranged, all you have to do is turn on the switch and hot water will be ready for you in some minutes.

Electric heaters are also good concerning the environmental aspect. It does not cause any type of pollution because it is all electricity. And it is also safer to set up, where all you need is to get a plug point. However, you still have to make sure everything is safe and secure with the electric connection or it can end up electrocuting through water, which is the least desirable scenario for anyone.

Tank Material

Tank material can play an important role in the type of longevity you want from your water heater. The tank material will make sure that it is resistant to any type of corrosion or rusting, and neither is it affected by hard water. It can also affect the weight, strength and durability of the storage tank.

The tank material can be of the following type:

Copper tank

Copper as a metal has really good electric and thermal conducting property. This property is a major reason why copper is used for making tanks. If water inside the tank heats up, the copper can dissipate the heat properly throughout the tank making sure that all the region in the water get a sufficient amount of heat and you obtain uniform heating. 

But copper has its downsides, one of them being that copper to rusting. Being of the lower electronegativity, copper tends to get rusted and corroded easily. This makes it prone to damage easily and its lifetime may reduce. However, there are techniques to make the tank last long even with this issue which will be discussed later.

Stainless steel tank

Stainless steel, as the name suggests, is made of stainless steel which means that it can withstand any type of harsh scenario with moisture and humidity, neither will it be affected by water’s hardness often. Though stainless is resistant to the aforementioned scenario, it is comparatively less conductive in comparison. It has minimal electric conductivity and it has moderate thermal conductivity. Thus, the performance is slightly slower, though the difference is insignificant. Another factor is that it is comparatively heavier than copper.


This type of tank is not common because it only has alright resistance to electricity and the material is moderately resistant to corrosion. But what makes it good is the fact that it can handle high pressures of water much easier than the other two types which makes it ideal for places where water pressure could be higher.

The coating provided to the tank

This does not affect the performance of the tank but it can enhance the longevity of the tank by providing it enhanced protection by tough circumstances. It is usually provided using materials like:

Glass: Glass lining is quite common when it comes to coating over tanks. This is because glass is good at providing insulation from outside. This will make sure that the temperature is maintained on the inside and the outside temperature does not affect the inside process. The problem with glass is that with longer use it can get damaged, which is of course not favourable.

Vitreous Enamel: Vitreous Enamel is rather rarely used but contrary to glass, this material is good in terms of strength. It can make the tank last longer if it faces high pressure or has been used longer but it is not capable enough to give good insulation, but it the outside material is something like ABS plastic, then it can help to compensate the loss inside.

Titanium Enamel: It is extremely rarely used by some brand because titanium has good strength to it and can make the tank last much longer, but similar to vitreous enamel, neither can this enamel provide good insulation making it unfavourable for most cases.

Mounting type

Mounting type is something that you need to consider when your room is of smaller size. This can either be of Vertical type or Horizontal type. The mounting type decides the shape mostly and if your bathroom is wide but shorter height then horizontal mounting should be preferred but if you have a taller bathroom then vertical mounting is preferable.

Also, make sure the pipe ends position is according to the bathroom’s water supply. Otherwise, it would be a lot of hassle to manage piping in the bathroom is the place is already congested.

Power consumption and BEE rating

Power consumption is usually common for a particular capacity of a heater, but it still plays an important on its effect on the electricity bill you pay.

We can explain how a 1W of current can cost you the price you pay for it. Each W (watt) is a joule per hour, and each KWh is equal to 3.6 x 106 Joule. If you do the math, each hour of usage will cost you 1 unit for 1KWh of rating. That means if your heater is of 2000W rating, i.e. 2KW it will consume 2 units of electricity for every hour of usage. 

Now, this calculation can help you get a better understanding of how the electricity board charges you. All you need to do is multiply the rate at which your electricity provider charges you for each unit. For example, if you consume 50 kWh of electricity in the entire month, that means you are to be charged for 50 units of electricity. Let us suppose that cost of 1 unit is Rs.5, then the bill would charge you for 5 x 50 = Rs. 250 for that month.

Now, you can understand that the 3000W heater will consume more electricity but if it provides you with faster heating then it can cost fewer units by being turned off earlier. So, the choice will be your whether you want faster heating, or you want efficient heating.

But these are all superficial factors. The main factor that can affect your power consumption is the build quality and the steps that the company has taken to make it work more efficiently without causing the heater to waste much energy. This can be done by providing proper insulation to the tank, by adding a lining on the tank, adding a good quality of cover on top of it, and many more. Therefore, a tank with a copper surface can provide much faster performance without wasting much energy even though it is more prone to getting corroded.

These are some of the factors that decide the BEE rating of the geyser. BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency which rates the product based on the step taken in the designing of the product to minimize the energy loss in the heater. It is a 5-point rating system where 5 is the highest and best rating with 1 being worst. Therefore, try to buy a water heater that has at least 4 stars in BEE rating. It can perform well in terms of efficiency.

Extra features

Extra features are something that we always crave for when buying something. Because it not only something gimmicky that we can show off but also features that we can consider using sometimes when needed. Some common features are mentioned below:

  • LCD Display can be one of the cool features that one can desire to have. This display can give the user information about the temperature, the power consumption rate, energy consumed up to that time and much more. Usually, this display can be found in more costly geyser which people, who want a luxury item that can also be of good use, can buy.
  • The MP3 player is also a feature that one can desire for. This one is rather obvious; it gives the user the ability to connect it to your phone and then you can play some music from your playlist. It does have its upsides like you don’t have to bring your phone or another music device into the bathroom keeping it safe from water and it can be much louder. But then again it is inside a bathroom and can get affected by the water and get damaged.
  • Another display feature is LCD with touch control. This gives the user number details like temperature, power consumption mode etc. and the user can also adjust the numbers on his using the touch screen. This display has to be waterproof making it possibly more costly to buy.
  • One can also get a feature like a remote control that can be used to control the numbers of the geyser using that remote. This can be convenient when you can’t reach the heater due to some reason, but you want to control it from a distance.


Lastly comes a price, the most important factor. You cannot set a low budget and expect to buy a feature-rich geyser, neither should you buy a minimal heater when you have set a much higher budget. Always buy the geyser as the needs suggest. 

Look for the room size you have, look for the water pressure you get, look for the type of use you will do, and look for the Life expectancy that you want from it. After evaluating everything, just buy the one that is closest to the price of the budget and is providing you with most of the needs that you expect from the heater. 

Usually, a 3L instant heater can be bought under Rs. 4000, a 10,15L one can be bought in under Rs. 7000 and beyond that you can expect a 25L one.

How does a Geyser (Water Heater) work?

A geyser has a simple mechanism. It consists of 4 main parts which are:

  • Tank
  • Heating element
  • Covering
  • Inlet and outlet pipes

When the heater is turned on, the electricity enters the wiring system of the heater and passes through the heating element. The heating element is made of coil form from good heat-producing metal, usually Copper. Metal tends to produce heat when it is in a coil shape and electricity is passed through it. This is the same way an immersion rod works.

Now, this coil is heated up if the water is flowing through the tank that means it passes through the hot coil taking the heat from it and increasing water’s temperature. At the same time, some temperature decrease occurs in the coil but since the coil is in a continuous supply of electricity, it keeps getting heated up. 

The heating element is inside the tank so that the water coming from the inlet pipe flow through the tank and this process increases the water temperature. After this, the water flows out of the tank once heated. Another element that is present inside the tank is a thermostat. 

Suppose that the temperature of the water is high enough now, but the coil still keeps heating up. This can lead to accidents and this is when thermostat comes into play. When a thermostat senses that the temperature is high enough, it will turn off the heating element making sure that no further electricity is consumed and also saves the geyser from suffering an accident.

After heating the water comes out of the outlet pipe and since the tank is empty again, fresh feed water can enter the tank from the inlet pipe. Throughout this process, the covering makes sure that the tank gets sufficient insulation and no amount of heat energy escapes from the surface of the tank by acting as an insulation layer over it. 

Installation of a Electric Geyser

The process of installation and set up can vary from model to model, but the base idea of the process is given below:

  • Drill holes for the necessary piping that you are going to use for the inlet and outlet. It is always easier to set up the pipes if the geyser is being placed in the bathroom. Also make sure that the pipes used are made of PVC, as the steel pipes can conduct heat and they will be hot if hot water flows through it. But if the pipe is supposed to be away from human reach then you can use steel ones as well.
  • Make sure that there is enough space for the mounting type that you have chosen, i.e. Vertical mounting or Horizontal mounting.
  • Attach the frames that are provided for the installation of the Geyser, you must be lucky if you received these from the package of the heater. Look for the manual to get the measurements needed and also the size of the screws and nuts.
  • Place the geyser and arrange it properly in the frame provided. Attach the piping arranged for the heater and make sure that no electrical wiring is near the system other than the one for the heater. Make sure that it gets proper Earthing, otherwise, there can be issues related to shock.
  • You can also choose to replace the main pipe with the hot water pipe, but we don’t suggest you do this process unless you are familiar with plumbing activities.
  • Once set up, try to run normal water through the system without turning on the heater just to check if the piping is perfect and there is no unintentional leakage there. 
  • After this, you can turn on the heater to check if the heating process works fine. Make sure that thermostat is also working fine.

Consider reading the installation guide before starting the set-up process because there can be many steps that may vary based on the model that you have bought and are going to buy. 

Also, after installation makes sure that the other features like temperature dial, temperature gauge, and/or other dials are working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better to use, instant geyser or high capacity geyser?

This completely depends on the usage of the geyser. If you want to use the geyser for household activities, then we suggest you buy an instant geyser. Because the instant geyser has a smaller capacity which is sufficient for household activities but not only that, it can heat water much faster which means you can get hot water instantly, as the name suggests.

But if you want to use the geyser for bathroom, i.e. for bathing then we suggest you take the high capacity one like the 10L, 15L+ ones depending on the number of people who will use it at a time. This is because even though it cannot provide fast heating but once heated it can provide water for everyone and it can also keep the water hot for a longer period compared to instant heater because of its smaller capacity.

Can high capacity geyser be used for house activities?

Yes, you can. But as mentioned earlier household activities require hot water much faster which high capacity fail to give. But if you can wait for some time, these can also provide you with hot water.

Should I buy geyser from online store or local dealer?

It is always comfortable to buy a geyser from the local dealer as they promise you free installation. But when you buy it online, they do not guarantee the same.

Also, if the geyser you want to buy is of an unreliable company you should buy it from that local dealer because they can provide service faster.

Is immersion rod better than a geyser?

Immersion rod even though is much easier to operate but they are unreliable. Most immersion rods stop working after a year or two and you have to buy a new one. But in case of a geyser, it can work for many years without any issue. 

Also, immersion rods can lead to accidents more often and if they are left turned on without water, they can blast and can injure a person nearby. This is not the case geyser, because most geysers have an inbuilt thermostat that can turn a geyser off if the desired temperature is achieved.

Can I use an instant heater for bathing?

Yes, you can. But you have to keep emptying the heater and fill the normal feedwater again for heating and this will up to 4-5 rounds before you get the hot water bucket you want. You cannot expect this heater to work for your shower.

They can’t provide hot water inflow. You can get a continuous flow of moderately hot water, but you have to decrease the flow rate of cold water to match that of hot water outflow.


Geysers are some of the most used appliances during winter and this is the season when they are sold the most. You can also consider buying one if you want quick access to hot water instead of heating it on your stove and taking it to the bathroom.

We hope that this article helped you find the heater you were looking for and it was in the budget that you were expecting. We also hope that the information available through the buying guide and the FAQ was also helpful for you and cleared the confusions and ambiguities that you had before. These are some of the best Water Heater you can buy for the price they are sold for and you should buy them if they seem suitable for you.

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