12 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Fans are perhaps the only thing that is the most ignored appliance in the home. It is something that stays out of our sight and quietly performs the task it is supposed to. It is the one appliance that is used the most in every household. It is something that is present in every room of the house yet a person probably only buys it once or twice in their lifetime. Then there are some who buy a furnished flat or apartment and go about their life without ever having to make a conscious purchase decision of buying a fan.

Following product list has been curated for the potential customer to have a look and decide based on their requirements which fan will suit and match best with their needs. 

Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Technologies, formerly known as Gorilla, is a new upcoming brand in the ceiling fan industry. This company was started by IIT Bombay and IIM graduates in 2012. They aim to make more efficient ceiling fans and change the industry standard from induction motors to BLDC (brushless DC) motors which are more energy efficient. 

The selling point for these fans are their beautiful design and innovative technology that guarantees energy saving due to the usage of BLDC motor in their ceiling fans. The BLDC motor can consume up to 28W on the highest speed while 6W on the lowest speed. This energy saving can translate into reduction in electric bill of approximately Rs.1500 yearly.
This energy efficient fans have another advantage over contemporary ceiling fans is that they can run as much as three times longer on inverter thanks to high energy efficiency. 

Although the price of the product is higher than other commercial ceiling fans but the energy efficient advantage will pay off this additional cost in the long run. The additional cost will be recuperated in the next few years but the energy savings will continue for the coming next decade.

The overall build of the ceiling fan is very sturdy. The material used in the construction is aluminium which makes the fan and blades rust free. Apart from that these fans come with anti-dust coating paint. Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 50x23x20 cm and weighs around 9 kg.

The fan also has smart remote control which provides additional control over conventional ceiling fans. The remote offers functionality like boost mode, sleep mode and timer. The support of the remote removes the necessity of an external regulator on the switch boards. 

The blades span is 1200 mm which is more than enough for a large room and bedrooms with a space up to 140 sq. ft.

This fan comes in two colours, namely Pearl White and Earth Brown.

The efficient motors also reduce the sound and has no humming noise which makes it peaceful for night use.

The fan also has speed indication LED lamps which can be translated as night light.

The fan comes with 2 years onsite warranty with 1 year additional extended warranty upon registration of barcode of the product.

  • BLDC motor
  • Energy saving up to 65%
  • LED indicator which can be used as night lamp
  • Remote control
  • 2 year + 1 year additional warranty
  • No humming noise
  • Dust free and rust free
  • No requirement of additional regulator
  • Slight costlier than other ceiling fans

Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric is one of the most rusted brands in the country when it comes to electrical appliances. They have a multitude of product offerings in most of the home care and personal care categories.

Apex is an induction motor based ceiling fan from the house of orient electric. The fan has aluminium blades which are wide and provides good air draught throughout the room. Overall the build is good and sturdy. This ceiling fan is available in two standard colours namely brown and white. 

The motor has special ball bearing design which reduces friction and unwanted noise which in turn improves the efficiency. The blades and motors come with powder coating to increase the life of the fan. 

The power consumed in running the ceiling fan is roundabout 40 W. The blade size is 1200 mm which is enough in any average build home. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 54.5x26x18.3 cm and weighs around 4.16 kg. This puts this fan in the light weight category.

The mounting rod that comes with the fan is small, if need be the customer will have to externally add bigger mounting rod. 

  • Copper motor
  • Aluminium blades
  • Build is sturdy
  • Light weight
  • Higher power consumption than a BLDC motor ceiling fan
  • Smaller mounting rod

Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

Luminous is one of the leading companies in the electrical manufacturing industry. Although their major line of focus is in power and storage products. They also make lights, fans, switches, wires, commercial appliances etc. The company is headquartered in Delhi and is almost 3 decades old. 

The luminous ceiling fans have an induction motor fit into it. Overall the fans are stylish looking and comes in 3 different colour options namely brown, ivory and white. The blades and the motor body is made up of aluminium and that gives it longer life. The aluminium body makes it non corrosive in nature. 

The blade size is 1200 mm which is enough for personal normal rooms. The ceiling fans will rotate at 380 RPM providing a 220 cmm. 

The power consumption while operating the appliance is on the higher side compared to other ceiling fans. It takes up approximately 70 W. 

The fan comes with 2 year warranty for the user. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 55x21x17 cm and weighs around 3.6 kg. This puts this fan in the light weight category.

Even though the ceiling fan is light weight but the overall power consumption is high which suggests that the fan is kind of less efficient compared to the rest of the products in this list. 

In terms of having an aesthetic beauty this fan is one of the best in this list but if you compare it on the grounds of efficiency then the case may differ. 

  • Copper motor
  • Aluminium blades
  • Beautiful design
  • Light weight
  • 2 year warranty
  • Higher power consumption

Atomberg Efficio 

Atomberg Efficio

Atomberg Technologies, formerly known as Gorilla, is a new upcoming brand in the ceiling fan industry. 

Another product from them is Efficio which is a great offering from them. This fan just like the first one also has BLDC motor which is more efficient. This more efficient motor saves around Rs.1500 in electricity consumption over a year.

Ceiling fans lasts for decades which recuperates the overall extra premium cost of this fan and yet continues to save on electric bill over the years. 

The ceiling has remote as well and provides multiple functions. The function includes boost mode, speed regulation, sleep, timer, etc. The remote works till a distance of 20 feet. 

The energy efficiency leads to longer duration of working on inverter. In quantifiable terms of duration of working it works 3 times more than conventional ceiling fans on inverter. 

In terms of fan body and blades they are made of aluminium which makes them anti corrosive. It also comes with anti-dust paint. 

In terms of power consumption the fan consumes around 28W which is less than most conventional ceiling fans. The fans come with internal stabilization which gives the appliance a range of tolerance over varying voltages. The tolerance range is from 140 to 285V. this gives the appliance an additional safety layer. 

Apart from the safety layer the ceiling fan includes 2 year warranty with an additional 1 year extended warranty upon registration of barcode.

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 50x23x20 cm and weighs around 4.75 kg.

  • BLDC motor
  • Energy saving up to 65%
  • Remote control
  • 2 year + 1 year additional warranty
  • Dust free and rust free
  • No requirement of additional regulator
  • MRP is more than other brands’ ceiling fans

Bajaj Maxima

Bajaj Maxima

Bajaj is an Indian electrical manufacturing company that is known for their quality and durable products. Their product offerings range from lighting, consumer durables and heavy engineering machines. And top of that Bajaj is also known for their higher electrically efficient products.

This Bajaj Maxima is a smaller ceiling fan with higher rotation speed. It runs on the original induction motor principle. It has high rotation speed of 870 RPM. It is small but it is very fast.

This faster rotation will push the air down below with higher speed. The motor comes with double ball bearing which helps in bringing down friction and improves the life span of the motor parts. It also adds another important factor as it reduces noise. 

Being a small ceiling fan with high rotation speed and torque it instantly gets fast upon being powered. 

Overall the build quality is sturdy and made out of the best materials. The overall motor cover and blades is made up of aluminium which helps in making lighter. 

The fan has 4 blades which is smaller in size which makes it perfect for a smaller room. The blade sweep size is 600 mm. Any secondary room with smaller size will be perfect for this ceiling fan.

The fan is small but consumes a fair amount of power thanks to that high rotation power. This ceiling fan consumes around 66 W. 

The fan comes with 2 year warranty. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 20x5x25 cm and weighs around 3.4 kg. the weight is comparatively lower than most ceiling fans.

  • Aluminium body
  • 2 year warranty
  • Higher rpm
  • 4 blades ideal for smaller rooms
  • Light weight
  • Instant high speed at start
  • Higher power consumption of 66 W

Crompton Aura 48 inch

Crompton Aura 48 inch

Crompton Greaves is one of the leading brands in the country with respect to consumer appliances market.

Crompton Aura is very stylish and aesthetically very pleasing. The design is contemporary which perfectly complements the modern interior homes. This fan comes in two colours Ivory and Brown. 

The built is durable and sturdy and has metallic finish. The fan and blades is made of aluminium which makes it rust free.

The fan is of standard size with 3 blades. The motor is of 380 RPPM which is standard to these types of ceiling fans size.

The power consumption of the fan is around 74 W. This is higher than BLDC motor technology. The motor is 100% made of copper giving it a longer life compared to normal motors. The air delivery of the fan is 230 cmm. 

The fan comes with 2 year warranty from the brand. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 16.4×27.2×26.2 cm and weighs around 4.4 kg.

  • Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Aluminium body
  • 2 year warranty
  • Anti-rust
  • Higher power consumption
  • No remote control

Havells Legenza

Havells Legenza

Havells is one of the leading electrical appliances manufacturing brands in the country and has been present for decades now. They have an entire range of kitchen appliances which have been generously received by customers for many years. 

Havells has come with Legenza which is a stylish, decorative and exotic looking ceiling fan. The fan looks modern and aesthetic. The fan has metallic paint finish. The fan comes in multiple paint options like pearl white and bronze gold.

The overall dual colour scheme has been used in the fans making them look elegant. The fan does nto have a remote control option.

This fan comes with 4 blades which reduces the air delivery but it is comparatively low on noise.

The fan’s blades sweep size is 1200 mm and has an air delivery of 230 cmm. This kind of air circulation is adequate for a room coverage from 65 to 100 sq ft.

The rotational speed of the fan is 350 RPM. The power consumption of the fan stands at 72 W. this is good in comparison to all the induction motor class ceiling fans but is quite high when compared to the BLDC motor fans.

This fan comes with 2 year warranty. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 54.61×29.21×21.59 cm and weighs around 7 kg. The weight is comparatively higher than most ceiling fans in this category with the same functionality options.

  • Aluminium body
  • 2 year warranty
  • 4 blades
  • Stylish and exotic design
  • Higher power consumption of 72 W
  • Higher weight

Havells Pacer

Havells Pacer

This one is the another offering from the house of Havells. Havells pacer is one of the most sober looking ceiling fan in this list. Anyone who loves simple looking design and in the basic colours then this one is a good choice for you. This ceiling fan one is simple yet classy. 

Havells Pacer has a simple eye catching design. This fan comes in 3 colours which are brown, white and ivory.

It is a powerful ceiling fan with a 3 blades design which will distribute the air to every corner of the room. 

The power consumption of this ceiling fan is 72 W which is equivalent to the fans with induction motors technology but is quite high when compared to other energy efficient technologies available in the market. 

The blades of the fan has an air sweep of 1200 mm which is enough to cover a room space of 65 to 100 sq ft. The blades are aerodynamically designed to push air in every corner of the room. 

The motor comes with double ball bearings which reduces the friction and elongates the life of the fan motor. It also reduces the noise that comes from the ceiling fan. 

The fan is powerful and has a speed of 400 RPM with an air delivery of 235 cmm. This makes it ideal for operation at low voltages.

Overall the fan comes with a 2 year warranty on the product. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 10x10x5 cm and weighs around 3.92 kg. The weight is comparatively lower than most ceiling fans in this category with the same functionality options. This makes them a light weight option in the ceiling fan category.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Light weight
  • Simple yet classy
  • 400 RPM
  • Ideal option for low voltages
  • Higher power consumption of 72 W
  • No remote control

Crompton Aura Prime

Crompton Aura Prime

This ceiling fan is another great option from Crompton. This one is an elegant fan in vibrant colours.

The ceiling fan is made up of aluminium. This makes the fan practically rust free. The fan blades are coated with special paint which makes them dust free. The blades have 50% less dust than other conventional ceiling fans.

The aluminium fans makes the fan durable. The paint used in the blades has metallic finish which makes them shiny and give them a unique design which will match with the modern interiors of the house. 

The motor has 100% copper winding and double ball bearing to ensure longer life. The ball bearings reduce noise, reduces friction and increase efficiency.

The entire ceiling fan is built and constructed with only 2 pieces. This gives the fan more stability and makes them silent compared to other ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan gives an output of 380 RPM and the air flow delivery is 230 ccm.

Power consumption of this is 74 W which is little higher than most conventional ceiling fans. 

The ceiling fan comes with 2 year warranty. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 55.2×37.2×22.6 cm and weighs around 4 kg. The weight is comparatively higher than most ceiling fans in this category with the same functionality options.

  • Aluminium body
  • 50% dust reduction
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2 piece construction to reduce noise
  • Durable and stable
  • Anti-rust
  • Higher power consumption of 74 W

Havells Nicola

Havells Nicola

Another ceiling fan from the house of Havells is Nicola. This fan has contemporary and elegant design which will adore the ceiling in the house. The fan comes in double colour patterns.

The colour patterns are gold and copper, bronze and copper, pearl ivory and off-white. The fan and blades is finished with metallic paint. 

The power consumption of this ceiling fan is 68 W which is a bit lower than other conventional ceiling fans of the same specifications. The fan blades provide an air delivery of 235 cmm.

This is enough for room space from 65 to 100 sq ft. 

The blades of the fan is ergonomically designed to push the air and circulate it effectively in the entire room.

The fan’s motors have double ball bearings which helps in reducing friction and noise. It also increases the motor’s life and makes it more efficient than motors without ball bearings. 

The fan comes with 2 year warranty from the brand. 

The ceiling fan weighs around 3.63 kg. The weight is comparatively lower than most ceiling fans in this category with the same functionality options.

  • Aluminium body
  • 2 year warranty
  • Contemporary design
  • Lower weight
  • Higher power consumption of 68 W

Amazon Solimo ceiling fan

Amazon Solimo ceiling fan

This one is a private label of Amazon under the brand name of Solimo which means that Solimo is the manufacturer ad Amazon handles the marketing and distribution. This private label has been offering various products under its belt.

They are involved with most of the home care and household appliances. One thing that they have heavily relied upon is with continuous innovation and design tweaks to make sure that their products are of considerably higher quality and affordable as possible.

This is a 3 blade ceiling fan with a rotation speed of 380 RPM. The fan is capable of delivering an air cross of 200 cubic meters per minute. The overall design of the fan is kept stylish so that it goes with internal décor of the home. The build quality is sturdy and is made up of aluminium which makes it rust free. 

The motor comes with double ball bearing which reduces noise and increases the efficiency of the motor. This adds on to the life of the ceiling fan. 

The fan consumes 77 W which is comparative in this category with similar specifications.

The fan comes with a 2 year warranty. 

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 53.8×27.6×20.4 cm and weighs around 4.6 kg. 

  • 2 year warranty
  • Simple yet classy
  • 380 RPM
  • Corrosion free
  • Higher power consumption of 77 W
  • No remote control

Usha Diplomat ceiling fan

Usha Diplomat ceiling fan

Usha is an old and reliable brand in home electrical and electronic appliances market space. They have been operating in India for decades with a varied product distribution making them a known name in every household.

This Diplomat ceiling fan is an affordable option from the brand Usha. The fan is very simple looking which makes it clear that the brand focused on the functionality rather than making the ceiling fan expensive based on the looks. The fans are available in 3 colours white, ivory and brown. 

The fan’s blades are polished with special paint coat to make it look shiny and superior and complement the interior décor.

The fan consumes 74 W during operation which is similar to the fans of the same specifications. The fan’s rotation speed is 350 RPM and the air delivery is 207 cmm. The fan works quite decent on low voltages.

The fan comes with 2 year warranty.

Dimensions wise the ceiling fan is 45x45x20.5 cm and weighs around 7.8 kg. Based on the specifications the fan is heavy compared to its competition.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Simple design
  • 350 RPM
  • Works on low voltage
  • Higher power consumption of 74 W
  • No remote control
  • Heavy

Buying Guide for Ceiling Fans in India 2020

Factors that go into the purchase decision of a ceiling fan are as follows: 

Materials used in the appliance

It is important to understand and finalize on the materials that will be used in the making of ceiling fan. Depending upon the time of usage, temperature of the surroundings and the room, dust particles, atmosphere and climate of the area the overall performance of the fan would vary. 

It is important to understand the atmosphere as presence of different chemicals or particulates in the air may react to different materials used in the ceiling fan. 

Depending on such factors the user will have to settle on the type of material of the fan. 

Number of Fan Blades

Ceiling Fans come with all kinds of variations and customization. Some are aimed to be more efficient and some to merely provide aesthetic beauty. 

The traditional fans started with 3 blades but now ceiling fans with 4 or even 5 blades are available. 

The problem with increasing the number of blades is that it compromises air circulation.

But the advantage of having more blades is that it reduces noise. 

So it is a trade-off between better circulation and lesser noise.

Room Size

The fan is supposed to be purchased based on the size of the room it has to cool down. The fan’s blades come of different sizes to suit the requirements of the room. 

For larger rooms some people deploy more than 1 fan while some go with customization and get a fan made with bigger blades to cover the entire room.

Consumers should refer to the term Fan Sweep Size to understand this better. The term denotes the diameter of the circle formed by the fan and blades when operational.

The larger this diameter better equipped for larger spaces to cool. It is pretty obvious that the ceiling fans should be positioned in the centre of the room for maximum efficacy. 

To get a general idea on the size of the room vs the fan sweep size refer the below table. By no means this is ideal but can be used as a general idea to make the purchase decision.

Room SizeFan Sweep Size
< 75 sq ft36 inches
> 75 but < 100 sq ft42 inches
< 100 but < 130 sq ft48 inches
> 130 but < 150 sq ft56 inches
> 150 sq ftCustomized or to use more than 1 fan

Tilt in the blades

Fans have blades but if you have noticed carefully they are always tilted a certain angle. The reason for this tilt is that it creates an angle which in turn creates a downward draught of air. 

The angled blades create pressure difference which is important for air circulation. Flat blades will not work due to this simple concept. 

An ideal tilt angle for a ceiling fan is 12 to 15 degrees. Any angle higher or lower will create a drag effect for the blades which hurts the efficiency of the fan or exert additional strain on the motor of the ceiling fan.


Most of the ceiling fans make noise to some extent. The noise reduces with increase in the number of blades in the fan. But increase in the number of blades compromises the circulation of air in the room. 


Fans are a big part of our day to day activities. Along with tube lights, bulbs and incandescent lights fans are operated throughout the day. So it is not hard to understand that they consume a lot of electricity. 

It is important to understand the BEE rating of the fans before buying them. BEE ratings suggest the electricity saving that the appliance offers.

As these fans will be operational for most of their lives it is imperative for the consumer to buy one that will help them save electricity in the long run.

Even if a model with better BEE rating costs slightly more than the one with lesser BEE rating it is better to go for better model as the difference in price will pay off in the long run in terms of savings on electric bill.


The temperature range in the vicinity in which the fan needs to operate should be kept into consideration while finalizing on a ceiling fan.

The kind of materials used in the fan needs to be capable to withstand the temperature of the surroundings along with the rise in temperature due to the operation of the fan. 

All of these factors needs to be kept in mind to avoid additional wear and tear to the ceiling fan.

Miscellaneous Options with a ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan has not been exactly the same since their inception. There has been tremendous progress in their technology over decades. 

A lot of leading brands have come up with additional customization in their ceiling fans. Some have added lights, some have been added remote to control the fan, pull switches to control the fans and its speed. 

Apart from this the materials of the ceiling fan are also available with anti-dust and anti-corrosion coating. 

Location of Ceiling Fan

It feels pretty straight forward to everyone that the ceiling fan should be in the centre of the room but there’s more to that than just position. 

A normal height of the ceiling from the floor is around 15 feet and normal height of a person ranges from 5 to 6 feet. But for safety reasons you should also another 2 to 3 feet if you are standing on something or raising your arms. 

The fan is attached to the ceiling through a rod which connects or suspends the fan from the ceiling. Therefore it is important for everyone to maintain a minimum height of 8 to 9 feet between the floor the fan. Although this is the minimum height anything more than this is good for everyone.

But there is a myth that the close the ceiling fan is to the ground or the people a better job it does. But as mentioned in this article the fan only circulates the air and in no way cools it. So it is always advisable to keep as much distance as possible between the ceiling and floor. 

In case the height of the room is not adequate one should shorten the mounting rod to maintain a safe distance between the floor and ceiling. And if it is still at a dangerous height and a potential threat it would be better to look at alternatives rather than settling for a ceiling fan.

Different types of domestic fans available in the market

Depending on the purpose that a fan is trying to solve, domestic fans can be classified into various types. They are as follows: 

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans are perhaps the most common type of fan in this list. This fan is almost available in every home and that too in every room. Mostly the ceiling fan is suspended from the centre of the room and the rotating blades cool most of the room down.

It is the movement of these blades that circulates the air and cools everyone down. 

This is a common choice if the ceiling is of standard height and the room size is not too big. If any room is bigger than average size, like a living room, than most people either place two fans or prefer a combination of a ceiling fan and tower/pedestal fan. 

Table top Fan

These are portable fans as they are small in size. They can be placed on any table or firm surface for that matter and turned on. The great thing about such fans is that they are extremely directional. The user can decide and manually adjust the direction of cooling they prefer.

For example if someone is sitting on a chair and working then he can make sure that the table fan is facing him. After he is done and moves to the bed he can then move and place the fan in such a way that it is now facing him lying on bed. 

Another great thing about these fans is that they can be allowed to swing automatically if there are more people in the room. 

For someone who likes to feel the air on their skin all the time then this type of fan is best for them. 

Tower Fans

These are more powerful fans which are shaped like a column and are directly placed on the floor. Most of the tower fans apart from circulating the air come with extra features like air purifier, etc.

They mostly are kept in a corner as they are very powerful in terms of volume of air that they throw. They are generally portable and can be moved around according to requirement. 

Wall Mounted Fans

When the height of the ceiling is a constraint maybe ceiling fans become a risk so people can choose to mount a fan on any of the wall. 

These mounted fans can be made directional or maybe used to swing at an angle for more coverage. 

Generally when there are many constraints in the room like low ceiling height, wiring constraints, etc. people can prefer wall mounted fans.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are directed towards circulating the air out of the room instead of inside the room. They are used to throw the stale and bad odour air out of the room.

Generally they are used in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Misting Fans

These are pointed towards cooling the air around people using water which are spewed through jets in front of the fan.

These jets throw air in front of the blades of the fan which is then distributed in the surrounding air which cools it down. These fans are targeted to open areas as they can make closed spaces extremely humid. 

Installation tips for Ceiling Fans

Although an electrician is the most qualified to install a ceiling fan but if someone wishes to do it all on their own then you can check the following steps:

  • Refer to the manual guide that comes with your ceiling fan
  • Remember that the ceiling fan does not cool the air but just circulates the air in the room. That means it pushes the air downwards to create a pressure difference and create a draught. There should be a minimum gap of 1 foot between the blades of the fan and the ceiling of the room.  If you are living in a very hot climate then it is advisable to leave a longer space between the blades and ceiling which is around 1.5 to 2 feet. This is to ensure that hot air is not pushed down.
  • To maintain the minimum height requirements one can use a rod based on the height of the room. Certain houses may have slopping roof in which case the user will have to use a bigger mounting rod so that the blades of the fan do not clash with the inclined roof or ceiling. 
  • Make sure that the fan is assembled properly and all the screws are tightly done. Check the mounting rod and all the other attachments beforehand. 
  • Make sure the fan is properly fixed to the mounting column before connecting the live wires. 
  • Switch off the connection by tripping the ELCB or switching off the phase to ensure maximum safety before proceeding to connect the fan with the live wires. 
  • After all the wires are connected to the fan and you are down on the floor only then proceed to test it. Do not test the fan while still standing on the ladder or stool as you may get badly injured from the rotation of the fan blades.

Anyways it seems straightforward to assemble a ceiling fan and place it properly but it is still strictly advisable to refer an electrician who is an expert in such jobs.

Tips on maintenance for Ceiling Fans

  • The blades of the fan should be regularly cleaned. Over a period of time they start to accumulate dust and may become heavy. It might also happen that the dust also falls from the fan on your beds, furniture etc. 
  • The cleaning can be done using a vacuum or a simple damp rag. 
  • The blades of any fan are designed with respect to that fan itself. It is not advisable to interchange it with any other blades as a lot of parameters like the angle of tilt, weight etc. may cause negative effect on the overall functioning of the fan. The motor may become slow due to additional weight and that may reduce efficiency.
  • If there is anything wrong with the fan it is advised to consult an electrician rather trying to inspect it on your own.
  • It might so happen that over a period of time the speed of the fan may get affected. It may slow down. The reason for this can be many. Mostly it will get repaired easily but in drastic cases you may have to replace the fan with a new one. An electrician will be able to provide a better diagnostic and a way forward. 

Fans Working Principle and Types

Fans work on one of the very basic principles of electrical engineering. Fans have a motor at its core which rotates and provides relief to the users from the hot climate of the surroundings. The fans’ motors convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. 

There are basically 2 different types of fans: axial and centrifugal. Axial fans are also known as propeller fans. 
The axial fans can be further classified into 3 types: propeller, tubeaxial, and vaneaxial.

These fans are generally used as exhausts for ventilation or cooling. The fans in our homes are also a sub type of axial fans. They can be mounted on a pedestal or suspended from the ceiling for cooling our rooms.

But how do Ceiling Fans actually cool the room we are sitting in?

The mechanism behind it is quite simple. The air surrounding us is naturally stratified and automatically regulates itself. Warm air rises upwards as it is lighter than colder air. Ceiling fans just uses this principle and creates a vortex. The blades of the fan suck this air in the top of the room and pushes it down. This makes the air in the room to circulate itself. 

Our bodies on the other hand work naturally to cool ourselves down. We sweat so that the water gets evaporated from our skin thereby reducing the temperature of the body and making us cooler. This is why we sweat when we are hot so that we can naturally cool ourselves down. 

Fans just makes it possible by circulating the air inside the room. This speeds up the process of evaporation so that we cool ourselves down. Fans as the myth suggests do not actually cool the room it just facilitates our body’s cooling mechanism. 

The most important parts of a ceiling fan are Rotors, blades, capacitor, electric motor and flywheel. 

Most ceiling fans have single phase induction motors in them but now another motor known as the BLDC motor have started coming in the ceiling fan. They are more efficient compared to induction motor. These are very efficient in terms of electricity consumed to operate them.

It is imperative to understand this about the ceiling fan you are about to purchase as they are the most operated machines in the house. If they are not efficient and of high quality you will end up with high electric bill.

Also, another advantage with the single phase induction motor is that they are easy to replace and repair. This also brings down the maintenance cost associated with the electrical appliance over long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some questions which ceiling fan buyers may have based on the research and abundance of brands in this category. We have tried to include as many as possible to provide as much clarity as possible.

Can I use different blades other than the ones supplied by the brand?

It is not advisable to use other blades than the one’s supplied by the brand. The blades weight may vary and that could put more pressure and strain on the motor of the fan. That would in turn affect the rotation speed, draught and overall efficiency of the fan.

Does the fan’s blades rust?

Yes, they do. But if you opt for aluminium and materials like that which are non-corrosive in nature that would increase the life of the ceiling fan.

Do I have to install a regulator as well?

It is important to understand that fans can work on varying speeds. Some fans come with remote control which can do the job. But if the fan does not come with remote then it will become necessary to install an external regulator. But if the person is certain that he/she wants to run it only on one speed then the regulator can be skipped.

Which ceiling is better 5 blades vs 4 blades vs 3 blades?

More the blades on ceiling fan decreases the amount of air being pushed down. But more the blades less is the noise. 3 blades fan are the most famous ones followed by 4 blades fan.

How much gap should I leave between the fan and ceiling?

It is advisable to leave a space of around 1.5 to 2 feet. This is to ensure that hot air is not pushed down into the room. In case the house has inclined roof then more space should be provided such that the blades do not touch the roof.

If I buy a ceiling fan online will they send someone to install it?

You should check the website details. It is generally written in the details sections whether they would send technicians to install or not.

How much distance should I have between two fans?

Depends on the size of the room and what part of the room do you want to focus on. You should understand how much area is already covered by one fan and then based on that the second fan can be positioned. Make sure that the blades do not touch each other in any way possible.

What size of fan should I purchase?

Refer to the size chart that is included in this article to get an idea what size you should prefer.

What is BLDC motor?

Brushless DC motor. It is one of the latest technology that is available in the market right now. It is more energy efficient compared to the most wide spread induction motor fans.

Which should I prefer BLDC vs induction motor?

BLDC motors are costlier but they are more energy efficient compared to the induction motors. Keeping in mind that ceiling fans lasts for years the initial extra cost may go a long way in saving on the electric bills.

How much energy efficient are ceiling fans?

Most fans are high saving rated as they are using the same technology. But a new technology BLDC is out which is even better almost 2 to 3 times better.

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