7 Best Bread Toasters in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

We are in 2020 and this is the age of technology and innovation. Here, it is not that we do not use technology, we live technology. This technology is also reflected in our ways of cooking. Toasters have been important and integral of our breakfast since a very long time and it will continue to be.

A toaster is an electrical appliance, small in size which exposes sliced pieces of bread to radiant heat, changing its colour to brown so that it can finally convert it to a toast. It is not like that the toasters have never been evolved since after their invention. From tedious grilling in the kitchen with the help of metal framework to the easy to handle and portable pop-up toasters or electric toasters, the toasters have seen a great evolution in terms of technology.

An electric toaster works on electricity which generates enough heat for the toast to be cooked and it finally pops up with the help of a spring. So, it is very clear that the toasters are quite easy to use, portable and safe. Still, one is always advised to handle electrical appliances with general care to avoid any consequences.

A toaster is the best friend of your breakfast bread. But before buying any toaster there are few things which should be kept in mind. With the advent of innovation, a lot of new and unique features for the toasters have come up in the market. But there are a lot of toasters in the market with a lot of different specifications which may confuse the buyers. So, here we are with the best toasters of 2020.

Let us have a look at the best toasters of 2020:-

Best Bread Toasters in India 2020

Pigeon by Stovekraft 2 Slice Auto Pops up Toaster

Pigeon by Stovekraft 2 Slice Auto Pops up Toaster

The older the company, the more reliable it becomes. Pigeon is one of the most reliable companies which has been working in the household products industry. It has played a successful role in the manufacturing and selling kitchen appliances in India.

Pigeon by Stovekraft 2 Slice Auto Pop up Toaster is a good looking and modern appliance for your technologically efficient kitchen. As it is small in size, it makes it both portable and easy to keep anywhere in the kitchen. It comes up with 2 slice slots so if you can cook more than one toast at a time. It reduces the time and energy. It is an automatic Pop-up toaster which means that it shuts off automatically on its own once your toast is ready. It helps the user to keep up with their chores.

The unique 6 level browning control makes it efficient enough for you so that you can adjust heating levels according to the type of bread you want to use. Also, the body of the toaster is very stylish and comes with cord winder at the base which makes it unique and efficient. 

The body of the toaster is shock-free which makes it safe and easy to use. The Pop-up toaster operates at a voltage of 230 volts. It consumes 700 watts of power which means that it will not put much burden your electricity bill. It is one of the best products available with a small size and reasonable price. So, if you want to go for a small budget and a big choice, this one is the best choice.


  • Auto pop up
  • Core Winder at the base
  • Power = 700 Watts
  • Shockproof body
  • 6 level browning control
  • 2 slice slots
  • Operates at the voltage of 230 V
  • Auto pop up
  • Shock free body of the toaster which ensures the safety of the user
  • Small and portable size
  • Reasonable price
  • 6 level browning control
  • There is no removable crumb tray.
  • Cord length can be improved.

Havells Crisp Plus Pop-up Toaster

Havells Crisp Plus Pop-up Toaster

Havells has been one of the best-known brands when it comes to cooking appliances. How could it lag behind in terms of bread toaster? Havells has introduced an amazing 2 slice Pop-up toaster which can cook up to two toasts at once. This toaster is a perfect solution for cooking toasts instantly.

This 2 slice Pop-up Toaster comes up with 750 Watts of power. Its is very safe to use the appliance as it comes with a cool-touch body. This cool touch body ensures that the user can handle the toaster instantly after the toasts are ready without any risk of burn injuries. If we talk about the beauty of this stylish appliance, so it comes with a stainless-steel cage. The stainless steel helps it keep rust-resistant and sturdy. The compact size helps the user from keeping it conveniently.

The toaster comes up with 7 heating settings which make sure that the different kind of pieces of bread are cooked efficiently and conveniently on the temperature they are required to be cooked. It has a stable base which makes sure that the toaster does not slide and fall off from anywhere you keep it. 

The toaster comes up with features like reheat, defrost and cancel which are the most essential features. Reheat makes sure that the toast can be warmed again; defrost ensures the refrigerated bread can be inserted in the toaster and the cancel function allows you to cancel the process mid-cycle if you want to.

Apart from this, the toaster comes with a high lever which ensures that the small pieces of the bread can be easily cleaned. The toaster consumes 750 Watts of Power and comes up with a warranty period of 2 years. Overall, it is a good choice if you are looking for a good-looking toaster with lots of features.


  • 7 heat settings
  • Reheat, defrost and cancel function
  • Stainless steel cage
  • High lift lever
  • Consumes 750 Watts Power
  • Cool touch body
  • Stable base
  • 7 heat settings
  • Cool touch body ensuring safety
  • Stainless steel cage offers corrosion resistance
  • High lift lever
  • Cable length can be improved
  • Crumb tray is non-removable

Prestige PPTPKB 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Prestige PPTPKB 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Prestige has since always been a prestigious brand just as its name suggests. It comes with various cookware appliances to ensure easy cooking and delicious food. This 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster of Prestige has come with an offer to prepare two bread toasts at the same time which helps in using the time efficiently.

The toaster comes up with 6 level browning control in which settings 1-2 are for medium-level browning; settings 3-4 are for golden browning and settings 5-6 are for dark browning. This helps the user to adjust the heating level according to their preference for bread.

The three most important features with which the toaster comes up are reheated, defrost and cancel. Cancel helps in mid cycle cancellation of toast making. Reheat helps in rewarming the bread without going through the whole process of toasting again and the defrost feature is for bread coming out of the refrigerator.

To ensure proper cleaning, the toaster comes up with a slide out crumb tray which collects crumbs. After sliding out, the crumbs can be removed. The cord winder storage is another unique feature which makes it use easy. There are anti-slip feet present in the toaster which makes sure that it does not slide and fall off the shelf of the kitchen or anywhere you are comfortable in keeping it.

The Prestige Pop-up Toaster appliance comes up with an 800-Watt power. The Voltage of 230 Volts to cater to the need of the user. Also, it comes up with a warranty period of one year.


  • A warranty period of 1 year
  • Slide Out crumb tray
  • 2 slice slots
  • Power consumption of 800 Watts
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 6 level browning control
  • Cord Winder Storage
  • Reheat, defrost and cancel
  • The anti-slip feet
  • Better cleaning with the help of slide-out crumb tray
  • Cord Winder storage
  • Is not useful if toasts for a big family are to be prepared
  • Price range is a little bit high if compared to rest of the – slice toaster

Morphy Richards 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Morphy Richards 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Morphy Richards has been catering needs of the customers for over 80 years. This European company excels in technology as well as the design of their products. This 2-Slice Toaster of Morphy Richards is a great example of that. It is a small, portable and easy to use pop-up toaster which comes up with an easy way to make toasts.

The Toaster consumes a power of 650 Watt and it works with a voltage of 220-240V. It has a frequency of 50 Hz. The two slices to slice the toasts are an important feature as they increase the ability of toaster to prepare toasts.

Another important feature is the Cool touch. The cool body of the toaster makes it easy and safe for the user to touch the body of toaster when the appliance is hot. It reduces the risks related to burn injuries. The Variable browsing settings of the appliance also makes it customizable for the user. There are seven settings of with respect to variable browning control and the user can adjust it the way they want according to their convenience.

The Anti-skid base of the toaster helps the user to keep it anyway in the kitchen as this feature doesn’t let the toaster slide. It saves the appliance from breakage. Also, the high lift lever of the appliance makes it convenient for the user to remove the smaller pieces of the pieces of bread easily without burning one’s hand.

The automatic pop-up feature and 2-year warranty on the product are other fascinating features of the product. Morphy Richards has partnered with Bajaj enterprises which make them both reliable and trustworthy at the same time.


  • Automatic pop-up
  • Anti-skid feature
  • High lift option
  • 650 Watts of power
  • 2 slice slots
  • Frequency- 50Hz
  • Variable browning control
  • Automatic pop up
  • Browsing control is variable and comes up with seven settings
  • Small and portable appliance
  • High lift option ensure cleaning
  • Only two-slice slots
  • Slow while preparing the first two slides, takes time to heat up

Osmon by American Micronic 2-Slice Pop-up Plastic Toaster with Lid, 8 Quart

Osmon by American Micronic 2-Slice Pop-up Plastic Toaster with Lid, 8 Quart

American Micronic is an Australian distinguished brand which often comes up with various amazing products and one of them is this wonderful pop-up toaster which is stylish and comes up with 2 slice slots which makes you able to prepare 2 toasts at the same time. Also, it has an automatic pop-up feature and it has a gifted feature of cancel.

This American Micronic toaster has defrosted and reheat functions. It is made of stainless steel which makes it rust-resistant. Also, its body is resistant to heat which helps the user to prevent themselves from shocks or burns which might be a concern normally. The body of toaster remains cool to handle. The compact design of this appliance makes it not only stylish but easy to keep anywhere. 

The power consumption of the toaster is 750 Watts. It works with a voltage of 230 Volts. The toaster is multipurpose which means that it cannot only make toasters out of the breads which have come out of the freezer but also helps you to reheat the bread. Also, it has 6 adjustable browning settings to prepare toasts which are very helpful in adjusting the temperature according to the type of bread.

It comes up with a warranty period of one year. It has a cable with three plug pins. Also, the cable is fire retardant. The built quality of the toaster is good and comes up with a user manual. Overall, it a stylish, easy to use, effective and small-sized toaster which is long-lasting in nature. 


  • Power of 750 Watts
  • Works at a voltage of 230V
  • Compact size
  • 2 slice slots
  • Heat resistant body
  • 6 adjustable browning control settings to prepare toasts
  • Cancel function
  • Reheat and defrost
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • A warranty period of one year
  • Pop-up
  • Compact design
  • Heat resistant design
  • 6 adjustable crowning control settings
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Removable crumb tray is not present
  • The anti-skid feature is not part of the design

Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Slice Pop-up Toaster

Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Slice Pop-up Toaster

Philips is one of the old brands operating in India that is what makes it reliable for Indian consumers. Philips comes up with a wide variety of products in the category of home appliances. This Philips toaster comes up with many features which you might require to be part of your toaster. it comes up with 8 Browning stage control feature which makes sure if your toast is completely cooked or not. These different type of Browning control stages can be easily adjusted according to the bread type in use. It has 2 slice slots which are of large size which makes sure that the different sizes of pieces of bread are inserted in it. 

One of the most common concerns of any toaster user is related to the cleaning of the toaster as cleaning of a toaster is required from the point of view hygiene as well as better maintenance. The toaster comes up with a removable crumb tray which makes it easy for the user to clean it fast and efficiently. The high lift feature ensures cleaning at a deeper level by cleaning the small pieces of bread from the toaster. So, this makes sure that the toaster can be cleaned easily which makes it hygienic and ready for next use. 

It has an integrated bun rack which is very useful to heat the buns. There is also a stop feature which enables the user to stop the toaster anytime they want whenever they feel like. The defrost, cancel and reheating features are also a part of this toaster which makes it competitive with other products in the market. The defrost feature helps in making toasts out of pieces of bread which had been reingratiated. The reheat feature helps in warming the toasts and the cancel feature makes it possible for the user to cancel the toast in mid cycle easily. Also, one more feature is extra shut off protection which makes it safe to use and reduce the risk of the short circuit because safety should be the first priority of any user.

The product comes up with a warranty period of 2 years. It consumes a power of 830 watts and operates at a voltage of 220-240V. It works on the frequency of 50-60 Hz. Also, it looks quite stylish and is a perfect match for your modern kitchen.


  • Power: – 830 watt
  • Voltage: – 230-240V
  • Frequency: – 50-60 Hz
  • Removable crumb tray
  • High lift feature
  • Integrated bun rack
  • 8 stage Browning control
  • Extra auto shut off feature
  • 2 slice slots
  • Pop up
  • Safety features like extra automatic shut off
  • Cleaning features like a high lift and removable crumb tray
  • Integrated bun rack
  • 8 stage browning control
  • Reheat and defrost in one go
  • Needed to be handle with care when warm
  • A bit expensive
  • A short length of power chord

Croma CRAK6092 Two Slice Pop Up Toaster 

Croma CRAK6092 Two Slice Pop Up Toaster

Croma is a brand which ensures the good quality of electrical gadgets to the cookware segments. This Pop-up toaster by Croma is a good example of both quality and design. This simple looking pop-up toaster comes up with 2 slice slots which make easy for a user to cook two toasts at a time and reduce time and energy. 

It offers amazing features like 7 variable Browning levels which ensure the cooking of a variety of pieces of bread according to their type. The temperature can be adjusted according to the bread one is using. This makes sure that the toast is brown, crispy and perfectly cooked. The other feature is an Insect protection cap which a unique and very useful feature. A lot of people generally complain about insects lingering over toasts if left for some time but this would not be the case with this Croma Toaster as it comes with an insect protection cap. 

The compact size makes its storage an easy task. The user can keep it anywhere they want as it will not occupy a large space. The stable base keeps it balanced wherever you place it. One more unique feature is the high level which is very useful in ensuring convenience. This makes a great help while fetching out the toasts when they’re done completely. 

This Croma Pop up toaster comes up with 1-year warranty period. It consumes a power of 830 Watts. It works on the voltage of 230 Volts. The other important thing is bun warmer attachment which helps to warm the bun or rolls or pastries. Overall, it is a stylish compact two-slice slot pip up toaster which can be cleaned easily and comes up with good feature at an affordable price. 


  • Power: – 830 Watts
  • Voltage: – 230 Volts
  • Warranty: – 1-year period
  • 2 slice slots
  • Pop up
  • Insect protection cap
  • Stable balance
  • 7 browsing variable levels
  • High level
  • 7 browsing variable levels
  • Compact design
  • Insect protection cap
  • Only 2 slots for a slice
  • Wide slots not available

Buying Guide for Bread Toasters in India 2020

Whether the need is of cooking a simple brown and crispy toast or preparing pizza or any other bread-related dish, anyone would look upon an ideal toaster. A toaster is not just an appliance but it is the best friend of your breakfast, evening snacks or other meals. So, it becomes more important for a person to buy a toaster which can fulfil all the needs.

But there are various toasters available in the market and this can create a lot of confusion among the buyers about which toaster to buy and which is not be bought. The ideal bread toaster is not any particular brand or a particular toaster but it totally depends upon the needs of the buyers. It is the buyer who knows their need and looks for a toaster accordingly. 

Toasters come in various shapes and size. Some are pop-up toasters with simple slice slots while some are in the form of Oven toaster grill. So, at that time, it totally depends upon the user which kind of toaster is most suitable to their need. Still, there are some important parameters which should always be kept in mind while buying a particular toaster.


Power consumption should always be the first concern of anyone buying a toaster. Toasters are available in a wide range of power from 1200 Watts to 750 Watts. Generally, the power consumption of a 2-slice toaster is less than a heavy Oven toaster grill. But the fact is that higher the power consumption, better prepared your toast will be. Less power consumption might produce less chewy or improper kind of toasts. So, you should take care of power consumption a toaster before buying. But one more important thing is that the higher the power consumption, the more will be affected by your electricity bill which is a matter of concern. So, the ideal toaster is one which has enough high-power consumption to cook proper toasts but not very high to put the burden on your electricity bill. For example: – Around 1000 Watts will work for a 2-slice toaster.

A number of slice slots

Again it is a very subjective choice-based parameter but more the number of slice slots, easier your work will be and toasts will be prepared faster. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that if you want to buy a toaster for single person use then 2 slice toasters can also work well. 4 slice toasters might be a bit extravagant in this case. But in case of buying a toaster for family use, the number of slice slots matter the most.

Size of slice slots

A lot of people generally do not consider this parameter but it creates a lot of problems if the size of the slots is not bigger enough to accept pieces of bread of variable sizes. Most of the time, the slices of bread of big size do not fit into a toaster with small slot size. So, look for a toaster with wide or large slice slots.

Browning Control Setting

This is one of the most important parameters while buying a toaster for a modern kitchen. For a different type of pieces of bread, different heating mods or browning control settings are required which can be adjusted accordingly. So, the user must go with a toaster with at least 8 or 7 browning control stages which are available in most of the toasters these days.

Warranty Period

This is, however, a well-understood parameter yet a lot of time, people do not pay much importance towards it. A warranty period of 1 or 2 years is a must while buying not only the toaster but also any electrical appliance so that the buyer may get their problem fixed if it arises.

Ease of cleaning

This is again a very important parameter which must be kept in mind while buying any toaster as cleaning a toaster might annoy anyone. Hygiene is always the first priority of anyone and for this clean toaster is a must. Any toaster either features like removable crumb tray and high lift function are easy to clean than another traditional toaster. So, these features should also be kept in mind while buying a toaster.

Standard features

There are some standard features which every toaster comes up with and these form any toaster an ideal toaster. Such features are reheating, defrost, mid-cycle cancel function and automatic shut-off function.  These features must be present in any toaster you buy.


Technology always comes up with something new every day. Many new features are available in toasters these days such as anti-skid feature, Insect protection cover, Bun warmer attachment, etc. These should also be looked properly while buying any toaster.

Difference between the Sandwich Maker and Bread Toaster

The difference between a bread toaster and a sandwich maker very hard to figure out as most of the people consider them one and the same. Both are required to make the food items made of bread which makes it more complicated but there are some clear parameters which make them different from one another, these are the following: –


The cost of a toaster differs depending upon the type of features. Generally, a Pop-up toaster is less costly than an Oven Toaster Grill.

A Sandwich maker is around costs near about the cost of any toaster but the difference is that in a sandwich maker of similar coast as a toaster, one can prepare more recipes than a toaster. 


A toaster has been used to make toasts. But with the advent of technology toaster pastries, teacakes, muffins, waffles, etc can also be made with the help of a toaster. In case of an Oven toaster, the number of recipes increases.

A sandwich maker is meant to make sandwiches. But it can make myriad recipes like grilling fish, Cheese and vegetables.

A number of bread that can be cooked

A toaster can make toasts of 2 to 4 pieces of bread at the same time depending upon the number of slice slots it has.

A sandwich maker cannot make more than two sandwiches at the time due to its design.

Time consumption

It takes less time as it can cook more bread at the same time.

If you want to make sandwiches for the whole family so sandwich makers will be taking a lot of time.


A pop-up toaster is a small appliance with two slots for inserting bread at the top. An oven toaster resembles an oven. A sandwich maker is also a compact appliance but it opens up like a notebook. The bread has to be placed on the tray and it has to be closed to get hot sandwiches.

How does a Bread Toaster work?

The simple practical thing that we observe is that whenever we put the bread in the slots and turn on the electricity, the electricity turns into heat and heats up the bread. The toasters generally have timers which turn them off when the toast is prepared and finally the cooked toaster comes up with the help of the pop up (in case of pop up toasters). In the case of Oven Toasters, the mechanism is similar to an oven. 

But how does this magical thing happen? Technically, the electricity moves into the wire and the electrons present over there takes it to the toaster. These electrons are small atoms which while moving to collide with each other in the wire. This led to the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy. Now a lot of people wonder what is behind the automatic shut-off feature of a bread toaster. 

It is the thermostat which comes up with the contact of heat and regulates the turning off of the toaster when the bread is cooked and sufficient heat has been provided to it. The spring which is present in Pop up toasters moves the bread upwards and the toast comes out. This is the mechanism behind delicious crispy toasts.

Types of Bread Toasters Available

We generally refer to the bread toasters as the single variety if the appliance which is helpful in the preparation of bread toasts by cooking it. But with modern technology and innovation, there is various type of bread toasters which are available in the market and these are designed differently to suit the needs of the buyer. Following are some different types of bread toasters available: –

Pop up toasters

Pop up toaster is one which is one of the most popular and an old type of toaster available. In this kid of the toaster, the bread is inserted into the slot and it is lowered down. The bread is heated up, the heat is cut off and the prepared brown crispy toast pops up. This kind of toasters are generally compact in design and can make toasts of 2 or 4 pieces of bread at the same time depending upon the number of slice slots present in the toaster. 

The pop-up toasters are very useful these days as they also come up with ensures like one side browning. The timer and automatic shutoff features are very useful in these types of toasters. Not only simple bread toasts but other things like waffles, toaster pastries, teacakes and crumpets can also be made out of these kinds of the toaster. These days people prefer to buy pop up toaster with large and wide slots to ensure proper cooking of bread of variable sizes.

Oven toasters

Oven toasters and Oven toaster grills are those toasters in which are not only toasters but also ovens. This means that they are conventional ovens which can be used to cook other items than the toasters. Pizzas, sandwiches, garlic bread, etc, can be cooked along with the toasters. 

The Oven Toaster Grill comes up with griller which makes three tasks of Baking, Grilling and Toasting easy and useful at the same time. There are multiple shelf racks in Oven toasters which makes it suitable for keeping good items separately. But generally, these types of toasters are slower that Pop up ones. The Oven toaster is very helpful if a person wants to buy a combined set of appliances. But generally, the rate of buying of popup toasters is maximum.

Conveyor Toasters

Conveyor toasters are not mostly used at home. These are the kind of toasters which are used to produce a large-scale toaster with a speed up to 300-1600 toasts per hour. The speed of such toaster can be adjusted by settings. The Conveyor Toasters are generally used for commercial purposes in catering industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a toaster?

To clean a toaster, unplug the toaster at first. After that, if the crumb tray is removable then remove it and clean it with warm and soapy water. In case, the crumb tray is not available in your toaster then try to clean it by turning it upside down and shake it on a waste paper to collect the dust and garbage.

Also, in some toasters, High Lift feature is available, in such case lift this level and try to clean the small bread particles collected in it.

How to use a toaster?

If you are having a Pop-up toaster then Plug it first and insert the bread in its slots and try to lower it. It will automatically pop up when it will be cooked properly. Also, the temperature and heating level can be adjusted according to the type of bread with the help of browning level controls. It can be simply adjusted by moving the control.  

Can a toast be cancelled any time?

Yes. Toasters come up with cancelling function. Just press the cancel button and it will be cancelled.

Which one is faster between Pop up toasters and Oven toasters?

Pop up toasters are faster a bit as compared to the Oven toasters.

Is it safe to buy toasters online?

Yes. Not only toasters but it is safe to buy any electric appliance online. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that the e-commerce website should be trustworthy. Also, the warranty period should also be checked before so that in case of any discrepancy, the toaster can be replaced. 

Final Word

Toasters have been one of the most important components of anyone’s kitchen for a long time. There was a time when toasters were confined to toast making but now with the help of Oven toasters and Griller Toasters, things have changed. In other words, with the change of technology, these toasters have also changed for betterment. 

While buying a toaster, everyone looks for the latest technology. There has been great improvement in the modern toaster but there is still scope for betterment. However, Toasters have still managed to be an integral part of our kitchen.

All features should be looked upon while buying a new toaster. Not only while buying, but even after buying one should take care of the appliance and use it with care. If it is cleaned well and used effectively, it can work for a really long time without any need of repair. 

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