14 Best Air Conditioners in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Does the insane heat of last summer haunt you? Have you decided to find a solution to the harmful effects of the weather during sunny days? Perhaps, all you want is a more comfortable sleep and to communicate with your family in a conducive environment? All this and more are reasons why we spend a lot of money in procuring an air conditioner regardless of their cost.

An air conditioner is a functional system that helps to provide cooling of the air in a room. Popular and modern air conditioners use a system known as “vapour compression system” to remove heat from the air in a room and replacing it with cold, refreshing air. 

An air conditioner may have more than one unit, especially in the case of a split ac, with one unit installed inside and the other outside the house. The cost and performance of an air conditioner also vary according to several factors like the installation type, the Tonnage, and additional features. We will discuss all these factors and more in the following sections.

In this article, we will guide you through the intricacies of an air conditioner, how it works, and how to choose one that works best for you.

Best Air Conditioners in India 2020

LG 5-Star Dual Inverter Split AC (KS-Q18GNZD)

LG 5-Star Dual Inverter Split AC (KS-Q18GNZD)

LG is not only a known but also a trusted brand, and that is why it comes as no surprise to us when we experience the impressive build and functionality of their KS-Q18GNZD model. It is a 1.5 Ton AC with dual inverter perfect for medium-sized rooms like your bedroom, or office spaces, basically any room whose range of space is between 111 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft.

The design is not complicated, but it conveys a sense of quality at first glance. Its edges are smooth and blend finely into each other, rather than the tacky and edgy designs from older models. The body is made from Hi-grooved copper available in all white, with the only mar to the snowy white surface being the LG logo itself.

We must commend the choice of using a hi-grooved copper as the unit’s body frame, as it optimizes the oscillatory movement of the unit for better heat dissipation while still ensuring the resilience and durability of the air conditioner.

The KS-Q18GNZD model has a split installation type: with the condenser portion installed outside of the building; and the evaporator installed on the wall at the best angle to maximize its benefits for your room. The air conditioner features a 4Way air swing ability which allows fresh air to move maximally, ensuring the complete circulation of cool air around the room.

The product gets a cooling score of 5 with a cool dual technology which means your room is cooled at an even faster rate. The combined function of the dual cooling system and the dual inverter gives us an AC that is not just efficient in its performance but also one that saves tremendous volume of energy. 

This feature is dubbed “Active Energy Control” by LG, and you can be assured of about 57 percent reduction in energy consumption. That is more than half of the cost you would have had to pay for running an air conditioner – saved!

What is more interesting about this model is its ability to keep the room cool at excessively high temperatures. It is capable of operating at optimal levels at temperatures up to 520C. And when the heavy rainy season comes, i.e. the Monsoon season, the cool air does not become humid. Hence you are effectively isolated from the external weather and can wake and sleep in whatever atmosphere you deem comfortable.

A smart diagnosis system that is controlled remotely from your smartphone using LG’s Smart ThinQ app automatically checks and troubleshoots minor problems. The system also detects low refrigerant levels to prevent heat and an uncomfortable atmosphere in advance.

  • Premium and quality build
  • The cool dual system that accelerates fresh air distribution
  • Energy and power saving system
  • Automated detection of low refrigerant levels
  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of faults
  • 5-star ISEER rating
  • Silent operation
  • Incredibly poor customer support system
  • More expensive than similar products


LG has packed all the most practical features in this simple premium device. It has a modern appearance that is a minimalist design. It has been optimized to save energy and power consumption which it does reasonably well while still delivering under extreme external conditions. Making it perfect for use in bedrooms. 

Since the product is a little more expensive than what most competitors offer for the same specifications, you might be a bit squeamish about how much value you are really getting. Well, put your mind to rest as LG gives a generous warranty of five years warranty if you are buying it in 2020, together with 10 years on the compressor.

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter, Split AC

AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter, Split AC with High-Density Filter

This is one of Amazon’s own original products launched from the AmazonBasics line. The brand aims to develop products with essential features at the most cost-friendly prices. Hence, we were not surprised that the air conditioner only has an ISEER rating of 3-star. Now, while this is less in terms of efficiency, especially when compared to the LG model above, it is still above the industry standard.

The AC from AmazonBasic has a split AC installation with a subtle design in plain white colour, and a gold-coloured lining about its base. The condenser is made fully from copper to ensure an extended lifespan free from corrosion. In addition, the condenser has gold fin coverings and the exterior is coated with anti-corrosive paints to ensure it withstands the test of differing weather conditions.

It has a tonnage of 1.5 with an inverter which adjusts the Tonnage depending on the weather conditions, optimizing the efficiency of the ac while reducing power consumption. The machine is perfect for small-sized rooms that are approximately lesser than 180 sq. Ft. It will be significantly less efficient in a room that is much bigger than that.

Quite a few automated features make this model stand out as a modern air conditioner in 2020. Especially notable is its auto swing feature that optimizes cool air distribution by automatically moving the horizontal flaps.

The device is also self-sustaining, with its self-diagnosis and auto-protection property, which shuts down operation when it detects damage or an error, in a part of the system to protect the overall device while simultaneously indicating an error

In addition to this, you get a refrigerant leakage detection which shuts down similarly while showing the specific warning label to notify you of leakage, protecting its compressor in the process.

A unique feature of this 1.5-ton split AC would be its high-density filter. This is made possible by a robust filtration system that is very sensitive to dust particles, pollen and allergens. It is capable of filtering out 80 percent of the allergens, making it perfect for you if you are sensitive or allergic to dust /pollen.

  • Precise control over airflow
  • Improved filtration system
  • Anti-corrosive and gold coatings to withstand intense weather conditions
  • Self-diagnosis and Auto-protection
  • Fireproof protection for electric box
  • Energy-efficient performance: 3-star ISEER rating
  • Reasonably priced
  • You have to pay extra for installation
  • Questionable service support
  • Short warranty period


We feel this is an excellent device, a no-brainer. It has a simple but elegant design as well as adequate protective measures to ensure durability and lifespan. More specifically, we are elated that the manufacturers tried to prioritize your safety and convenience, first with the well-developed filtration system, then the remote-controlled operation and automation.

It holds up well in terms of energy efficiency despite the fact that it is not fully optimized, but we cannot really complain when we consider the incredible pricing. Overall, this is a valuable spit AC that is great for small spaces. This model comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and five years on the compressor.

Comfee 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner

Comfee 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner

Comfee is a relatively unknown brand in the HVAC industry, compared to industry giants like LG, Samsung or Hitachi yet this model it is able to make our list thanks to its impressive features, advanced functions and quality.

Unfortunately, the first thing we noticed when we set out to review this ac is its plastic exterior. Now we know it is of a high-quality build, but it gives the first impression of something cheap. Hence, if you are one really into the aesthetics of your ac, this might not be for you.

As a split ac, the unit is divided into with the evaporator installed on the outside. It is a non-inverter type air conditioner, and one might think that this will translate directly to mean that it is an energy guzzler, but this stunner still manages a 3-Star ISEER rating at a 3.62 value. It has a capacity of 1.5 ton, making it just ideal for medium-sized rooms (i.e. less than 150 sq. Ft. In size). 

If you are one that hates the dry ambience caused by most air conditioners on the market, Comfee has something special installed in their ac unit. And by that, I am referring to the custom built-in humidifier which increases the moisture content of the air around you, providing a comfortable environment for your daily activities. It also makes sleep more enjoyable.

Within the same system, a highly effective air purifier works in sync with the HD filter cleansing the air that goes through the condenser, removing contaminants to ensure you get a safe and allergen-free atmosphere.

In fact, the filtration system takes it up a notch with its combined activated charcoal and nano filter unit, which works correctly to trap and stop bacteria and other germ particles from infiltrating your room through the ac.

The air conditioner comes with a remote control which you can use in adjusting most of its operation. A “follow me” feature lets you direct the flow of air directly towards yourself, provided the remote control is with you.

  • Effective and seamless operation
  • Advanced filter system
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Easy installation
  • Remote control with “follow me” feature
  • Subpar external build
  • Short warranty period
  • Lack of power output regulation


This is a low-priced device that has an average build quality, but it is rather reliable in its functions. It comes with a remote and is perfect for use in a medium-sized room. If you are budget conscious, we recommend that you try out this model.

The single major drawback will be its lack of automation, which would have otherwise made it more convenient to use, but that would those iterations would have significantly increased its price as well.

It has a warranty of 1 year on the entire system, with five years on the compressor.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split AC (183EZA)

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Split AC (183EZA)

Volta’s 183EZA model is a rated 3-star with an ISEER rating of 3.56. It’s the latest model is available in three different styles. All at a price range hovering around average. Its body is made of copper, which envelopes the air passage. The uppermost part that houses its digital display is line with a greenish hue (or bluish, depending on how you see it).

The condenser is made of highly durable copper coil that not only ensures efficient cooling but also prolongs the overall lifespan of the AC. With a tonnage of 1.5, this piece is capable of cooling most personal rooms and office spaces. You can use this in any medium-sized room within the 111 to 150 sq.ft. range. You will be delighted with the seamless performance, as the machine runs noiselessly.

The Voltas’ split ac gives you an ambient cooling that speedily cools down the temperature of the room even while the outside temperature reaches 500 c. This is a significant function of its turbo cooling feature that ensures instant cooling of the room.

While this split ac lacks an inverter, it still tries to make up for it with its sleep mode, where it reduces power consumption by regulating the cooling temperature while still maintaining a comfortable temperature for anyone to have a good night sleep. This is great for you if you cannot afford the extra cost of an inverter ac and still want to cut cost on power usage.

Another notable feature of Voltas’ 183 EZA split ac is its 4-stage filtration system that removes odours, dust mites and other allergens with thorough precision, while delivering not just cool but also fresh air. This ability, combined with its active dehumidifier – that automatically adjusts the indoor humidity through its sensors – is what makes the model one of the best air conditioners of 2020.

It comes with remote control with a few unique features like its glowing buttons which helps you locate it when its dark especially while you are in bed. With the remote control, you can lock on the current settings or configuration by toggling its lock button, which also functions in unlocking the settings.

  • Silent and fast cooling
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Impressive dehumidifier
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Convenient and user-friendly features
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • Problems with installation
  • Lack of energy efficiency


A great and incredibly high-value product that does not break the bank. It delivers cool air fast and efficiently. While it does not have an inverter, its intelligent sleep mode helps in mediating power efficiency. For an averaged priced ac, it comes with a lot of automation that makes life more convenient.

It comes with a warranty with one year on the actual unit, one on its condenser and five years for its compressor.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3-star Dual Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-15T3SCIC)

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3-star Dual Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-15T3SCIC)

This is one of the latest dual inverter type split ac you will find in the air conditioner market. It is complete with all the most recent iterations and upgrades. Sanyo is a top Japanese brand with over six decades of active innovation in the HVAC industry. This model is from their inverter series that is built in India. It scores a 3-star rating with an ISEER score of 3.80.

Following the basic split ac system, you get the two parts of the air conditioner: i.e. the condenser and evaporator. The condenser has a rather wide body with a deluxe tweak to the common designs. The temperature display has been elegantly hidden so as not to mar the smooth blend of the outer casing. It comes in the usual white colours typical of indoor ACs.

The dual inverter ensures energy efficiency. It does this by regulating its power usage based on the heat load. The dual means that it has two separate rotors in its compressor that regulate and balance the energy usage based on the weather needs. What this means for you is a much lesser fee to be paid on electricity bills based on the use of your new air conditioner.

An Eco function can be selected on the remote control; what this does is to further optimize the performance of the device at an energy-efficient rate. The two independent rotors also facilitate the noiseless operation of the ac.

A mode dubbed “Glacier mode” drives up the cooling speed significantly. When selected, glacier mode, speeds up the fan to 35 percent more than the normal speed, forcing cool, fresh air into the room at high speed, cooling the room ubiquitously in a much shorter duration.

The digital display is capable of not only showing the temperature readings, but it is also capable of notifying you of major errors the self-diagnosis feature might have detected. The remote control is delicately fashioned with an easy to grasp design. It is backlit for easy readings while still featuring the glow-in-the-dark property for easy location.

The condenser is made from durable copper which is highly resistant to corrosion and encourages faster heat dissipation. SI/SO-15T3SCICs condenser also bears hydrophilic fins that protect it against rust and salt damage.


We were highly fascinated with this product because of its incredible attributes and features, although we expected a higher ISEER score from a dual inverter ac. Either way, it scores above the industry average and works quite efficiently with power. As a 1.5-ton ac, it can only serve a medium-sized room (111 – 150 sq. Ft.) effectively.

Its warranty covers for a year on the actual product with an extension of five years for its compressor.

  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Durable compressor
  • Great value for money
  • Auto-restart and self-diagnosis function
  • Poor installation service
  • Remote control only works in short distance
  • Requires a stabilizer

Whirlpool Magicool Pro 1.5 Ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool Magicool Pro 1.5 Ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

This is an incredibly energy-efficient air conditioner. Scoring a high of 4.75 on ISEER with a 5-star rating. This fact – together with the choice materials utilized in its build – brings its overall price to a lurk more on the higher end.

It is a beautifully designed piece of machine, with a rich white colouring and a stylish design. The exterior unit has an elegant form as well, which is commendable seeing as most brand usually just neglect it in terms of design. It has a tonnage of 1.5 ton, making it suitable for medium-sized rooms.

It is a highly functional ac, which is capable of supplying cool air even when the weather outside reaches an extreme high of 550 c – Its customized 6th sense technology ensures super-fast distributing of cool air in the Turbo cool mode.

What’s is actually impressive about this mode is that unlike many other AC that concentrates the cooling over an area at first, this ac provides a uniform instant cooling – making your room comfortable, an escape from a hot, sweaty atmosphere.

The impressive cooling speed is a major function of its MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology. Which uses a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design to promote rapid heat exchange bringing you a hyper cooling speed while still cutting power usage.

Like many similar products within its price range, it has a self-diagnosis feature which reports common errors or faults with error codes displayed on its displayed screen. The code can easily be Googled to identify the root cause. Or you can simply report to an authorized and trusted service centre for advice or repair.

The compressor is made from highly reliable copper, with a guaranteed warranty for up to 10 years (compressor alone). This unit does not require an external stabilizer because of inbuilt protection against power fluctuations. This saves you the extra cost of purchasing yet another gadget in order to protect your air conditioner.

Speaking of saving cost, you can easily save about 50 per cent on your electricity bill on the device with the top-notch inverter that regulates power usage automatically in accordance with its heat load. At night, its sleep function, when activated automatically adjusts the temperature settings to an optimized sleeping condition.

  • Stabilizer-free operation
  • Highly energy-efficient performance
  • Modern and stylish design
  • The incredible cooling rate in turbo mode
  • Adaptive inverter
  • Quality choice of materials
  • Pathetic installation service despite extra installation cost
  • Poor remote-control range


This is an exciting product that is worth its price. Even though it skews towards the more expensive side, it makes up for the little extra nudge in cost with incredible functionality and reliable performance.

Its Tonnage can only power a medium-sized room efficiently. You get a one-year warranty on the product and 10 long years on the compressor – Such is their confidence in the quality of their compressor.

Godrej 1 Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC (12FTC3-WSA)

Godrej 1 Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC (12FTC3-WSA)

The 12FTC3-WSA model from Godrej is a 1-ton split ac system that has a more compact design than most others in its price range. This notable especially since it has a lower capacity as well, making it ideal for smaller sized rooms (a room that are less than 110 sq. Ft. In size)

The design of the internal unit is simply cool, with a white plastic covering that has a slight, stylish curve bulging outwards. With intense with colouring, giving it an elegant and timeless look at first glance. It scores a 3.70 on ISEER with a 3-star rating. A significantly high energy efficiency, more than the industry average. It has average pricing, skewing a little below average.

The variable speed afforded to the compressor due to the inverter support an eco-friendly efficiency, which saves energy by continuously balancing and regulating the temperature of the room to give super high efficiency on power consumption while cooling at a more comfortable temperature. 

An enhanced air purification system utilizes a tri-filter set-up that includes an anti-bacteria filter, an active carbon filter and an anti-dust filter – paired with an automatic blow out feature which staves off the growth of bacteria – to cleanse the air of dust, germs and allergens. Leaving you with a cool, fresh and healthy atmosphere.

The entire unit is protected against rust or damage to external weather with a bluefin copper evaporator as well as a golden fin anti-corrosion condenser. This increases the durability of your air conditioner, ensuring that it serves you longer without incessant replacements over corroded parts.

While you have a compressor with a variable speed adjustment, it does not affect its powerful cooling. It has a wide rational frequency which ensures fast cooling without exhausting or imposing on the system itself. The low pressure exerted on the ac with its performance gives it a lower deration, which reduces its power consumption still but also ensure that it runs smoothly with incredibly low noise levels.

It features a self-diagnosis feature which is capable of detecting malfunctions or faults independently in the AC, giving a feedback notification using error codes highlighted on the display panel. The air conditioning runs smoothly, even when the environmental temperature rises to a harsh degree. It is capable of running normally with temperatures rising to 500c.

If you live in constant fear of power outage, you will be excited with its auto-restart feature, which not only resume operation instantly when the power returns, but it also retains the temperature settings that were on prior. And yes, it comes with remote control.

  • Powerful cooling even at high ambient temperatures
  • Auto-restart with memory function
  • Self-diagnosis and report
  • An impressive air purification system
  • Smooth operation with low noise
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Poor customer support
  • Requires an external stabilizer


The Godrej’s inverter split ac is suited to small rooms. It is not especially low-priced, especially considering its Tonnage, but it does quite well in the energy preservation department. It has a high performance which usually functions even when the outside temperature reaches extreme high numbers. You get a year’s warranty on the product with a 10-year guarantee on its compressor.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5-star inverter Split AC (IC518DBTU)

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5-star inverter Split AC (IC518DBTU)

Blue star is here with a super simple design on its 1.5-ton air conditioner. Its simplicity and elegance shadow its incredibly efficient power usage and throws us off our feet. It is one of the few air conditioners that give you such level of precision over your control settings. Now, this is by no means a cheap AC, but its high price is justified with great convenience, powerful and energy-saving performance.

As one of the latest products in the market, Blue Star’s IC518DBTU model comes with highly customized features like its dual user setting preference. Which allows two different individuals to personalize and save their desired temperature settings. 

This is perfect for a shared office space where each user can configure the mode, temperature, fan speed, swing direction to their preferred standard. These reduce having to continually alter temperature settings back and forth, risking offending your partner or colleague.

The device features a brushless DC motor which operates with an electric commutation arrangement in a bid to significantly lower operational noise. Hence, even at high rotational speed, your air conditioning will not pollute the ambience with irritating noise.

An intelligent system enables working with the inverter gives the system a precise control of the cooling of your room. This involves an advanced electronic expansion valve that intelligently modifies the refrigerant flow rate. This means that your room temperature is always optimized to maximal levels, not only significantly increasing your comfort, but also saving you tremendous amounts on power billings. 

The iFeel feature gets you precision control over temperature settings with highly reliable sensors that are built-in the condenser unit. The manufacturer takes it up a notch with a climate control feature that is capable of automatically adjusting temperature settings based on differing climatic conditions. This is made possible with the superior sensors and advanced logic programming.

The condenser is made from 100 percent copper, purposely designed to ensure maximal efficiency of the system while preserving it from corrosion and rust that might occur due to consistent exposure to moisture.

The display is hidden within the whiteness of the outer panel, making it more aesthetically pleasing without compromising on an important feature. It has an incredibly powerful cooling performance that functions effectively even in the extreme temperatures of the summer.

  • Powerful cooling ability with noiseless operation
  • Sleek and elegant design aesthetics
  • Impressive filtration system
  • Convenient and high precision control
  • Dual user settings
  • Outstanding warranty duration
  • Very costly
  • Poor packaging leading to damaged parts


Blue star’s IC518DBTU model is an excellent combination of power and class. Its efficient cooling system, as well as luxurious design, places it in a class of its own. You will enjoy it, especially in a medium-sized room, where it is able to function at optimal settings.

The manufacturer gives a warranty of 1 year on the product, including the condenser and 10 years on the compressor.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3-Star Esko Neo Split AC (CAS18EK3R30F0)

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3-Star Esko Neo Split AC (CAS18EK3R30F0)

Carrier is a well-known name among air conditioner vendors. And their products are notable for being long-lasting while still being available at a lower price. Its white exterior body has a dark hue that brings out the delicately carved shape. The lower-left corner bears the company’s logo before curving out to form the air duct. It is a beautifully shaped device that is certain to add more splendour to your room.

It is a 1.5-ton split AC with dual units including the condenser which fits on the wall inside the house and is responsible for bringing the cool air. The External unit bears the evaporator and is generally installed outside the house to dispel hot air. Although it is a non-inverter AC it still manages to score a rating of 3.62 from ISEER with a 3-star rating. Which is consistent with its star BEE rating of 3-star.

The compressor coil is made fully of copper, to ensure stability, efficiency and prolong its lifespan. The anti-corrosive properties mean leans effort and money would be spent on maintenance.

The device features a PM 2.5 filter that works efficiently to trap dust and other micro particles that can reduce the breathability of the air. It does this impressively, reducing both the total level of dust penetration as well as that of microorganism. This leaves you air crisp clean, creating a safe atmosphere with cool, fresh air.

An in-built auto-cleanser routinely takes care of cleaning the internal ac unit, disinfecting it and blowing out the air passages. This prevents the growth or proliferation of bacteria and mould leaving your device safe and the cool air it brings you fresh.

It comes with a highly functional remote control – with an astonishing range and LCD display – which helps you customize your AC setting based on your preferences.

The follow-me feature directs the airflow towards the direction of the remote, supplying you with direct cool breeze whenever you need that extra dose of coolness. It does this by reading the ambient temperature surrounding the remote (which is in close proximity to you).

The sleep mode alters the temperature to give you a soothing temperature where you can sleep comfortably. The sensors detect the overall room temperature and adjust it accordingly based on the weather conditions. 

The system also features a louver position memory that automatically sets the louver position whenever you switch it on. In order to optimize the cooling of the room based on previously saved criteria. This means that you won’t have to start dabbling with the settings every time you put it on in order to get the perfect temperature.

  • Budget-Friendly pricing
  • Beautiful and modern design
  • An impressive air filtration system
  • Easy setting customization
  • Convenient preset modes
  • Hidden display aesthetics
  • Inordinate power consumption
  • Poor installation service
  • Unreliable customer support


Carrier’s new product is a budget-friendly ac that provides not just basic cooling and comfort functions but also advanced convenience features. Its Tonnage s perfect for a medium-sized room with its effectiveness diminishing when the room is larger than 150 sq. Ft.

The warranty bears a similar resemblance to products within its price range. You get a year’s warranty on the product and its condenser with 5 years on the compressor.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-Star Window AC (LZH/185 LZH R32)

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-Star Window AC (LZH/185 LZH R32)

This is the second Voltas air conditioner that made it into our list. The LZH/185, however, has a totally different offering from the other products we have reviewed. What stands out is its installation type: which is of the window configuration, with both the condenser and evaporator being housed within the same unit. 

It has a stainless-steel build and its interior surface bears an off-white colour with a design that is reminiscent of old air conditioner types. However, this gem is equipped with all the modern features characteristics of a 2020 model.

On the bottom right side, you will find an LCD screen that displays the current temperature settings, around it is small luminous buttons – that glow in the dark – with which you can effectively alter the temperature settings.

This window AC unit has a tonnage of 1.5 with an ISEER score of 3.31. Regardless of its average ISEER score, it is still able to score get a 5-star score in energy efficiency because of its unique configuration and rotary compressor which optimize performance with regards to power consumption.

Its performance is independent of external temperature. It, therefore, runs at maximal settings even during extremely hot weather reaching 50C.

The air conditioner features an active dehumidifier which is capable of sensing the moisture content indoor and regulating it to preferred amounts during monsoon season. 

Voltas’ model LZH/185 runs a highly efficient system which significantly streamlines power consumption with its “Eco mode” saving you electricity cost as well as decreasing the overall power wastage in our environment. When set at “Turbo mode” the fan speeds up significantly, reaching a high, which facilitates airflow filling the room with cool air almost instantaneously.

An impressive filtration system keeps the atmosphere around the room fresh and clean. The system has a 2-stage filtration advantage over generic ac filters, where it removes odour, dust, allergens and other polluting particles.

The air conditioner has a number of pre-set modes with differing uses based on popular preferences. This includes the sleep mode: where the ac cuts down excessive cooling and brings down the ambient temperature to a degree which encourages sound sleep. While doing this, its power consumption also reduces significantly. A timer feature which helps you configure specific temperature settings to a preset duration.

  • An astonishing active humidifier that regulates internal humidity
  • Impressive energy efficiency
  • Powerful cooling performance
  • Easy installation
  • Simple and convenient modes
  • Efficient anti-dust filter
  • Effective self-diagnostic feature
  • Noisy operation
  • Extra cost for installation
  • Requires a stabilizer


While its price hovers around the industry average for its Tonnage, we expected it to be even cheaper because of its simpler installation process. It is an impressive device, but it has a rather noisy operation which might be off-putting if you use it in the bed-room. It is perfect for any medium-sized room with a window.

It has a year comprehensive warranty on the ac unit and 5 years on its compressor.

Samsung 1.5 ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC (AR18NV3HLTRStar)

Samsung 1.5 ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC (AR18NV3HLTRStar)

This is a beautiful air conditioner from Samsung. The brand is one we are all familiar with. They are trusted for their higher quality and stunning aesthetics. And they have not disappointed us in this regard with this model. Well except that it is only has a 3-star energy efficiency rating with an ISEER score of 3.61.

It has a split AC configuration with a sleek, broad interior unit whose body is made from highly durable metallic alloy, unlike most of its competitions. The material gives it better stability, carving out a certain peculiarity. The body is coloured white with a lovely flower design in light blue stylishly drawn over the white background. A hidden display glows beneath the surface to display current temperature configurations.

 A unique cooling mechanism works smartly to optimize the flow of conditioned air in your room. It involves 2-steps of cooling, beginning with a fast-cool mode which runs the compressor at maximal settings to rapidly deliver chill air in the room immediately following the startup.

This stage runs for the first 30 minutes, after which the system reverts to the comfort cool stage, where temperature optimization takes priority. In this mode comfort and a balanced air, distribution is enhanced to give you the best cooling experience.

In addition to the smart operational mode, you also get an energy-efficient digital inverter that regulates and maintains the desired temperature range based on the heat load of the system. Maximizing energy usage and preventing wastage of power.

The condenser unit rather than being made of copper is made out of an alloy which reduces the manufacturing cost from the producer’s end. Although the alloy is a less dependable material than copper, Samsung has taken steps to improve its reliability and performance. With the addition of Durafin to the heat exchanger. It improves the performance of the system while re-enforcing its corrosion resistance.

The fin and chassis are further protected with corrosive resistant materials to protect it from rusting under extended exposure to moisture.

We must let you know about the impressive stability of this product under fluctuating electric supply. An inbuilt stabilizer ensures that the ac is kept within its voltage range. It stops the air conditioner whenever the power input surges beyond the standard range and automatically restarts it when the current falls back within range. Protecting the system from damage.

In order to sidestep problems posed by improper installation. A smart installation feature has been added to this latest model from Samsung. This feature automatically checks the status of the installation and relays a response to you. The manual gives a detailed description of how to go about the process.

  • Smart installation feature
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Efficient usage of power
  • Powerful cooling system
  • An impressive air filtration system
  • Reliable build and quality
  • Incredible warranty period
  • In-built stabilizer
  • Expensive compared to similar products


All in all, this is a pretty solid device. It has high durability and you can rely on customer support. It is ideal for medium-sized rooms (111 – 150 sq. ft.). The smart features take convenience to another level entirely, giving you peace of mind while you chill in the cool comfort of your home.

The warranty is just as impressive. With 10 years on the compressor and 5 on its other unit.

Hitachi Kaze Plus 1.5 Ton 3-star window AC (RAW318KUD)

Hitachi Kaze Plus 1.5 Ton 3-star window AC (RAW318KUD)

This is a window installed air conditioner from Hitachi. It has a tonnage of 1.5 with a 3-star rating and an ISEER score of just 3.09. The unit has a dimension of 26″ x 17″, with an easy installation process. The ac has a boxy look with a rather plain design. It comes in white colour.

An advanced start-up feature intelligently sets a soothing room temperature based on the general ambience of the room. This feature makes using the device much more convenient, as you are saved the trouble of tweaking the air conditioner every time there’s is a major change in weather conditions. In addition to its advanced start-up feature, an auto-restart function starts up the device automatically every time power comes on.

What is more awesome is that it retains previous temperature and timer settings that were preset before the power outage.

Unfortunately, the Kaze plus series does not have an automatic filter cleaner. Instead, it relies on you to manually clear out the filter when it becomes clogged. It mediates this handicap with an auto filter clean indicator that notifies you whenever it requires cleaning.

The fan’s works at a tremendous rate, delivering an intense rush of cool air in a short period of time. Its auto fan speed feature regulates the fan’s motion based on the compressor’s power, reducing the fan’s speed when the power is cut off and increasing the speed when the compressor starts.

This property is taken advantage of to create the “Kaimin” mode, that alters the system’s temperature settings to give you an advanced sleep mode. Where the power consumption is significantly reduced and the ac runs at a super quiet place.

The condenser is made of a copper coil which is known for its sturdiness and reliability. The fins are made of aluminium precoated with anti-corrosive paint. All these are geared towards increasing the longevity of the ac unit and preventing corrosion.

  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Powerful cooling mechanism
  • Auto-restart with memory function
  • Auto climate technology
  • Noisy operation
  • Poor remote-control range
  • Requires high maintenance


The Tonnage makes this model a perfect fit for medium-sized rooms. It is low priced and highly efficient in producing cool air very fast. When running at full power though it can be quite noisy, so this won’t fair well if you are sensitive to ambient sound.

It comes with remote control with LCD display. The warranty cover’s the main unit throughout the first year of purchase. And the compressor gets five years on the warranty.

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC (CS/CU-NU18WKYW)

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC (CS/CU-NU18WKYW)

The very definition of elegance and craftsmanship. Panasonic storms the year with this mind-blower of an air conditioner that scores an astonishing 4.70 mark on ISEER. It is rated 5-star with a twin inverter. It is a split ac system and its interior unit is one of the most elegantly designed air conditioners in the market in 2020.

Its price inclines towards the expensive zone, but this advanced ac system is well worth every penny of it.

The air conditioner bears a powerful mode that boosts the fan speed to bring the room to a cool temperature within a blink of an eye. The twin cool inverter works independently of each other, with each one working to balance the operation of the compressor in order to reduce friction within the system when running at incredulous speeds.

Hence, it protects the compressor from damage, elevates the ac performance and promotes smooth and silent operation.

The highly efficient dual inverter is responsible for the energy efficiency of the CS/CU-NU18WKYW model. The condenser coil is made of copper and the ac system is able to benefit from the superior strength and durability of the material. This translates to a longer-lasting condenser unit.

The external unit that houses the evaporator is protected with Shield Blu. This defends the housing against air, moisture and other corrosive elements. The ac is equipped with an in-built stabilizer protects the electrical system from damage due to power fluctuations. It shuts down the system whenever electricity supply surges beyond the required voltage range.

Panasonic’s MirAle platform gives you control over your air conditioner via your smartphone. It grants you access to a lot of different features that help you optimize your device’s performance as well as convenience. With the platform, you can customize a user sleep profile, adjust temperature and perform a system diagnostic.

The platform’s app supports voice control using Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Granting you hands-free control over the ac unit. Did we mention that the interior unit has Wi-Fi support?

During raining season, you can control the humidity of your space with your air conditioner all thanks to the dehumidifier. When set on “dry mode”, the air conditioner removes excessive moisture content in the room, leaving only crisp and cool air. A very functional purification unit powered by a PM 2.5 filter helps to trap pathogens and allergens, preventing them from contaminating the air supply.

  • Stylish design
  • Incredibly high performance with a smooth operation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Extended support on MirAle platform
  • Hands-free control
  • Impressive quality and sturdy build
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Quite expensive
  • Poor installation service


We are seriously amazed by this delightful product from Panasonic. From its outstanding quality to the stylish aesthetics, it seems to have it all. Its Tonnage makes it suitable for medium-sized rooms and if you have a little extra cash on hand, an investment in this device is highly recommended.

It comes with a year comprehensive warranty. Five years on the PCB and then 10 years on the compressor.

Whirlpool Magicool PRO COPR 1.5 Ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool Magicool PRO COPR 1.5 Ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

The last item to be featured on our list is Whirlpool’s 5-star split AC. It has a tonnage of 1.5 and has an impressive 4.75 score on ISEER. The interior unit has a lean structure with its body made of plastic in all white. 

Its astonishing compressor makes it possible to cool your room to deliciously cool temperatures even when the external weather reaches up to 55C. The system utilizes Whirpool’s 6th sense technology which provides instant and homogeneous and consistent cooling of the space. Based on the workings of its inverter, the “IntelliSense” feature regulates the conditioning of the air based on the ambient temperature, optimizing and regulating the temperature to provide better comfort for you while saving electricity usage.

The cooling capacity and energy efficiency is further augmented by the Multi-Port Fluid Injection (MPFI) which facilitates fast heat exchange.

You are saved further expense on getting a stabilizer with its in-build unit which provides protection against power fluctuations. Asleep function utilizes specially configured temperature settings that automatically adjust the airflow output to ensure a gratifying sleeping experience. While cutting down power consumption.

The refrigerant is the ecofriendly R32 refrigerant which emits barely emits greenhouse gases. It is one of the safest refrigerants in the HVAC industry. By itself, it utilizes the lesser volume of the gases to operate at optimal settings when compared to the other refrigerants you will find in the market today. This reflects the cost of the entire unit.

It has a 1.5-ton capacity, hence will only function optimally in a medium-sized room. The silent operation of the interior unit together with the sleep function makes it an ideal choice for your bedroom.

  • Powerful airflow supply
  • Smart temperature configurations
  • Impressive filtration system
  • Outstandingly convenient to use
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • High energy efficiency
  • Subpar installation process
  • Poor customer support


It has a seemingly plain look, but with a bold design. It will add a bit of lustre to any room. We find the air conditioner especially valuable with reference to the premium materials used in its construction. It will save you a lot in terms of electricity cost while providing you with cool comfort during hot summer seasons.

The warranty is for one year on the product, one year on its condenser and 10 years for the compressor. You also get a 10 days replacement period.

Buying Guide for Air Conditioners in India 2020

The world of air conditioning is broad and can be quite complex, shopping for an air conditioner can be mentally stressful. As you have an almost limitless choice of various configurations to choose from. This buying guide is designed to help narrow down your selection process. We believe than rather than wanting the cheapest products you can lay your hands on, what you really want is the most value for your money.

Hence, we will be discussing the vital factors that will aid you in choosing the perfect fit for your specific situation as well as show you what to look out for (or avoid).

Choosing Type of Air Conditioner

The nature of what you do in that particular room matters the most. Split air conditioners (preferably with an inverter) are best for bedrooms, because of their advanced features and silent operations. If you have more windows than usual, and you don’t particularly care for the extra noise in the room, you should go for a window type air conditioner, as they are much cheaper.

If you don’t need a prolonged cooling of any particular room, then a portable ac will be ideal for you. It will provide you with cool, refreshing air in multiple parts of the house while costing much less to procure and install.


In any discussion regarding air conditioning systems, the word tonnage or ton is usually thrown around quite frequently. Indeed, in this very write up, we have mentioned the word Tonnage a couple of times. So, what exactly does “tonnage” mean? 

The Tonnage of an air conditioner is a measure of its ability to extract heat. And it is defined as the rate at which heat is removed from a “short ton” (approximately 907kg) of pure ice at 00c in 24 hours. This capacity is measured in tons. And is used to determine the heat extraction capacity of an air conditioner.

It is the representation of the ability of an air conditioner to change the state of a given substance (using ice/water as a standard).

The Tonnage determines how efficient the air conditioner would be in cooling your room, and the amount of power it will use in doing so. You must be conscious enough to choose an air conditioner with the appropriate Tonnage that corresponds to your room requirement.

The Tonnage required by a room is determined largely by its size. Then the average number of people the room often holds. For instance, an average-sized room (between 100 – 180 sq. Ft.) is optimal when paired with a 1.5-ton air conditioner. Any more or less would significantly affect the performance of the ac system, its energy efficiency, power consumption and the total lifespan of the ac.

Room Size

Your room size and the nature of what you do in the room is vital to the selection of the ideal air conditioner for you. It determines the installation type that will work best, the Tonnage you require and how many features you can overlook/forgo.

Let’s start with the Tonnage of the air conditioner. The Tonnage is a measure of the conditioning capacity of an air conditioner (applies to other HVAC systems as well). Check the section following the buying guide for a more comprehensive explanation of Tonnage. Regardless, the Tonnage is measured in ton or BTU (British Thermal Unit).

Using an air conditioner that is the wrong fit for your home can lead to complications, inefficiency and damage to the devices itself. An air conditioner that is the smaller Tonnage for your room will not only be ineffective in cooling the room, it will also overload the operating units, causing damage.

The AC will also run with more noise than you will expect of it. This damage to the system components will accumulate over time until it eventually kills the entire system.

When the Tonnage is larger than your room’s need, you not only waste money in acquiring more than you need, you also risk short-circuiting the system. When this happens, the air conditioner will break up faster, significantly reducing its lifespan. A larger than needed tonnage can also affect the efficiency of the dehumidifier. Reducing its ability to function at optimal performance.

It is apparent that to get the best experience from your purchase that you choose the Tonnage with a capacity that fits your room’s size. For instance, a room small-sized room with size less than 100 sq. Ft. requires a 1 Ton AC. A medium-sized room within the range of 100 sq. Ft. And 180 sq. Ft. will be compatible with a 1.5 Ton AC. And so on.

The nature of what you do in the room matters almost as much as choosing the ideal Tonnage. It helps you select the ac more efficiently. For instance, if you intend to use the air conditioner in a bedroom or your study, then you won’t want to choose one that is noisy. In that case, you should lean more on choosing a split AC. 

A room with more noise, in general, can afford a noisier air conditioner, such as the parlour. But here you will want to pay more attention to the dehumidifier, so as not to make your guests uncomfortable or ruin your electronics and furniture.

How to determine tonnage you need?

Determining the Tonnage of your room requires, goes a long way in narrowing down your selection process when in the market for one. Not to talk about how important it is to the cooling efficiency of the system. There are a couple of ways to figure this out. Some of the most practical ones include:

Asking for the room’s measurement: Most real estate agents and the manager of apartments buildings are usually aware of the exact measurement of each room’s in their building. A simple call to them can tell you all you need to make a decision.

Check the Tonnage of the pre-existing Air conditioner: The chances are that the previous occupants or the developers of the building installed an air conditioner in the same room/apartment before you. On the condenser side of the ac, you will often find a plate that lists the specification of the air conditioner used before. You can write down the information you get there to guide your buying decision.

Ask from a neighbour: If your neighbour who uses the similar-sized apartments/room, has an air conditioner, you can simply ask for the Tonnage of his, to make your own choice.

Measure it out with a tape rule: If you are with have the time to do so, you can simply get a tape rule to measure the dimensions of your space.

Consult a professional: If all the above fails, then you should consider getting someone experienced in fitting and installing air conditioner/authority websites for advice on which Tonnage to buy.

Are Inverter Air Conditioners worth the premium?

Yes, and yes. They are very valuable air conditioners that help you to optimize the power consumption of the air conditioner. They also make help to increase the stability of the power supplied to the ac components protecting them from damage caused by electrical surges. Hence, if you can afford the additional cost, we highly recommend you buy them. The overwhelming advantages might just pay off the premium in the long run.

Quality of Internal Units

It is easy to be deceived by what an air conditioner looks like on the outside and be distracted from the quality of the components that makes it work. Fortunately, most manufacturers specify the materials utilized in making the internal units.

The most sensitive of this is the coil. Different manufacturers opt for different materials when making the condenser coil. The two most popular material used is aluminium and copper. Other producers use a blend of other metals (alloys) instead.

Copper coils are by far the most efficient as they have a better heat transfer ability. They are also more reliable with a longer lifespan and will give you more peace of mind in the long run. But it is not all good with copper coils. They are less malleable, requiring more effort to process. They are also more expensive to procure an add more to the total cost of the entire unit.

Aluminium coils, while less durable than copper coils are easier to process because of their nature. They have a lesser heat transfer coefficient, hence are less efficient in their ability to transfer heat.

Other alloys are employed with manufacturers seeking to fuse multiple properties of different elements. This allows the coil to bear the positive parts of each contributing element while reducing/mediating their individual shortcomings.The compressor is expedient in altering the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant and its functioning is important to the ability of the air conditioner to work effectively.

Power Efficiency

It should not come as a surprise that an air conditioner would significantly drive up your monthly electricity bills. Because of the heavy power consumption of earlier ACs, most manufacturers are encouraged to find more energy-efficient systems not only to reduce the user’s electricity bill. But for the sake of our environment in general.

A thermostat is built-in with most air conditioners these days. When taken advantage of they adjust the room temperature according to the current weather conditions. But many people rarely pay attention to program their thermostats. This not only leads to inefficient usage of power but also a less convenient use of their device.

Because of the dire situation with power usage by air conditioners, a special government body is in charge of assessing air conditioners in India and assigning them ratings according to their energy efficiency.

The body rating system is known as ISEER – which means India Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Hence, a straightforward way to check a given ACs energy efficiency is to just check out its ISEER score. We recommend you avoid any device that has a score of less than 3-star.

Inverters are some of the more recent technology in the AC industry. An inverter regulates the compressor speed. It works with a micro-controller which measures the ambient air, relaying its feedback to the compressor where is speed is adjusted according to the requirement.

Simply put, an inverter works to make sure that at any given moment your ac is not using more power than it should provide you with maximal comfort. While we highly recommend that you should opt for an air conditioner with inverter technology, you should be aware that ACs with inverters are usually more expensive than regular ones.

This is only short term thinking at any rate, because the amount of money the inverter would save you from electricity bill will more than makeup for the extra price.

Did we mention that an inverter contributes to reducing the AC’s operational noise? It also helps prevent fluctuations in the system, thereby significantly increasing its longevity.

Air Purification System

The quality of the air we breathe in is much more important than the comfort that air conditioners provide. The air conditioner is only optimal in a closed room where it is the major supplier of the air we breathe. These bring the need for an effective air purification system.

You must be cognizant of the air purification system in the air conditioner before pulling out your cards. For most air conditioners, a system of filters stacked in a series work to trap dirt, dust, and pathogens. The efficacy of the systems is what usually differs. Following are some of the most popular filter options.

HEPA filter, which means Highly Efficient Particulate Air. It is known for its high efficiency in trapping dust and allergens, boasting of removing 99% of all unwanted particles threatening to invade your air. 

Another popular and very effective air filtration system is the PM 2.5 filter which removes dust, air particles, dust mites, pollen and other allergens. In addition to these standard types, you can purification systems usually utilize activated charcoal and other materials effective in trapping dust and air particles.

An antibacterial filter also adds more power to the air purification. It targets micro-organisms such as bacteria and moulds neutralizing and preventing growth.

Some AC models also use a self-cleaning brush that independently removes the layers of dust trapped on the wings of the filters. The alternative would be mechanical removal which you will have to do yourself. Even if you remember to do this regularly, you soon find it to be a mundane task. And when you don’t the filters get clogged and the entire filtration system becomes redundant.

That is why this feature is of particular importance. One which you should look for regardless of your budget in order to enjoy a consistent supply of fresh, cool air.

Smart Features

We live in a golden age where we can easily get things done without excessive stress of the past. Why settle for less when you can run your air conditioner with much more ease, at a more efficient rate. You get more done in less time by taking advantage of the convenient features that come with most 2020 air conditioners. And you can focus your time on more productive activities (or leisure).

Before we go into discussing some of the most common smart features available on air-conditioners, you should know that they usually add to the cost of your air conditioner.

A Wi-Fi enabled air conditioner allows you to interact with the air conditioner using your smartphone. Using third party applications or manufacturer enabled platforms, you can control and adjust the activity of your AC remotely, even when you are not in the building. You get access to an extensive configuration setting, where you can tweak the workings and output of the air conditioner comfortably and with precision.

You can perform self-diagnostic functions, to ensure that the device is running well and optimize its performance. You get real-time feedback through the interfaces when something goes wrong or when the system detects a fault.

Wi-Fi compatibility also grants you the ability to use voice-commands, adjusting the settings in hands-free mode. Depending on your specific device’s compatibility you can a number of AI assistants in communicating with your air conditioner, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

That is not all. Air conditioners with in-built sensors can detect the presence or absence of people in the room and optimizes its performance accordingly. When the room becomes empty, it reduces its output saving you power consumption without you having to lift a finger.

Let’s face it, you won’t remember to turn off the AC every time you go out. You might not even want to turn it off as you want to meet a cool room when you return. It is better to just choose a conditioner that can regulate itself automatically.

Other smart features include a sleep mode. Where the internal conditions of your room are adjusted to give you a comfortable atmosphere to sleep in while reducing power consumption. And an automated self-clean function that cleans out dust from the air condition vents, preventing clogged filter and promoting better health. All without having to involve yourself.

Other different features abound from different manufacturers, you can choose according to your needs. We have only mentioned some of the most common and useful of them all. Remember also of the extra cost you might have to pay for these added features included in your air conditioning system.

After Sales Service

This is the aspect most people ignore or pay attention to when purchasing air conditioners. You are often too wowed by the features, or perhaps the savings during a sale. The fact is that an air conditioner is a complex and delicate device that often require extensive help to install, and manage. 

In fact, many governments would not allow you to attempt to install your own air conditioner without a license to do so, because of the nature of refrigerants and the potential damage to the environment. Hence, the need to focus on the kind of support you will be getting after handing over your cash to the retailer.

Some manufacturers include a free installation with their package, where an agent comes over to fit the machine in your home. Other manufacturers charge an extra fee for the same service. Warranty coverage also differs from brand to brand. Some have warranties extending up to 10 years on certain components, while others have only a year on them.

During transportation or delivery of the air conditioner, it might get damaged. Depending on the return policy, you might be able to get it replaced at the expense of the manufacturer.


A stabilizer is an essential part of the functioning of your air conditioner. It regulates the voltage that goes in the air conditioning system, in a bid to protect the different part from damage that may be caused by electrical fluctuations.

The deal is that electrical units are wired to work only within fixed electrical parameters. When these parameters do not correspond to the boundary the system is built to withstand, the performance is hindered. 

Inconsistent surges in power supply start to pick up each component of the air conditioner damaging or totally destroying them.

This critical function that a stabilizer performs in protecting the components of ACs makes it a must-have feature to look out for. If you eventually settle for one without a stabilizer for whatever reason. You must be cognizant enough to buy an external stabilizer along with it.

Type of Air Conditioners

Seeing as the first wall most people encounter when looking for an ideal air conditioner is its installation type; it is only wise we pick up from here. Addressing every type of air conditioner will lead us down a rabbit hole. Instead we will be discussing each of the popular ones used in the home and enumerate its key benefits over the others:

Central Air Conditioner

This is the choice for large homes, malls, and other meticulously planned buildings. A central air conditioning provides consistent cooling to a building using supply and return ducts. The system typically utilizes a large compressor – mounted above the building with a network of supply and return ducts – (hidden in walls, floors and ceilings) that transfer cool air into the inner space, and transport back heated air to the compressor.

It is a very efficient system when it is gotten right, all the noisy part is on the roof and you only get cool fresh air. The major drawback is that it requires intensive planning that require integration that only possible during the design of the building itself or during a renovation. Hence, it is not a practical option for most homeowners.

Also, the temperature is homogeneous throughout the building. So, it is difficult for individual units or rooms in the building that may require a different temperature from the rest to configure its own temperature. Central ACs also consume massive power supply.

Split Air Conditioner

A split AC has the name suggests has its functioning unit divided into two: The condenser unit is usually mounted outside of the building; it houses the compressor with a fan that blows hot air channelled from the room to the outside environments;

The interior unit bears the evaporator as well as the cooling coil and its own fan. It is responsible for blowing cool air, refreshing air into the home. This unit also houses many electronic components that help you control the functioning of the ac and accessing its smart features.

The two units communicate through a re-enforced tubing that contains the refrigerant.

A type of Split AC system that uses more than one internal unit connected to a single outdoor unit is referred to as a multi-split system. And it is an effective model that saves you cost if you have multiple rooms that require cooling.

The split AC types are perfect for apartment buildings or homes where you require cooling only a few rooms at a time. Most of the noise-making parts are usually installed outside, and you get a stylish interior unit to cool the room. It also does not require an excessive installation process, although you will still have to hire a professional.

Window Air Conditioner

A window AC is fitted on the window space or a makeshift hole in the wall. A single unit houses the condenser, compressor, evaporator, fans and coils. It has two surfaces, one popping out in the room, sending out cool air. The other end pointing outside to dispense hot/warm air.

This type of AC is usually cheaper to purchase and are relatively easier to install. The detriment comes from the noisy operation which you cannot avoid since it is a whole air conditioning unit. It is also limited to cooling a single room, or an office.

Portable Air Conditioner

The portable ac is also limited to use in a single room, but unlike the Window type, you can easily move the ac unit to whichever room you need them. All the air conditioning components are also housed in a single unit. They have an exhaust hose that redirects hot air outside.

They are easy to procure and do not require complicated installation. Their mobility makes them an ideal choice for many homes. They are usually much less expensive than the other types both in purchase and energy usage.

Inverter ACs

An inverter ac is one whose compressor is equipped with the inverter technology. What the inverter does is simple: It regulates the amount of cooling power needed to the electric power used. It does this by altering the frequency of the electrical energy (voltage) it is exposed to. The voltage it permits to reach the compressor affects the rate at which the compressor works, which in turn affects the flow rate of the refrigerants.

In a simpler term, an inverter is a device attached to the compressor of the ac. It is capable of changing the frequency of the power supplied to it. It makes this changes based on the information it receives from sensors – which tells it, how much cooling power is needed to maintain the desired temperature ( you are in charge of setting the temperature you are comfortable with on the ac) – it then uses this information to adjust the voltage of the power reaching the compressor. In the compressor, the frequency of electric power the inverter lets it access determine the rate at which it works on the compressible fluid (refrigerant). And therefore, the rate at which the air is cooled. Now let’s look at how an inverter ac compares to a regular ac.

Inverter vs Non-Inverter AC

A normal AC works directly with the thermostat. The electrical current supplied reaches the compressor directly. Where the compressor works at a fixed pace, producing a fixed flow rate of the refrigerants until the thermostat signals it that the desired temperature has been reached. After the desired temperature preset by you has been reached, the power supply to the compressor and other units is cut short immediately. 

When the thermostats read that the temperature has started to go beyond the preset digits, it starts up the entire system again. The process of starting and shutting off the ac units is a rather blunt one, that can easily damage your air conditioner. Not to mention the fluctuation of the electrical currents reaching the compressor.

Non-Inverter AC waste energy, and exposes the units within the air conditioner to damage via constant removal of power and the sudden return of it. They are also quite noisy compared to an inverter ac with the same capacity and features.

The regulation of electric current provided by an inverter means that the ac works at a steady and consistent pace. The compressor is always working while the power is on, at a steady pace regulated through a real-time sensor via the inverter. The consistent and steady rate at which inverter regulated compressors work ensures that the power supply to them are optimized. That is more than enough power needed is never used.

This translates to lower power consumption and less money you have to pay on when the bill from the electrical company comes in. The steady operation also means a much lower noise level. The electrical units are also protected from power fluctuations and damage that might have been caused by it.

An inverter AC has overwhelming advantages and is much recommended. The catch is that you will have to pay extra than you have to for regular, non-inverter ones. Over the lifespan of the air conditioner, the extra bump in the price of the inverter ac is paid off by the cost you save on electricity bills. And you get to enjoy a more silent operation over the years while reducing the amount of maintenance needed.

Saving Electricity with Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system due to its nature of operation consumes a copious amount of electricity. Which means a significant increase in your monthly electricity bill. Using the following rule can significantly reduce the power consumption by your AC.

Choose an air conditioner with inverter technology

We have mentioned the advantages of inverters more than once already in this write-up. It is a very valuable component in an air conditioner when you can afford it. It helps you to optimize the energy consumption by the ac, ultimately reducing the amount you have to pay the electric company at the end of the month.

Switch off unnecessary heat sources

This seems like common sense. The amount of power consumed by the ac unit is directly proportional to the amount of heat it has to remove. So, removing unnecessary heat sources like bulbs goes a long way in reducing your power consumption. In fact, it does this in two ways. First, the air conditioner has less hot air to condition. And secondly, the heat source itself is disconnected from the power supply.

Ensure that AC is not clogged

Some household materials like the curtain can block the airflow of the air conditioner. The air conditioner unaware of the external obstruction increases its power output consuming more power that is wasted. Other items like dirt can also contribute to this obstruction. Blockage of the airflow can also contribute to reduced lifespan of the air conditioner.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

When the air conditioner is turned on, you should for all intent and purposes, avoid exposing your room to direct sunlight. The heat energy contributed by the sun is added to the overall heat the air conditioner has to remove. The sun increases the ambient temperature of the room and increases the intensity at which the air conditioner runs. Translating to more energy usage.

Check and repair Leaks

Conditioned air can escape via leaks anywhere within the system itself and in your room itself. Hence, already cooled air keeps escaping to the exterior. The air conditioner on a race to reach the desired temperature keeps pumping the compressor at high rates. This is a major cause of the inordinate cost of electricity some people would have to pay when the bill comes it. It is therefore imperative that you are on the constant lookout for leaks around the house that might contribute to inefficient usage of your power supply.

Use power saving modes

Most modern air conditioners, manufactured in 2020 are often configured with preset special modes that optimize power consumption by the air conditioner in specific conditions. This includes popular modes like “eco mode” or “sleep mode” where the output by the air conditioner is balanced with the need of the room to create an energy-efficient system. 

Specialized sensors can also automatically reduce the airflow of the air conditioner depending on the external weather conditions. They can also detect the presence or absence of people and regulate power usage accordingly.

Taking advantage of these features is sure to optimize not only the cooling performance of the air conditioner but also save you money.

How does an Air Conditioner work?

We all know the pleasure of sitting in a cooled, air-conditioned space, but the marvel of the technology might beg the question, how does an air conditioner work?

The inner workings of an air conditioner seriously involve heat transfer physics. We will try to bypass all the science jargon, and explain how the air conditioner works in as simple detail as possible.

The air conditioner functions with a similar mechanism as your refrigerator and many other HVAC systems and the process is known as the “Vapor compression system”. The workings are based in simple but multiple laws of physics.

Now as we promised we won’t bore you with all the deep science stuff. The entire component of an air conditioner works to manipulate a fluid known as the refrigerant or coolant or freon. 

Special chemical compounds are selected to be used as refrigerants based on their peculiar ability to change their physical state easily. That is, change from liquid to gas, and gas to liquid.

Before we go on, you should know that a fluid’s physical state is determined by the average kinetic energy it has on its molecular level. On a simpler note, whether a substance is liquid, solid or gas is determined by how fast or slow its molecules are moving. When it gains more kinetic energy, the speed increases, it expands and become liquid from solid, or gaseous from the liquid state.

The opposite happens when it loses energy, that is the molecular speed reduces and its volume (space it fills) reduces as well. Now, where does this energy come from? The answer is simple. HEAT energy.

That is when a substance gains heat energy, its average molecular kinetic energy (also known as temperature) increases. When the substance gains heat to a certain degree, it gets enough energy to change its state into a freer physical state. In this case of refrigerants, from liquid to gas.

When this process is reversed and substance loses heat, its state is reversed as well, and the refrigerant moves from a gas back to liquid. If it loses heat further, it becomes solid. It is interesting to note that the amount of heat needed by a substance to change its state depends on the nature of the substance itself. That is why water will turn into steam at 1000c and turn into ice at 00c. 

Refrigerants are therefore chosen based on their ability to change their physical state due to heat loss or gain. Now that we have covered that, we can then move forward in explaining how air conditioning systems (and other HVACs) take advantage of this property of refrigerants to cool or heat our homes.

Five major components are vital to the cooling of a room in an AC. And they include:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Expansion valve
  • Fans

We will learn how these components function together to make the air work the way it does now. The entire process starts at the compressor where the refrigerant fluid goes in its gaseous state with low pressure. The compressor does what its name suggests, and compresses the air, forcing its molecules together. This increases the pressure in the refrigerant molecules effectively increasing its kinetic energy.

The gas now has high energy and high pressure, and it moves to the condenser (usually located outside the house in a split ac type). The tube carrying the refrigerant is allowed to interact with the air outside within the compressor.

The freon loses energy to the air outside and becomes a liquid. The air that has just gained heat, becomes hotter and is blown back into the atmosphere by the fan within the condenser. The liquid still under high pressure, is forced into the evaporator inside the room.

In the evaporator, the high-pressure liquid interacts with the air inside the house that is hotter. It takes the heat from the hot air and uses it to gain energy, evaporating into its gaseous form once again. Now once the air from the inside of the room loses its heat to the refrigerant inside its expansion valve, what happens to the air? Yes, it becomes cooler. This cool/conditioned air is blown back into the room by the high-speed fan within the evaporator. You experience the air that has lost its heat as cool.

The low pressure, gaseous refrigerant is transported back to the compressor where the process starts all over. The extent of the cycle and the rates at which it is done is regulated by the internal thermostat within the air conditioner.

The thermostat is capable of reading the temperature of the room. It relates the current room temperature to the temperature you have preset on it. When your desired temperature is reached it stops the compressor from starting the cycle, and when the temperature starts to increase, it starts it back up. The hot air has less density than cooler air since it has more volume. The hotter air is pushed upwards by the higher density, cool air. The hotter air above the room is then robbed of its heat by the refrigerant, becoming cool enough to join the conditioned air “gang”. This is why Split AC evaporator units are installed towards the ceiling of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier has a simple but potentially vital function. What it does it to remove excess moisture from the air undergoing cooling. During summer or the monsoon season, the ambient humidity increases significantly and this can make you feel uncomfortable, regardless of how cool the room is.
A dehumidifier helps to avoid this by sucking out excess moisture in your room. Excessive moisture is not only uncomfortable, but it is also potentially dangerous. It can cause damage to electrical appliances, promote the growth of mould and bacteria in the room and destroy paintings or wallpapers.

What is Freon?

Freons are the fluid contained within air conditioner compartments. They are exploited because of their ability to react effectively to temperature exposure and pressure. The gain and loss of heat by freons help to remove the heat from the room. This gain/loss of heat changes their physical states.
They are also referred to as refrigerants or coolants. More commonly though, we arbitrarily refer to them as “gas”.

How long does an Air Conditioner last?

How long an air conditioner lasts depends on the quality of its components as well as how well you manage it. More advanced air conditioners have a lot of components in place to ensure their safety and maximize their lifespan. 
On average, an air conditioner should use work in perfect conditions for about 8 years. This can be significantly longer depending on its installation type and its size. It is vital to check the warranty duration of air conditioners to know how much responsibility the manufacturers are willing to take on the reliability of their products.

What does it mean for an AC to be energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is used in referring to how to power your ac unit uses to perform optimally. It can be significantly increased or decreased by a number of varying factors including Tonnage, presence of an inverter, installation type and so on.
A governmental agency is in charge of regulating the viability and energy efficiency of each ac models. In India, they use the ISEER to convey the energy efficiency of an ac model. The ISEER is a rating system, that worthy for you to check out. Again, more information on this is discussed in the buying guide section.

Should I buy or rent an AC?

Your specific need would determine whether you should buy or rent an ac. As air conditioners are significantly expensive investments that require quite a bit of commitment to maintain, you should rent an ac if you only need it for temporary reasons.

Do I need a stabilizer for my AC?

You do need a stabilizer for your ac. A stabilizer regulates the voltage that reaches your electrical equipment. It helps to keep electrical current within the compatible range for your air conditioner. It effectively cuts off electrical supply to the ac unit when the power surges beyond the recommended range. 
Fortunately, many brands and models already have in-built stabilizers in the ac system, so do check once before buying.

Is it wise to buy an AC online?

Buying products online has become an increasingly common practice in 2020. The routes of communication and delivery have become more defined and advanced. Purchasing an AC online is not only wise but also very practical – provided you choose trustworthy platforms.
Other than the extended access you have to the product specifications and warranty, you get feedback from those who have bought the product before you

How do I install an Air Conditioner?

The installation process of an air conditioner can be quite complicated. And considering the cost of the air conditioner, you don’t want to risk damaging it before you even get to enjoy it. Hence, we recommend you use professionals experienced in the installation of air conditioners.
Also, some regions only permit licensed workers from the installation of ac units based on the damaging effect a refrigerant leak can have on our immediate environment. Poor handling of vapour pressure systems can lead to significant damage to the ozone layer and our environment as a whole. 
Hence, while it may set you back with some money, you are highly advised to hire a professional hand.


Air conditioning systems provide tremendous comfort and an escape from the stressful nature of the day. It is extremely gratifying to walk into a cool, air-conditioned room. The comfort and pleasure offered by air conditioners make them worth the heavy investments.

But choosing wisely, with adequate information on hand is important. As it helps you to wither through the numerous offering by multiple manufacturers all seeking your money. Going through our reviews and our buying guide can make the difference in the quality of your purchase and fulfilment.

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