About Us

At GharBest, our goal is to help you make your everyday purchase decisions better and easy by providing well researched buying guide for every product out there, whether it be washing machines or hairdryer or electric cooker.

Research Process

When we begin working on a buying guide, our team starts by compiling a list of top 20-30 products in the market and then looking for user reviews all over the internet and shortlisting down to between six to twelve products.

Once we have a list of products that we are confident recommending, we write down short descriptions of each along with pros & cons derived from user reviews out there by real users of the products, so that you won’t have to scour through the entire product page by yourself. We still recommend going through the user reviews yourself before making the final purchase, but we are always here to streamline the whole process for you.

We understand that there’s no “the best” for anything, whether it’s an air conditioner (that depends on your room configuration, size, budget, etc.) or a sandwich maker (depends on your expected frequency of usage, amount of wattage you’re willing to go for, budget, etc.). Thus, along with compiling the list of recommended products, we also research what goes during the decision-making and write buying guides. These buying guides are supposed to help you understand the different parameters (volume, size, electricity consumption, star ratings, types & variants, etc.) relevant to the particular product type, to help you discover “your best” fit.

How do we make money?

Simply put, we earn a commission from e-commerce portals like Amazon when you go through product links on our website and make a purchase. The way we see it, we help you find the best product fit for you, and when we successfully do that, we end up getting a small percentage of the sale, which helps fund this website and supports the team at GharBest.